10 Best Healthcare Companies 2018

10 Best Healthcare Companies 2018


Company Management Description
Vee Technologies

Chocko Valliappa,


Vee Technologies is a leading global business process management company, headquartered in New York and Bangalore. The firm works as a trusted partner to businesses and organizations around the world, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to mid-size companies. Its solutions enable businesses of all sizes achieve extraordinary outcomes. It supports organizations across a wide range of industries, helping them cut costs, build value, and achieve their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently.
Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ashvini Danigond,

Chief Executive Officer

Manorama Infosolutions is a pioneer in Healthcare IT providing Enterprise Solutions Globally. The firm offers solutions for Public Health, Corporate Hospitals and Medical Centers on the Global Front. It has deep expertise in Enterprise Solutions developing Smart/Innovative Solutions, EMR/EHR, Telemedicine, Next Generation/Mobile Apps, IoT connected devices/IoT Solutions, Patient Portals impacting patient safety along with quality of healthcare delivery. 
JVS Group
Saket Singhi, MD Established in 2002, JVS Group has created and delivered comprehensive solutions to streamline IT Industry with core expertise in eCommerce Solutions and Healthcare Domain. Fuelled by deep eCommerce and Healthcare domain expertise and industry exposure, JVS Group performed pioneering work for leading national and international clients & brands.


Vikram Vuppala,

Founder & CEO

started with a vision and passion of redefining healthcare delivery in India in 2010, NephroPlus today is India’s largest network of dialysis centres. With a strong commitment towards quality and ‘guest’ care, we are spearheading a change in the way dialysis is done in India. One of the primary goals of NephroPlus is to remind, enable and make sure that dialysis patients lead a life as close to normal as possible. It strives to  make sure that the dialysis sessions remain a small part of their lives. 
David Picard, CEO Moleac addresses unmet needs of patients suffering a loss of brain functions after brain injuries or neurodegenerative diseases. Its focus is to help them regain and maintain independence. It selects scientifically proven natural compounds and formulations with origins in traditional medicine, establish their clinical properties and make them available internationally.
DelCureLifeSciences Ltd.
Prashant Kumar Pathak, CEO DelCureLifeSciences Ltd. is an Indian branded formulations pharmaceutical company with global alliances and is working towards bringing differentiated products and services into the market with an objective to improve quality of life people everywhere. At DelCure LifeSciences, the team strongly believes in promoting the purpose of Happiness and creating the culture of Helpfulness for DLL family members and the society, with the learning from Mother Nature, promoting sustainability and augmenting life with growth.
Insta Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ramesh Emani, Founder Insta Health's vision is to be the leading Healthcare IT Product company from India. As a company, Insta Health Solutions is only in the business of software for hospitals and clinics. Its core compete lies in providing innovative Healthcare IT applications to improve the efficiency of doctors and hospitals. Insta HMS, its flagship Hospital Management Software Solutions has been implemented in 7 countries and used in over 300 hospitals and clinics.
Dr. Pritam Pal, CEO KENCloud is a global leader in IT product solutions for diverse enterprises. It helps you with your IT needs and strive to put you at the apex of success. It is a leading provider of on-demand Cloud ERP solution which integrates HR, Finance, Inventory, Production, Sales, Purchase and CRM.

Mabspace Biosciences Co.Ltd.

Xueming Qian,

Ph.D., Founder, Chairman & CEO

MabSpace Biosciences, is a biotech company focused on discovery and development of innovative antibody based therapeutics for cancer and fibrotic diseases. It was founded in 2013 by indrustrial veterans and is located in Biobay Suzhou, an emerging bitech incubator in China. MabSpace employes its proprietary platform technology, immune tolerance breaking technology (IMBT), to generate lead antibodies with diverse epitopes. 
Dr. Geetha Manjunath, CEO The team at NIRAMAI, are developing a novel software to detect breast cancer at a much earlier stage than traditional methods or self-examination.  Its solution is a low cost, accurate, automated, portable cancer screening tool that can be operated by a simple clinician. Unlike mammography, its imaging method is radiation free, non-touch, not painful and works for women of all ages.