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10 Best Security Companies 2018

10 Best Security Companies 2018


Company Management Description

Rohit Ghai, President

RSA creates a wide range of industry-leading products that allow customers to take control of risk. Whether those risks stem from external cyber threats, identity and access management challenges, online fraud, compliance pressure or any number of other business and technology issues, RSA’s extensive portfolio of integrated, independently-top rated products better position public- and private-sector enterprises to drive growth and embrace change in today’s complex, volatile world.

Bill Conner,

President and CEO

SonicWall next-generation firewalls ensure that every byte of every packet coming into and going out of your network is inspected while maintaining high performance and low latency. By leveraging the SonicWall Capture Threat Network, the firm delivers superior protection for today and tomorrow.

Larry Zulch,

President & CEO

Savvius offers a range of powerful software and appliance products that provide the unparalleled visibility into network traffic needed to rapidly and thoroughly resolve application and network performance issues. Savvius products are trusted by network professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world.
Security Innovation
Ed Adams
President & CEO
Security Innovation specializes in software security, an area where traditional “information security” and “business” consultants tend to struggle. It has been analyzing application vulnerabilities and risk for almost a decade and were one of the first providers of software risk solutions to Fortune 500 firms. Its unrivaled proficiency in technical analysis, coupled with sound knowledge of business processes, results in world-class solutions that bridge the gap between application security holes and risk management optimization.
TechLab Security SDN BHD
Han Wang Soon, Sales Director
Chen Yik Loong, MD
Cheah Chee Kung, Technical Director
In 2005, a team of Security Specialists passionate in technology founded TECHLAB to meet the growing market needs for Information Security and Internet Gateway solutions. Since then, reflective of its growing customer base, the company has increased its product and services range and have now established itself as a leading Enterprise Systems Integrator and Solutions provider.
Skynet Secure SolutionsStorcom

Sachin Dedhia,

Founder & CEO

SKYNET SECURE is a company founded by Sachin Dedhia. One of its main objectives is to promote cyber crime & internet security awareness across all sections of the society. The firm provides assistance & also help in solving all kinds of cyber crime related cases. It provides services to various law enforcement agencies & also other govt departments, along corporates, SME. The company has guided many individuals in tackling cybercrime related issues also.
Seceon Inc.

Chandra Pandey,

Founder & CEO

Seceon’s Open Threat Management Platform (OTM) is based on the Fast/Big data steaming engine with millions of events ingest/s and extracts features from data sets in real-time to run through it's Dynamic Threat Models, Machine Leaning and AI with actionable Intelligence to detect and eliminate the threats automatically in real-time.

Jaspreet Singh,

Founder and CEO

Druva is the global leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, delivering the industry’s first data management-as-a-service solution that aggregates data from endpoints, servers and cloud applications and leverages the public cloud to offer a single pane of glass to enable data protection, governance and intelligence–dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of business critical information, while reducing the risk, cost and complexity of managing and protecting it.
Dr RK Thomas, Founder TechnoPilot® specialises in harnessing the best of frontier technology to give your Company a secure operating environment and Top Notch Network Security by not just strategic fire fighting but by using using advanced techniques like Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nanotechnology, Quantum Physics, Visualisation & The Law of Attraction.

Firmitas Cyber Solutions

Gil Keini, Founder & CEO
Rami Efrati, Founder & President
Firmitas provides a next-generation Adaptable Operational-Security solution. A new approach for cyber-defense based on process-oriented security rather than information or data security. Instead of creating antidotes to specific threats it works by enforcing a system's predefined design. Thus, making unexpected attacks infeasible and ensuring system up-time