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A global Analytics firm empowering companies with an immense echelon of Insight, Impact and Innovation: Fractal Analytics

silicon-review-srikanth-velamakanni-fractal-analytics“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” – William Shakespeare

Understanding the worth of Analytics that creates Insight, Impact and Innovation, the creators of ‘Fractal Analytics’ founded their organization in 2000 with a mission to help companies move towards higher levels of sophisticated and institutionalized use of analytics. Today’s global leaders truly understands that analytics is the new secret weapon to drive competitive advantage. The convergence of Big Data and technology is offering unparalleled opportunities to empower every person in your organization to make smarter, faster and more accurate decisions.

Today, Fractal Analytics is treasured as a global analytics firm that helps Fortune 500 companies gain competitive advantage through deep understanding of consumers and better data driven decisions. Within the few years of its establishment, the company has tasted success which others can only desire. Founded in 2000, they have 850 people in 13 offices around the world serving clients in over 100 countries.

Backed by TA Associates, a global growth private equity firm, and recently partnered with Aimia, a global loyalty and consumer insights firm, the company has earned recognition by industry analysts and has been named one of the top five “Cool Vendors in Analytics” by research advisor Gartner.

Fractal Analytics‘s amazing services can be delivered as:

  • An extension of in-house analytics team to accelerate results
  • A consultant to conceptualize and define the solutions that business users need
  • A research lab to bring you the latest technologies to solve tough business problems with Big Data
  • A strategic partner to operationalize, scale and institutionalize analytics for better data-driven decisions

“Our partnerships are designed to add value to existing clients and extend our reach new prospects.”

thesiliconreview-dataanalitics-juneProducts and Solutions Offered
Concordia- It is a data delivery service that leverages a flexible, scalable data harmonization platform to solve complex cases of high volume, variety, and velocity. Fractal Analytics provides supervised automation services that perform data standardization routines for data cleansing, validations, enrichment and verification, and returns clean and consistent data ready for analysis in any format.

Trial Run- Trial Run enables marketers to optimize marketing strategies by institutionalizing experimentation using automation that scales.

Customer Genomics – A personalized marketing platform that addresses customer acquisition, valuation management, attrition, loyalty, offer decisions and interaction rules.

This product provides early indicators of emerging trends, brand perception maps, competitor analysis and ad-hoc analysis. The service uses automated machine-learning algorithms on client owned and social media data to profile customers with razor precision.

Segmentron- A customer segmentation project to produce near real-time, actionable and trackable decisions is often a daunting exercise. This solution includes a comprehensive segmentation modeling approach delivered with a dynamic visualization dashboard in a single slide view.

Analytics in a Box Cloud infrastructure for analytics experimentationToday’s analytics needs to encompass a much broader set of data from internal and external sources, more unstructured, and in different formats and frequencies. The optimal solution involves defining systems that enable data load, data storage, data transformation, analytics development and deployment, as well as a business user consumption layer.

Analytics Experimentation in the Cloud The Analytics Sandbox solution creates your experimentation environment including hardware and tools that enable data load, data transformation, data storage, analytics development and deployment, as well as a business user consumption layer. The system deploys many cutting edge open source technologies like R and Knime to keep your costs low.

Pincer™- Pincer helps insurance carriers understand and predict the business impact associated with pricing changes. The service includes: 1) data harmonization, 2) predicted models for price sensitivity, claims loss, and customer lifetime value, 3) forecasted impacts, and 4) a visual simulation tool.

Social Media Analytics – An independent service that may also be combined with Marketing Mix Modeling or Digital Measurement to quantify online social influence, evaluate complex digital impacts, and eCommerce attribution models.

Carrying Deep Industry Expertise
Fractal Analytics serves as strategic partner to their clients where they consult and deliver a wide range of analytics services for centralized analytics teams or individual business units.

Knowing the Key Leaders

Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder and CEO- Srikanth’s role at Fractal is to grow Fractal’s global presence in business intelligence/analytics including assessment, predictive and optimization sciences and visualizations. Prior to this he has consulted with major market leaders such as Visa, P&G, Citibank, HDFC Bank and SAP in predictive analytics for risk management and marketing effectiveness. Structured debt transactions and collateralized bond obligations at ANZ Investment Bank and ICICI.

An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and BS in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi, Srikanth is passionate for analytics: Applying behavioral economics, neuroscience and machine-learning algorithms to better understand, predict and influence consumer engagement.

Pranay Agrawal, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer- He leads Global Consulting and Account Management. As co-founder and member of the leadership at Fractal Analytics, Pranay led the growth of the company to a leading analytics consulting company. Pranay led client engagement with multiple Fortune 500 companies across CRM analytics, marketing ROI, consumer insights and risk analytics. Earlier he was in fixed income analytics and a part of a team that listed ICICI Bank on the NYSE.

An MBA from India Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, Bachelors in Accounting from Bangalore University, and Certified Financial Risk Manager from GARP, Pranay is passionate for analytics, he believes in making the world a better place.

