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Your Strategic Design, Build, Operate & Maintain Partner: Cyient

thesiliconreview-krishna-bodanapu-ceo-md-cyient-2017Providing the right solutions at the right time to improve speed to market, optimize resources, and reduce costs.

From quieter flights and safer train rides to more reliable energy supply, Cyient strives to provide comprehensive solutions that help its clients achieve their operational and business goals. Founded in 1991, Cyient provides engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, network, and operations management services to global industry leaders. The company delivers innovative solutions that add value to businesses through the deployment of robust processes and state-of-the-art technology. Its high-quality products and services help clients leverage market opportunities and gain the competitive advantage.

Cyient: Designing Tomorrow Together

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Cyient binds people, knowledge, and innovation to help clients, industry stakeholders, and the global communities it serves to achieve sustainable growth.

For over 25 years, Cyient has carefully built and nurtured an ecosystem that resonates with its clients’ cultures, encourages innovation, and maintains excellence in execution. The firm belief in human ingenuity, along with a constant focus on excellence, has resulted in over 50 patents and millions of hours in productivity savings for its clients.

The Company has established deep-rooted, enduring relationships with global industry leaders, by understanding their business needs, goals, culture, and core values. As part of Cyient’s strong corporate ethos, co-creating business and public value are important to the company. In this direction, the Cyient Foundation has developed a framework that unifies its diverse corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as government school adoptions, digital literacy programs, and social Innovation technology projects.

The Core Values of Cyient 


We are guided by our Values FIRST across all our relationships-clients, stakeholders, and associates. We believe this is fundamental to accomplishing our goals.

  • fairness
  • integrity
  • respect
  • sincerity
  • transparency

Glance At the Services Offered By Cyient 


Mechanical engineering: The mechanical engineering industry has been at the forefront of margin pressures and rising costs. Although industry players have traditionally embraced outsourcing, they are now forced to look beyond traditional approaches to stay ahead in a highly competitive global business environment. This includes optimizing their R&D efforts and developing products faster, better and more cost-effectively.

Cyient has been delivering mechanical engineering solutions across several industries for over 23 years. The company understands the importance of innovating and ensuring that new products are introduced into the market with optimal time to market. Its team comprises experts with a strong foundation in mechanical engineering, as well as functional and industry-specific domain knowledge and standards. With more than 4,000 mechanical engineers, 400 domain experts, and over 500 ASME certified engineers across various engineering industries, Cyient acts as a one-stop shop for mechanical engineering services.

Cyient solutions span a wide range of industries including aerospace and defense, heavy engineering, transportation, energy and natural resources, consumer, and medical. It also provides benchmarking, product engineering, mechanical design, mechanical analysis, product localization, value engineering and analysis, modeling and detailing, hydraulics, reverse engineering and testing services.

Embedded Software and Electronics: Embedded systems play a critical role in a dynamic environment driven by technology disruptions. Today, embedded devices are expected to perform complex tasks with greater efficiency, guaranteeing real-time behavior in both hard and soft real-time systems.

With more than 15 years of experience in delivering cost-effective and high -quality embedded electronics products, Cyient caters to different market verticals such as aerospace and defense, transport, consumer electronics, medical, semiconductors and more. Cyient’s systematic approach to designing embedded software and electronics helps its customers accelerate time-to-market and ensure a superior quality product. A team of over 1000 embedded software and electronics engineers use their extensive experience in designing various classes of embedded software and systems to provide hardware engineering, application development, and embedded software and testing.

Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineering has evolved over the years owing to technological transformations in the industry. Electrical circuitry in the equipment is getting more complex while adhering to stringent packaging constraints. Cyient provides a wide range of integrated electrical engineering services across multiple industries such as transportation, aerospace, heavy engineering, energy and natural resources, consumer and medical, utilities etc.

Cyient’s team of over 150 engineers comes with an experience of over one million hours in electrical engineering and support the development of comprehensive systems that are compatible with low-, medium-, and high-voltage applications. The breadth of its electrical engineering services consists of electrical system engineering, power generation, transmission, and distribution for power plants; and instrumentation, automation and controls, reliability, and value engineering for utilities. It also includes aero and transportation electrical systems, harness design, application engineering, prototype building, testing, and validations support.


Advanced Analytics: Cyient’s advanced analytics solutions help businesses build the right capabilities to garner insights that enable better decisions to create value through four key functions:

  • Descriptive analytics: We examine and analyze your business’ key performance indicators to provide insights that help understand your business at an aggregate level and evaluate the various business processes.
  • Diagnostic analytics: Using root cause analysis, we uncover patterns and cross-functional correlations that help derive better business insights and develop accurate predictive models.
  • Predictive analytics: We help you identify risks and anticipate future opportunities based on underlying patterns and relationship by performing analytics on historical and real-time data.
  • Data visualization: Our interactive dashboards provide advanced data visualization. Our solution automatically represents data in an intuitive format enabling you to build business intelligence and make informed decisions.

