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Adani Group: A Visionary Leading the Business World Globally

thesiliconreview-gautam-adani-adani-group“To be the global admired leader in integrated infrastructure businesses with a deep commitment to nation building. We shall be known for the scale of our ambition, speed of execution and quality of operation.”

Founded in 1988, Adani has grown to become a global integrated infrastructure player with businesses in key industry verticals - resources, logistics, energy and agro. The integrated model is well adapted to the infrastructure challenges of the emerging economies. 

Adani Group’s growth and vision has always been in sync with the idea of Nation Building. They live in the same communities where they operate and take their responsibility towards contributing to the betterment of the society very seriously. Through Adani Foundation, they ensure development and progress is sustainable and inclusive; not just for the people living in these areas, but the environment on the whole. At Adani, they believe in delivering benefits that transcend immediate stakeholders. 

A team of more than 10,000 people across the globe working for a common purpose, the group is led by one of India's most visionary Chairman who is supported by a talented and experienced management team. The Adani Group is one of India’s leading business houses with revenue of over $12 billion. 

One vision one brand”, led by this vision Adani  is:

  • Largest private thermal power producer in India
  • Largest Indian investor in Australia
  • Largest edible oil brand in India
  • Largest coal trader in India
  • Largest port operator in India
  • Largest integrated infrastructure conglomerate in India

A growth story by Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group 

Chairman’s message - Since our inception in 1988, the Adani Group has grown exponentially. Over the last 25 years, the Group has established itself as a leading infrastructure conglomerate from India and put together an integrated value chain that is unique and in many ways unparalleled anywhere in the world. 

While the Group finished the fiscal year 2014-15 as the largest private power producer in the country, as the largest ports and logistics business in the country and as the largest integrated coal management company in the country, it also was the fastest growing entity along each of these business verticals with a CAGR of over 30% over the past 5 years. However, we were never built to rest on our laurels. We realize that the world around us continues to dramatically transform and this requires us to transform even faster. We have therefore embarked on a journey to set world largest solar power plant, largest solar park, and India’s largest solar manufacturing set up, all in record time. With a current power generation capacity of more than 11,000 MW we are already the largest private power producer in India. We are now augmenting this through a commitment to set up an additional 10,000 MW of renewable power generation capacity. At the same time the possibilities ahead for our integrated string of ports and logistics business are so immense that the platform we have laid for our growth over the past decade makes us one of the most exciting global companies in this sector. 

While India still has many challenges to overcome, there is no denying the fact that India today is in a uniquely advantageous situation with an overall macroeconomics stacked in its favour and therefore has the best opportunity to tackle its most difficult problems. The fact that last year India became the world’s fastest growing nation is just one manifestation of this potential. Be it the government’s call for ‘Make in India’, focus on energy security, driving the world’s most ambitious renewable power generation program, investing in programs like inland waterways and sagarmala, accelerating the building of road infrastructure and making India easy to do business with – every one of these will start showing results of unforeseen proportions once they are mainstreamed in the next 2-3 years. We believe that this is the golden era of opportunity for India and when backed by the social programs that the Government has initiated, we are on the cusp of an economic growth revolution that will be of global scale in the years to come. One could choose to remain a skeptic or one could choose to embrace the optimism and opportunity.  

The days ahead also provide us with an opportunity for making significant headway with one of the biggest challenges the nation faces – poverty alleviation. This can never be the role of just the Government but has to be done in an absolute partnership with the corporates. At the Adani Group, we realize that many a time the work we do to build national infrastructure takes us into areas that have people much less fortunate and it is here that the Group’s CSR arm, the Adani Foundation has played a crucial role and touched the lives of millions of Indian people. Whether it is actively working in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Rural Livelihood Development & Sustainable living or large scale forestation and development of mangrove plantations, bringing positive social, economic and environmental changes in the communities within which we operate has always been an overriding objective. 

