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50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2019

Company Management Description The Predictive Index www.predictiveindex.com Mike Zani, CEO  The Predictive Index helps businesses and organizations all over the globe overcome [....]

Digital Air Strike is Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement and Social Media Management

Digital Air Strike is the leading social media, intelligent lead response technology and consumer engagement company that maintains its status as an industry leader by prioritizing innovation. Its i [....]

A Truly Unified Cloud and Infrastructure Monitoring Platform: Opsview

Opsview was founded in 2010 based on the principle of driving genuine innovation within IT Operations by partnering with its customers. The Opsview platform enables IT teams to easily monitor the co [....]

Automated bookkeeping with a human touch: Botkeeper

The success of a business is dependent on a healthy financial model. All too often entrepreneurs with amazing vision, tremendous passion, and the tenacity and drive needed to succeed end up risking it [....]

Suquino: The Personalized and Holistic Telehealth Services Platform

Wellness Inside Care shows the power of bonding but distance separates us from caring for our loved ones. Sometimes people have to move away from their cities or country to another location due to th [....]

Synergizing the best of online shopping and in-store experience: Brickwork

Retail has always been about customers going to the store to buy whatever they need. E-commerce changed that experience by enabling people to order just about anything from the comfort of their home [....]

The innovators of Email Opt-out Tracking: UnsubCentral

Email opt-out tracking is serious business. Email marketing presents enormous, exciting opportunities every day. Companies must devout their time to focus on compelling content, gorgeous design [....]

Consolidating insurance through technology: WaterStreet Company

Insurance is one of the most common types of financial services availed globally by individuals as well as corporations. It is a guarantee that a financial services organization will cover the cost [....]

Connecting The Physical and Digital World: Impinj

Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can carry information at the speed light. Radios across the globe operate on this frequency to enable people and organizations to communicat [....]

Reproducing you and your memories in a Frame: Travelshoot

Capture Life's Moments, Anywhere Capturing pictures is like capturing a memory. We might forget the events that take place in the past. But a captured photo remains forever and reminds us who we we [....]

An Interview with James Cerna, FogChain Corp CEO: ‘We’re Introducing the Next Generation of Software Development and Application Lifecycle Management Services & Tools’

“FogChain’s mission is to become the world’s leading, fully integrated end-to-end software development lifecycle solutions provider.” Modern app development strategy includes [....]

“A 100% natural, grain, gluten, preservative, and flavor free treat, based on the centuries-old recipe and perfected by us over the years” Dogsee Chew

Founder Bhupendra Khanal or Bhupi as he is widely known; is a hard-core techie with an undying love for food and dogs. Hailing from Nepal, he came to India to pursue his Engineering and since then has [....]

Investing for a better tomorrow: Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management

Climate change caused by global warming is perhaps the most dangerous threat facing the planet. As temperatures all over the world continue to rise, there is a marked increase in the frequency of cy [....]

Digital Engineering Taken Care Of: Softwire

Started in 2000, Softwire has created the best possible environment to produce outstanding software and deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. It hires the brightest people, gives them great auton [....]

Your Global Performance Marketing Partner: Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners is more than just the leading independent affiliate management agency in the world. It is also a great company with strong core values, the best and brightest team members and [....]

Driving Extraordinary Business Performance Through Cloud-enabled GRC Solutions: MetricStream

MetricStream is the market leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Through its enterprise platform and cloud software, the company enables enterprises across industries to drive exceptiona [....]

Rethinking Care Management with Artificial Intelligence: Biofourmis

Leveraging the revolution in bio-sensor technology and personalized predictive analytics, Biofourmis is working towards empowering patients with tools for post-acute monitoring at-home to increase p [....]

The Power to Cure: Advancells Is a Pioneer in Stem Cell Therapies Designed and Customised For Individual Needs of Patients

Stem Cells are the Future of Modern Science and have the potential to manage a variety of lifestyle and life threatening diseases, previously considered untreatable. Advancells, a research oriented [....]

Experts in Dialysis Care and Renal Disease Management: DCDC

Deep Chand Dialysis Centre (DCDC) is the leader in Dialysis Care and Renal Disease Management.DCDC is one of the most trusted institutions in Dialysis care delivery in Delhi/NCR and rapidly expandin [....]

Delivering World Class Healthcare Solutions: Srishty Medical (SNG India), a Comprehensive Solutions Provider, Is Committed To Take Healthcare Innovation to the Next Level

It has been estimated that the Indian healthcare will reach 280 billion US$ by 2020 and will create 40 million jobs in India by 2030. While the Ayushman Bharat (National Health Protection Scheme) wi [....]

A Highly Innovative Approach to Treating and Supporting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: Rethink Autism

The first several years in the life of a child are the most important. It is when children learn how to talk, read, write, form friendships, develop bonds with their or family and begin to form a pe [....]

Redefining Eldercare:Four Season Care Homes

Assisted living and long term nursing for the elderly is one of the rapidly growing issues in various countries. As people grow old and retire, children are not always able to care for them, especia [....]

The bulwark against security and cyber threats: Praesidio Group

We deliver optimal security, intelligence & cyber solutions to corporations, governments and public & private sectors around the world. Our world is a security driven society. The gravity o [....]

Geek, Nerd, Techie: Simpson Healthcare Executives, LLC, a Global Leader in Biopharmaceutical Consulting, Plans to Continue to Build Knowledge and Skills in Organizing and Educating Healthcare Providers

“Our purpose is to support our clients to share the scientific story of the diseases they touch and therapies discovered for all in need.” Marketing healthcare services and products pre [....]

An Interview with Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH® Chairman/Founder: ‘We are on Track to Have Locations in More Than 120 Countries’

“Our simple and systemized approach to business has benefited business owners around the world with more time, better teams within their companies, and most importantly – more money.&rdq [....]

Track, Monitor, and Manage in Real-time: Plug N Track GPS

Managing a large fleet of commercial vehicles is a challenging task. It involves tracking their movements, speed, real-time location, distance traveled, and so on. Even though some companies use rud [....]

An Interview with QLinks Group Leadership: ‘We Strive to Lead the Digital Content Drive in Pakistan’

“QLinks is the innovator of campaign design and content packaging for all major television networks of Pakistan” Content is the future because that’s where the Internet is headed. [....]

Providing Innovative Solutions to Manage Risk and Drive Growth: Qlarant

Maintaining quality and professional credibility is an absolute necessity for corporations involved in every sector. This is especially true for companies that deal with clients on a one-on-one basi [....]

Achieve Faster and More Secure Product Development with Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior was co-founded by Pieter Danhieux and MatiasMadou, two globally recognized security experts. Through their combined security experience as developers, researchers, trainers, and [....]

Enabling Organizations to Establish a Truly Honed Optimized Security Practice: CyberHat

Proactive Cyber Defense Cybercrimes are growing with the growth of technology. In the present time, we see a lot of data thefts, breaching, and loss of confidential information all due to lack of c [....]

Best Database for Hybrid Cloud: DataStax

The digital landscape is changing at a rate no one would have imagined. Today’s digitally empowered and geographically distributed customers are radically connected, hyper-informed, and always [....]

Providing Innovative Solutions to Manage Risk and Drive Growth: Qlarant

Maintaining quality and professional credibility is an absolute necessity for corporations involved in every sector. This is especially true for companies that deal with clients on a one-on-one basi [....]

Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd: ‘The Enabler of Key Test Technologies to Keep the IC Industry Progressing as Moore’s Law Predicted’

Assembly of semiconductor products plays a very vital role in the pricing of the final product and after assembly; the next big factor which is associated with the quality, reliability and cost is t [....]

Driving Real Behavior Change: Gnowbe Brings In a New Approach to Train the Workforce with Its Complete Microlearning Solutions for Modern Enterprises

Technological advancements have made widespread information easier and quicker to access and simple to process. With the current pace of developments, we have to be able to remember information for th [....]

A Leading Provider of Trading Solutions: m-FINANCE Limited, a Hong Kong Based Firm, Commits To Cater To the Needs of the Financial Markets of Southeast Asia

Founded in2002, m-FINANCE operates as a B2B financial technology company and is the leading and most experienced Forex / Bullion / CFD Trading Solutions Provider in Asia. It offers a wide range of t [....]

Breaking the Traditional Banking Paradigms: Crowd Genie Financial Services Is Making Borrowing Faster, Cheaper and Simpler

The advent of online industry has made a profound impact on the economic sector. There’s nothing in the world now that cannot be benefited from the ongoing digitalisation efforts. The recent adv [....]

Making a Giant Leap in the Banking and Financial Services Industry with AI and Machine Learning: FINBOTS AI Solution Pte Ltd

With the evolution of global technology over the years, the value of machine learning and artificial intelligence is becoming more apparent day by day. Though the banking and financial industry has be [....]

Catering to ‘The Business of Tomorrows’ With Innovative Mobility Solutions: Comviva Technologies Takes a Giant Leap Under Chief Executive Officer Manoranjan’s Leadership

A company’s degree of being “technology-ready” has surpassed its physical assets as a criteria for success. A keen focus on mobility can simplify the execution of business, which i [....]

30 Ethical Companies of the Year 2019

Company Management Description Kamanwww.kaman.com Neal J. Keating , chairman, president, & CEO Since 1945, Kaman has been a leading innovator in the aerospace industry, serving [....]

RecondoTechnology: Leverages AI to Help you Achieve Sustainable Financial Performance While Delivering a Better Patient Experience

“Recondo’s mission is to help providers achieve sustainable financial performance while delivering a better patient experience.” Healthcare is a shared human experience that’s [....]

One of the Biggest Assets of Healthcare: Zynx Health

Zynx Health was founded around a mission to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare. For more than 20 years, Zynx has empowered thousands of healthcare organizations and clinicians [....]

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc., a Commercial-stage Specialty Pharmaceutical Company, Develops and Commercializes Supportive Care Products

“SUBSYS® is used for the management of breakthrough pain in cancer patients 18 years of age and older who are already receiving and are tolerant to around-the-clock opioid therapy for thei [....]

The Pioneers and Innovators in the Epidermal Radioisotope Therapy Sector: OncoBeta GmbH

Our primary goal is to offer a painless, non-invasive and effective skin cancer treatment, independent of tumor size, severity, and localization. OncoBeta® GmbH is a privately held medical device [....]

Pioneering Genetic Cures: Sangamo

Genome Editing, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy & Gene Regulation Accelerating toward the future of new genomic therapies – Since the first mapping of the human genome was completed 18 years a [....]

Kaman Aerosystems:Provides a Streamlined, Single Accountability Solution for the Design and Manufacture of Critical Components, Structures and Systems for the Global Aerospace Industry

‘Kaman Provides its Global Customer Base with Tooling Design and Manufacture for Civil and Military Aircraft Platforms on Fixed Wing, Rotary, and Space Applications’ The next few years [....]

Building the cities of tomorrow: MasTec

MasTec is one of the largest and most successful construction companies involved in infrastructure projects. MasTec has been involved in some of the largest and most complex infrastructure construc [....]

An Interview with Tim Garcia, Apptricity Corporation CEO: “We are a World-Leading Provider of Innovative Mobile and Enterprise Software for Mission-Critical Supply Chain Management and Integrated Finance Solutions”

Enterprise applications are changing the landscape of business. They provide increases in worker productivity, leverage big data, and help optimize the efficiency of business processes. Apptricity [....]

Solving the World’s Problems, One Electronic Device at a Time: ERI

Electronic devices are being discarded and replaced at the fastest pace in history. At the rapid rate that technology is improving, businesses, government agencies, and individuals are all upgrading [....]

Building the best Cloud technology and services for the complex needs of global IT organizations: Virtustream

From Day One, Virtustream set out to deliver the advantages and efficiencies of cloud computing to the enterprise market. It is a Dell Technologies Business, an enterprise-class cloud company truste [....]

Performance Accelerator For Some of the World’s Top Companies: TransPerfect

Language is one of the biggest challenges facing any company looking to expand globally. TransPerfect was founded in 1992 with a mission to help the world’s businesses navigate the global mark [....]

BULLIONBLOCK LTD: ‘Our Mission Is to Financially Empower People Worldwide With a Decentralized Financial Ecosystem That Is Governed by the Objectivity of Blockchain and Backed by Physical Bullion Reserves. Stability, Not Volatility, Is the Key to a Crisis-Proof Future.’

“Our mobile App is a desktop and mobile e-Wallet for international remittances and payment solutions, with the integrated Crypto Mint DEX driven by Peer-2-Peer Functionality.”  Acr [....]

The Internet Database Service Provider: TrueNorth

Where Compliance is a Science TrueNorth offers a range of online Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) tracking options for driver qualifications, training, medical data, evaluations and endorsement [....]

The Implementation Partner: SKP

Advisers & consultants SKP is a multidisciplinary group that serves clients across the globe, helping them meet their compliance and performance improvement needs. With a strong heritage of exc [....]

Innovating to Make Homes Smart: iMonitor Solutions

In an increasingly digital and connected world, wireless capabilities continue to be in high demand. The advent of smartphones gave people the convenience of interactive applications for a wide rang [....]

Shaping the Business Leaders of Tomorrow: Hult Business School

Business schools form an important part of the education system. These institutions play a direct role in shaping the leaders of the next generation. Some of the most successful businessmen and exec [....]

Powering Multi-Cloud for Enterprise Databases: Actifio

Virtualize Your Data, Free Yourself Actifio helps over 2700 global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 37 countries around the world virtualize their data, just as they [....]

Building a Future that is Accessible to All: Oriente

The Largest and Most Innovative Financial Services Company Asia is a fast-growing economy with different levels of people. Each of them has a different pay scale or a business that generates a differ [....]

Crafting Intelligent Micro Conversations for Banks: ACTIVE.Ai

Enterprise A.I. Platform for Financial Services Banking is one such sector where we still see human interaction with customers. In the present generation where A.I. is making its way into various ver [....]

Tailor Made Services to Suit Every Need: Wilson Financial Services

The financial services industry is more than just banks where people park their savings to be used when needed. Financial services include wealth management, creating a pension fund, investments, weal [....]

Providing Easier Access to Good Health Is the Sole Mission of Callhealth

CallHealth aims to deliver dramatic improvements in services leveraging current knowledge information and medical technologies for integrated patient-centric new age healthcare.  The traditional [....]

Providing Safe Medication for a Better Tomorrow: RxAll

The pharmaceutical industry is an extremely important one with global outreach. The entire industry spends billions of dollars every year in research and development of new drugs. Various epidemics an [....]

Enabling Efficient Workflow Management: Agilean Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Leads Businesses on the Path to Success on All Fronts

As the industries and firms of all sizes witness a rapid increase in the need of automated project management tools in the market, business leaders and decision makers have been devoting a significa [....]

An Interview with Mohammed Khurrum, PhD, Exordium Networks CEO and President: “Our Mission is to Provide Complete Technology Solutions to Senior Living Communities”

“Exordium Networks - We are your IT Department” Even though the boomer population is not retiring as early due to recent recession years, more than 40 million people are expected to ret [....]

Zen Cloud Technologies: Dedicated to Designing and Developing Web-based Mobile Salesforce Applications for Businesses

“We love our India based operations and together we’re constantly refining and upgrading our Zen Cloud Way set of processes, tools and best practices to deliver reliable quality and bett [....]

BuildingIQ, Inc: Provider of Energy Efficiency Solutions for Facilities throughout the United States and Australia

“Our services can be deployed selectively to meet the needs of any building across any size portfolio or geography.” With the ushering in of the Internet age, many argue that every aspe [....]

30 Best Companies to Watch 2018

Company Management Description Astra International www.astra.co.id Prijono Sugiarto, President & Director Astra was established in 1957 as a trading company. Over the cours [....]

Helping Customers through Communication Technologies: Grameenphone Ltd.

Empowering Society The right and contemporary use of technology is the key to the progress of a nation. Keeping this in mind, Grameenphone always brings the future proof technology in order to faci [....]

Astra International: ‘Our Mission is to Prosper with the Nation by Providing the Best Value to Our Stakeholders’

“As one of the nation’s largest business groups today, Astra has built a strong reputation through a diverse and quality products and services offering, with due observance to good corpo [....]

An Interview with Asheesh Chanda, Kristal.AI Co-founder and CEO: ‘Our Motto is to Democratize Investments’

“We are pioneering the way individuals will start investing in international markets by providing access to 100+ exchanges across the globe.” Traditional banking and finance have relied [....]

Harnessing Innovation to Drive Growth: KeyedIn

Teams working for large corporations have strict deadlines for finishing their projects. Companies from various industries such as IT services, software, telecommunications, cloud computing, e-commerc [....]

An Interview with Tommy Swanhaus, Tommy Swanhaus Co. CEO: ‘We are the Future of Media and Advertising’

“We have the know how and the platform for both big and small advertisers to connect with their customers and audience.” SMS marketing has been around since the 90s. Until recently, it [....]

An Interview with E. Jay Saunders, Domus Semo Sancus, Chairman and CEO: ‘Our Motto is to Make Lives Better’

“Our sustained focus on marketing has put us on the radars of many companies that previously would not have given us a second thought. This has led to a surge in sales.” As the presence o [....]

