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30 Ethical Companies of the Year 2019

Company Management Description Kamanwww.kaman.com Neal J. Keating , chairman, president, & CEO Since 1945, Kaman has been a leading innovator in the aerospace industry, serving [....]

Detecting Changes, Enabling Self-Healing for Test Assets and Providing Advanced Diagnostics: Palo Alto-based AutonomIQ Inc., a Cloud Platform, Looks to Tap Unexplored Markets

“We have deep expertise around developing further AI and Machine Learning innovations to make the entire testing process fully autonomous, and we are not far from achieving that goal.” As [....]

30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2019

Company Management Description LKC Technologies, Inc www.lkc.com Jim Datovech, President LKC Technologies develops, designs, manufactures, and sells medical devices for Ophthal [....]

Explained: AutonomIQ Inc. Automates Every Step of the Testing Life-Cycle from Test Case Creation to Impact Analysis

“Our products address a real pain point and deliver real measurable tangible value to the customers.” Dynamism of all business processes and a huge amount of information of different na [....]

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