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“We believe and deliver phased and pragmatic change characterised 3 fundamental steps – Transition (Platform Adoption), Transformation (Complete IT Service Automation) and Innovation (Real-Time Business Serviceability)” :CloudFX

“Ultimately, the cloud is the latest example of creative destruction: creating wealth for those who exploit it; and leading to the demise of those that don’t.” – Joe Weinman

CloudFX is an industry leader in the global Platform Economics market with leading Enterprise IT Transformation, Digital E-Commerce and Anything as a Service Platforms through the provision of Cloud Service Automation, Cloud Service Management and Cloud Billing, Analytics and Reporting solutions, transforming businesses through the promise of technology.

Since inception, CloudFX’s primary goal has been to lead and enable customers that are wishing to prosper in the “Digital Age” through the adoption of industry leading Cloud platforms, disruptive technology innovation, world class solution quality and proven advanced services, as primary business model and success differentiators.

CloudFX is positioned extraordinarily well and this reflects the deep understanding of the inner workings of this industry, how different industry segments will reposition and innovate to improve their respective positions and ultimately, where is the technology landscape headed and what kinds of services, solutions and platforms will customers need to thrive in an evolved market landscape more dependent upon technology than ever before. The current positioning reflects very significant investment in R&D and Human Capital efforts to ensure that the organisation and companies who partner with us are leaders in their respective markets.

Motivation behind the Foundation
The company started out focusing on supporting customers transform large scale physical asset based data centre’s into consolidated, virtual infrastructure environments supporting global technology leaders like VMWARE, Cisco, EMC, NetApp, VCE etc. who outsourced what would be described as mission critical services delivery into key, strategic industry verticals like Banking, FSI and Telecommunications. After a point in time, it realised that given the time the “consolidation” process was taking, pre-technical and service automation and pre-operational transformation, at the rate and pace these companies were taking, they wouldn’t reach a state of optimised IT, capable of serving the business real time and enabling their innovation and realignment to a newly defined set of economic conditions and customer expectation for many, many years, worsening the “reputation” of IT and exacerbating the growing trends of “shadow IT” (where the business go off and do their own thing because IT is to lethargic and slow).

As a result of these first hand experiences, it decided to take on 3rd party investment and put that working capital to work with a vision to build a platform that could take a business from their current state or IT to a future, optimised state of hybrid IT in weeks vs. potentially years or decades and that became the genesis of CloudSelect, a business that has now been built and subsequently evolved over the past several years. Today, it is one of the only cloud and ICT independent Digital and Cloud Service platform providers capable of automation tens of thousands of workloads and yet normalising consumption, provisioning, service management, analytics, billing and payment irrespective of the source of the service. The company is proud of where it is but with IoT and AI now in front of us, both driven at some level by API’s, it has developed an incredible platform to evolve into different directions which is exciting.

The founder’s words: The motivation was simple – contribution and enable change or said differently, change the way this industry operates, deliver measurable customer value, make IT a contributing component of our partners P&L and Balance Sheet and allow organisations to truly harness the speed of innovation and contribution of technology to enhance the way they bring their products and services to market. Even today, I personally get involved in understanding our customer’s businesses and work across my team’s and theirs to ensure they are receiving best in class guidance and using the most optimal combination of technology’s to maximise their business success. I truly care about our customers, doing business ethically, delivering value and making sure that if someone partners with us, they are successful as a result of that commitment.

Understanding the market landscape
The ICT and Telco industries and the businesses dependent upon their services are presently in a period of profound and unprecedented change and as specialist in this space, CloudFX Group decided several years ago to invest and establish capabilities that would enable partners and customers to seamlessly transition this generational technology change or optimise the monetization that this period represents through the emergence of innovative and differentiated technologies, software and platforms. Over the past 4 years, the Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) and Cloud Service Management (CMP) segments have emerged and subsequently evolved into the preferred model of cloud services distribution and Hybrid Cloud services management across the ICT industry and Enterprises business respectively.

The emergence of the “broker or manager” is not surprising given an intermediary eliminates multi-vendor management complexity and normalise areas like automation, provisioning, consumption, service management, analytics and billing as client’s business model transitions from physical asset sales (PC’s, Services, Storage, Routers etc.) to their equivalent virtual service products from vendors like AWS, Century Link, Azure and Google.

What is surprising is the bifurcated path this niche but considered industry sector has taken over in such a short period of time where on one hand, the industry has evolved into a highly strategic segment of its industry enabling what it now terms the “platform economy” whereby the top 15 Platform company’s in the world have a combined market capitalisation of $2.57 Trillion dollars and in parallel to a homogeneous, vendor orientated model where global distributors and ICT leaders like IBM and Cisco have acquired Cloud brokerage companies in order to enable what will likely evolve into a proprietary hybrid cloud or cloud services distribution model offering limited choice, narrow API support, high costs and ultimately vendor lock-in.

The implications? Less choice but clearer choice for the commercial market given a single question allows a business looking for a Digital Platform partner to enter the Digital economy or leverage a Hybrid cloud services automation and management solution determines whether they adopt a vendor and services agnostic strategy maximising choice, flexibility, cost and agility or in the alternative, adopt a vendor or distributor centric strategy which requires the customer to embrace a model of platform, cloud or hybrid cloud computing which reflects the vendors strategy and not their own.