An Interview with Lee Exall, Capital Continuity CEO and Founder: ‘We Will Continue to Innovate and Deliver Resiliency in the Modern Cyber World’

“Our BIPs software designs are focused away from the active environment and our customers understand the benefits and values this approach delivers.” Businesses around the world are in [....]

Creating a Job Market of Choice for Customers and Candidates: Ralf Baumann, CEO, StepStone

Searching for a job can get extremely frustrating for seekers, and much more so for corporations looking to recruit the right candidate for their requirements. Most medium to large sized companies s [....]

Fighting Cancer the Right Way: Biotecnol

Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths the world over, killing hundreds of thousands and affecting the lives of the loved ones of the departed. In spite of such a high rate of casualties and [....]

Bringing Effective New Treatments and Options to Patients Who Need Them: Imugene

Our product pipeline includes multiple immunotherapy B-cell vaccine candidates aimed at treating a variety of cancers in combination with standard of care drugs and emerging immunotherapies. Imugen [....]

Pioneers in Mobile App Development Services: Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies was born out of the desire to bring the top and finest Android and iOS engineers from around the world together to develop specialized, unique, and technologically advanced mobi [....]

Establishing Trust and Streamlining Clinical Workflow: Imprivata

Positive identity, ubiquitous access, and multifactor authentication solutions Clinical workflow is one such market that is still in the process of growing and finding new tech. Imprivata had a dif [....]

Providing A Secure Document And Contract Management Platform: SpringCM

SpringCM, a DocuSign Company, helps generate, automate, manage, and store documents and contracts in its secure cloud. By simplifying the business processes, one can close business faster while maki [....]

A Fully Integrated Specialty Pharmaceutical Company: Orexo

Orexo is famous for developing four products-from idea to patients. Orexo's portfolio contains commercial products approved in multiple markets worldwide and projects in different phases of developm [....]

The Cloud Platform that Redefines Authentication: Entrust Datacard

Founded in 1969, Entrust Datacard was built to strengthen advanced authentication for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Customers. Its purpose is to establish a connected ecosystem that is [....]

“We Solve Your Most Important Data Protection Problems”: Veritas Technology

The only true source of differentiation is your information. Today, companies are digitally transforming at an ever-more-rapid pace. Keeping up requires absolute confidence in information and a sol [....]

20 Best CEOs of the Year 2018

Company Management Description Hindustan Zinc www.hzlindia.com Sunil Duggal, CEO Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group Company, is India’s only and one of the world’s largest [....]

At The Intersection of People and Technology: Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs

Starting a business is a huge undertaking, requiring the entrepreneur to assess the market, analyze the competition and get all the numerous permits and licenses from the government, secure funding, h [....]

Striving for Continued Growth and Customer, N. Krishnamurthy, CEO, VSM Software

Providing business solutions to corporations has grown to become a lucrative industry. Whether it is the telecommunications sector, or banking, finance, retail, automobiles or even if it is software a [....]

Trendsetter Andy Smart, the CEO of EPI Group Eyes the Bigger Picture with Focus on New Ventures

Our vision is to become the leading global energy consultancy. EPI is a world-class leader in consultancy services to the energy industry, covering a broad range of technical disciplines. The company [....]

A True Visionary Leading Trend Micro to Become One of the World’s Most Innovative Internet Content Security Companies: Eva Chen, CEO

For over 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is Its entire focus, and it shows. This single-minded passion has [....]

Imagine. Think. Plan.Act. Deliver. Improve: Mindfire Solutions

In its heart and soul, Mindfire is a software service provider, with an unrelenting focus on small-team offshore software development using Agile methods for distributed teams, all am [....]

Moleac: Helping patients get on with their lives

Anyone who has ever suffered from a debilitating disease knows how difficult it is to get back on track with their lives and careers. Modern medicine and advanced surgical methods have managed to fi [....]

Improving the Lead Flow Quality with MaaS: RightWave

RightWave was founded to provide B2B companies the ability to have quick and successful adoption of marketing automation without traditional, lengthy, and complex implementations. RightWave allows m [....]

Pactera: Serving a Changing Global Economy

Most founders of companies will agree upon the fact that it is easier to start a business than to take it to the top, and more so, remain at the top. Expanding a business requires a rare combination [....]

From just an idea to a successful B2B company: Pumpkart seeks to secure its position as a leading Branded e-commerce company in the Indian market

Pumpkart came into limelight when Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, cited Pumpkart’s success story in his speech before PM Narendra Modi at the ‘Digital India’ dinner for top tech CEOs at S [....]

Democratizing Wealth Creation and Providing the Best Solutions for its Customers: DSIJ Private Limited

Know What to Do and When to Do It Most big things start small and that applies to the DSIJ magazine as well. Starting off as a 12-page cyclostyled stapled booklet in 1986, Dalal Street Investment J [....]

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to propel growth: Hi-Tech Company Software Solutions

Software has become an inseparable part of our daily lives and governs every part of the modern economy. It has found its way into nearly every industry and has catalyzed exceptional growth in all o [....]

From Collaborative Discovery Sessions to Ongoing Support, Clearvision Empowers Teams to Reach Their Full Potential

Founded in 2005 in Southampton, the UK in 1997 as an IBM Rational consultancy house, Clearvision is an innovative software services company with offices in Southampton and London UK, as well as Phil [....]

An Interview with Gordon Lansford, JE Dunn Construction President and CEO: ‘We Use Technology and Our IT Team to Solve Problems Rather Than Simply Buying Solutions’

“We’ve always been an open book with our clients when it comes to project cost, schedule, and performance.” The construction industry is changing rapidly, and new materials and te [....]

Helping Companies Work Smarter: Caspio

With the modern internet boom and extensive usage, there can be little doubt that smart applications are the future. Apps help a company expand its presence on the internet and serve their users bet [....]

Win with IT by Using the Best Solutions Dataprise Has To Offer

Our Culture, the Dataprise DNA For many businesses large and small, IT can be a real challenge to manage. Staying on top of your technology includes controlling the costs associated with keeping in [....]

Manage your Compliance & Sustainability from Anywhere, Anytime: Locus Technologies

We believe that every company that wants to be credible with their environmental reporting must own their data and organize it in a centralized database on the web. Founded in 1997 in Silicon Valley, [....]

Connecting Billions of Devices, One at a Time: Impinj

The Internet of Things (IoT) is slated to dominate consumerism in the coming years. The concept of IoT involves a set of connected devices that exchange data and carry out certain functions. Manufac [....]

Fueling Zacco’s Technological Innovation from India: Zacco India R&D Pvt. Ltd.

Intellectual property, for many businesses, is something more than just a thought or idea that differentiates business offerings and resources. It protects business assets that are essential for the f [....]

An Interview with Jaya S Kumar, On Five Fingers Health Services Pvt Ltd Founder and Director: ‘We are Committed to Provide Cutting Edge Services to the Users’

“We are pursuing new creative ideas, which have the potential to change the way health services are being offered.” In today’s world, technology plays a vital role in every industry [....]

Quest Global: Redefining the boundaries of engineering and design

Manufacturing has been a core industry ever since the industrial revolution. In spite of the internet boom and subsequent digitization and globalization, manufacturing remains one of the most importan [....]

Happyperks: Motivating your employees to work harder

We ensure that all the hardwork is rewarded better - Atul Thakkar, Founder and CEO Employee perks and incentives are major aspects of employee welfare and retention. Everyone knows that hard wor [....]

Connecting the dots in the F&B industry: Zeemart

Standardise your ordering processes and reap the benefits of efficiency and productivity. The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry has undergone huge changes over the last decade thanks to the increa [....]

The Innovators of Email Opt-Out Tracking: UnsubCentral

UnsubCentral is the industry-leading suppression list management solution. The UnsubCentral web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform gives advertisers a Compliance Command Center that enables c [....]

The Builders of an Open, Connected Community of Health: Allscripts

Allscripts is an industry leader with more than 30 years’ experience in enabling smarter care, delivered with greater precision for healthier patients, populations and communities. Its health IT [....]

The Trusted Expert in Microwave Networking: Aviat Networks

We know customer experience is paramount. Beyond our hassle-free products, our team of experts is committed to delivering world-class customer service and support. Over the years, microwave network [....]

Leading the Cryptocurrency Charge: UTRUST

The internet boom gave rise to a particular type of digital currency called cryptocurrency. Unlike most virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies use decentralized control, meaning that they are unencumb [....]

Livongo Addresses the Chronic-Condition Epidemic, Introduces Applied Health Signals

Livongo empowers people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives. The company was built from the ground up to change the care paradigm and transform the experience for the millions [....]

A Leading End-to-End Enterprise Software Solutions And Services Provider: E-Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

In this technology-driven era, software plays a vital role for any company and when it comes to choosing a software solution, it gets difficult for companies to choose a trusted vendor for its softw [....]

India’s Leading Manpower Outsourcing Company: Innovsource

Outsourcing has been defined as work done for a company by people other than the company’s full-time employees. In today’s competitive business world, outsourcing turns out to behighly com [....]

Helping Companies Adapt To the Future: nuoDB

Databases are the heart of any major corporation. Companies need a reliable database to keep track of their employee details, corporate information, and client data to carry out their day-to-day opera [....]

Delivering Technology with Intelligence Reliant Vision Group Inc is a IT Services & Solutions Company for Fulfilling Entire IT Needs

Established in 2013, Reliant Vision is a globally recognized IT Services and IT staffing firm. The company provides a wide range of technology, talent, and workforce solutions to business clients thro [....]

Trusted to Connect People, Places & Things Worldwide: Cradlepoint

Over the years, branch, mobile, and IoT edge networks have undergone a drastic change, taking traditional enterprise WANs to their breaking point. Organizations nowadays are trying to manage complex [....]

An Interview with Samer Khouli, TargetCW Founder and CEO: ‘We Work with Companies Big and Small, but Ultimately, it’s About each Worker being Happy with the Service we Provide’

“Our goal is to simplify the use of contingent workers for companies.” For businesses, having a flexible workforce is critical to their success. Companies need to be able to ramp up and r [....]

Start Your IT Resilience Journey: With Zerto, Application Protection, Migration,and Disaster Recovery Is Easy To Implement, Manage and Test

Successful businesses are embracing digital transformation – harnessing the power of technology to drive efficiencies, create new experiences, and ultimately beat the competition. These busine [....]

50 Best Workplaces of The Year 2018

Company Management Description Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc www.otsuka-us.com Kabir Nath, President and CEO Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. researches, develops, manu [....]

Help Businesses of Varying Sizes Realize Their Full Potential: VisionSoft

Founded in 2005 with a mission to address the key challenges in the industry with the complexity of Big Data, HANA Solutions, Cloud Managed Services, and Digitization, VisionSoft simplifies the tran [....]

Shankam Innovations Pvt Ltd: Building technology products with the purpose of innovation and agility to drive individuals towards a dynamic future

In the recent years, the startup ecosystem in India has been redefining the economy of the country. There are many factors that are driving the emergence of startups such as availability of funding, [....]

“We Collect and Transform the World's Social Data into Actionable Business Intelligence”: Shareablee

Shareablee has become the type of work environment where all contributions are valued. We find ways to have fun and get to know one another outside of the office, which we think fosters better work [....]

Producing a Next-Generation Security SaaS Solution to Combat the Growing Risk of Identity Theft and Related Fraud: Socure

“Our digital identity verification solutions can provide immediate benefits to any business transacting with consumers in the digital world.” When co-founder Sunil Madhu immig [....]

Consolidating Financial Data for Easy Access: Ninth Wave

The world of finance is an extremely complicated one. The rules and regulations that govern the international financial markets are understood by a select few. Most people have difficulty in keeping [....]

Not Your typical IT Company: SmartSpot

SmartSpot is privately owned IT Services Company, based in Cluj-Napoca offering high quality and cost effective solutions to their customers since 2011. SmartSpot started the journey, at t [....]

The Experts in Big Data, Content, and Security: SpringCM

SpringCM generates, automates, manages, and stores your documents and contracts, simplifying your business processes so you can close business faster. And make it easier for your customers to work w [....]

The UK-Based Lending Company, Cashfloat Is Reinventing the Science of Online Affordable Loans

Western Circle Ltd, trading as Cashfloat.co.uk is a technology & data-oriented lending company founded in 2015. Authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the company devel [....]

Dedicated To Improving Life with Artificial Emotional Intelligence: BPU Holdings

In this technology-driven era, the world is witnessing a massive rise in the use of AI technology. However, AI is not 100% successful in adapting emotional intelligence and the ability to contextual [....]

The Leader in Audio Video & Broadcast Connectivity Solutions: MuxLab

Over the years technology has reached a completely new phase where every single business depends on it. And with the skyrocketing demand for digital communication in business, public areas, and educ [....]

An Interview with Eugene Gold, WOW Payments, LLC CEO ‘We Give Businesses Access to a Truly Free with No Contracts and No String Attached Payment Processing’

“We can see there are a lot of other players in the industry but not all can provide simple peace of mind solution.” With the new patented technology that meets standard regulations set f [....]

A Health Care Company That’s Building a Healthier World: Aetna

Founded in 1853 in Hartford, CT, Aetna is committed to providing individuals, employers, health care professionals, producers, and others with innovative benefits, products, and services. Discover m [....]

Single Source, Superior Build: Kaman Aerosystems

We provide parts, components, systems, and programs that meet mission-critical aerospace and industrial challenges. Kaman Corporation is a diversified company that conducts business in two segments: [....]

An Interview with Parmi Lally, Hot Spring IT Owner and MD: ‘We Have an Experienced Team of Highly-Qualified Engineers at Your Disposal’

“We have grown into a successful company, built on a platform of strong relationships, client referrals and a commitment to customer loyalty.” When it becomes necessary to relocate your [....]

An Interview with Uwe Beikirch, baramundi software Managing Director: ‘Your IT has Brains. We Will Give it Plenty of Brawn’

“Our goal is to offer the most convincing, most innovative and most consistent solution in the field of IT management software.” Endpoint management is the ability to centrally discover [....]

Leveraging the latest in detection, correlation, and automation, BluVector gives analysts the ability to focus on what matters and respond to fileless and file-based malware before damage is done

We seek to make the world a safer place Almost a decade ago, a dedicated group of security researchers and data scientists set out on a mission to evolve advanced threat detection through mach [....]

An Interview with Aimee Sanders, eCloud Managed Solutions CEO: ‘With Our Cloud Expertise, We can Identify Application Dependencies, Resource Utilization and Network Impact by Application or Workload’

“We help our customers select the logical landing pod for their application, and thinking through the risks, business cases, scenarios, compliance, security, business continuity and advise on le [....]

The Team of TrnDigital Focuses on Delivering Business Outcomes

Digital disruptors are challenging all business models; organizations that have the vision to navigate the shift in digital era survive and flourish in the distant future. True Digital Transformation [....]

A New Era in Healthcare Needs New Solutions: Integra Connect

Powerful Solutions to Support Better Outcomes Integra Connect brings together an accomplished team from the worlds of population health, practice management, healthcare technology, oncology, urolog [....]

50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2018

Company Management Description Securus Technologies securustechnologies.tech Robert E. (“Bob”) Pickens, CEO & President Securus Technologies provides leading e [....]

‘We Redefine the Way Clinical Trials are Conducted’: An Interview with Forte CEO Shree Kalluri

“Our mission is to help customers streamline the clinical trial operations process to save time and resources, allowing our customers to focus on the science and take care of the patients.” For [....]

An Interview with Andreas Schellhammer, CEO, STOLL: ‘We are constantly evolving as a global manufacturer, and the best way to stay afloat in this competitive industry is to learn from your customers.’

One of the futuristic promises of 3D printing in fashion was that one day the technology would allow you to walk into a store, give the staff your measurements, and walk out with a garment made on t [....]

Defining Data Trust In a Machine Scale World: Ionic Security

At Ionic, we’re passionate about keeping your Business, well, your business.  Ionic provides consistent data access, control, and protection to unstructured and structured data across an [....]

Database Management, Integration, and Analytics for Your Digital Enterprise: Actian

"Your Data, Our Passion" Through the deployment of remarkable data technology, underpinned by a relentless and trusted service commitment, Actian makes sure that business-critical systems can trans [....]

The Innovative Cybersecurity Platform that Renders Attacks Useless: Comodo Cybersecurity

In a world where preventing all cyber attacks is impossible, Comodo Cybersecurity delivers an innovative cybersecurity platform that renders threats useless, across the LAN, web, and cloud. The Com [....]

Offering the Power to Building a Thriving Digital Enterprise, Without Investing In Your Own IT Infrastructure: NxtGen

Investing in a robust and reliable Datacenter is a critical decision that companies have to make to ensure business continuity. NxtGen is an emerging leader in the space of Datacenter and cloud-base [....]

The Able Partner In Implementing True Hybrid Cloud Environment: G-AsiaPacific

G-AsiaPacific is a cloud advisory and brokerage company in the Asia Pacific fusing sound business principal with leading-edge technology expertise. The company is a team of 20 employees that are pas [....]

