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Zoomdata: We've Got Your Insight

thesiliconreview-justin-langseth-ceo-zoomdata-2017Zoomdata, creators of the industry’s fastest visual analytics for Big Data platform, lets business users see and interact with data in all new ways. Designed mobile and touch first, its patented micro-query architecture delivers results in real-time and gives users a single plane for bridging old data and new data. With Zoomdata you can stream process any data including Cloud, Enterprise, Hadoop/ HDFS, Social Media and Proprietary Databases and create an array of real time visualizations. Zoomdata is a mobile, tactile product and analyzed, combined, shared and compared.

Built for Fast Visual Analytics

It’s hard to overestimate the value of fast analysis for business decision makers. Zoomdata delivers fast, visual analytics for all business users, not just analysts and data geeks. We accelerate time-to-insight by reducing the clutter that distracts novice users in traditional analytics applications. Not just big data--fast big data. Visual analytics at the speed of thought.

Big Data Exploration

Zoomdata, the world’s fastest exploratory data analysis and visualization platform, empowers business users to see and interact with data in new ways.

Its patented micro-query architecture delivers results on billions of records in seconds and gives users a single pane of glass for bridging old and new data.

With Zoomdata, big data discovery can span a data ecosystem that includes traditional relational databases and new sources like NoSQL, search, and streaming data. Traditional analytics solutions require a huge commitment of time and resources to gather data, determine its relevance, analyze it, and distribute the results. That process no longer meets the real-time needs of business, where markets change quickly and opportunities can disappear in a heartbeat 

Data Sharpening

Using patented data sharpening technology, Zoomdata renders big data into compelling visualizations within seconds, tapping directly into historical and real-time data across legacy and modern data stores. As Zoomdata stream processes more data through additional micro queries, the visualization continuously sharpens.

This extremely fast visualization of data reduces the need for redundant data storage and allows Zoomdata to run analytics at the source. And it’s a huge time saver for users. In seconds, they can quickly change the direction of their analysis, rather than waiting for a traditional query to run to completion before continuing analysis.


Zoomdata’s Data DVR lets you interact with your data in the same way you use streaming video technology to interact with live video or replay movies. Data DVR harnesses the velocity of big data with the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward the data stream, helping teams identify and track anomalies that occurred five seconds ago, five minutes ago, or five days ago. Data DVR continuously computes rolling or static windows, enabling users to monitor trends across real-time and historical data streams.

Built for Big Data

Zoomdata was purpose built for big data. If you’re using any of the modern big data sources—Hadoop, search, streaming, NoSQL—you want to use Zoomdata. We take advantage of their unique capabilities by connecting to them using native APIs and leveraging their source-specific functionality. And we seamlessly fuse this big data with your cloud and on-prem legacy data sources to provide a complete view of all your data - when you need it. 

Built to Embed and Extend!

The Zoomdata architecture is designed to integrate seamlessly into other applications. Whether simple white labeling or embedding more deeply into an application via the Javascript API, Zoomdata makes it easy. All front-end controls in Zoomdata are available through published APIs. This means you can create your own custom big data visualizations if you don’t find what you need out of the box.

Embedded Applications

The next generation of analytic applications will focus less on KPIs and dashboards and more on embedded data analytics in every application. That’s why we’ve designed “embeddability” into our architecture. Zoomdata enables application developers to use Zoomdata capabilities to fully customize the presentation of data and visualizations.

Our Javascript SDK, which plugs seamlessly into a developer's standard library of tools, delivers full control over look and feel, as well as the ability to access APIs for controlling data and charts. With Zoomdata, the concept of a standalone BI tool fades away and embedded visual analytics become a routine part of the user experience. 

Meet the Chieftain

Justin Langseth, CEO & Founder: Justin Langseth is Founder of Zoomdata, Inc and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and President. Langseth also serves as a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners. He co-founded Clarabridge, Inc. in 2005 and served as its President & Chief Technology Officer. Langseth previously co-founded Claraview Inc. and served as its Chief Technology Officer. Prior to co-founding Claraview, he was founder and Chief Technology Officer of, a real-time data analysis and alerting subsidiary of MicroStrategy. Prior to joining MicroStrategy, Langseth served as a software design consultant in the electric utility, managed care, and pharmaceutical industries. He holds 18 patents with many more pending. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a SB in Management of Information Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management. 

“We deliver the fastest visual analytics for big data. From any source: modern, legacy, real-time, and historical.”