30 Fastest Growing Private Companies To Watch 2017


Company Management Description
DataDirect Networks, Inc.
Alex Bouzari, CEO &
DataDirect Networks (DDN) is the world’s leading big data storage supplier to data-intensive, global organizations. For more than 18 years, DDN has designed, developed, deployed and optimized systems, software, and storage solutions that enable enterprises, service providers, universities and government agencies to generate more value and to accelerate time to insight from their data and information, on premise and in the cloud. Organizations leverage the power of DDN storage technology and the deep technical expertise of its team to capture, store, process, analyze, collaborate and distribute data, information and content at largest scale in the most efficient, reliable and cost effective manner. 
Rick Chavie, CEO EnterWorks is a market leader in master data solutions for acquiring, managing and transforming a company’s product information into persuasive and personalized content for marketing, sales, digital commerce and new market opportunities. Since its inception, an excess of $40 million has been invested into the business creating a stable and reliable company with solutions benefitting from the experience of a team with an average tenure of 10 years.  EnterWorks solutions and professional services have been proven by its many large multi-national, Fortune 1000 customers.
Julien Trassard, CEO LINKBYNET is an IT watchmaker that can assist you with talent in your digital transformation. We build best-of-breed architectures and orchestrate your applications with precision, reliability and quality. Innovation, Best of Breed Services and Enhanced Cloud, we invent and implement a whole set of services to meet all your needs.
Famhost apps
Paul Farmer,
Co-Founder & CEO
"Famhost applications were developed for our own needs to run our own businesses. As fellow businesses joined us in our quest for excellence, they became like family members. We've helped some of our customers transition through two generations. We want to be considered as a valued partner to all of our customers. We don't wait for a problem or crises, but take a proactive replacement policy for our servers and new technologies."
Frank Calderoni, CEO Anaplan is driving a new age of connected planning. Large and fast-growing organizations use Anaplan’s cloud platform in every business function to make better-informed plans and decisions and drive faster, more effective planning processes. The Anaplan platform gives you the power and flexibility to plan for any area of your business, enabling collaborative decision-making to drive improved business performance across the organization.
Wouter Born, CEO CXO-Cockpit delivers Mobile and Web-based Management Reporting with Financial Intelligence to the CFO office. In contrast to the excel spreadsheet driven, static output of generic BI tools the mobile CXO-Cockpit Dashboards are dynamic and offer financial relevant functionality such as data drill down, annotations, multi-column and large reports, industry best practice reports, storyboards, guided analysis and multiple output and sharing media. 
Rami Sass, CEO and
WhiteSource fully automates all open source management needs: open source components detection, security vulnerabilities and new version alerts along with license risk and compliance analysis and policy enforcement. An integral part of your software development environment, WhiteSource guarantees the continuity and integrity of open source management, and reduces respective risks. WhiteSource provides a complete solution that supports ALL languages. The solution seamlessly plugs into all popular build tools.
Dieter Reichert, CEO The censhare Digital Experience Platform pools all marketing and communications content within one information-centric system and a consistent user interface. The best-of-breed applications for Collaboration, DAM, PIM, Omnichannel CMS and MRM create for the first time relevant digital experiences from real-time information. censhare offers flexible deployment options from SaaS and On Premise to Hybrid. More than 150 companies, like Dyson, GoPro, Hearst, Kohl's, Serviceplan, Migros, Rewe, Swiss Re and Vitra are using censhare daily. censhare is head quartered in Munich, Germany and has further offices in Switzerland, France, India, UK and USA. 
Anthony Pompliano, CEO ANEXIO is transforming the IT industry with Desktop to Data Center solutions designed specifically for enterprises worldwide. As a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, the company’s offerings include eight state-of-the-art data centers, a carrier-grade IP network and world-class Managed IT  Services.
Panorama Marketing & Media
Quique Lopez, CEO Panorama Press is a marketing and promotions company serving businesses in Atlanta, Georgia since 1987. We are a team of developers, internet marketers and entrepreneurs that provide clients with a marketing partner that delivers a variety of services aimed at dominating local online markets. The company utilizes an experienced, knowledgeable staff and proprietary technologies to offer clients a marketing partner that can develop and deliver superior marketing and promotional initiatives in a short period of time.
