10 Fastest Growing BIGDATA Companies 2017

10 Fastest Growing BIGDATA Companies 2017

Company Management Description


Leonardo Santos, CEO Semantix is the leading supplier of professional language services in the Nordic region. We have a unique network of more than 7,000 interpreters, translators, and language consultants. Our project managers always carefully match the right person for the right job.


Adam Famularo, CEO erwin, Inc. is a trusted leader in data management. erwin solutions have been valued by leading companies around the world for more than 25 years, supported by trusted partners and a team of expert people.

LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

Wendy Buxton, President LynnCo delivers enhanced logistics performance for manufacturers and distributors by simplifying the supply chain, promoting supplier compliance, improving transportation effectiveness, and increasing cash flow. Powered by analytics and Six Sigma practices, its proven approach involves not just identifying the problem, but uncovering the cause.

Treselle Systems

Sudharsan Madabusi,
President & CEO
Treselle is a multiple award winning technology services and product development company that works with clients across industries to help build new software applications, integrate disparate technologies, and execute IT solutions in the areas of big data, cloud and enterprise application integrations. 


Management-Justin Langseth,
CEO & Founder
Zoomdata, creators of the industry’s fastest visual analytics for Big Data platform, lets business users see and interact with data in all new ways. Designed mobile and touch first, its patented micro-query architecture delivers results in real-time and gives users a single plane for bridging old data and new data. With Zoomdata you can stream process any data including Cloud, Enterprise, Hadoop/ HDFS, Social Media and Proprietary Databases and create an array of real time visualizations.


Ian Uriarte,
Founder & CEO
Timbergrove is a provider of strategic project planning, project management, business analysis and solution architecture skills to facilitate the complex dialogues between IT and business users, ensuring the success of your enterprise projects. 


Dr. Boris Zibitsker,
President & CEO
BEZNext offers Performance Assurance solutions for Big Data World. The company's technology, consulting and training incorporate advanced descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and control analytics, optimizing business and IT decisions during entire applications life cycle, including proof of concepts, selecting machine learning algorithms, testing, performance and workload management and capacity planning.

Datonix SpA

Luciano Riccio,
COO & Co-founder
Luciano Riccio, COO & Co-founder Datonix SpA is an Italian software company established in 1998 focused since the inception in the development of efficient Data Preparation solutions.  More than 20 years of R&D, based on a solid scientific background with roots in the Moscow Academy of Sciences and a history of growth in challenging markets like US, allowed us to supply Fortune 500 customers, as well as mid size organisations, with mission critical applications in markets like Telcos, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, PA, etc.


Mark Gazit, CEO ThetaRay is dedicated to helping clients at large financial organizations, cyber security divisions and critical infrastructure become more resilient and seize opportunities.  Its advanced analytical solutions operate with unprecedented speed, accuracy and scale, enabling clients to manage risk, detect money laundering schemes, uncover fraud, expose bad loans, uncover operational issues and reveal valuable new growth opportunities.

Black Oak Analytics

Rick McGraw, CEO BOA is a next-generation data solutions provider that enable clients to create actionable, comprehensive views of data through its Entity Resolution, Data Driven Marketing, and Data Analytics and Modeling solutions. Each member of its unique team of SMEs, industry leaders, and leading academic researchers has a record of accomplishment and success in his or her own right. Together they are able to design innovative solutions for real industry problems.