Deploying Cutting-Edge Technologies to Solve Your Business Problems: BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Established in the year 2012, BluePi is a young company with an old belief of transforming its realities into something it envisages. As tech-experts, trouble-shooters and IT commandoes define itsel [....]

The Leading Cloud Computing Solutions Provider in India: E2E Networks

Founded in 2009 and EBIDTA positive since inception, E2E Networks Limited is India’s #1 Pure SSD Cloud player. E2E has lived on the leading edge of technical innovation. E2E was the first com [....]

10 Best Cloud Computing Companies 2018

Company Management Description Rackspace www.rackspace.com Joe Eazor, CEO Rackspace is modernizing IT in today’s multi-cloud world. By delivering IT as a service, the firm helps c [....]

Solving the Toughest Challenges: Rackspace Is A Leader in Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers

If you’re struggling to scale and secure your apps and data in the cloud, you’re not alone. A recent survey of 1,000 companies using the cloud showed that a “lack of expertise and [....]

“Our DNA is one Of Technical Excellence, Curiosity and a Willingness to Try New Things”: CloudCover

We deliver extreme automation to start-ups and agile enterprises through a combination of products, software, scripting, and workflow automation. The public cloud's transformative power isn't in sc [....]

Control Your Brand Experience across the Digital Universe: Yext

Yext is the leading Digital Knowledge Management (DKM) platform. Yext’s mission is to give companies control over their brand experiences across the digital universe of maps, apps, search engi [....]

The Leader In Research Robotics And Blazing The Trail For Robots In Industry: Clearpath Robotics

Clearpath Robotics is a global leader in unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development and provides hardware, software, and services to enable self-driving vehicle development, deployment, [....]

Healthy hearing available to all: Akouos

Restoring and preserving high-acuity hearing is one of the greatest unmet challenges of medicine: 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, but there are no FDA-approved therapies to [....]

Combining Efficiency, Performance, and Ease of Use, the Belgium-based Tech Firm idloom Makes Software You Enjoy Using

Founded in 2015 by two witty minds, Maxence Cüpper and Sébastien Braun, idloom stands at the crossroads between digital communication and corporate strategy offering state of the art sof [....]

An Interview with Anthony Williams, Global IT President: ‘We have been thriving in this industry all these years for a reason. Our operations are malleable, responsive and efficient.’

“Global IT systems are a level above many competing MSPs and provide a glimpse into the future of technologies.” It wasn’t that long ago when people used to say, “I left tha [....]

Backed by Game-Changing Technology; R2 Logistics Continues to Focus on Customer Service

Our model allows us to develop long-term relationships with our customers so that we can anticipate their supply chain needs and develop solutions to most pressing problems: Frank Dreischarf The lo [....]

An Interview with Gordon Shevlin, Allgress Co-Founder and CEO: “We specialize in helping Organizations in any Industry reduce their business risk by automating the management of Governance, Risk, and Compliance”

When entrepreneurs start a business, most of their attention is on the benefits the business promises like helping customers solve pervasive challenges, creating an innovative work environment and g [....]

A Premier Provider of Custom Software Development: First Line Software Delivers Solid IT Solutions That Keep Your Business Competitive

Founded in 2009, First Line Software is a full-service software engineering solution provider. The company is specialized in big data engineering, digital transformation, healthcare IT, eCommerce, E [....]

A Leading Provider of Software Solutions for Process Safety, Cybersecurity, and Asset Reliability: PAS

PAS provides process safety, cybersecurity, and asset reliability solutions for the energy, process, and power industries worldwide. Its ICS cybersecurity, Automation Asset Management, and Operation [....]

Complete Solution to Complex Problems: AutoMatrix Dealer Software, a Miami Gardens-based Company, is Committed to Move Your Dealership Forward

We offer a full suite of software solutions that are designed exclusively for the Independent, Used Car Dealer: Sia Anasseri Dealership Management System (DMS) is a term in the Automotive Industry [....]

Revolutionizes the Way Companies Pay Their Bills: AvidXchange

AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills by automating invoice and bill payment processing. It is automation experts and has been automating companies’ bill pay processes t [....]

Transforming the Commercial Lending Process through Innovation: Automated Financial Systems, Inc.

“We have the experience, expertise, and dedication to innovation you need to transform your commercial lending business.” Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS®) is the industry le [....]

A Leading Business Intelligence & Behavioral Analytics Platform for Digital Businesses: Cooladata

Cooladata is a cloud-based, end-to-end, fully-managed data warehouse optimized for behavioral analysis, designed for companies with digital products. Forget about updating schemas, maintaining serve [....]

Providing Seamless Package Management Solutions for Residents, Employees and Shoppers Nationwide: Parcel Pending

“Keeping your packages safe and secure.” Parcel Pending was founded in 2013 to provide effective package management solutions that ensure the simple and secure delivery and retrieval of [....]

Battling the Opioid Epidemic Head-On BioCorRx® Inc.

The opioid crisis began in the United States in the late 1990s. Opioids are a class of drugs which includes prescription painkillers, as well as illegal heroin. The potency of such drugs has made them [....]

The Cost Reduction, IOR, and Supply Chain Efficiency Experts Global4PL Supply Chain Services

The global logistics landscape is undergoing a drastic transformation, fueled largely by the “Amazon effect,” where customers demand services and products to be delivered to them in the sh [....]

Solutions for Protein Complex Analysis: CovalX

CovalX AG was founded in 2006. The company's vision is to become a leading provider of technology and services in the field of protein interaction analysis based on mass spectrometry. With support off [....]

Bringing Novel Therapy Options: Biovista is Developing Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis, Mitochondrial Diseases, Oncology, Epilepsy and CFS/ME

With a vision to deliver innovative healthcare therapies more efficiently than has been practiced in the past, Biovista is a pioneer of systematic drug repositioning. It delivers custom drug repositio [....]

A Specialty Pharmaceutical Company Which Has Developed Four Products – From Idea to Patient: Orexo

Orexo is founded with a vision to develop improved pharmaceuticals, fulfilling unmet patient needs. This is done by optimization of the properties of well-documented substances in combination with O [....]

Extreme Visibility Down to the I/O Level: Claroty

Claroty was conceived to secure the safety and reliability of industrial control networks that run the world from cyber-attacks. The Claroty Platform is an integrated set of cybersecurity product [....]

An Immuno-Oncology Focused Biopharmaceutical Company Developing Cancer Immunotherapies: Imugene

Our mission is to build a pipeline of B-cell peptide cancer vaccines and therapeutics. Imugene is a clinical stage immuno-oncology Australian biopharmaceutical company developing HER-2+ gastric and b [....]

An Organization with Cutting-Edge Technology and Award-Winning Products That Continue To Outperform the Competition: Radware

Radware is a global leader in cybersecurity and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software-defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures the digital exper [....]

Immunotherapies for Life: Biotecnol, a Biopharmaceutical Company Developing Highly-Specific Antibody-Based Immunotherapies

Immuno-oncology is a rapidly evolving and complex field that offers great potential to deliver substantial benefits to patients with a range of different cancers. A number of approved therap [....]

Silicon 70 2018

Company Management Description Invisowww.invisocorp.com Martin Wolfram, CEO Inviso is a growing mid-size technology consulting firm. It specializes in Office 365 and Azure migration [....]

Striving To Achieve True Beauty In Its Food, Its Day-To-Day Business, and The Way it Relates To The World Around: Bellisio Foods, Inc.

Our name is a tribute to Jeno’s hometown of Bellisio Solfare, Italy, and also translates into English as “beautiful,” which aptly describes our company’s goals. The firm&rsq [....]

Creating Top-Class Enterprise Mobility and File Sharing Solutions for Companies, Teams, and Freelancers: Cortado Mobile Solutions

Founded in 2015, Cortado Mobile Solutions one of the best firms that create enterprise mobility and file sharing solutions for companies, teams, and freelancers. Keeping the security requirements of c [....]

On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid: Navigate To Success across Any Solution Landscape with hyperCision

“We strive to earn the respect and trust of every client by doing what we say we will do. We’ve built our business by putting our clients’ interests first.” hyperCision is a [....]

Undisputed Leader in Test Automation for Enterprise Packaged Apps: Worksoft

Today, every business is a digital business. End-to-end processes can span dozens of enterprise apps and digital platforms, and companies need to ensure that each one performs as designed. A disrupt [....]

Connecting Brands and Customers Seamlessly: Froogal, a Hyderabad-based Company, Plans to Tap Unexplored Markets

“We help brands stay connected with their customers – happy and loyal – for life!” Data has the potential to be your most valuable marketing resource. With the right informati [....]

Heads Up For Tails: A happy place made with love for pets and pet parents

Heads Up For Tails began as a fledgling business in the home of Rashi Narang in 2008. Rashi was always head over heels for dogs and loved to indulge the youngest member of her family – a Labra [....]

Snack Healthy Stay Healthy: Naka Foods

We are all aware of our cravings for fast food. Whether it is chocolates or fried snacks, we all snack on it and enjoy it, albeit with a tinge of guilt. In spite of their long-term ill effects, fast [....]

Purpose-built for Education: bulb Digital Portfolios, the Emerging Leader in Digital Portfolio Software, Offers a Global Platform for Teachers and Students

We started this company to make a difference in education and provide students and teachers with a way to create, share and showcase their smarts: Eric Goldreyer Technology has impacted almost every [....]

Headout: Always on the lookout to offer you unique travel experiences and change the way you see the world

Nothing else beckons you to live in the moment more than being in the midst of an incredible experience. At Headout, we build the future of happiness: Varun Khona Headout is a mobile on-demand conc [....]

A New Social and Economic Relationship: LivesOne Is Facilitating the Development of the New Economy Form

From the very beginning, the internet has played a significant role in every industry, but the value of Internet users has been long ignored. It took years to identify the importance of the users and [....]

Increasing Advertiser Profitability by Using a Combination of Humans and Software to Drive Increased Ad Relevance at Scale: Boost Media

When Boost Media started over seven years ago, the company set out to empower advertisers with a way to provide rich, personalized creative at scale. For years there have been incredible investments [....]

Protect, Track And Control Your Files, Wherever They Are and Wherever They Go: Vaultize

Vaultize provides a comprehensive enterprise file security platform that enables continuous data protection, digital rights management, secure file sharing and unprecedented access control for zero [....]

One Platform for IT Resilience — Simple, Scalable, and Always Available: Zerto

Successful businesses are embracing digital transformation – harnessing the power of technology to drive efficiencies, create new experiences, and ultimately beat the competition. These busine [....]

Combining the Power of BPM, ESM & ITSM in one solution, CITSmart Corporation Eliminates Siloed, Separated and Dysfunctional Business Units

Regardless of department, one thing that is widely found inside companies is that they are formed by internal teams that collaborate and provide services to each other irrespective of their size or th [....]

A Revolutionary Surety Bond Processing System That Significantly Reduces the Cost of Executing and Managing Surety Bonds Efficiently: SuretyWave, LLC.

Founded in 1999, InSure Vision Technologies (IVT) had grown to be the largest network in the industry. It was the developer of a web-based surety bond processing system, SurePath that gives agents and [....]

With a Convenient, Hassle-Free Ski Rental Experience, Spend More Time on Snow and With Your Family: Ski Butlers

Born into a skiing family, Bryn Carey always felt the need for an easier and more convenient way to rent ski and snowboard equipment as the typical experience usually includes long lines, old equipmen [....]

It’s Time Your Security Solutions Started Talking: Sophos

Manage all your Sophos products from a single, cloud-based console. More than 100 million users in 150 countries rely on Sophos’ complete security solutions as the best protection against compl [....]

Don’t Risk It, SECURE IT 24By7Security, Inc.

In today’s age of smartphones, computers, Artificial Intelligence and other “smart” technologies it is vital that we keep our online presence and systems as secure as possible. The [....]

The Experts in Mobile App Security Testing Software and Services: NowSecure

NowSecure is the mobile app security software company trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations and most advanced security teams. Only the NowSecure Platform delivers fully automate [....]

Hackers Never Quit, Neither Does Fortify 24x7

Cybercrime is a menace; not only for an individual connected to a network but to any organization. No one wants to be a victim of a data breach or ransomware attack, but it is almost impossible to avo [....]

Detect Threats. Respond with Confidence: Rapid7

“Our mission is to lead the emerging SecOps movement with our multi-product analytics and automation cloud and expertise.” Founded in 2000, Rapid7 powers the practice of SecOps by deliv [....]

A Market Disruptor in the Commercial Legal Services Industry: LegalVision

LegalVision’s innovative business model and custom-built technology assist its lawyers to provide a faster, better quality and more cost-effective client experience. LegalVision is a leader in [....]

How BlackPepper Technologies Private Limited makes an impact in the society with innovation and strong work culture

BlackPepper was incorporated in 2010, but the business operation commenced in 2013. The company was founded by Hari Krishnan Puravankara with the clear vision of creating a company that is deeply root [....]

In the Spotlight: Thane-based ICAN BPO Pvt Ltd, a Comprehensive Solutions Provider, Caters to Critical Needs of SMEs with Specialized Solution

We have become a brand that SMEs prefer, a landmark for the common to refer and a decisive career for many: Jagdish Iyer There is such an abundance of diverse services and products on the market to [....]

A leading provider of FinTech Solutions, Customized Mobile Banking Application Services, Mobile Application Development, Data Analytics and Customer Experience Management: MobME

Founded in 2006 by three entrepreneurs right after completing their Engineering, MobME is a technology conglomerate that delves into ideas that are innovative and trailblazing. The company considers i [....]

A Globally Respected, Professional and Innovative Software Services and Technology Company: Mindfire Solutions

Mindfire Solutions started in October of 1999, with the purpose of providing expert software services globally, and has steadily grown to its 1000-seat facilities at 2 engineering centers. In its h [....]

The Global Delivery Model Being Its Forte, Virgosys Ranks Amongst the Best of Breed Solution Partners: Virgosys Software Pvt Ltd

Virgosys Software Pvt Ltd has its offshore development center, a custom software development firm in Bangalore. It started operations in 1994 and has been serving clients globally. The company provi [....]

Performance, value and aesthetics combined: Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS)

Glass has been fascinating humankind since it was first made. Believed to be a magical material during its discovery, it has found its way into architecture and the construction industry as an extra [....]

“At Arraystorm We Do Not Design Products, We Design Outcomes”: Arraystorm

Arraystorm, the latest venture of Kores India, focuses on the LED lighting business. The company creates energy-efficient lighting products at its state-of-the-art plant in Bengaluru. Its aim is to de [....]

Helping Businesses Stay Relevant In a Highly Connected World: Saksoft

Saksoft Limited is a global leader in providing digital transformation solutions and helping businesses stay relevant in a highly connected, rapidly evolving world. Saksoft offers a gamut of service [....]

Providing The Peace Of Mind That Comes From Knowing You Hired The Right Person: Private Eyes Inc.

In this highly competitive industry, enterprises face several challenges nowadays and one of the major challenges is human resources. Recruiting the right employee for the right job is one of the most [....]

Partnering in your Success: Assured Flow Solutions, a Hybrid Laboratory Testing and Engineering Firm, Continues to Lead from the Front

We provide oil and gas companies with world-class engineering solutions that are grounded in theoretical science and guided by practical application: Andrew Yule Operators in the oil and gas indust [....]

From Comprehensive ITIL Support To a World-Class IT Self-Service Portal to Intuitive Reporting and Dashboards, Cherwell Helps You Accomplish All

Cherwell’s co-founders were the industry veterans who personally experienced the frustrations, disappointments and broken promises standard within the software industry. They always dreamt of a bett [....]

Configure Your Platform to Deliver the Optimal Value: Cloud Optik, a Cloud Insights Platform for Service Providers, Harnesses the Power of Your Data

Cloud Optik uses license optimization to create tailored feature bundles while focusing on customer education and data utilization to enable upsell/cross-sell opportunities: Michael Sterl. Cloud an [....]

Helping Organizations Deliver Faster and More Enjoyable Experiences That Create Lasting Relationships: Kofax

Kofax is a leading supplier of software and solutions to automate and digitally transform human and information intensive processes across the front and back-office operations. These can dramatically [....]

Producing Software and Services that Assist Business in Moving to Digital Operations: BMC

“Run Your Business as You Reinvent It, Optimize core IT and innovate in multi-cloud” BMC helps customers run and reinvent their businesses with open, scalable, and modular solut [....]

Digital Evolution Simplified: Silicon Valley-based Trianz, a Management Consulting and Information Technology Firm, Steers its Way to Top Accolades

“We bring a comprehensive understanding of issues and opportunities, holistic teams and an experience of over 2,500 successful global client engagements powered by innovative, futuristic methodo [....]

Providing the Best Solution to the Insurance Industry’s Biggest Challenges: UE.co

Starting out with a mission to disrupt the insurance industry by generating leads more efficiently, Underground Elephant, now UE.co, took its first step in 2008 in a small office in Mission Valley, Sa [....]

Providing Critical Mobile Support for Applications across Industries: AetherPal

Reliable mobility is critical to business operations and critical to the delivery of services. In many job functions, when a device is down, users are unable to complete core business functions, jeopa [....]