Revolutionary Services Offered
The CloudFX business has evolved into one of the global leaders in enabling the 4th industrial revolution commonly referred to as the Digital Revolution fundamentally enabled by the Platform Economy. The company has spent several years developing a platform called CloudSelect, now in its 3rd generation as a Digital, Cloud and IoT services automation and management platform. From the outset, CloudSelect has been and will remain an open, scalable and integrated approach to managing the hybrid cloud landscape from a single point, smartly connecting intelligent infrastructure, data, applications and business processes together and it remains manically focused on advising, investing in and delivering platform (CSB and CMP technology via CloudSelect) that embraces 6 key attributes which include: Cloud Services – Foundation, API Strategy and Structure, Open Source foundation, Supports Containerisation, Integrates Digital, Cloud and IoT services; and finally embraces Mobile Development and Delivery.

The cornerstones of the Company’s value creation strategy are 4 inter-related divisions – Enterprise ITaaS Platform Solutions, Digital & Cloud Services Platform Solutions, CloudFX Labs and CloudFX Managed Services. Common to all of these divisions are deep experience, platform solution expertise, product development innovation, and solution delivery quality. Together, these attributes create an unparalleled value chain for its clients to leverage and scale both today and in the future.

Fundamental to the Company’s strategy, formulated through the delivery of more than 1200 Enterprise projects is the belief that clients must adopt a business perspective to the digital transformation opportunity, enabled through innovative Cloud Services and Solutions. This is based on 3 core principles:

Today’s IT Value Propositions are outdated as consumers of technology are seeking out on-demand and consumption economics base virtual service capabilities.
Innovation, Quality and Service Management are the corner stones of the Value Creation Process
IT Management Practices have reached an Inflection Point and are no long serving business customers effectively

Mentioning about how the company stands tall, CloudFX is Cloud and ICT vendor independent, Highly Agile, Deeply specialised, Innovative, Experienced and purveyor of global best practice for local domiciles customer and partners. The company is committed to its customer’s best interests and only advise them to pursue strategies which serve their businesses optimally. Vendors sell products, most of which never fulfil their sales personnel claims and having worked with them for over 2 decades, I’ve seen no demonstrable evidence that any of them put the customer first and frankly, the average ICT sales person does not have the business and strategic acumen to advise a customer on the direction they should take their business.

At CloudFX, this is what they do, not just define the “What and Why” but invested its own working capital and over 500,000 of engineering hours building a platform that delivers the how. There is a difference between being a specialist and a generalist in the ability to create and deliver value and a difference in conviction and ability to execute and deliver on the value committed.

Bigger the network; greater the performance
The company supports all horizontal segments of the ICT industry that need a platform to transform the way they interface with the demand side of the market, i.e. their customers. It works with industry leading Distributors (Distribution Central recently acquired by Arrow, ECS in Asia) to provide them with multi-tenant, multi-vendor e-commerce Cloud service market places. It works with global managed service providers like Happiest Minds who leverage CloudSelect to provide next generation Cloud native ITSM services combined with Digital transformation solutions. It works with Telecommunication companies like Digicel to bring innovative Cloud services and solutions to market thereby enabling some country’s to skip generational cycles of technology and have their first experience with technology being that driven by digital or cloud services. The company advises some of the largest Telecommunication companies in the world on how they should orientate their business models to prosper in the new Digital and Cloud services world including SoftBank, Vodafone and Telkom Indonesia and Maxis so they understand how to monetize the movement from physical ICT provided assets to Telco provided Cloud service assets and finally, it works with Banks like Citi Group, JP Morgan Chase, OCBC to name a few.

The company has strategic partnership with governments (Malaysia for example), Revenue share models with company’s in large strategic markets (China) and managed service and platform relationships with customers in Australia, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Germany, the US, Canada to name a few which reflects its focus on enabling the global Telco and ICT communities around multi-vendor cloud automation and management and providing OEM solutions into commercial horizontal or vertical segments to enable partner digitization and cloud computing strategies.

Plotting the future
The founder’s words: The CloudFX Group will continue to align with and ultimately lead the evolution of the Platform Economy and provide the associated services which enable our customers to grow and prosper in this new industry revolution. We will remain open, we will remain an enabler, we will complete our globalization efforts and we will add additional monetization dimensions and more clearly define our Digital, Cloud and IoT services and solutions strategies and how they directly impact our customers and partner’s business growth, customer relationships and P&L’s in the future. I’ve never been more excited and yet assured that we are headed in the right direction and our ability to support current and future customer’s goals and objectives as they look to thrive in this new platform economy.

Meet the Key Executive
Damian Crotty, Founder and CEO: Damian is a highly experienced Technology executive and entrepreneur with global experience in Sales, Consulting, Operations and Marketing leadership in the Enterprise Solutions, Cloud and Data Centre Computing industries. Damian has led Sales, Consulting and Operations organizations responsible for P&L, Strategy, Innovation and the overall growth agenda for Global technology leaders in Asia Pacific and EMEA. Damian has brought a diverse, global background and proven track record in leading high growth, mature and start-up technology businesses to CloudFX having accumulated significant experience in managing large, complex organizations in demanding, result orientated business environments and over the last 7 years, building one of the fastest growing Cloud Platform Solution Company’s in the world as its founder.

Damian has had the opportunity to work across Global International markets for more than 20 years and has led Organizations in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. He has successfully completed Executive Management assignments around the world including Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, London and Paris. Damian is now responsible for making CloudFX, as its founder, the world’s most engaging and valuable high tech platform company’s specializing in Cloud, Digital, Analytics and Service automation management technologies and solutions.

We are the personification of the new Digital and Cloud era’s technology leader by being Platform enabled, Innovative, Partner focused and Open. We create strategic and measurable change at every step in the Business and Technology value chain