10 Best Management Colleges of the Year 2019

World-class Education Service Aiming to Foster Academic Excellence: DIMENSIONS


Management Education has become of central importance and major attraction in the field of education. With the goal to promote quality education and service, Dimensions was born to prove its excellence in providing management education. DIMENSIONS International College (DIMENSIONS), formerly known as Dimensions Commercial School was founded in 1980. It is spread across three campuses in Singapore. Altogether it has 89 air-conditioned classrooms, 6 training facilities, and other facilities like libraries, academic resource center, chemistry laboratory, physics laboratory, computer room, canteens, auditoriums, basketball court, tennis court, and badminton courts.

DIMENSIONS has installed an Academic Board and an Examination Board which included external academicians, to ensure the quality and standards of its academic processes. All its lecturers are approved by its Academic Board and registered with CPE and possess the required qualifications with 5 years of experience or higher level of qualifications.

Its overseas offices in Asian countries like China, India, Vietnam, Korea, and Myanmar provide a closer and personal touch to potential international students who wish to study at its college. DIMENSION’s wide range of courses offered will meet the needs and requirements of international students who are seeking to improve their academic qualifications to enhance their employability.

Commitment to Quality

DIMENSIONS International College (DIMENSIONS) stands out as an up-and-coming education institute with a long-term view of providing quality education to international students in Singapore. It believes in the virtues of discovery through learning and is confident that if students take this journey with this institution, they will find their inspiration in learning here and experience an enriching, satisfying and most of all, a holistic learning journey. Its pool of lecturers is always conscious of making an effort to grow a culture for a healthy exchange of teaching ideologies to enhance the learning experience of its students. Its school alumni continue to keep in touch with its graduates who have entered the workforce or a tertiary institution. The graduates return to DIMENSIONS to attend a myriad of programmes to stay connected – in the spirit of discovering learning.

Academic Courses

School of Hospitality: School of Hospitality provides a number of courses like Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Hospitality and Events Management, Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Hospitality Management etc. to equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the service and tourism sector, developing their operational and managerial aspects. In addition, there is never a dull moment in the dynamic and robust hospitality establishments.These courses cover the units in hospitality supervision, food hygiene, food and beverage service, management of food and beverage operations, marketing planning process and so forth.

School of Higher Education: It includes courses like Foundation Diploma in Business, Diploma in Retail Management, Diploma in Business, Diploma in Logistics Management, Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Higher National Diploma in Retail Management, Higher National Diploma in Business etc.

Awards and Certificates

DIMENSIONS strives to deliver quality education services. Since its founding, it has adopted industry best practices in its business operations. Similarly, it hires qualified and experienced lecturers to conduct courses for its students. DIMENSIONS, therefore,is humbled by being bestowed the following awards and certifications:

  • Awarded 4-Year EduTrust Certification by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) in February 2016 (9 February 2016 to 8 February 2020)
  • Singapore Quality Class Star
  • Singapore Service Class
  • Awarded the Premier College Status by ASIC, UK (October 2008 to October 2012/14 October 2012 to 13 October 2016/17 May 2017 to 16 May 2021)

The Leading Man

Vincent Tan Peng Choong, Chairman, and CEO:

“Providing quality education has always been our prime focus and we have assiduously applied high standards to our business operations.”