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Your Final Destination for Making Your Business at the Front of Technological Advancements: Space-O Technologies

thesiliconreview-rakesh-patel-co-founder-ceo-space-o-technologies-18Space-O Technologies was ‘born’ from the desire to bring the finest and best Android and iOS engineers from around the globe together to create specialized, unique, and highly-functional apps for millions of users in for business and personal use. Space-O Technologies’ mantra is “Design-Led Engineering” and is committed to being on the cutting edge of making businesses and life in a general run more efficiently and proficiently.

Its dedicated development centers are located in India, Russia, Siberia, and Canada. Its sales & marketing office is located in Arizona, United States.

No matter the size or complexity of the mobile app, Space-O is a one-stop solution for all your mobile software development needs. From concept to development to marketing and ongoing maintenance, Space-O delivers. No matter how diverse or complex the project is, Space-O is capable of providing you with an app that suits your needs with the least amount of effort on your part. Space-O Technologies won the “Best Mobile Development Company in Gujarat” at the 8th GESIA Annual Award in March 2015 and is certified with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013, it is confident its team of experts can deliver. Space-O is confident because of their years of global experience in software services and design-led product engineering.

Co-Founder and CEO, Rakesh Patel’s take on the company Vision, Mission, and Core Values:

Our Vision

Mobile is in the blood of Space-O and we believe that each interaction should generate an emotional connection, not just between a user and an app but also between a human being and a brand.

Our Mission

Space-O is on a mission to enable 40,000 human lives to achieve their goals through people, services, and solutions by 2020.

Core Values

We believe in Attitude, Integrity, Transparency, Excellence, and Professionalism that is equivalent to “Getting Things Done”. Employees are a backbone and we believe in giving opportunities, which results in success stories for not only them but for our clients.

The Engagement Model

The industry of mobile applications development operates on various types of business models. Knowing what they are will help you decide how to proceed with your project in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Fixed Price Model

As the term suggests, this type of model involves fixed price for smaller projects that require basic and conventional development processes. This is best suited for those who have a definite vision for how their app(s) will be developed and maintained. In this business model, you pay a pre-determined price that has been mutually agreed upon in the beginning stages of working together.

Hourly Price Model

This business model is also known as Time and Material model. This method of pricing is highly popular due to its suitability to the evolving nature of mobile app development.

In this business model, you pay for the resources employed in achieving your goals. It allows you to have more flexibility in the development of your app and is highly transparent on its end. The limits of creativity are greatly reduced using this business model; making it possible for your app to be ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind.

Hire Dedicated Model

This business model is one of team spirit. Using the Hire Dedicated Model ensures you have a team of expert developers with specific and relevant skills to create your ideal project. This is also an extension of trust between the service provider and clients and a reflection of a long-term association.

This type of engagement model is best suited for those clients who are engaged in multiple projects, product development, product improvement and support, product change and maintenance, etc.

 On-Site Model

As the term is self-explanatory, in this type of business model, both you and the developers are able to communicate in person instead of through e-mails or other communication tools. In other words, you and the developers are on the same premises and often interact personally.

The major benefit of this engagement model is an establishment of greater transparency and understanding between the client and the provider. On-site model, therefore, is ideal for you, if your idea requires your constant presence and approval.

Client Testimonies

“Your simple and small suggestions have proven to be game changers for my project. They really contributed towards making my product a success.  But what I really liked working with Space-O is that the project manager – Jignesh’s high work ethics. He handled my project amazingly well even when he had a medical crisis going on in his family. Overall, I would never think of any other company but Space-O for my future projects.”

- Vishal Parikh

“I wish to acknowledge the high quality of your team effort in executing the project for Dollens Electric. Seldom do things go as initially imagined and requested, a such was the case for this project. However, the capability of the end product fills the need. The professionalism of your team and company is impressive. I appreciate that, as it reduced the time required for our staff. Thank you for a good effort; please feel free to use me as a reference customer if it is useful.”

- Steve Dollens, United States

The Man Behind The Success

Rakesh Patel, Co-founder, and CEO of Space-O Technologies: Rakesh has been into Mobile App space for the last 7 years and overlooked delivery of more than 3000+ Mobile Application Projects. He has defined successful business models for the clients that worked flawlessly for them.

As an entrepreneur, he started Space-O in 2010 and has now 140+ developers working on Mobile technologies in 2 state-of-art Development Centers, each in India and Russia. Rakesh also contributes to the overall vision of the organization as a mentor.

Apart from his role as an entrepreneur, Rakesh is an author, speaker, and role model to many aspiring entrepreneurs. His book can be viewed and made available from Amazon, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and Flipkart. His unique ideas and vast experience have helped his organization, clients, stakeholders and many others to thrive and achieve a progressive level.

Prior starting Space-O, Rakesh was Asst-Vice President for IndiaNIC and was responsible for business, mergers, and delivery for all IndiaNIC Services.