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WorksPad:Productive business anytime anywhere “WorksPad helps businesses to increase productivity, lower mobility costs, simplify BYOD management, and improve customer and employee satisfaction”


Today, BYOD is dominating in the world of mobility. Personal devices are used to process business data. Employees use their personal tablets and smartphones for working with documents and access to corporate resources, ignoring the prohibition of IT service. This BYOD scenario is difficult to avoid, but it brings significant risks and often results in confidential data breaches. The usual restrictions are no longer working; businesses are unable to stop employees from bringing personal devices to work, so now every company needs more mobile and flexible solutions. 

Best of both worlds

The industry has partially answered the questions of security within special enterprise mobility management solutions. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solves problems of device management with basic policies. Mobile Application Management (MAM) was designed to organize trusted subset of mobile apps with restricted open-in across trusted apps only, also named as “wrapped” apps. If you want a better security, MDM and MAM should be combined together as a basis for Enterprise Mobility Management.

Consumer approach in enterprise mobility does not work anymore. True mobile workplace requires new integrated answers to the enterprise user needs. It’s time for the next generation – the real enterprise mobility solutions coming for all – mobile workers, enterprises, system integrators, service providers, software vendors, venture capital and startups.

The new game changer WorksPad was developed to complete the needs of enterprises to secure sensitive corporate information and its employees who have to be mobile, productive and be able to work anytime anywhere. It supports the most typical business users scenarios - remote enterprise file access, emailing, scheduling, and working with documents in a highly productive manner, access intranet and internet based resources and conduct paperless meetings.

WorksPad was created by MobilityLab LLC, the software vendor established in 2011 at Moscow focused on enterprise mobility by alumnies of Borland, HP, Microsoft.

“MobilityLab LLC addresses the mobile security challenges with a different approach and enables organizations to embrace the BYOD trend, by providing strong protection and control,” – declares company’s CEO Sergey Orlik.

Now MobilityLab LLC research & develops the next generation out-of-the-box enterprise mobility solutions including integrated enterprise mobile workplace WorksPad. WorksPad provides business users with wide range of capabilities, great productivity and security while working with corporate emails, files and folders on mobile devices. WorksPad combines the most important functionality required to work with enterprise infrastructure in one single app.

Service at its best

WorksPad turns mobile devices (iOS and Android smartphones and tablets) into fully functional enterprise mobile workplaces, providing users with file manager, secure access to corporate content libraries, emails, calendar, address book, full function office editor, Internet/ Intranet browser, and innovative collaboration tools such as direct cross-platform file and screen sharing. All these tools are integrated into one single application.

“Integrated” is a key point for our positioning. WorksPad provides the next generation support of integrated scenarios for mobile employees without compromise in information security by separating business and personal data,” – notices Sergey Orlik.

WorksPad creates a new trend in enterprise mobility. Customers don’t want dashboard of applications. They want all the needed functionality in one application that makes their work more productive and secure and eliminates the need for constant “open-ins” and switches from one mobile application to another.

WorksPad assembles all the needed functionality in one application and creates a real mobile extension to desktop. Working with documents, one can easily switch between the working PC and mobile device without losing a quality. The solution provides business users with familiar and convenient multitasking and multi-screen PC experience for better efficiency.

The solution makes mobile workers more productive and contributes to overall productivity of businesses in a secure and manageable way. This makes big companies like Rosatom (Russian Federation national nuclear corporation), Norilsk Nickel, Chiesi (Russia), many of banks on domestic market and other big companies choose WorksPad for their top managers and employees.

“WorksPad brings familiar PC user experience to mobile devices, boosting users productivity while keeping business information in a single secure container and giving our customers new opportunities to be mobile and grow their businesses being mobile,”– adds Pavel Karasev.

Security First

WorksPad is a unique solution which can be used in all industries- including banks, energy, manufacturing, pharma, consulting, and legal practices, as well as public sector. Any company that wants to mobilize its business and cares about security of corporate data will benefit from WorksPad.

Security reinforcements result from mobile client as “all-in-one” integrated app, manageable policies, and special security features. Corporate data is kept inside the isolated app container separated from personal user data, and the container can be wiped remotely in case the device was lost or thieved, or employee was dismissed. None of WorksPad data can be placed onto external storage ‘cause WorksPad uses only internal device memory.

Strict “Open In”, password, and other security policies ensure safe and manageable access to the corporate resources from mobile devices in both of COPE and BYOD scenario.

WorksPad provides functionally rich services on top of corporate application infrastructure including Exchange, SharePoint, and Office 365.

User authentication is implemented using Microsoft Active Directory which means that all corporate security policies will be applied to the mobile device. If the company is already using special enterprise mobility management suite, MobilityLab with WorksPad has an extended technology partnership with the leading global enterprise mobility ecosystem providers, including MobileIron, Citrix, VMWare AirWatch, IBM Fiberlink, Blackberry, Good Technology, Symantec, Samsung. WorksPad has a highly scalable server-side infrastructure to be deployed on-premises in a corporate network perimeter as well as a special multi-tenant edition of WorksPad for Service Providers.


WorksPad was named as a leader on domestic and international markets many times. WorksPad was called The Best Enterprise Mobility Solution in CNews Awards 2014 competition, took two nominations at international Web&Tech Ready 2015 contest, was listed in PC Magazine/RE «BEST 2015 SOFT», and earned a place in the list of “20 Most Promising BYOD Solution Providers 2016” by CIOReview. MobilityLab LLC has an extended technology partnership with the leading global enterprise mobility ecosystem providers, including MobileIron, Citrix, VMware Air Watch, IBM Fiberlink, Blackberry Good Technology, Symantec, and Samsung.

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“MobilityLab LLC is a growing company that listens to clients and does its best to provide customers with mobile productivity and security and easy opportunity to work and win.”