At the Center of Attention: Award-winning CEO David Mansilla Credits ISU Corp’s Success to Teamwork, Superior Client Engagement

“Our agile methodology approach ensures that we can review your business requirements on a weekly basis to better meet your company’s goals and expectations”: David Mansilla  &n [....]

911 Website Repair / Sitesassure, a Website Repair Services And Security Company, Stands Out in a Crowd of Competitors

“We provide website development and security solutions for the smallest websites to enterprise level websites needing extreme customization’s and functionality”: Michael Jones Hacke [....]

Explained: eCustoms’ Above-and-Beyond Approach to Delivering International Trade and Finance Compliance Solutions

"Our approach is to be the provider of systems that our customers know will help keep them compliant with international trade regulations – and for these systems to automatically take account [....]

The Power of Language: Arria NLG, an Advanced AI Technology Platform, Makes a Mark on World Stage

Our mission is to connect the Datasphere to humanity by giving it the Power of Language: Sharon Daniels Over the last few years, there has been an ongoing conversation about Artificial Intelligence ( [....]

Transforming Data Storage: The Leader in Open Convergence for Private Clouds – Datrium, Inc. Sets Eyes on More Markets, Deeper Reach

Infrastructure complexity is at the heart of most data center challenges. While the pace of modern business is accelerating, the weight of aging infrastructure can hold companies back and cost organiz [....]

The Always-On, Distributed Cloud Database Built on Apache Cassandra and Designed for Hybrid Cloud: DataStax

The foundation for real-time applications at massive scale, DataStax Enterprise makes it possible for companies to exceed expectations through consumer and enterprise applications that provide respons [....]

The 5 Star Ranked Consulting Firm Translating the Power of Technology into Realizable Business Strategies: Avasant, LLC

Innovation today is driven by the needs of the individual - each person’s unique opinions, beliefs and preferences - which is why traditional methods of innovation won’t cut it in the Digital Ag [....]

MABSPACE BIOSCIENCES CO. LTD Reinventing biotechnology through discovery and development of antibody based therapeutics targeting unique epitopes

As medicine progresses into a new era of personalized therapy, the development of antibody-based therapeutics has entered the centre stage of a major shift in the focus of pharmaceutical companies. Dr [....]

10 Best Healthcare Companies 2018

Company Management Description Vee Technologieswww.veetechnologies.com Chocko Valliappa, CEO & MD Vee Technologies is a leading global business process management company, [....]

KENCloud: Helping healthcare organizations stay ahead with cloud-based solutions

The invention ECOSystem of KENCloud in the expanding domain of Cloud computing has perhaps been the biggest potential change brought about for healthcare industry since the usage of a computer. As t [....]

Bringing Innovative Solutions to Health Practitioners: Moleac

Moleac is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Singapore. Its operations and research are located in Biopolis, a world-class purpose-built a complex for biomedical sciences research. It brin [....]

Fuelled By Deep Healthcare Domain Expertise and Industry Exposure, JVS Group Performs Pioneering Work for Leading Hospitals, Clinics, and Nursing Homes

JVS Group, founded in 1992 in New York, USA has been enabling Physicians around the globe to manage their Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). JVS Group provides an advanced suite of an intelligent, i [....]

Isolating Threats and Providing Better End-User Experience: Menlo Security, Inc.

“For 100% Secure Browsing, Don’t Detect. Isolate” The founders of Menlo Security believe that the time has come where legacy, detection-based security solutions fail to stop the c [....]

DocDoc: Building a patient-centric healthcare ecosystem

“At DocDoc, we support the patients throughout the continuum of care and empower them with necessary medical information so that they can make well-informed healthcare decisions.” A wav [....]

The leading full-service healthcare-centric market research and public opinion research company: Black Book Research

“We gather unbiased, accurate and timely competitive services information, client experience measurements, and user opinions.” Black Book is the new, undisputed leader in healthcare inf [....]

With A Free Next-Generation Provider Solution, Carie Health Is Reinventing The Concierge Care Experience For All Patients, Across The Country

The evolution of mobile technologies are finally playing a significant role in the U.S. healthcare system. As the system continues to undergo rapid transformation, federal deregulations are opening [....]

Scaling up Excellence: Dallas-based Eighty Three Creative, a Full-service Marketing Agency, All Set to Run and Run

“We have constantly tried to evolve our services to provide the best possible advertising solutions to our clients. From small startups to established companies, we believe in accommodating clie [....]

Helping organisations reach new heights with right technology, right coaching and holistic healing TechnoPilot®

"All along my 20 years of military service in aviation, I realised that society needs a larger social fabric to see the larger picture towards alleviating pain and poverty in humanity”, says Dr. R [....]

Savvius: The Network that matters

Since 1990, Savvius has been developing hardware and software solutions that drive network performance, enabling organizations of all sizes to analyze, troubleshoot, optimize, and secure their wired [....]

Harness the power of one of the world’s largest, fastest Content Delivery Networks Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks is a premier content delivery network (CDN) service provider that enables organizations to deliver faster websites, more responsive applications, the highest quality video, and co [....]

Simple Solutions Built For Every Situation: Storcom

In the changing modern era, there is a necessity to improvise the business requirements according to the evolving needs of the market, customers,and technologies. In a digital environment, taking cont [....]

The Growing Boutique Consulting Firm That Helps Businesses Optimize and Streamline Their Processes: Big Bang ERP

In this competitive era, businesses are grinding daily to prove their worth in the industry - It has always been ‘Survival of the Fittest’. When it comes to winning the game (i.e. customer [....]

An Opulent Shopping Environment That Is Luxuriously Special: Paris Gallery LLC

Over the years, Dubai has transformed itself in an incredible way becoming one of the most successful cities in the world. With a unique way of defining luxury and what it stands for, Dubai has crea [....]

Leading the Industry in Small Form Factor, Energy-Efficient Modem Chipsets for Smartphone: Icera, Inc.

Our soft modem chipsets are smaller than other devices and amazingly deliver speeds that exceed those of our competition. The world is witnessing a massive tide of technology change affecting ev [....]

A professional services corporation specializing in civil engineering, traffic engineering, land surveying, and planning: SANDIS

We continually mold and shape the way we operate to reflect the growing and changing demands of our clients. Headquartered in Campbell, California, Sandis Civil Engineers, Surveyors, and Planners h [....]

Be secured against insider threats and cybersecurity risks within your organization with Data Resolve Technologies

Data Resolve is focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via end points, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms, with produc [....]

SIC Robo: Offering the finest fintech platform in order to make financial systems more effective

In the present times, the capital market has been profoundly impacted by AI technology applications. They have certainly taken the finance industry and investment services by storm while setting the s [....]

Providing End To End Security, Distinguishable Penetration Testing Services and Prominent Vulnerability Assessment: AppSecure

“With many years of experience and meticulous expertise, we are here to safeguard your business from online and offline threats or vulnerabilities.” We Safeguard. We Shield. We Secure. [....]

Enhancing People’s Lives through Secure, Reliable Advanced Technology: Unisys

“The proven solutions by Unisys can immediately impact your business and customer experience. Partner with Unisys to make a difference in your industry.” Unisys is a global information technolo [....]

Provider of Space-Tested Thermal Management Solutions: KULR

Keeping electronics and other mechanical components cooler, lighter, and safer via carbon fiber-based thermal management technology. KULR Technology has already filled more than 500 contracts for h [....]

From Intent to Implementation: San Francisco-based Cyclotron Group Inspires Wellness in Workplace, Achieves Accelerated Growth

The core reason behind our success is the rapid way we deliver projects. No red tape, no gimmicks, just solid delivery with the help of great talent: Amber Bahl Organizations of all sizes and types [....]

Arconic: Where More Than a Century of Innovation Takes on Engineering’s Toughest Challenges

Arconic develops and manufactures high performance, engineered products, and solutions for the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, commercial transportation and oil and gas markets. EP&S offers uni [....]

Delivering a More Cost Effective, More Reliable and Faster Design Solution for Lighting Products in a Smaller Footprint: Lynk Labs, Inc.

LED technology has completely disrupted and changed the entire lighting industry. With the advancement in LED technology, LEDs for lighting application are becoming widely adopted due to economic, ene [....]

Atlanta-based Black Bear Design Group, Inc, a digital marketing agency, Grows by Leaps and Bounds

We can handle all aspects of marketing for companies, including graphic, print, and web design, plus digital services including pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, so [....]

Simplifying Energy Through Automation: OhmConnect Rewards its Software Users to Live Green by Sharing Energy

We need to create a more efficient allocation of our resources; the technology that will change the energy world is not a novel new energy source, it is in the vast amount of data and computing power [....]

The Undisputed Global Leader in Engineering and Design Services: Aricent

We bring intelligence to the customer experience through innovative, design-integrated engineering. Aricent takes pride in partnering with the world’s leading technology brands. Together we&rsq [....]

Fueled By Tech and Driven By Data, Octane Marketing Is Getting It Done

 “We are more than an agency; we are an experienced team of automotive marketing professionals totally committed to driving measurable results for dealers across the nation.” The onl [....]

Sell the Way Your Customers Buy: Mi9 Retail

“In store. Online. Everywhere.” Mi9 Retail, the premier provider of enterprise retail merchandising, business intelligence, e-commerce and customer-centric software, empowers the world& [....]

Quality First, Everything Else Later: More

Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABRL) is the retail arm of Aditya Birla Group, a $43 billion corporation. The company ventured into food and grocery retail sectors in 2007 with the acquisition of Trineth [....]

The Pioneer of Avant-Garde Paperless Solutions for the Last-Mile and Beyond: PALAXO International Ltd

For years, paper documentation has been the indispensable lifeblood for businesses. Most businesses are so used to paper that from a small bill to very important information, everything is documente [....]

Providing Medical Education by Developing Scientific Stories of Diseases Simpson Healthcare Executives, LLC

“We bring the larger context of healthcare for our clients, aligned with our purpose, and always keeping the patient at the core of our focus.” The healthcare industry is continuing to [....]

A Digital Marketing Entity That Listens to You and Understands Your Needs MediaSmack

When any company expands beyond the limits of a “small-office”, they begin to lose the personal touch with their clients and become a numb entity in terms of individual responsiveness. M [....]

Get Infront With Us: Infront Webworks

In today’s age of Internet and globalization, and with access to computers, tablets or mobiles, customers have access to information anytime and anyplace. What business owners should remember is t [....]

“Driving success for our B2B clients – generating results that fuel growth”: BayCreative, Inc.

Marketing which is regarded as the science involving a set of institutions that hold value for customers and clients has been the key focus of BayCreative, Inc. Convincing a large number of customer [....]

Providing a Tailored Business Support That the Customers Always Value: Smartspot

Based in Cluj-Napoca, Smartspot is a privately owned IT Services Company offering high quality and cost-effective solutions to its customers since 2011. Smartspot started the journey, at t [....]

Get to the Root of the Problem: Madrid-based buguroo is Flying High, Thanks to its World-class Cyber Sleuths

One breakthrough advantage is that our new bugFraud Defense technology is entirely host- and cloud-based and does not require any action by an end-user client in order to be protected: Pablo de la R [....]

Reach for the Sky: The Creators of InfluxDB, InfluxData, Get Set for New Global Ride

We believe in open source and are committed to participating in and contributing to the open source community in meaningful ways: Evan Kaplan, CEO InfluxData, Inc.  Every day large volumes of [....]

When Your Documents Flow, Work Flows: SpringCM

We are driven by our passion for problem-solving, innovation, and success. SpringCM generates, automates, manages, and stores your documents and contracts, simplifying your business processes so yo [....]

From Providing Superior Security to Exceptional Support, ePayment Giant AsiaPay is All Set to Lead the Pack in Asia

“What truly sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide custom solution development tailored to our client’s specific requirements: Joseph Chan, CEO & Founder AsiaPa [....]

Delivering Item Intelligence for the Internet of Things: Impinj

Our platform enables wireless connectivity using RAIN RFID, delivering an item’s identity, location, and authenticity to business and consumer applications If  you’ve purchased app [....]

A Disruptive Game Changer: Simpson Healthcare Executives, a Biopharmaceutical Consulting Firm, Proves its Mettle on All Fronts

We activate our clients and our teams as we work together to connect key healthcare providers and stakeholders to the therapies they need to treat their patients and to help improve their lives: Kel [....]

10 Fastest Growing Food and Beverage Companies 2018

Company Management Description Flowers Foods, Inc.www.flowersfoods.com Allen L. Shiver, President & Chief Executive Officer Flowers Foods, Inc., is a leading producer and market [....]

Make Snacking a Satisfying Part of Life: Peeled Snacks

“We’re committed to expanding the snacking aisle to create snacks that make a positive impact on you and the environment.” Noha Waibsnaider founded Peeled Snacks in 2004 to fill a c [....]

A leading producer and marketer of packaged bakery foods for retail and foodservice customers in the U.S: Flowers Foods, Inc.

Flowers Foods, headquartered in Thomasville, Ga., since its first bakery was opened by the Flowers family in 1919, is today one of the largest producers of packaged bakery foods in the United States. [....]

In the Spotlight: USA Staffing Services, LLC, a Premier Back-Office Support Partner for Staffing Professionals, Credits its Authorized Dealer Network for its Financial Success Over the Past 8 Years

We are very excited about our newest feature which is the Authorized Dealer Split Network platform because it will allow independent recruiters and staffing professionals to work together in a secure [....]

Delivering Compassionate Commitment to Quality Medical Solutions: Call 4 Health

There is no doubt that the advancement in technology has revolutionized every facet of the healthcare industry. While the most obvious technological impact has been on the practice and delivery of med [....]

The Roadmap to Success: BitTitan Empowers Service Providers to Drive Cloud Adoption Through MigrationWiz, MSPComplete

With the industry’s best migration tool and a powerful IT services automation platform, BitTitan helps organize, optimize, and automate service delivery. IT-as-a-Service enables companies to enter [....]

A Solution That Covers the Entire Enterprise Mobility Needs: Cortado Mobile Solutions

Founded in 2015, Cortado Mobile Solutions one of the best firms that creates enterprise mobility and file sharing solutions for companies, teams, and freelancers. Keeping the security requirements of [....]

Reshaping and expanding business development with highly successful enterprise-grade solutions Shubhashish IT Services Ltd.

Innovation and the need to be agile are at the forefront of the whole IT industry. The advances in information technology and global connectivity, combined with economic liberalization have given impe [....]

Committed To Providing the Best, Most Cost-Effective Solutions for Mobile Application Development and Testing: Mobile Labs

“We are dedicated to excellence and are devoted to constantly improving our deviceConnect technology to better serve our customers’ needs.” Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Mobile Labs [....]

Build secure and scalable web applications supported by innovative solutions, ingenious methodology and global delivery model: Hidden Brains

“Our portfolio ranges across diverse industries, companies, and geography with strict adherence to high quality and time.” Hidden Brains InfoTech Pvt. Ltd is an Enterprise Web and Mobile [....]

A leading provider of IT consulting services and custom software: ScienceSoft

Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a US-headquartered provider of IT consulting services and custom software development with 450+ IT professionals located internationally. For over 28 years ScienceSoft [....]

Providing complete end-to-end solutions for restaurant operations and management: POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

POSist is a leading cloud based Point of Sale solutions provider. With the motto of providing “Training free” and “Easy to use” scalable solutions, we have successfully registe [....]

Ginesys: Helping retail marketers handle modern day business transactions

Nowadays, retailers are faced with constantly changing business processes, increasing data complexity and evolving requirements. This makes it quite tough for the existing legacy solutions to be flexi [....]

Delivering unified omni-channel experience and scalability for increased sales and business growth: ETP Group

Retailers are going through a time where competition is intensifying, profits are declining and customers are getting pickier. These unprecedented changes in the global retail sector along with the br [....]

DLF Brands Ltd: Building a new India and the world’s most valuable real estate company

DLF has nearly 70 years of track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. The company has 235 msf of development potential with 19 msf of projects under construction. DLF's [....]

Secured Identity Management and RFID Solutions: Ecartes

Our mission is to develop and deploy best of the breed technology tools for providing citizen centric services to the common man and accelerate the transformation of Digital India India in the field o [....]

10 Fastest Growing Travel & Hospitality Companies 2017

Company Management Description KemperSports www.kempersports.com Steve Skinner, CEO Northbrook, Ill. based KemperSports custom solutions in golf course development, marketing and m [....]

“Unleash Your Competitive Advantage By Harnessing Our Cutting-Edge Data Science Technology”: Ireckonu

Built for the 1928 Summer Olympics, the Olympic Stadium is now Ireckonu’s headquarters, and home to a wide spectrum of like-minded, innovative businesses. In early 2014, Ireckonu’s data-dr [....]

“No course is too big or too small; every course is unique and deserves to proudly deliver its own experience to golfers”: KemperSports

Founded in 1978 by James Kemper, Jr. and Steven H. Lesnik, KemperSports is the most trusted name in golf course management. KemperSports builds, owns and manages golf courses, resorts, athletic clubs [....]

