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“We had a vision of revolutionizing how organizations pay their employees,” says Mark S. Ain, Founder of Kronos


We exceed customer expectations; provide companies with a competitive advantage and foster a great place to work.

Kronos offers the industry’s most powerful suite of tools and services to manage and engage your entire workforce. With a dedicated focus on continuous innovation over the years, Kronos has facilitated a revolution in how organizations manage their workforce. That focus not only empowers our employees but also powers our success and has helped us become a top place to work.

Balancing individual employee needs with employer business goals is at the heart of how Kronos® solutions help organizations increase employee engagement for stronger business results to strengthen customer satisfaction, increase revenue, improve patient care, deliver quality products, enhance student performance, better serve citizens, or simply provide transparency.

Why partner with Kronos?

Continual Innovation: Kronos creates and develops products guided by innovation and advanced by our commitment to fulfilling customer needs. At Kronos, we never stop evolving our technology to better serve our customers. Innovation is at the heart of what inspires our employees and drives our business.

Early on, we took the bold step of incorporating the ease and simplicity of consumer technology products into our workforce solutions — setting a new industry standard in workforce technology tools that are as highly functional as they are easy to use. And we extend the value of our solutions through the in-depth industry knowledge and experience of our services experts.

Engaged Employees: An engaged workforce is critical to every organization’s success — even at Kronos. At Kronos, we understand that truly innovative ideas come from an engaged and inspired workforce. We transcend the day-to-day work experience to achieve excellence through our passion and drive to succeed.

Customer First: Putting our customers first is the guiding philosophy behind everything Kronos does. The Kronos Customer First culture is built on a set of principles designed to deliver the experience you expect. Customers expect us to deliver simple, reliable workforce solutions that streamline their day. To care about their business outcomes as much as we care about our own. And to truly understand their needs and their industry. They also expect us to lead them to smart decisions, connect them to Kronos® experts and each other, and empower them with a wide range of self-service options. As a workforce solutions technology leader you can count on us always to put our customers first — and always to deliver the experience you expect. 

Why is employee engagement so important at Kronos? 

No matter what position you hold, we want you to feel like you have the power to make a difference. From a comfortable office space to friendly co-workers who encourage you to reach for your goals — and beyond. Work at Kronos is infused with the positive energy that keeps teams motivated, energized, and engaged.

We strive to create an inviting culture and work environment that's conducive to the spirit of inspiration and innovation we hold so dear at Kronos. A recent Gallup poll revealed that while only 32 percent of U.S. workers say they are “engaged,” nearly 51 percent state they are “not engaged,” and over 17 percent state they are “actively disengaged.” Inspired leadership by our CEO Aron Ain helps drive employee engagement at Kronos. Here’s why it’s such a smart strategy for our business:

  • Organizations with highly engaged employees experience 22 percent greater productivity
  • Companies with sustained employee engagement have shown operating margins three times higher than those of companies with the lowest levels of engagement
  • Employee engagement and retention cultivate an ethos of mission and purpose

Kronos Specialty Products

Workforce Planner: Learn how automated labor scheduling can drive employee engagement and productivity in manufacturing with Workforce Planner.

Workforce TeleStaff for Public Safety: Proven Kronos automated scheduling solution optimizes the scheduling, communications, and deployment of public safety personnel and other critical resources.

Workforce TeleStaff for Utilities: Automated Kronos crew callout, scheduling, and emergency notification system helps you quickly contact and deploy employees to restore service outages fast.

Kronos EZCall: Create, manage, and track on-call and physician schedules with Kronos automated software to help ensure accurate, fair, and transparent provider coverage.

Workforce periOp Scheduler: Create real-time staff, on-call, and rotation schedules with an automated scheduling tool featuring daily dashboards to help manage perioperative staff more efficiently.

Kronos webTA: Designed by Kronos exclusively for the U.S. federal government, webTA provides simplified federal employee time tracking, attendance, and labor management.

Kronos Virtual Roster: Optimize your casino resort employee scheduling with a single, comprehensive solution to help deliver a flawless guest experience. 

Kronos iSeries Central Suite: This suite of workforce management module effectively optimizes the power, flexibility, and security of the IBM iSeries Server.

Kronos InTouch Timeclock: The Kronos time clock designed for today's cloud computing environment provides touch-screen functionality and the accurate, real-time labor data you count on.

Kronos Workforce AutoTime: Automate labor management, including time and attendance, for your aerospace and defense workforce to improve operational efficiencies, control labor costs, and minimize compliance risk.

Kronos FMSI Lobby Tracker: Learn how this powerful, data-driven performance software can help optimize your sales and service opportunities.