It is my promise that we will continue to invest and do our part to help the people wherever we operate. While, “Thinking Big. Doing Better” has been the philosophy that has always driven us, it is the Doing Better part that makes us humane.”- He added

Meet the Leaders

Gautam Adani, Chairman and Founder- Gautam have more than 33 years of business experience. Under his leadership, Adani Group has emerged as a global integrated infrastructure player with interest across Resources, Logistics and Energy verticals. Mr Adani’s success story is extraordinary in many ways. His journey has been marked by his ambitious and entrepreneurial vision, coupled with great vigour and hard work. This has not only enabled the Group to achieve numerous milestones but also resulted in creation of a robust business model which is contributing towards building sound infrastructure in India.

Rajesh Adani, Managing Director-Associated with Adani Group since its inception, Rajesh is in charge of the operations of the Group and has been responsible for developing its business relationships. His proactive, personalized approach to the business and competitive spirit has helped towards the growth of the Group and its various businesses. 

Priti Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundation- A Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS), Dr Priti Adani is unobtrusively treading a path hit her to less travelled, both in the education as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR) space. She devotes her time to monitoring her CSR and philanthropic initiatives under the banner of Adani Foundation. She is also ensuring that the Adani Group actually touches the lives of as many people as possible.  

Adani’s Core Values 

Courage- “We shall embrace new ideas and businesses”

Trust- “We shall believe in our employees and other stakeholders”

Commitment- We shall stand by our promises and adhere to high standards of business” 


Resources- Number one coal importer in India, for years India has faced challenges in obtaining the natural resources necessary for growth. At Adani, they are well placed to help overcome those challenges.

They are developing and operating mines in India, Indonesia and Australia as well as importing and trading coal from many other countries. Apart from India, they have already started supplying coal to China and aim to spread wings to Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, etc., in 2014-15. They also have extensive interest in Oil and Gas exploration.

Logistics- They are established as number one private port in India. 95% of India’s international trade comes through its sea ports. The fastest growing ports are run privately like Mundra, which they own and operate.

Mundra benefits from deep draft, best-in-class infrastructure and SEZ status. It is connected via road, railway and pipelines to the economic heartlands of North and West India. Today, it has emerged as the largest commercial port of the country.

Energy- Number one single location coal fired private power producer in India, India’s national enterprises have struggled to meet the rising demand for energy.
Estimates suggest that by 2020 the private sector will account for 40% of electricity generation, with Adani being the largest player with eight plants and 20,000 MW capacity. This compares to our current capacity of10, 440 MW.

Agriculture-  Number one edible oil brand in India, Adani Group is committed towards modernizing the agriculture sector and bringing food security with self-reliance for India through its three main agri verticals - Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL), Adani Agri Logistics Limited (AALL) and Adani Agri Fresh Limited (AAFL).

Adani Wilmar Limited is one of the largest food company in India and always strives to deliver products that contribute towards a healthier India. Since its inception in 1999, it has consistently endeavoured for excellence, with the flagship brand Fortune becoming the largest edible oil brand in India within twenty months of launch, a position it has retained ever since.

With over a billion lives to sustain, food security is of paramount importance to the nation. Adani Agri Logistics is proud to have established India’s first integrated bulk handling, storage & logistics system for food grains. It provides seamless end-to-end solutions in bulk grain supply chain to Food Corporation of India.

Real Estate- Adani Realty is the youngest arm of the Adani Group. The company is developing more than 68.55 million square feet of real estate across the country including Ahmedabad, Gurgaon & Mumbai, with an investment of over $1 billion and sales value of $4 billion. Presently, nearly 13.18 million square feet is under construction across Commercial & Residential segments. The flagship project of Adani Realty is Shantigram which is Gujarat’s largest integrated township spread over 600 acres with a development potential of nearly 40 million square feet. 


“What make us even more truly unique when it comes to value and opportunity creation is the coupling that exists between our energy and logistics value chain!”

“We shall achieve our ambition by acting as one organization with one brand. Our new visual identity is designed to help tell the story of integration in a simple and modern style.”

“We are a market leader in edible oil business with our Fortune brand of oil leading the pack.”