Minda iConnect Pvt Ltd – Mapping New Routes for Customer-centric Connected Journeys

Our core iConnect platform is really at the heart of what we offer and this is a proven platform catering to all our products and solutions: Ravi Jakhodia, CEO & Founder Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd. [....]

“We understand our customers and embrace their needs. We identify ways to help customers. We measure our success by our customers’ success”: WePay

The internet is becoming the biggest market in the world; online transactions are becoming more and more crucial. Today, it is important that when we pay on the internet that we are able to obtain a s [....]

Solutions for the Victors of Innovation: VictorOps

We’re improving our response to problems in the name of innovation. VictorOps provides observability, collaboration, and real-time alerting, so you can build, deploy, and operate software fearle [....]

Offering the Most Flexible Solutions That Deliver the Most Comprehensive Security: SyncDog, Inc

Mobility is no longer just a trend; it has become a phenomenon. Employees can now get their work done from anywhere, at any time, using their devices or gadgets. The keystone of this new paradigm brin [....]

A Portfolio of Licensing Opportunities to Address Unmet Medical Needs: Biovista

With a vision to deliver innovative healthcare therapies more efficiently than has been practiced in the past, Biovista is a pioneer of systematic drug repositioning. It delivers custom drug repositio [....]

Focus on innovation instead of monitoring your IT environment: StarWind

StarWind Software is a pioneer of storage virtualization and provides a unique blend of simplicity, performance and affordability, yet with the ultimate in flexibility. Being a leader in low-entr [....]

30 Fastest Growing Companies in Asia 2017

Company Management Description CADD Centre Training Services Private Limitedcaddcentre.com S. Karaiadiselvan, MD CADD Centre focusing on the CAD/CAM/CAE spectrum offers a wide rang [....]

The leading provider of end-to-end HR transformation solutions to attract, develop and retain the talent best fit for business: Rolling Arrays Consulting Pte Ltd

“We continuously build value for our customers by delivering customized solutions that enable them to attract top talent and retain happy employees that drive their bottom line.” The mass [....]

Got a new app idea? We will bring it to reality Twig Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The inception of iPhone in 2007 brought a massive change in the entire mobile phone industry. The so-called ‘smartphones’ and their associated mobile software ‘applications’ or [....]

Empowering humanity to choose a world without poverty: Thankyou Group

Thankyou is a movement of people for people - a social enterprise. Thankyou has over 45 products, including water, food, body care and baby products, with 100% of profits funding life- [....]

Making financial services convenient, secure and profitable in emerging economies: NEAREX PTE LTD

Over the last decade, mobile ownership across the world has far exceeded than any other device or platform. With the improvement in telecom connectivity and declining handset prices, mobile has become [....]

Simplifies the Process of Managing and Scaling Product Data: CrescoData

Amplifying eCommerce This is an era where the eCommerce industry is taking over the brick and mortar world. Retailers are selling their products through different digital shopping channels. But the m [....]

Saving lives through the more intelligent use of healthcare data: PeraHealth

The Rothman Story: One Family's Loss Inspired a Purpose Florence Rothman was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, which is a narrowing of the exit of the left ventricle of the heart. It’s a conditio [....]

50 Leading Companies of the Year 2017

Company Management Description PetersenDean Roofing & Solar www.petersendean.com Jim Petersen, President, CEO & Founder PetersenDean has installed top-quality product [....]

Simple, Smart, Scalable, and Still SQL: NuoDB

“Conceived by an innovator, Funded by market leaders, Led by industry veterans, and built by the some of the smartest minds in the business.” After decades of lethargy and complacency, th [....]

Delivering the path-breaking Procurement Solution set up by a team of young technology aficionados: BoB eProcure Solutions Private Limited

Demand for impactful procurement is continuously running high, both in terms of managing cost as well as unleashing the potential of the supply market to differentiate business performance. With the [....]

Optimize Your Documents: HITS Scanning Solutions

We understand the necessity of safe and secure document conversion and management. HITS Scanning Solutions is a premier document scanning and conversion company. Through its unique and extensive qual [....]

Providing the frictionless ITSM software for modern enterprises: Cherwell

Cherwell’s co-founders were the industry veterans who personally experienced the frustrations, disappointments and broken promises standard within the software industry. They always dreamt of a [....]

“Whatever the performance needs of tomorrow, our people are thinking about them today”: Icera, Inc.

The world is witnessing a massive tide of technology change affecting every single vertical. With software, the hardware is also evolving. To keep devices and gadgets compact and portable, the size of [....]

The Leading Provider of Platforms and Solutions in the Investment Research and Related Client Servicing Arena: ANALEC

“Our offerings help broker-dealers to raise productivity and cost competitiveness as well as improve their revenue generation prospects.” ANALEC believes technology and software can go a [....]

A Disruptive and Diverse Scientific Agency Dedicated To Serving the Healthcare Sector: Simpson Healthcare Executives

Simpson Healthcare Executives is an award-winning scientific agency, with a unique ability to be a disruptive and transformative catalyst for innovation within the ever-evolving healthcare industry. D [....]

AmCheck: Revolutionizing the Payroll and Human Capital Management Industry

Our single point of contact and our flexible service model has been a staple of our offering for decades: Dean Lucente, CEO AmCheck Payroll Services In a business, employers often wear many hats and [....]

With Us, You Get Forward-Compatible, Purpose-Built, Next-Generation Commodities Trading And Risk Management Architecture: Allegro Development Corp.

Founded in 1984, Allegro’s overarching goal remains the same now as it was then: To ensure commodity professionals have the ability to understand their physical and financial positions, opt [....]

Helping mobile operators with a multi-channel solution to enhance the quality of customer service while reducing customer support costs: AetherPal

Reliable mobility is critical to business operations and critical to the delivery of services. In many job functions, when a device is down, users are unable to complete core business functions, jeopa [....]

A new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turned into an innovation: 42Gears Mobility Systems

How It All Started Mobile devices nowadays have become ubiquitous. Every enterprise is trying to reap benefits out of the mobile devices to mobilize their business process. A massive number of device [....]

Security Made Simple Sophos

“We know that a proper security strategy must include networks, servers, and devices—all devices—managed easily through the cloud.” More than 100 million users in 150 countrie [....]

Smart, Optimised, Connected Security Solutions: Trend Micro

“We are highly innovative – keeping pace with technological change to consistently deliver advanced threat intelligence and protection you can count on.” The sophistication of cyber [....]

A Business Payment Platform for the Digital Age PayStand Inc.

“Our mission is to use the Internet, Blockchain, and SaaS technologies to transform B2B payments.” The disruptive digital world had taken over the global business, including B2C. Many com [....]

Acquia provides the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences

Digital is everywhere – from the web to mobile to IoT and beyond – and so is the customer experience. Your customers want brands to meet them where they are in their own discovery journey [....]

The ultimate way to generate repeat business: eRelevance Corp.

Sophisticated Marketing Simplified   As a small business, choices for customer marketing to generate repeat business were once limited to paying slow, expensive consultants or trying to do the w [....]

What’s in your ERP toolbox? ERP Solutions without a Hammer!

Encompass Solutions, Inc. has extensive expertise in ERP and Business Application Solutions. Because of their diligence and commitment to see businesses succeed, Encompass consultants quickly discern [....]

When no corporate need is out of bounds: Encompass Solutions

With more and more companies looking for integrated business applications, there is an increasing demand for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting. Now while there are a number of ERP solution [....]

50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2017

Company Management Description Omnitracs www.omnitracs.com John Graham, CEO Omnitracs, LLC is a global pioneer of trucking solutions for all business models. Omnitracs’ more [....]

Engaging Customers Differently, No Matter When, Where Or How They Shop: Aptos

It happens all too often. You need to buy something, and you brace yourself slightly to manage the experience. Because whether you’re shopping for skis in a store or for shirts online, part of you a [....]

ECommerce Website Design & Development Solutions: Sigma Infosolutions

Sigma Infosolutions, an ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 27001: 2013 certified company, is a global IT & Product Engineering services company. It specializes in the execution of strategic initiatives for [....]

Enabling organizations to keep up with the pace, volume and complexity of change: Signavio

Signavio was born out of an obvious need for a more collaborative and accessible approach to process management. Four students at the Hasso-Plattner Institute near Berlin, Germany, saw that process ma [....]

The future of accounting and modern finance is here: BlackLine

Since being founded in 2001, BlackLine has become a leading provider of cloud software that automates and controls the entire financial close process. The company’s vision is to modernize the fi [....]

“To help your business operate seamlessly with fast, reliable, and secure internet and network solutions”: Massive Networks

Speed, reliability and global connectivity are the factors that help businesses grow and stay connected within the networking industry. Enterprise customers are continually looking for more choices wh [....]

Create amazing worker and customer experiences that drive profitability and growth: Appirio

A Different Experience In this ever-changing age of technology, it is no longer about moving a business to the cloud but it is much more than that. Having access to the best and latest technology is [....]

Sky Technology Partners The enterprise that touches the sky

Sky Technology Partners is an Information Technology and Telecommunication Consulting company with over 60 years of combined industry experience. We are vendor agnostic and maintain relationships with [....]

Stretch your IT budget. Prevent ransomware. Migrate to Windows 10 quickly and easily. No matter your IT challenge, We have a solution that can help: Ivanti

“Our mission is clear—to help customers succeed in their respective markets through the Power of Unified IT” It’s noteworthy that the two primary corporate entities that ultimately formed Iva [....]

An innovative business for digital organizations and workforce solutions: Mercer Digital

Taxi companies weren’t looking for GPS. Enter Uber. Auto companies weren’t paying attention to electric batteries. Enter Tesla. If you miss a trend, there’s a likelihood your busines [....]

If you think, there are challenges you face, when it comes to prevention of online ad-fraud, then you should give us a try: OfferGrid Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Marketing is currently the latest marketing trend and has become the talk of the town. The effectiveness of digital marketing has touched a whole another level. For doing digital marketing, a [....]

Providing the first native visual analytics software that runs within modern data platforms Arcadia Data, Inc

Arcadia Data Represents a True Passion Project Sushil Thomas, Priyank Patel, Shant Hovsepian, and Doug Cameron came together because they share a passion for creating delightful products that are vis [....]

Providing Smart Solutions to India’s Milk Woes: Stellapps

India has one of the largest cattle populations in the world. Yet it is sad to note that it is in this very country that there is a scarcity of milk. This can be attributed to some lacks in the milk s [....]

CMS Computers Limited: Pioneering India’s ICT Sector

“Our company is scripting India’s digital story with a strong ‘Design in India’ and ‘Make in India’ approach.” Technology is intended to make our lives eas [....]

Uplifting Organizational Workplaces by Transforming Talent through AI, Analytics, and Behavior Analysis: Sproutlogix

The world is filled with talent, but this talent has not been managed efficiently. Talent management is as important as talent acquisition. To keep up with the advancement in technology and cater to [....]

Making business transformations possible: 3i Infotech

3i Infotech Limited is a global Information Technology company committed to Empowering Business Transformation. A comprehensive set of twenty plus IP based software solutions, coupled with a wide ra [....]

“At ACN, we can officially say ‘If it’s on, you get paid!’ and that is very exciting for us”: ACN INC

Small businesses that want to provide customers with a professional touch shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg, and with ACN, they don’t have to. ACN meets the ever-changing needs of sma [....]

Delivering innovative engineering through Product and Digital Transformation solutions: eInfochips

With increasing customer expectations in an increasingly inter-connected world, organizations face great pressure to accelerate product lifecycles and quicken the pace of product innovation. Competiti [....]

A next generation Technology Consulting Company: Synoverge Technologies

Synoverge Technologies is focused on Enterprise Collaboration & Technology Transformation Services. It helps clients harness the power of disruptive technologies such as Portals, Enterprise Mobili [....]

Improving the human condition by creating and distributing blockchain applications: Peer Ledger Inc

The emergence of technology has changed the way of living for everyone in this entire world. It has totally transformed how we work, play and do business, and provide new solutions to our problems. Th [....]

Changing the way the world communicates: Truphone

Mobile phones play a key role in our daily life. Few of us can spend a full day without checking an email, making a call or sending an SMS. It’s now easier than ever to get connected to anyone a [....]

IMAC Regeneration Centers The Holistic Approach to Healthcare

Most health systems aim to deliver patient-centered care, although the term, admittedly, has been interpreted in many ways since its rise to prominence more than 20 years ago. We all believe that to a [....]

Turn your desktop programs into web apps: MyQuickCloud

“We liberate your desktop programs and make them available any time anywhere.” MyQuickCloud is a tool for managing mobility for a business, including connections, computers, and applications. The [....]

QC Manufacturing offers the most energy efficient whole house fan systems in the market

QC Manufacturing, Inc. is the manufacturer of QuietCool whole house fan and ventilation systems. Headquartered in Temecula, California where QuietCool is manufactured and assembled in 50,000 square fo [....]

Verint: Modernizing Customer Engagement for Today’s Digital World

Today’s customers expect businesses to be able to deliver service, no matter which channel or device they choose—even if they use a combination of channels and devices for a single transac [....]

Chetu : Custom Software Development for Your Business

“We combine our expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions.” In today’s business world, software is at the core of eac [....]

A digital marketing agency, specializing in Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Design: Logical Media Group

Recent fast advancement in digital technologies and relevant changes in consumer behavior are reshaping the world of sales and marketing. As the online world is changing rapidly, the digital market in [....]

30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

Company Management Description Lodha Grouplodhagroup.com Samujjwal Ghosh, CEO Established in 1980, Lodha Group is among the biggest real estate players in the world and are India&r [....]

ZETARIS – The Leading Data Platform digitizing your enterprise

Zetaris is changing the way organisations manage, wrangle, join and analyse data. With its leading analytical data platform, customers can connect to, organise, transform, analyse and visualise data a [....]

It’s Not Just About IQ-build all your Quotients with SpieQ!: SpieQ Edutainment

This is a generation of young millennials and they want everything to be very interesting and fun. Even in the arena of education, the young millennials are looking for an idea that learning can be fu [....]

Offering a One Stop Cost Effective Quality solution in Contract Manufacturing of Toys, Model Kits and Engineering Products: Micro Plastics Private Limited

In this economy, numerous small and medium sized businesses are looking for ways to scale back their costs and increase their profit margins. With limited resources, many businesses are unable to effi [....]

Attune Technologies: Transforming healthcare services by creating a cohesive and collaborative technology

The healthcare industry around the globe is facing a number of challenges like high IT costs, more processing power, ubiquitous access, scalability and demand for interoperability. With the changing r [....]

Delivering the promise of life-saving interventions for maternal and child health care: Cloudnine Group of Hospitals

Much of the recent progress in maternal and child health care has been due to highly technical medical interventions, such as newly developed immunisations and prenatal care. By contrast, maternal and [....]

Availing Technology for Effective Customer Engagement: Perx

In today’s highly globalized world, consumers are spoilt for choice and consequently have almost zero brand loyalty. This has necessitated a contextual and predictive approach to customer engage [....]

BrandSystems: Delivering creative solutions that can transform marketing execution and management processes

The marketing landscape has become more complex than ever before. The consumer is driving demand in engaging with brands and marketers must take full advantage of new media channels, segmentation stra [....]

50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2017

Company Management Description Ascomwww.ascom.com Holger Cordes, CEO  Ascom mainly focus on a data driven approach that takes into account each minute details of the patients. [....]

Helping Clients Prepare, Protect and Prosper : Chameleon Integrated Services

Pursuing Excellence by Consistently Exceeding Expectations. Chameleon Integrated Ser­vices is an accomplished Information Technology solutions provider that delivers a wide range of consulting, s [....]

A health information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare

Increased Profitability. Better Outcomes. Diagnostics are a critical element in the healthcare paradigm, but the complexity of reimbursement for them, as well as the constantly changing rules and r [....]

Influencing how the government does IT through leading strategic consulting and delivery services: GovernmentCIO

IT services companies are challenged with the task of keeping up with the ever-changing technological landscape of their businesses and grappling with various other issues in the most efficient way po [....]

“Our team is fully certified and prepared to help you with Online Advertising”: BreezeMaxWeb

Digital advertising is now the new norm—it’s the fastest growing marketing channel with no signs of slowing down, according to Strategy Analytics. Marketing has always been about three thi [....]

The Most Trusted Source for Professional Continuing Education: WebCE, Inc.

In this era of information and technology, even education is an industry. There is no doubt that changes in the industry architecture, economy and business organization, have called for greater person [....]

Seeking to make the internet a clearer place through the development of successful, engaging & functional digital experiences: GoingClear Interactive

Understanding your internet needs and developing a web strategy that produces results is our goal.  Web design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. This doesn’t ne [....]

“Our mission is to empower communities of color by giving them a voice and communicating to them in ways that respects their diversity and culture.”: Imprenta Communications Group

“Diversity is about all of us and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together” Jacqueline Woodson  In order to lead a peaceful and harmonious life, all the [....]