Kronos FMSI Appointment Concierge: Increase account-holder satisfaction and improve operational efficiency with this convenient appointment scheduling function.

Kronos for Banking Scheduling Solutions: Make sure you always schedule the right employee for the job to achieve productivity goals and meet or exceed service demands.

Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics: Gain the insight of actionable, in-depth business intelligence to drive more effective branch staffing decisions for better business outcomes.

Kronos: Delivering the Experience You Expect

We’re not your average technology vendor. We’re your partner. You want maximum value from your Kronos investment. You want someone who understands your organization and your global business needs — and delivers smart value fast. Kronos Services is committed to meeting those expectations with the experience you expect and a partnership that is focused on your long-term success. And it’s all part of our Customer First commitment to you.

As your partner in success, we’ve built services that align with your needs. Kronos Services is committed to helping you reach success with the solutions that are right for you. We offer specialized services that align with our product offering suites to better deliver solutions that match your needs.

 High Praise for Kronos


“Using the Kronos solution, managers can see how many hours they have and where they are relative to their budget. This helps them manage their budget better and helps overall profitability.”

Jason Fenske, Systems Analyst, Forest City Enterprises

“Kronos really helps us meet our financial target while having the right people in the right place performing the right care.”

- Eva Dorfman, MA, RN, NEABC, administrator of nursing systems, Winthrop University Hospital

“Employees take more pride in their time and attendance now and can manage their accruals more efficiently because they can see them, which they couldn’t prior to Kronos. They are empowered to be more engaged in their jobs.”

- Cindy Brown, County Treasurer, Denton County

“Lobby Tracker has become a critical piece of our operating model and part of the reason we are able to achieve industry-leading member satisfaction scores. The gains in employee productivity and reduced abandon rates have helped us achieve significant gains in loan opportunities and member service.”

- Sheri Easton, CCUE, CFSP, CLS, ICUDE, SVP/Service Center Operations, Suncoast Credit Union

The Mastermind behind the Masterstroke

Mark S. Ain, Founder:


As the oldest of five children, parent of three, and leader of one of the largest software developers in Massachusetts for 28 years, the role of mentor has been a natural and lifelong post for Mark Ain.

The son of business-savvy parents — a self-employed father, a mother who was one of the first women to graduate from Columbia Law School, and entrepreneurial grandparents — Ain exhibited his own entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills early in life. Growing up on Long Island, New York, Ain took an active role in raising his younger siblings.

After graduating from high school, where he was on the varsity wrestling team, captain of the math team, and passionate about photography, Ain went on to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he knew he would eventually start his own company, telling classmates, "I will make my own way and be successful."

In addition to a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from MIT, Ain earned a master's degree in business administration, with a concentration in organizational development and marketing, from the Simon School at the University of Rochester.

After a variety of jobs including a stint with Digital Equipment Corporation and a small market research firm, Ain grew tired of the corporate game and weary of relinquishing creative ideas only to see them not executed to their full potential. He began a quest for the right product idea to start a company. During this period, he was an independent management consultant, focused on strategic planning, product development, and market research for technology companies. It was then that the mechanical time clock came to his attention. With the idea to put a microprocessor inside a time clock, Ain set to work on a prototype.

On October 31, 1977, Kronos® was incorporated, named for the Greek word for time. In June 1978, after an initial round of angel capital funding, the company moved into an old ironworks plant in Brighton, Mass. Including the proceeds of its 1992 initial public offering, the company raised only $19 million in funding — a remarkably small amount for what is now a billion-dollar company.

Ain led Kronos from 1977-2005, to become one of the world's most successful software companies. Under Ain's leadership, Kronos sustained one of the longest records of growth and profitability in the software industry and earned the reputation as the market leader in workforce management.

Today, as a member of the Board of Directors, Ain remains involved in Kronos operations. He also serves on the board of directors of various public, private, and charitable organizations. On a personal level, Ain enjoys supporting a number of charitable organizations.

Ain's success can be credited in part to his quiet and humane management style, which is best reflected by a motto of philosopher Lao-Tzu: "A leader is best when people barely know he exists. Not so good when people obey and acclaim him. Worse when they despise him. But of a good leader who talks little, when his work is done and his aim fulfilled, they will say, 'We did it ourselves.'"

“When we founded Kronos four decades ago, we had a vision of revolutionizing how organizations pay their employees. Wow – how far we have come, now with tens of thousands of organizations – and more than 40 million people using our products every day in more than 100 countries. This amazing company has far surpassed our initial vision, thanks to our incredible Kronites, customers, and partners."

“We are building on a spirit of vision, purpose, and engagement.”