Webgility, Inc
 Parag Mamnani, CEO Every day, with the click of a button, Webgility helps thousands of multi-channel e-commerce companies automatically connect to and sync their sales data, inventory, shipping, and accounting. Webgility's flagship product Unify enables online retailers to see a broad, multi-channel perspective of all revenue streams and expenses, providing financial insight for strategic business decisions. For the first time ever, industry leaders in sales, accounting, inventory, shipping, and integration have come together to centralize operations and data for e-commerce businesses. The result is the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce, a unified network of best-of-breed systems that gives enterprising sellers the same business intelligence, operational stamina, and competitive edge enjoyed by the massive alpha retailers.
IdentityMind Global
Garrett Gafke, President & CEO IdentityMind continuously validates and risk scores online identities worldwide through its eDNA to ensure global business safety and compliance at customer onboarding and throughout their lifecycle. It securely tracks the entities involved in each transaction (e.g. consumers, merchants, cardholders, payment wallets, alternative payment methods, etc.) to build payment reputations, and allows companies to identity and reduce potential fraud, evaluate merchant account applications, onboard accounts, enable identity verification services, and identify potential money laundering.
Emmy B. Gengler, CEO Softjourn, Inc. is an international custom software engineering and IT outsourcing company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. The company has software development and operations centers in Ukraine since 2005 and Poland since 2015. Some of the areas it specializes in are financial, ticketing and media industries.
Texan Allergy & Sinus Center
Dr. Christopher Thompson,
MD & Founder
"At Texan Allergy & Sinus Center we pride ourselves on providing patient care that sets us apart from the rest and improves quality of life. We provide patients with innovative allergy and sinus therapies that fit their lifestyle. Headquartered in Austin, we have clinics statewide and are always expanding to accommodate more patients; making it easy for Texans everywhere to get the allergy and sinus treatment they need."
Chandra Technologies
Ram Gurunathan, President & CEO Chandra Technologies is an IT Consulting Solution provider. We provide a wide array of emerging and legacy services to support our client's infrastructure and application development needs. Chandra Tech's client includes Government Agencies and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. We take great care in providing only the highest caliber of IT professionals in industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Utilities, Insurance and Financial Services.
Hire IT People, Inc
Dan Nandan, CEO "We gather information about your future hiring needs to perform a pro-active search, we mostly work with local candidates. Our cutting edge recruitment tools help minimize the complexities of hiring and reaching the right talent. We can provide experienced IT Professionals for your IT Projects covering most Technologies and roles Read More... Our Account managers and professional recruiters will communicate and work with your IT hiring managers. We use our databases, latest tools, and social media in finding and building relationships with top-notch IT professionals."
Akash Takyar, CEO, Founder "Established in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, we were one of the first to deliver a commercial app for the iPhone. Our team of Certified User Experience experts has designed and produced over 450+ apps in both the enterprise and consumer app space. At LeewayHertz we provide end to end solutions for app development. We convert an idea into reality, be it startups or enterprises."
Lucidworks, Inc.
Will Hayes,
Chief Executive Officer
Lucidworks is the only company that delivers enterprise-grade search development platforms built on the power of Apache Lucene/Solr open source search. Developers who work to create the best enterprise and web search applications rely on Lucidworks as the only open source search application development platform proven to accelerate success in building stable, flexible apps that scale to meet the test of time. Unlike less proven market entrants optimized for prototyping and unscaled web apps, Lucidworks ensures expert integration, security, deployment success, and readiness for the increased data complexity inherent in long-term growth
SEMrush Inc.
 Oleg Shchegolev, Founder & CEO For the past nine years, SEMrush has grown into an all-in-one marketing suite consisting of more than 30 tools and reports that help companies market better online. On top of being one of the best keyword research tools worldwide, SEMrush now helps users fix technical website issues, improve the health of their backlink profile, and track local rankings on both mobile and desktop. Marketers can easily spot opportunities they are missing compared to their rivals and get ideas for their SEO, PPC and content marketing campaigns.