Technology Solutions for the Digital Workplace: CompuCom

“Our vision is to empower people to achieve the highest levels of performance by making technology work for them — anywhere, anytime, on any device.” From mobility to cloud computin [....]

“Our vision is to close digital information gaps, allowing for the best possible decisions – anytime, anywhere”: Ascom

“The holistic, scalable Ascom Healthcare Platform is designed to streamline clinical workflows and enable faster responses to individual patient events.” Information and Communications Te [....]

10 Fastest Growing SAAS Solution Providers 2017

Company Management Description Akamai www.akamai.com Dr. Tom Leighton, CEO Akamai is the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, delivering 95 exabytes of d [....]

Engagio orchestrates integrated account-based programs, providing the scale benefits of automation with the personalization benefits of the human touch

“Making Account Based Marketing easy and scalable.” Enngagio is a software company that helps B2B marketers drive new business, expand relationships with high-value accounts, and scale th [....]

We Make On-Call Suck Less: VictorOps

“With extensive out of the box integrations and a robust REST API, VictorOps gets you up and running quickly using your existing IT and DevOps toolset.” Today every technology enabled bus [....]

“We help you keep your focus on your people by keeping our focus on you.” Sentric

“HR & Payroll Software Makes Work Life Better for Everyone. Starting with you.” Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Sentric is has a history of 23 years. Back in 1994, it was a regional payr [....]

The leading provider of end-to-end, integrated software for Financial Services Industry: Capital Banking Solutions

Integrated software is the new big tide that is bringing together the discrete systems in banking operations, and business functions in financial institutions which are rapidly thriving. Financial tec [....]

"We help companies create, share and manage email signatures for all employees, and to use email signatures for targeted marketing purposes and easy distribution to other platforms." Xink

“Xink is the industry’s longest established email signature cloud software solution.” While businesses work hard at cleansing databases, validating email addresses and ensuring that [....]

Advanced skin closure designed for surgical efficiency and high patient satisfaction:  ZipLine®Medical

As the last step in an open surgery, skin closure is not always the first thing on a surgical team’s mind. Their immediate challenge is to quickly and securely close an incision, but there are a myr [....]

50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

Company Management Description Multi-Tech Systemswww.multitech.com Stefan Lindvall, CEO MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial int [....]

The world leader in I/O reduction software: Condusiv Technologies

Condusiv Technologies is the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster app [....]

One of the most trusted institutions in Dialysis care delivery: DCDC Kidney Care

DCDC is rapidly expanding to establish wide network in all formats as an epitome of trust and compassionate care, the chain of Dialysis care always strives to excel with world class technology and exp [....]

Fighting Tuberculosis Worldwide: Operation ASHA

Operation ASHA is dedicated to bringing tuberculosis treatment and health services to the poorest of the poor in India’s urban slums and rural villages. We are among the world’s largest N [....]

QI Spine Clinic – The future of back pain cure in India

Back pain is a generic symptom that may arise due to hundreds of different underlying medical conditions. Traditionally, treatment for back pain starts with the use of imaging tests like MRIs and X-Ra [....]

Our Clients Come To Us Because We Know Their Market: Softjourn, Inc

“Clients engage experts in the industry to help give them a leg-up on the competition and that is why our clients engage with us: Emmy Gengler, CEO Softjourn” Softjourn, Inc. is a global [....]

A full service multimedia marketing and communications company utilizing cutting edge technology on the specific and unique needs of clients: Panorama Marketing & Media

“A dedicated and experienced team committed to growing client businesses by creatively increasing conversions, engagements and sales”  Effective and measurable marketing is no easy t [....]

“We use advanced predictive algorithms to take the guesswork out of digital web, email, mobile, and video campaigns.” Wylei Inc.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for brands as it allows them to create a rich profile of their audience and use targeted marketing messages to help drive conversions. Marketing automation is b [....]

Creativity is bottom line: How Winning Chandra Technologies turn creativity into business value and growth

Our professionals uniquely pair strategic acumen and strong execution capabilities to help clients identify new opportunities: Ram Gurunathan, CEO Chandra Technologies, Inc  Chandra Technologies [....]

“Create an efficient project with our intelligent construction software”: EIDA Solutions

Historically, the construction sector has been slow to embrace IT solutions to aid engineers and management in the delivery of mechanical and electrical projects. EIDA Solutions believe that this is d [....]

Manage and deliver information to enterprise users with unified and secure access: Synoverge Technologies

Synoverge Technologies is a next generation Technology Consulting Company focused on Enterprise Collaboration & Technology Transformation Services. It helps clients harness the power of disruptive [....]

Crafting immersive experiences that impact the minds of VR and mixed reality viewers: Furious M

The advancements in AR and VR have the potential to reshape our lives, but in order for the VR revolution to succeed, the focus has to be on factors that make these technologies valuable today. VR, co [....]

Bringing Enterprise grade Document Management to Salesforce: ContributeCloud.com

“At ContributeCloud.com, It’s nice to be native!” Salesforce can radically change the way an organization runs their Sales, Marketing & Customer Service division by transitionin [....]

“We enable enterprises worldwide to make their web apps and sites stand out with beautiful interactive charts, maps, and dashboards that let data speak”: AnyChart

“Our JavaScript (HTML5) based data visualization solutions feature massive out-of-the-box capabilities, combined with the flexibility and the simplicity. Loved by thousands of happy customers.&r [....]

One of the leading providers of IT Solutions and Services : Maxil Technology Solutions Inc.

Today’s reality states that most of the companies and organizations suffer from lower operational and labor costs. This reduces focus from their core business processes and hampers in freeing up [....]

A leading provider of customized service platforms based on Microsoft Unified Communications technologies: Luware

For a business or any organization, the ability to build strong communication is one of the crucial aspects of its success. From effective communication with staff to reaching out to clients and custo [....]

Redefining quality healthcare Teladoc, Inc

“Rather than saying, ‘I’m sick. I need to go to the doctor.’ people should be asking, ‘I’m sick. What’s the best way to get care?’” According to [....]

Solving Industry’s Most Complex Technical Challenges: ARES Corporation

“We are always ready in providing Superior quality services & products, on-time and within budget.” ARES Corporation was founded in 1992 to provide top-quality technology solutions to [....]

TeleBright Software Corporation: Simplifying the management of communication services while optimizing the service costs

With diverse geographical footprints, expanding communication needs, and a proliferation of carrier partners offering variable plans, rates, and services, companies today face an ever-growing set of c [....]

Pioneering data eradication solutions in compliance with stringent regulation mandates: TechR2

As companies deploy New Technologies into their organizations, they are faced with real problems of what to do with their old and outdated IT Assets. Be it data security, safety, confidentiality, comp [....]

“We have helped several oil and gas, pipelines, mining, power generation, and refining companies to streamline their large scale projects”: DRAXware Inc.

“We provide tools to create more efficient business operations that eliminate paperwork.”  Today’s Constructing Managers face many challenges, stemming from a variety of source [....]

Innovating IN and THROUGH Data: Knowledgent

Large volumes of data bring new opportunities and challenges for all types of businesses. On one hand, Big Data holds great promises for discovering new strategies and important insights that are not [....]

“We are a sound integration of conceptualization, optimization, performance and configuration. These four aspects are the cornerstones of our product suites”: Panamax Inc.

“We specialize in Cloud based SaaS Solution for Telecom, Telecom Solutions & Services, Software Development Services, Carrier Business Solutions, Switching Solutions, Mobile Financial Servic [....]

Providing a unique platform for procurement transformation and delivering the insight to accelerate change in organizations: Procurement Leaders

In today’s world, procurement function plays a pivotal role in the success of global firms. But it is observed that the procurement teams which are traditionally tasked with procuring key resour [....]

Developing highest quality custom engineered solutions for the customers on-time: MES Inc.

Logistics has always been a very important part of every economy and every business entity. The worldwide trend of globalization has led to many companies outsourcing their logistics functions to thir [....]


“Gumstix Geppetto does for IoT devices what the iPhone did for cell phones: Completely change the game.”  The Internet of Things (IoT) is everyone’s “Next Big Thing.&rdqu [....]

Swingtide brings practical sourcing solutions to the world of IT

Sourcing and contracting in the world of information technology is no longer a matter of answering the question “Is labor arbitrage the right solution for us?” The fundamental importance o [....]

A Global Logistics Technology Leader in Doing More with Less On Time: Cheetah Software Systems, Inc.

Automation and optimization in the logistics and supply chain industry is essential for delivering effective business solutions to customers. As the logistics and supply chains are becoming increasing [....]

“We combine expertise and industry-leading intelligence to deliver reliable private security anywhere around the globe at a moment’s notice.” Pinkerton

The storied history of Pinkerton dates back more than 160 years to when Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1850. While more commonly known for its work protecting railw [....]

“We empower enterprises to maximize the reach, impact and value of their communications systems by extending their applications to any mobile device”: Tango Networks

“Our services integrate business communications services with mobile phones using the native dialer for a superior user experience.” We live in an increasingly automated and robotized inf [....]

Prasanna Purple: Leading the Public Transportation, Travel & Tourism Domain through Technology and Deep Insight

The company vision is to be a people’s chosen brand universally, in mobility solutions, by serving beyond their expectations for every journey whilst adding value to all stakeholders and society [....]

ROX Trading & Systems: Leading System Integrators Established Since 2002 as One-Stop Tech Partners

“We design flexible and collaborative solution, to meet the individual needs of our clients and partners.” A leading system integrator, ROX Trading & Systems Pvt Ltd, the brainchild o [....]

Production Crew Entertainment: Creating Magical Experiences with Best-In-Class Production Management Solutions

“We work in partnership with entertainment, media and communication agencies to execute events and activations right from inception to culmination.” Headquartered in Mumbai, Production Cr [....]

Smart Software Testing Solutions: Shaping ‘Today’ & ‘Tomorrow’ with Smarter Software Testing and Test Automation Solutions

“We aim to disrupt and transform the way software testing and test automation is being done.” Smart Software Testing Solutions, Inc (SSTS) was outset in 2015 by three tech-lovers with an [....]

BRIDGEi2i: A Global Analytics Solutions Firm Enabling Data-Driven Business Transformation

“Our vision is to be the trusted partner for business and institution globally, to help them achieve accelerated outcome by simplifying and embedding analytics in their DNA.” BRIDGEi2i provides B [....]

Operation ASHA- “Our mission is to eradicate TB from its roots”

“We are among the world’s largest NGOs in tuberculosis treatment and prevention.” Established with a reason to expand access to health services and products of a high quality at aff [....]

Spear Logistics: India's premier Contract Logistics Company

“Our vision is to be recognized as the most dependable and responsive logistics service provider.” Spear was founded by logistics professionals in 2001 with a vision to be recognized as t [....]

PIONEER Property: Offering Real Estate Advisory Services to Augment Stakeholder Worth Since 1986

“We are one-stop property shop for a wide range of services and the first company in its sector to attain ISO certification.” PIONEER Property is a recognized and admired brand which has [....]

JASK accelerates Cyber Security Operations to new levels

In today’s environment, virtually all organizations have complex internet-connected networks and systems that struggle to reduce risk and exposure to cyber threats. With the increasing prolifera [....]

A Leader in Cyber Security, Imperva Protects Cloud Applications, Websites, Web Applications, Critical Databases, Files and Big Data Repositories Wherever You Deploy Them

“We Protect What Matters Most” Cybercriminals constantly change their tactics. But what they are after, and how they ultimately make money, doesn’t change. They are after data. They [....]

Espresso Parts Helping the coffee industry stay fresh to the shift in coffee trends

After gaining a longstanding popularity for centuries, the coffee industry has undergone a rapid change. As fast-paced lifestyle becomes ubiquitous, consumers prefer to get their caffeine on the go. C [....]

Addressing energy and water Sustainability through intuitive and user-friendly solutions: Smart Energy Water

The energy and utility industry has been grappling with severe challenges including ageing infrastructure, increasing demand supply deficit, lack of skilled workforce, stringent government mandates fo [....]

The Python Quants GmbH Bringing a new approach to financial analytics with Python

The present day banking industry is data driven. It depends on predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions to gain meaningful insights from the underlying data that paves the path for productivity [....]

“Our core competencies are adaptive reuse, hospitality, creative office space renovations and tenant improvement projects”: City Constructors, Inc.

“The industries we have worked with include hospitality, industrial, and software startup/communications; and we are particularly adept at working with historic buildings.” Back in the da [....]

The European leader in providing smart solutions specialized in environmental monitoring: Homerider Systems

Cities around the world are witnessing an exploding growth in the consumption of energy and water resources. The growing needs to make the resources efficient, safe and available are causing utility c [....]

"We combine our technical skills, industry expertise, and transparent Agile programming to advise and deliver solutions that delight our customers," First Line Software

In today’s fast-paced market environment, the usage and development of software are constantly changing. Such an environment requires organizations to adapt to the changes of software development an [....]

“Our mission is to enable and empower Professional Services Organizations to be profitable, scalable, and efficient through change management, process improvement, and technology”: TOP Step Consulting

“We serve our customers’ needs through our expertise in professional services automation, vendor platforms, and partners.” Professional Service Organizations (PSOs) are currently fa [....]

The global leader in cloud-based treasury, payments and working capital solutions: Kyriba

“With Kyriba, global treasury and finance teams can automate manual processes, protect against loss from risk and fraud, and unlock more opportunities for driving revenue and growth.”  [....]

Big Red Cloud offers “Simple online accounting software” to Accountants, bookkeepers and owners of small and medium sized businesses

The traditional accounting practice has been tracking business performance based on long-established standards and systems. These accounting systems are dependent on outdated processes and manual labo [....]

“We are a premier provider of Client-centric, performance-based Customer Experience and Business Optimization Solutions” PPT Solutions

An organization’s success today depends on the type of customer experience it offers. The higher the number of quality, engaging and differentiating customer touch points or connections, the eas [....]

Engaging audience with its creative and scientific VR technology mixed with augmented reality: Furious M

Virtual Reality is an emerging electronic technology with its hands on almost every field including: education, entertainment, training, athletics, industrial design, architecture and landscape archit [....]

Implementing robust business solutions using big data and analytics platforms Amruta Inc.

In today’s fast changing world, many companies are experimenting with data analytics to propel business, and although they realize data driven processes can benefit their organization, many ar [....]

Om Software: Delivering top-grade quality mobile app development solutions

“Possessing years of experience, we understand our client's needs easily and carry out the assignment keeping the requisites in our mind.” Established in 2004, OM Software is a web develo [....]

Transforming confident, passionate and determined individuals into successful tax entrepreneurs: MyTaxFiler

Today, organizations are confronting challenges of dealing with constantly changing regulatory landscape and increasing complexity of compliance across all taxes, statutory accounting and tax reportin [....]

At the Forefront: Resolution Media

An agency on a mission to optimize business strategy and consumer behavior with tech and innovation. Omnicom’s acquisition of Resolution in 2005 marked the beginning of its hockey stick tra [....]

Convert IT Marketing, Inc: A Proven Leader In Digital Marketing For Lawyers

The internet is becoming an increasingly important source of potential clients for attorneys. Law firms need to stay focused on being ahead of the curve by using advanced digital strategies to market [....]

A nationwide digital marketing agency specializing in web design, legal marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and PPC advertising ENX2 Marketing

Marketing is crucial to success in the present legal business world. Law firms need to be on top of their marketing game in order to attract target customers. In this era of Smartphones, Smart digital [....]

The Key to Sustained Competitive Advantage: Aptos

In an era of virtually limitless choice, sustained competitive advantage only comes to retailers who engage customers differently—by truly understanding who they are, what they want and why they [....]

Panzura Has Developed Through Years of Experience in File System & Network Performance Optimization

Panzura was founded in 2008 by a core team of engineers with a decade-long track record of developing successful enterprise infrastructure technology products. The technical team includes top talent f [....]

Experience reliable IT service from a provider focused on support, community, and sustainability: Green House Data

Green House Data was founded in 2007 with a simple mission: provide the high-availability and raw power needed for critical business infrastructure while remaining a transparent, responsibly run compa [....]

E2Labs: “We promote the sharing of experiences through the creation of various networks at global, national & regional levels”

“E2Labs is one among the Top 100 Private companies in Asia (RED-HERRING).” E2Labs Designs, Develops and Delivers Information Security training and information assurance services that me [....]

SILICON100 2017

Company Management Description Treselle Systemswww.treselle.com Sudharsan Madabusi, CEO Treselle is a multiple award winning technology services and product development company th [....]

SILICON100 2017

Company Management Description Avayawww.avaya.com/en Kevin Kennedy, CEO Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified commun [....]

Solve toughest performance problems with Condusiv

Condusiv Technologies is the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster a [....]

“We specialize in the execution of strategic initiatives for business leaders”: Sigma Infosolutions

Sigma Infosolutions is a global IT & Product Engineering services company. Sigma Infosolutions specializes in the execution of strategic initiatives for business leaders. We represent an organizat [....]

Catering the best of IT solutions and software at your door step: Beardon services

“Our team can deliver from web designs and development to e-learning, network administration, or even a custom software solution.” Jim Wirt graduated from Oklahoma State University [....]

