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“We do this with the ongoing development of file system and caching technologies that speed access to compute and storage in hybrid environments.” Avere

thesiliconreview-ronald-bianchini-jr-president-ceo-avere“We help enterprise IT organizations enable innovation with high-performance storage access and the flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for the business.”

About Avere

Avere Systems was created by file systems experts determined to reinvent storage by changing the way enterprises thought about and bought storage resources. With decades of experience behind the company’s founders, Avere got its start in 2008 with a mission to use fast, flash-based storage in the most efficient, effective manner possible. What the team had discovered was a technology that optimized storage resources and reduced dependencies on sprawling storage installations. Launched as the Avere OS, this advanced file system not only boosted performance within standard, on-premises, network-attached storage systems but also within diverse, hybrid architectures that include cloud provider services and other types of object storage.

What does the company indulge in?

Avere helps enterprise IT organizations enable innovation with high-performance storage access and the flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for the business. We do this with the ongoing development of file system and caching technologies that speed access to compute and storage in hybrid environments. Our products enable drop-in performance that frees IT departments from buying more storage capacity for their data centers to solve performance-based issues and provide an on-ramp to the cloud. 

High-Performance File Systems for Hybrid Cloud NAS

Customers have found a home for Avere’s storage performance solutions in infrastructures supporting the most demanding post-production houses to some of the world's largest companies. The one thing they all have in common? They all need to deliver high-performance to users while efficiently managing storage resources, whether they are traditional NAS arrays, object storage, or provided by public cloud partners.

Avere helps IT solve some of the most challenging problems, from connecting heterogeneous storage resources to extending the life of aging core filers.


Inside our FXT Edge filers, you’ll find that we’ve built fast, flash capacity to cache data closest to users to reduce latency and reducing the load off of the core filers 50:1. The Avere OS identifies the most active data and stores it in the cache and automatically moves the data back to its storage location as it cools. 

Performance VS. Capacity

Avere is built on the principle of separating performance from capacity in storage — Edge-Core Architecture. 

The Edge filer manages performance, while the core filer, whether this is on premises storage or in the cloud, manages capacity. Dynamic tiering in Avere OS assures that as data activity levels change, so does the location in the tier hierarchy, keeping the most active data on the fastest storage.

Store Data Anywhere

From Avere’s beginning, the mission was to change the way companies bought and used large storage systems. By separating performance from capacity, Avere created new options to get the most out of expensive capacity-driven NAS systems allowing for higher throughput and low latency without drastically increasing maintenance and footprints. 

As public cloud storage and private object storage move into the mainstream, Avere continues its mission to create solutions that allow data owners to leverage the resources that help them run their businesses most efficiently. Enabling cloud compute and object storage to easily become part of a hybrid IT topology, companies can focus on core objectives and goals with flexibility and ease. 

Why Use Avere Systems?

Storage professionals add Avere to infrastructures for many reasons, but the promise of high performance, infrastructure resource flexibility, and easy data management prevails. From the world’s best media and entertainment producers to enterprise mission-critical applications, Avere puts speed, access, and flexibility into the most demanding systems.

Meet the luminary: Ronald Bianchini, JR., President and CEO

As president and chief executive officer of Avere Systems, co-founder Ron Bianchini has a long record of accomplishment in building and leading successful companies that deliver breakthrough technologies. Prior to Avere, Ron was a senior vice president at NetApp, where he served as the leader of the NetApp Pittsburgh Technology Center. Before NetApp, he was CEO and co-founder of Spinnaker Networks, which developed the Storage Grid architecture acquired by NetApp. Ron also served as vice president of product architecture of FORE Systems, where he was responsible for ATM products. Previously, he co-founded Scalable Networks [acquired by FORE], which designed and implemented a large-scale Gigabit Ethernet switch, and earlier in his career, he was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Ron received an S.B. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He also holds numerous patents in fault-tolerant distributed systems and high-speed network design and has published extensively in technical journals.

"Our technologies are founded on a few key ideas – optimizing the use of fast, flash-based storage to reduce latency to applications and users"