Ajoy Singh, Chief Operating Officer- Ajoy leads engagement delivery and heads capabilities development for Customer Loyalty & Analytics, Integrated Marketing Effectiveness, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Prior to Fractal Analytics he was the Country Credit Risk Head for the consumer portfolio of Barclays India. Was in Leadership role in Consumer Credit Risk Management in Standard Chartered (Prime Financial), CitiFinancial and GE Money. Experienced in Credit Risk Policy & Portfolio Management, Collections Strategy, Underwriting & Fraud Control.

An MBA from IIM Calcutta and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi, he believes in adopting analytics to make smarter, faster and effective decisions

Fractal Analytics Happy Clients
The company serves a wide range of Fortune 100 companies who are leveraging analytics to drive data-informed decisions throughout their organizations.

…and their speak
“Fractal’s presentations of the subject matter have been extremely thorough that they answered almost all my questions without me even asking any. And, whatever questions that I had Fractal was practically ready with the answers even before I had finished asking the question! Finally Fractal has been innovative in trying out various modeling techniques to create great models.” – Top 3 global data and analytics provider, Senior Hadoop Developer, Big Data Analytics and Engineering.

“My first experience with Fractal Analytics was a success due to the contributions and expertise of each team member. I was impressed with their desire and commitment to deliver a solution providing value and insight. I also appreciated their ability to educate and share knowledge with me and my team, allowing us to continue to support and operationalize the project deliverable beyond the engagement. I would be pleased to work with this talented team again and would highly recommend them for future opportunities.”Fortune 100 pharmacy services provider, Senior Director, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

“I was extremely impressed with Fractal’s ability to illustrate complex concepts and package analysis findings, and professionalism with which results were presented. Communication of status, issues and risks was also excellent. The project team managed and delivered against tight timelines. It was clear that all resources involved have great motivation, pride and ownership in their work. It was clear that Fractal hires excellent analysts who are experts in what they do. Overall I greatly enjoyed working with the team and learned a lot from them as well.” – Director, Analytics and Research, Top 5 healthcare insurance company.

Proposed reduced loyalty mileage plan for pharmacy is halted by analytics results Analyzed last 12 months of transactions and identified the potential spend deficit

The Business Challenge

  • A pharmacy in the Middle East was reviewing its loyalty program, and wanted to propose a reduction on the number of miles that its customers earned on each dollar spent from 3 to 2.
  • The objective of this project was to forecast the commercial impact of this reduction in miles earned

The Solution
Fractal implemented a 12-month analysis on transactional data and merged it with the Program Engagement (ES) score to correlate with the value of the pharmacy’s loyalty program.

This Engagment Score:
Reduced proportionally by volume of miles collected at the pharmacy.
Identified the potential spend deficit.

The Results
Using transaction data from the last 12 months and merging it with the Program Engagement score, Fractal discovered that the loss projection was equivalent to three times the program savings.


  • Fractal realized that reducing the generosity of the miles issued posed a high risk to future client revenue which could lead to damaging the customer engagement.
  • Fractal then recommended that the client continue its existing structure of three miles per local dollar spent.


  • The revenue loss projection was equivalent to three times the program savings.
  • Therefore, the pharmacy decided to postpone the decision and continue with its existing points structure

This is how Fractal Analytics foundation stone was laid

Brainchild of two successful entrepreneurs, Fractal Analytics was established when its co-founders Srikanth Velamakanni and Pranay Agrawal met at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmadabad and rest is the history.

Both Srikanth Velamakanni and Pranay Agrawal entered the workforce and worked with major financial institutions ANZ and ICICI Bank. Applying mathematics and analytics skills in capital markets and consumer banking, their team launched the first collateralized bond obligation instrument in India.

It wasn’t long before Srikanth and Pranay realized how their skills could impact the way businesses engage with consumers, vendors, partners and employees. Fractal Analytics was born in 2000. The dynamic duo saw a massive wave of opportunity as analytics adoption was flourishing in mature markets.

In 2005 Fractal Analytics set up shop in New York, and later in San Francisco. In the high-technology capital of the world, the San Francisco Bay Area now serves as the company’s corporate headquarters.

Today, they have the widest global footprint among analytics providers with experience gleaning insights from structured and unstructured data in over 150 countries. They serve clients from offices in San Francisco Bay area, Greater New York area, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore and Dubai.


  • Listed as “Vendor to Watch” in Gartner Report 2015
  • Mentioned in Forrester Wave on Big Data Predictive Analytics 2015
  • Srikanth Velamakanni ranked as India’s most influential analytics leader 2015
  • Inc. 5000 ranks Fractal Analytics among Fastest Growing Private Companies
  • Awarded for best-in-class analytics solution by NASSCOM
  • USPAACC Fast 50 Asian-American Businesses 2014
  • Gartner “Cool Vendors” in Analytics 2013
  • USPAACC Fast 50 Asian-American Businesses 2013
  • Gartner Analytics Business Process identifies Fractal Analytics as Banking BPO provider