Max: Providing more “holistic advice” to its members on money management by committing to “Bank-level privacy”

“Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward,” said Maxwell Maltz. But how sure we are that we have attained security and have taken refuge under t [....]

“We are the world leader in high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence”: Kx Systems

“Our focus is on delivering the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications.” Kx was founded in 1993 by Arthur Whitney and Janet L [....]

“We help clients reduce call center costs and increase revenue streams while improving their overall customer experience”: ethosIQ

“Our vision is to help businesses of any size; deliver the best possible customer experience.” Since 2009, businesses spanning multiple industries and from around the world have trusted e [....]

The Vanella Group, Inc. Delivering highly effective sales development solutions for enterprise technology companies

The present-day B2B technology market is highly competitive, and organizations need to execute at a precision level within sales and marketing organizations to meet revenue goals, growth, and manage [....]

A leading global IT application developing company: Deemsys Inc

Deemsys Inc offers the best-in-class application maintenance solutions that relieve the customers of the cumber some and tedious task of managing their technology landscape. Founded in 2004, the co [....]

“We are a unique consulting group with extensive hands-on experience in high-tech manufacturing in combination with broad consulting experience in Supply Chain management”: ChainSequence, Inc.

“Our mission is to develop and implement forward looking, effective supply chain solutions that help our clients excel and achieve long-term success in the high-tech industry.” Througho [....]

Peregrine Guarding (Tenon Group): The Leading Provider of Exceptional Security Solutions

“An ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS certified company; Peregrine has the ability to implement high quality services across the spectrum of strategic and tactical security services.” A name synon [....]

“Our specialties are advanced metering, network communications, smart grid, home area networking, smart metering, gas meters, thermal energy measurement and control”: Itron

“We provide comprehensive solutions that measure, manage and analyze energy and water.” Itron is founded by a small group of innovative engineers intent on finding more efficient ways to [....]

Click Prompt Provides Significant Information through Data Collection in Real Time

‘Understanding the behavior can change the fate of a company.’  The Global market in general is very concerned about the quality of the offered services and endlessly strives to stay [....]

“We help your community run smoothly and efficiently through community-focused services built on integrity, experience and professionalism”: Ontario Property Management Group Inc.

“We will do what it takes to help you realize your full potential through mentoring, skills training and financial support.” Property Management (PM) is a complicated field; in part bec [....]

Kyrion Digital Securities: Offering Cutting Edge Internet Security Solutions to Clients Worldwide

“We are one of the fastest growing and globally recognized IT Securities firm for conducting workshops and corporate training in India and world-wide.” Kyrion Digital Securities, Flagship [....]

Hack2Secure: Delivering Services to Integrate Security across Development Lifecycle – Secure SDLC

“Our Industry Standard oriented, Domain focused Programs assist Organizations to adopt, align and integrate Security at every phase of their SDL.”  Headquartered in Bangalore, Hac [....]

Attracting and maintaining better client relationships with its interactive video technology:nFüsz, Inc.[OTCQB: FUSZ]

For business growth and profitability, finding new customers and retaining the existing ones is essential. Customers are arguably the most valuable asset of an organization, so attracting customers an [....]

50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

  Company Management Description Qlik www.qlik.com Lars Björk, CEO Qlik is a leader in visual analytics. Its portfolio of products meets customers'​ growing needs [....]

“We are a leading cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology company with an open platform that combines powerful applications with orchestrated cognitive computing”: Veritone, Inc.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the type of technology with the potential to not only improve the existing cloud platform incumbents but also power a new generation of cloud computing technologies. Cl [....]

EPI, leader in “data centre audit & certification” and “accredited data centre certification courses”

Headquartered in Singapore, EPI is a European origin country that delivers an extensive range of Data Centre infrastructure devices. EPI’s global service delivery aims at providing organizations [....]

“People first” – high quality people and nurtured relationships is what Infosemantics has been garnering since its beginning

Knocking on the company’s door “Rapid growth is possible with the right people,” is the philosophy for the team at Infosemantics. Founded in 2001, Infosemantics is an Ace level cons [....]

The Relentless Compute of Business: Epic Machines

‘Bringing value to clients in both the cloud and data center.’  Epic Machines sells technology products and consulting services in the Western United States and is expanding across t [....]

GSI Health A Vision of a Future in Which the Problems of Today’s Healthcare Are Solved

Founded in 2003 by LeRoy E. Jones, GSI Health helps to solve a problem—the uninformed, uncoordinated care being practiced in today’s healthcare system. Its cloud-based software solutions [....]

Evergent: Enabling business success for video service providers

Evergent is working towards transforming the market by providing cloud-based subscriber and partner management solutions for OTT video service providers. The existing ERP, and operations and business [....]

“At Rosano Partners, change is critical for our growth and success. With a progressive and dynamic outlook on these advancements, we seek to implement systems and technologies that yield the best results for our clients” Rosano Partners

“Through our innovative marketing platform, our cutting edge technologies and our proven track record, Rosano Partners is setting a new standard in the commercial real estate brokerage industry& [....]

Business IT Source: Delivering personalized value added services to businesses

Business IT Source (BITS), headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL provides corporate companies with IT Products and Services from all major product manufacturers. The company has gained much proficiency [....]

Making Connecting Safe with Relationship-Based Security: Uniken Inc

It is a known fact that data security breaches around the globe and across industries are on the rise. A majority of business executives, along with their chief security officers and compliance pers [....]

A perfect solution giver to improve your business performance-Edgewater

Edgewater was established in 1992 by Jeffrey Rutherford (President/CEO). Headquarterd at Wakefield, Massachusetts United States. Edgewater is a leading strategic consulting firm that helps business [....]

One Stop Partner for Oracle Cloud Solutions: Evosys

Evosys, an Oracle Platinum Partner with 10 years’ experience, focuses exclusively on Oracle Cloud implementation and consultancy to cater to the needs of a market which demands high-quality, f [....]

The one‐stop management services provider for enterprise application and database needs: Data Intensity

Data Intensity was founded in 2001 to help IT teams meet business demand for exceptional performance and availability of their Oracle E-business Suite. This mission has expanded to include helping c [....]

“We have developed a powerful platform to automatically analyze, optimize and migrate software applications to the cloud.” Shafi Syed, Co-founder/CTO Corent Technology Inc.

“We launched SurPaaS as a fully integrated platform that automatically scans and analyzes applications, enables optimized Cloud/PaaS migration and delivers them as a scalable, efficient Servic [....]

Committed to introduce trusted technology into everyday patient care Evoke Neuroscience

Evoke Neuroscience was formed in 2009 by research scientists, clinicians, medical doctors, and business professionals dedicated to developing and delivering the most important advances in brain scienc [....]

50 Most Valuable Brands of The Year 2017

Company Management Description Aricentwww.aricent.com Frank Kern, CEO Aricent is a global design and engineering company innovating for the digital era. With more than 12,000 ta [....]

Genesis Network Group,LLC : “We are a managed service provider with focus on cyber security, cloud services, and VoIP solutions”

“We deliver personalized IT support by providing guidance & implementation.” Genesis Network Group, LLC was founded in 1995 by Mark Drizing and George Frangos. From the beginning, t [....]

WorksPad:Productive business anytime anywhere “WorksPad helps businesses to increase productivity, lower mobility costs, simplify BYOD management, and improve customer and employee satisfaction”

Today, BYOD is dominating in the world of mobility. Personal devices are used to process business data. Employees use their personal tablets and smartphones for working with documents and access to [....]

Driving innovation in population health management: GSI Health

“Working towards a world in which the care everyone receives for health issues is optimized.” GSI Health, a leading health information technology company, unites patients, doctors, and pa [....]

Leesa: A Better Place to Sleep

What is the one thing that every human has done since the inception of mankind? Sleeping! Humans just love to sleep, and it’s a good thing. We bury our stress and tension and go to bed. A good [....]

“Upsource your Workforce” remains the motto for Torch LMS, an online portal for managing corporate learning & development

Brandon Hall awarded Torch LMS the “Gold – Best Advance in Learning Technology” for 2013, 2014 and 2016. Torch LMS by Prometheus Development is a business-focused online learning pla [....]

The happy souls at Cnetric believe in keeping their focus on “exceeding client expectations” through cutting edge technologies

Knocking the company’s door Ever seen a piece of artistry such as juggling? Eye-catching and fascinating as it seems, it is also a way of manipulating multiple objects simultaneously. Heard o [....]

The emerging IoE superstar, CNXT has some surprises in store...

It’s never late to dream, dreaming about the possibilities that one could conquer, and then setting your dream as your goal and chasing after it. First lady, Eleanor Roosevelt has once said, &ld [....]

Changing the Way Internet Service Finds Its Way into Multi-Dwelling Communities Elauwit

“We believe in doing good, valuing life’s moments, and keeping connected to everyone and everything important to us.” Elauwit was born to connect communities. All over U.S.A the c [....]

Continual innovation to solve the next generation challenges Quantum

Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out tiered storage, archive and data protection, providing intelligent solutions for capturing, sharing and preserving digital assets over the entire data lifecy [....]

“We do this with the ongoing development of file system and caching technologies that speed access to compute and storage in hybrid environments.” Avere

“We help enterprise IT organizations enable innovation with high-performance storage access and the flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for the business.” About Avere [....]

“We are a global design and engineering company innovating for the digital era. With more than 12,000 talented designers and engineers and over 25 years of experience”: Aricent

“We help the world's leading companies solve their most important business and technology innovation challenges - from Customer to Chip.” Aricent takes pride in partnering with the world& [....]

The Only Data Warehouse Built for the Cloud: Snowflake

“The one and only place for all your data, all your users” Snowflake Computing was established in 2012 by Bob Muglia (CEO), Headquartered at Ellsworth Ave Suite, San Mateo United States. [....]

Delivering a better brand experience: VOCO Creative

The evolution of digital marketing has created a deep impact in our lives. There’s no better and effective way to share information than the Internet. Therefore, marketing and advertising of pro [....]

BayCreative: Marketing Department in-a-Box

When you see your laptops or desktops, have you ever thought among all the tech companies involved in the completion of product, who is the customer for whom? Is Microsoft customer for Intel or is it [....]

Bringing innovative solutions to the U.S.’s most complex security needs: Altamira Technologies

"We believe in doing great work that matters and engaging with each other and in our communities to make a difference.” The US Defense and Intelligence Communities currently face some of the [....]

30 Best Tech Companies 2017

Company Management Description SAP Indiawww.sap.com Debdeep Sengupta, President & MD, SAP Indian Subcontinent SAP India is the fastest growing subsidiary of SAP SE, the worl [....]

Operation ASHA- “We are among the world’s largest NGOs in tuberculosis treatment and prevention.”

Operation ASHA aspires to replicate its model that delivers excellent results at a low cost across the world by forging collaborations with local NGO, donors and governments. Established with a reaso [....]

telematics4u services: Creating Technology, Powering Innovation

“t4u provides customized analytics-rich solutions to its customers, enabling them to effectively manage their operational processes and assets.” telematics4U services pvt. ltd. (t4u) is [....]

CEECO Technologies: Providing Cutting-Edge Solutions to Clientele Worldwide

“With more than 2 decades of experience in providing solutions for education, training and enterprise, Ceeco has installed cutting edge solutions for several applications.” Ceeco Techno [....]

Sharp Software Development India: Excellent Software Product Engineering Company Delivering Cost-Effective Services

“We believe in “Never stop learning” with the emphasis on Creativity and Innovation.” Established in 1999, Sharp Software Development India Pvt. Ltd (SSDI) is a renowned pro [....]

CtrlS Datacenters Ltd: Developing Capabilities to Offer Complete Suite of Offerings from Platform Level Services

“We offer a host of outsourced business solutions and services such as Disaster Recovery on demand.” CtrlS Datacenters was established in October 2007. At CtrlS, nothing is of greater imp [....]

SHAMLA TECH SOLUTIONS: A Provider of World-Class Business Solutions Driving Innovation Globally

 “We are driven by our passion of integrating the latest technology with our clients’ business objective.” A digitally driven organization, SHAMLA TECH SOLUTIONS PVT Ltd is an [....]

Technosoft Corp: A Providers of Best-in – Class Technology Services

Technosoft is well positioned to address the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that enterprises in several key industries and state governments face. Technosoft Corporation is an IT an [....]

A pioneer in technology, Intex Technologies is a major player in India in mobile handset & IT accessories.

“We adopt best practices from around the world, transparency and seek extensive feedback, to help us relentlessly work towards this goal.” Intex Technologies (India) Ltd., incorporated in [....]

Deepak Mittal, XtLytics: Entrepreneur of the Month

"We seek to help Healthcare Institutions achieve better Healthcare Outcomes." Entrepreneurship is one of the exciting things to do and risky though, for obvious reasons. Starting and maintaining your [....]

One stop for all your healthcare IT needs: RXNT

All childhood make-believe games are incomplete without doctor games, which transition into adulthood, our days are incomplete without watching fictional doctors breaking impossible cases and saving [....]

“Our goal was clear: to engineer the IT platform of the future. The result is something so innovative and so simple – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.”:Liqid Inc.

Founded in 2013, Liqid was formed to deliver hyperscale agility and economics to the masses. This is accomplished through Liqid’s core technologies – next-generation PCIe fabrics and the i [....]

Changing challenges into success: ARES Corporation

“We are always ready in providing Superior quality services & products, on-time and within budget.” ARES Corporation was founded in 1992 to provide top-quality technology solutions [....]

10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2017

Company Management Description Kellton Tech www.kelltontech.com Niranjan Chintam, Executive Chairman Over the years, Kellton Tech has grown by leaps and bounds and now has over [....]

Securing Business beyond Boundaries: Intralinks

‘Securely share and collaborate on high-value content across teams, partners, customers, counterparties and regulators.’ Intralinks Holdings, Inc. founded in 1996, is a global technolog [....]

“We provide turn-key robotic solutions that span the entire product development life-cycle”: Houston Mechatronics, Inc

“We specialize in mechatronics, robotics, and intelligent automation.” Houston Mechatronics, Inc (HMI) was founded by NASA roboticists with a passion for problem-solving and providing i [....]

“We map virtual to reality for surgeons” ClaroNav Inc.

"ClaroNav(Toronto, Canada) develops, manufactures and markets surgical navigation and motion tracking products" ClaroNav was founded in 2001 as Claron Technology Inc. by Claudio Gatti and Doron Dek [....]

Meet the Digital Ocean: Liquid Robotics

‘Liquid Robotics is building the Digital Ocean to enable economic growth, increase security, and ensure the sustainability of the planet.’ Liquid Robotics is founded by Gary Gysin (CEO) [....]

A global leader in the commercialization of robotics, micro-systems, and sensor technologies: Sarcos

 ‘Developing revolutionary products to improve health, safety, and quality of life.’ sarcos is a global leader in the development and production of dexterous robotic systems for use [....]

BrizzTV: Meet the next generation digital media technology company

“We work on the cross section of internet, carrier (cable/satellite) and set-top-box technologies to deliver a new age TV experience to homes on any TV network.” BrizzTV fundamentally r [....]

AdPushup: Offering its customer a full-fledged online ad revenue optimization platform

“With the right team, the right resources, and the right backers, we optimize ads, fight banner blindness and enhance user experience.” An online ad revenue optimization platform, AdPus [....]

“We’re a community of ethical hackers dedicated to unmatched mobile app security.”: Appknox

“We aim at building a safe and secure mobile ecosystem for everyone - businesses, developers and, of course, users.” Established with a mission is to build a safe and secure mobile ecos [....]

Vizury: Meet the Tech Marvel Evolved as Growth Market Powerhouse

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.&r [....]

Uniquely positioned to be the software development team for organizations that do not want to maintain their own software development department TechnoGems Inc.

“Our mission is to deliver reliable software which improves efficiency for our customers. We strive to make a positive impact to our customer’s Information Technology challenges.” [....]

Simplifies the Management of IT Operations: RightITnow

“We monitors entire infrastructure & drive global workforce from a single pane of glass.” Founded in January 2013 by Marc Ferrie, RightITnow mission is to massively simplify the way [....]

Envision your organization as a truly agile, secure, digital business. Forsythe can help make it happen

Forsythe is a leading enterprise IT company, providing advisory services, security, hosting and technology solutions for Fortune 1000 organizations. Forsythe helps clients become more agile, secure, [....]

Maximize your professional services efficiency with TOP Step Consulting

 Since June 2007, Jodi Cicci, Founder, has been heavily involved in the NetSuite OpenAir product as a customer and advocate.  She recognized an opportunity to start TOP Step Consulting as wa [....]

Tenon Group of Companies: A well celebrated empire led by a vision to offer innovation and excellence

“Our vision is to become a global Integrated Facility and Security Management solution provider.” An Integrated Facilities Management Corporation, The Tenon Group of Companies started i [....]

Taking pride in being one of the biggest Indian conglomerates: Godrej

"We promise Godrejites a culture of tough love; take serious bets on them and differentiate basis performance.” Established in 1897, the Godrej Group has its roots in India’s Independen [....]