Big Data Consulting: In order to analyze big data, organizations need a flexible, scalable and secure platform that can capture and mine any kind of data. Cyient brings extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the advanced analytics value chain and delivers customized scalable models, while maintaining business structure and performance.

Cyient’s strong pool of domain experts, architects and data scientists work diligently on defining and creating business analytics solutions. These solutions help convert raw and unstructured data into actionable insights aligned with your core objectives and unique needs. The firm also provides best-suited architectures to handle any type and frequency of data, and establish a mature analytics model.

IoT and M2M: Cyient works collaboratively with its clients to understand their unique business requirements and drivers to determine the best-suited IoT solution that can help transform their business through real-time monitoring. Drawing upon its experience, diverse talent pool, industry best practices, and leading-edge processes, Cyient helps its clients deploy end-to-end connected device solutions seamlessly. Data collection strategies, appropriate technology, and the right set of advanced analytics tools are recommended based on in-depth analysis to help you meet your long-term business objectives.

Networks and Operations 

Data Management: Efficient data management derives and delivers high quality, actionable insights from the vast amounts of data generated every day across industries. With thousands of data specialists across multiple locations, Cyient provides extensive services including data sourcing, cleansing and standardization, conversion and migration, conflation, maintenance, assessment, and consultancy.

Cyient’s data services help its clients across industries such as utilities, communications, energy and natural resources, and geospatial address their most pressing challenges and derive maximum benefit from their data systems. For instance, Cyient helps utilities and communication organizations create, update, and manage their network asset data and field updates. The company works with mining organizations to update and refresh their exploration databases by incorporating missing attributes or new data. Cyient also leverages a range of in-house software tools that utilize intelligent spatial technology to automate processes. Its clients benefit from our rigorous quality control practices, expertise in multiple GIS systems and formats, and in-depth knowledge of the utilities, communications, and energy and natural resources domains.

IT Services: Information technology (IT) plays a critical role in sustaining growth and market share in today’s global and highly competitive business environment. Cyient offers turnkey solutions for IT systems including quality engineering, professional services, and architecture and solution consultancy to help organizations establish a robust foundation for an integrated and scalable IT environment. Cyient’s IT service offering in Network and Operations helps integrate disparate business segments, technologies, and operations to provide comprehensive visibility and enhance business efficiencies.

The company has over 12 million hours of experience executing spatial infrastructure projects for global utilities and communication service providers. Its large pool of experts are experienced in widely used GIS and operating management systems (OMS) products such as GE Smallworld, PowerOn Restore, ESRI, Intergraph, and Bentley. We also have expertise in delivering services and solutions around the MicroStation suite of products.


Remote Sensing: Cyient’s image classification, interpretation, image and incident analysis, and reporting services provide wide-ranging, remote-sensing support for high-quality data updates and insights. Cyient is a leading provider of remote-sensing services with multi-sensor technology that enables it to process imagery data with quick turnaround time and a high degree of accuracy.

The firm’s experience ranges from capturing and updating topographic, hydrological, and man-made infrastructure datasets, to preparing a GIS base map with features. These features include outlines of buildings, agricultural farms, road networks, and other select man-made structures. Cyient has worked on various satellite sensors such as CARTOSAT, IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView 1 and 2, as well as aerial digital sensors.

Photogrammetry: Cyient is a trusted provider of photogrammetry services for aerial triangulation, terrain modeling, large-scale mapping, orthophoto generations and 3D city modeling. Its photogrammetry services enable clients to get a highly accurate map and spatial data that supports urban, operational and financial planning. For instance, Cyient’s 3D building modeling enables law enforcement and emergency services personnel to visualize and understand a building or an area layout before even stepping into the place. Similarly, with respect to various feature layers such as trees, roads and water bodies, administrative bodies can gain a visual understanding of the lay of the land before sending their teams into the field. The company delivers highly accurate services for its global clientele and meet their diverse business requirements efficiently by leveraging our expertise in multiple sensor technologies.

Meet the Head Honcho

thesiliconreview-cyient-cover-page-2017Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director, and CEO: Krishna initially joined Cyient as a Sales Manager for engineering services in Europe. He later moved to India, where he held dual roles of Marketing Manager, and Key Account Manager for the company's aerospace vertical, as Marketing Manager, he worked with several key aerospace customers and was an integral part of many successful customer engagements. As Key Account Manager, he was responsible for relationship building and account management for several primary customers in engineering services. Advancing into the role of Chief Operating Office, Krishna contributed significantly to Cyient's consistent growth in terms of revenue, margin, customer and associate satisfaction.

Prior to Cyient, Krishna was with Altera Corporation, a leading semiconductor manufacturer in San Jose, California. He was responsible for the company's flagship product line, APEX. Krishna holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University and a master's degree in business administration from the Kellogg School of Management, at Northwestern University.

“To us, problems are an opportunity to use our extensive global experience and industry knowledge creatively to help our clients do more-we make them more capable, more flexible, and more competitive.”