Smart Deck Solutions inc
Ravi Srikakulam, CEO We offer all the DIGITAL solutions that you require. It can be a cloud related, mobile or tablet related, IT Services, enterprises solution, website design & development & SEO services. We are a one stop shop for all your needs. The kernel to success is to provide with smooth customer experience with remarkable professionalism.
Xtramile Soft
Vivek Vemunoori, CEO Xtramile's business and technology application strategies enable organizations to keep their investments in existing ERP systems while empowering subsidiaries and divisions to integrate with the ERP systems to give them more agility. When companies are adjusting to new subsidiaries, new acquisitions and new global markets, it is imperative to access real time visibility. They cannot afford a yearlong implementation and multimillion dollar price tag.
Verghese Jacob, Director FMevolution is an independent project management and consulting business specialising in property and facility management solutions which need high reliability, strong project management, and practical risk management. Sustainable development is core to the work we produce for our clients and we specialise in whole of life solutions i.e. from facility creation, operation and disposal.
eCustoms(Visual Compliance)
Selina Kwan For more than 30 years, eCustoms has helped companies like yours solve their cross-border and foreign trade compliance and operational issues with the Visual Compliance suite of systems, technologies and services. eCustoms offers a comprehensive world-class suite of online and integrated Foreign Trade Compliance Solutions for cost-effective management of compliance obligations under government and international regimes.
Pankaj Malviya, Founder & CEO Pulpstream is a low-code application development platform that empowers enterprises to re-engineer how they deliver value. Our solutions empower business leaders to align businesses across borders and adapt to change at digital speed. Pulpstream gives companies the power to deliver mobile business process management solutions, seamlessly dissolve data silos, and continuously improve with data. Evolve at the pace of your imagination. No coding required.
Wylei Inc.
Meg Columbia-Walsh, CEO  Wylei is a venture backed next generation Artificial Intelligence cloud-based machine learning company that uses advanced predictive algorithms to take the guesswork out of digital web, email, mobile, and video campaigns. Recently awarded a broad patent for Adaptive Content. Wylei succeeds by assembling assets and impressions in real-time for truly personalized communication at scale. Wylei also analyzes "in-flight" performance of the campaign to spot non-obvious variables that have led to some of the highest conversion rates in the industry.
RxData Science
Larry Pickett, CEO and
RxDataScience Inc. is a big data analytics software company focused on creating breakthrough data science products and solutions to deliver business value. The company is applying proven advanced analytics and machine learning technologies from industries such as financial services to drive innovation in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The team is comprised of data science and software product development experts with deep knowledge of pharma and healthcare datasets and use cases.  
Jaystone Marketing
Adam Stone
Dealers have lots of choices when it comes to marketing partners. Jaystone has been chosen by some of the best because it not only knows marketing, but  also know automotive. Like any great service company its foundation is its team of automotive pros. Combined growing team has 35 years retail automotive experience, 30 years working for many different OEM's and 20 plus years working for automotive agencies. This allows the company to have a deep understanding of its clients needs and goals. 
Royal Alliances
Aaron McDaniel,

Jerry Lammons,
Co- Founder
Royal Alliances is a nationwide network of individual mail service providers working together to optimize postage, logistics, and operational savings. The network is based on our free-to-use software that supports third party mail share efforts, logistics, tracking, accounting, and data security. This cloud-based, disruptive technology enables competitors to work together for the overall good of the mailing industry.
Michael Risich, CEO BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY designs automotive software solutions that solve the most common struggles facing the Automotive Repair & Maintenance Industry. By providing today’s repair facilities with cutting-edge PC and mobile technology, time and efficiency constraints are being drastically reduced, and considerable increases in productivity, revenue, and professionalism are being gained.
Jim Arnold,
Welcome to the new world of healthcare, where organizations can simplify and optimize their healthcare spend through cost transparency, deep understanding, benchmarking and effective self audits. finHealth's innovative web-based solution profiles your medical spend versus internal and external benchmarks, offers unparalleled access to your data, and delivers immediate measurable cost savings through powerful analytics and proprietary algorithms.