Delivering omni-directional mobility solutions to clientele globally: Ivymobility

“In our Decade+ journey in the Enterprise Mobility solutions space, we have travelled with Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, iOS & Android Platforms & are fully geared up for any future tech [....]

Meet the Global Players Delivering Best Web-Based Solutions: CELOXIS

“Our vision is to be in the business of helping companies deliver successful projects and results, every time!” Celoxis is a leading global player in the web-based project management soft [....]

Keeping Customers Compliant is eQuest’s Main Goal

eQuest has never failed a Federal VEVRA audit for a single customer.’ Their roster of customers reads like a “Who’s Who” of major corporations. The majority of the Global Fo [....]

A leading solutions provider with offerings in Managed Services, Security as a Service and the Compliant Cloud: Lumen21 ,” Compliance Simplified”

‘Combining all the benefits of a proven cloud infrastructure with a compliant security framework and integrated managed services for healthcare, financial, and payment card industry.’ L [....]

10 fastest growing compliance companies 2016

Company Management Description Entrust Datacard Corporation www.entrustdatacard.com Todd Wilkinson, President and CEO Entrust Datacard (formerly Datacard Group & Entrust) of [....]

Your future depends on your dreams, so go to bed: Leesa Sleep, LLC

Like so many people, the entrepreneurs behind Leesa had trouble sleeping. We bought beds offering all sorts of benefits, from coils to memory foam – nothing worked. What’s more, the expe [....]

Careerminds: Turning transitions into opportunities

Careerminds puts unemployed people to work faster in an average of 12 weeks and does it for 30-70% less than the competition.’ Careerminds is a national provider of affordable, scalable, stra [....]

Moving IT Forward: Swift Pace Solutions

Solutions focused to meet any businesses security and IT requirements.’ Swift Pace Solutions Inc. is a Dallas-based IT services company founded in December 2013. Prior to the formation of Swi [....]

Changing dry patches into Wonderlands: Thinkwell Group

Creating custom, content-driven experiences for companies and brands in the physical world.’ Thinkwell is a full-service design firm specializing in the master planning and creation of large- [....]

Value-driven, customized technology solutions: iT1

A vendor-agnostic selling strategy, ensuring that clients’ needs are met in the best manner possible’ iT1 is a global technology solution provider, established in 2003, and headquartere [....]

Addressing gating factors for the power management industry: Semitrex

‘Creating a quantum shift in the digital power management industry based on capacitive voltage reduction technology.’ Semitrex is an Irvine, California-based fabless (the design and sal [....]

Motivation through Innovation; Drive Loyalty with Merchandise Rewards Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc. has created and executed award winning loyalty and incentive programs for over 20 years. As a full-service loyalty marketing institution, Rymax provides turnkey soluti [....]

Secure Global Payment Processing with Global Acceptance: Allied Wallet

‘Customized payment solutions to businesses of all sizes.’ Allied Wallet, Inc. is a provider of e-commerce merchant services and online payment processing services, enabling business ow [....]

Helping Companies Run Their Businesses Better through Quality and Passion: Santex

In 1999, Founders Annett Koegler and Juan Santiago had a vision to create a technology service organization based on the highest business standards and ethics. They founded Santex in San Diego, Cali [....]

Meet the largest Data Centre Training & Audit Company in the world: EPI

"EPI was awarded as one of the 20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers 2016 by CIOReview for the second year in a row.” The data centre market is growing, and its growth is attribute [....]

Significant Information in Real Time is Just a Click Away with: Click Prompt Technologies LLC

"Founded in the year 2015, Click Prompt is young, vibrant and one of a kind in the market.” Click Prompt is the revolution that a company needs and its innovative idea is shaking the market t [....]

Building long-term relationships while completing projects from design to delivery:

‘An IT Consulting Firm focused on building long-term relationships and taking projects from end-to-end.’ Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) is an IT Consulting Firm with mor [....]

Action-ready planning in time with opportunity: Steelwedge

‘A configurable, action-ready planning solution which lets individual roles across your organization collaborate to predict, shape and respond in time with opportunity.’ Steelwedge Soft [....]

Propelling your business to the next level: Big Bang ERP

“Working directly with you to address your business’ needs and develop best-in-class solutions.” Founded in 2013, Big Bang ERP is a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses [....]

Oxagile: Keeping You One Step Ahead of the Competition

'Custom Web, Mobile, and Cross-Platform Solutions.’ A Leading Provider of Full-Cycle Software Development Since its inception in 2005, Oxagile has been providing a full spectrum of custom so [....]

Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers: Switchfly

Switchfly delivers a unique value proposition for travel brands, financial services providers and local commerce sites by combining highly scalable and secure SaaS architecture with deep product inv [....]

Identity, intelligently managed: Simeio Solutions

“Keeping your network secure by ensuring that only the right people have access to just the right resources and information, anytime, anywhere and from any device.” Simeio Solutions, he [....]

The Leading Global Provider of Cloud CTRM & Market Data Solutions: Aspect Enterprise Solutions

‘One Platform for Multi-Commodity Market Data, Analytics, Trade, Risk, Physical & Financial Operations.’ Aspect is the leading global provider of cloud commodity trade, risk managem [....]

One of the fastest growing Pure Play Software Testing Services Companies: Planit Testing India

Leverage innovative workforce with agile methods and advanced tools to deliver an exceptional customer experience in this digital era.’ Planit Testing India (formerly TenXLabs), a new-age tes [....]

Getting IT Done Through Great IT people: TEKsystems

IT services and talent management insight required for you to actualize ROI and sustain a truly competitive advantage in a fast-changing market.’ Businesses are challenged to stay ahead of th [....]

50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2016

Company Management Description TEKsystemswww.teksystems.com Jay Alvather President People are at the heart of every successful business initiative. At TEKsystems, they understand pe [....]

Paving way for active participation of India Inc in Digital India : Dr Vishal Sikka, CEO/MD- Infosys

Dr Vishal Sikka is a graduate from Syracuse University, New York, who also earned his PhD from Stanford University, UK and briefly worked at Xerox’s research labs, before founding iBrain which w [....]

It’s all about a unique vision and well-planned Big Data Solutions: Wai Wong & Bill Guinn

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All [....]

Funding Dreams, Investing Innovation, Building Markets: Krono iinc -Marketing and Technology Solutions

“Uncompromising focus on quality parameters and emphasis on Innovative Out of the box Solutions for greater effectiveness of all strategy and communication developed.” Founded by Manoj [....]

Excellon Software: Pioneer in Cloud Based Sales & Service Management

Excellon Software is a renowned software product company known for its cutting-edge yet simple-to-use sales, distribution, and service management software. The company’s product portfolio enco [....]

Mission-Critical Solutions and High-Quality Services for the Buy and Sell-Side: NeoXam

"Our approach is customer-centric to support the growth and challenges of asset management firms.” Founded by industry experts and IT specialists, NeoXam’s software solutions for financ [....]

Empowering Homeowners. Powering Business. Wowing Customers: Renova Solar

Founded in 2006 in Palm Desert, Renova Solar has now grown to more than 130 local employees. The first company in the nation to be accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practi [....]

A Consultative Approach to Employer Services | Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc.

‘A National Provider of Payroll and HR Management Solutions.’ Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc. (IOI®) is a national provider of cloud-based payroll, human resources and employer service [....]

We’re ITsavvy, Your Single-Source, End-To-End IT Products, and Solutions Provider

Our pledge to clients: a commitment to Service, Solutions, Satisfaction.” ITsavvy is showing the industry how to integrate IT products and advanced IT solutions with a client-centered approac [....]

A Global Enterprise Helping Companies Get Better Return on Investment: IFS in North America

“Commitment means being true to our principles and to our customers in the short term and in the long term.” IFS was founded in 1983 by five engineers from the University of Linköp [....]

Proven Experts in Availability and Managing Complex IT Environments: Sungard Availability Services

“The three pillars behind getting your business the agility you need to compete cost-effectively in the marketplace.” Businesses around the globe all have different needs, strategies an [....]

Diminish All Impediments in Financial Sectors with Pendo’s Fintech

“Our products represent a path from the chaos of the past to a better future.” The hurdles the financial industry needs to overcome are shadowed by the lack of data transparency, however [....]

A classic tech entrepreneur story: KEV Group

“Great companies start because the founders want to CHANGE THE WORLD, not make a fast buck.” – Guy Kawasaki As a one stop solution for school cash management, KEV Group provides ful [....]

Revolutionizing Sales Training: Matrix Achievement Group

Founded in 2001, Matrix leverages an innovative, comprehensive world-class portfolio of solutions based upon human behavior research.”  Established with a mission to assist companies in [....]

Established with an ultimate aim of providing a successful “transition” for every patient (family & caregiver), while creating a financial and strategic differentiator for the health systems we aim to serve worldwide: Patient Engagement Advisors (PEA)

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs Founded in 2008, Patient Engagement Advisors, LLC (PEA) provides transition of care, outpatient developmen [....]

Creating Unique Brand Experiences for Customers in the Digital World: Team SI

A Google Certified Partner since 2012, Team SI was recently named a Google All-Star, competing against 14,000 agencies worldwide for one of 200 spots. When businesses develop marketing strategies, [....]

Harnessing specialist expertise to transform companies’ IT integration: Integrella

Headquartered in London, UK, Integrella is a dynamic, niche integration company, employing experienced integration experts who are trusted partners to their clients. During his years in application [....]

Real-Time Compliance Automation and Fraud Prevention Using Trusted Digital Identities: IdentityMind Global

Established in 2013, IdentityMind Global is a RegTech company that serves customers ranging from financial services firms, to top bitcoin marketplaces and FinTech leaders. As the pioneer of trusted di [....]

The Leader in Powerful Decision-Ready Risk & Compliance Intelligence: Regulatory DataCorp

“Regulatory DataCorp is a trusted partner that works with regulated organizations both domestically and globally to provide fully customized diligence solutions based on their individual needs, [....]

Providing the Most Effective Talent Management Soltions in K-20 Education: PeopleAdmin

CEO Kermit Randa: “Working in and having a bird’s-eye view of K-20 education allows us to support our customers by delivering solutions and services aligned to what school administrators n [....]

Taking Pride in Being America’s Best Priced Luxury Mattress Firm: Saatva

The e-commerce sector is the most happening thing in the industry right now. With the phenomenal success of firms like Amazon and Best Buy, more and more companies are entering the e-commerce space [....]

Alluring Marketers with Breakthrough, Unified, Cross-Device Marketing Solutions: Tapad Inc

“Tapad team is a hell of a list of entrepreneurs who created some of the most valuable online advertising companies of the last decade.” – TechCrunch Communication helps businesses [....]

Seamlessly Integrating All Aspects of Client Operations: Esri

“Headquartered in Redlands, California, USA, Esri has 40+ offices around the world with employees from 67 countries.” Jack and Laura Dangermond began a commercial business, the Environmen [....]

A Worldwide Leader in Securing the Future: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

“Since 1993, Check Point has been dedicated to providing customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reducing security complexity and lowering total cost of ownership [....]

Vaultize gives you the freedom to share, edit and version your documents safely

“At Vaultize, we believe you shouldn’t have to trade security for freedom.” Vaultize provides a comprehensive enterprise file security platform that enables continuous data protecti [....]

The Next Generation of Mobile Cloud Communications: Movius Corp.

“Helping companies increase workforce productivity, simplify BYOD management, lower telephony costs, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.” Movius Interactive Corporation provid [....]

Find the people that are already looking for you; says Caleb Guillory

We strive to remain at the top with our “no customer left behind” philosophy.” Business owners wear many hats, including being in charge of operations, product development and man [....]

A Leading Boutique Systems Integration Company: Maantic, Inc.

“We are dedicated to the cost-effective delivery of integrated IT solutions that achieve outstanding business success.” Maantic is a global strategy and leading system integration fir [....]

A Premier Provider of Custom Software Development, Technology Enablement Services & Value-Add Consulting: First Line Software

“First Line operates multiple software development centers in Eastern Europe and employs 400+ staff globally. It has completed over 400 projects in 15 countries in 14 different industries.&rdq [....]

Ground-breaking management solutions for the transportation industry: Green Mile LLC

GreenMile was established with the vision of offering clients a global set of cloud-based solutions and services including optimized logistics planning and real-time route & vehicle visibility to [....]

The No-Nonsense Cyber Warriors at Your Service: Armor Defense

“The cyber threat is here. It’s upon us now and we need the people here today to help us defend our systems and our nation.” – James Clapper If you are someone who runs or own [....]

Supporting Every Facet of an Organization’s Computer and Network Systems: Networking Technologies

"Incorporated in 1998, Networking Technologies’solution partners lead the industry, creating innovative solutions to solve customer problems or enhance their operations.” A division o [....]

Transforming How Networks Are Built: CloudGenix

Headquartered in CA, CloudGenix was founded in 2013 by a team of visionary entrepreneurs who had previously delivered industry-leading products in networking, SDN, cloud, security and web-scale appl [....]

The company led by revolutionary IT Ninjas: eMazzanti Technologies

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” – Bill Gates Headquartered in NJ, eMazzanti Technologies helps small- to medium-sized enterprises use [....]

Meet the leader offering global Geospatial Solutions: Intermap Technologies

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap Technologies is an industry [....]

Intrepid Data: A Provider of Customized Client Solutions for Enterprises

The year 2014 saw the advent of several promising Software Products and Solutions, be it the Windows 10 or the PDF Eraser. But what was more exciting about the year was the inception of several new [....]


“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient o [....]

Envision Financial Systems: A Forward looking company with Rich Mutual Fund and Technology Experience

“Well-functioning financial systems are important in achieving sustained economic growth.” – Toshihiko Fukui Envision Financial Systems provides real-time shareholder accounting a [....]

DocuSign: Keeping life and business moving forward by offering world-class solutions

DocuSign® is changing how business gets done by empowering more than 100,000 companies and more than 50 million users in 188 countries to sign, send and manage documents anytime, anywhere, on an [....]

Element: Simple and Secure Payment Processing

The restaurant category of “Fast Casual” has seen a significant boom in the past few years, but one of the main challenges is allowing customers to order more and pay when they want. The [....]

Citrix: A Leader in Mobility, Virtualization, Networking and Cloud Services

The future of mobile is incremental innovation with a transformational impact.” – Reijo Pold. Over the past decade, a number of technology trends including cloud, mobile, and now the ev [....]

SR 20 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2015

Company Management Description Citrix Bob Calderoni, Executive Chairman, Interim CEO & President Citrix is leading the transition to software-defining the workplace, rein [....]

Making the most out of opportunities laid down by the Telecom market and an environment driven by a connected world: VirtualPBX

With its current global footprint extending up to 41 countries, VirtualPBX founded in 1997 has built a reliable network that focuses on security and has been key to being able to expand into so many d [....]

A Global Leader in Integrated Application Delivery Solutions: Radware

“For 10,000 enterprises and carriers worldwide, Radware helps drive business productivity, improve profitability, and reduce IT operating and infrastructure costs by making “business-sma [....]

Bringing the convenience and personalization of eCommerce to physical retailers and their customers: FutureProof Retail

 “Technology platform configurable for any retail format.” FutureProof was founded in 2013 by a group of impatient shoppers, award winning developers and retail technology veterans [....]

Promoting business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology: Celerant Technology

We know who our customer is and we’re a company standing firm with our point of view.” – Ralph Lauren Celerant Technology is a privately held Corporation, providing high [....]

Nothing Short of Excellence: Mi9 Retail

In 2001, when Mi9 Retail was founded, we were determined to become the force to reckon with in the world of business intelligence. Mi9 Retail, the premier provider of enterprise retail merchandisin [....]

“We’ve got software for every aspect of your supply chain”: Jesta I.S.

At Jesta I.S., we strive to maintain our position as the software solution leader for the AFA and Specialty Retail industries.” Jesta I.S. is an international supplier of integrated software [....]

Make Your Life Easier With NCR

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso NCR Corporation is a leader in omni-channel solutions, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptio [....]

Evoke Technologies: Helping Global Corporations to Innovate & Transform their Businesses utilizing IT

“Founded in 2003, Evoke’s vision is to be a customer centric organization that simplifies solutions for everyday business challenges.” Evoke Technologies is an innovative IT service [....]

SyncDog: A Comprehensive Mobility Platform for Enterprise Security

“The sophistication of advanced threats has outpaced what most organization’s security teams can handle on their own; monitoring and response must be a 24/7 function.” – Yane [....]

Proven leaders in security, data analytics and networking: Seceon

Founded in 2015, Westford, MA, based Seceon provides comprehensive solutions for automating the detection, prevention and remediation of all cyber-security threats in real-time. Data breaches in or [....]

SmartLinx Solutions: The Trusted Leader in Workforce Management

The Silicon Review 2016 Company of the Year “SmartLinx Solutions has helped organizations forever transform their business and distinguish their employer and consumer brands with its integrated [....]

The Leader of the ISV Providing Viable Alternatives to the Mobility Establishment: Jonas Gyllensvaan

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker The world has become increas-ingly INTERNET-driven in the past decade. New businesses are springing up a [....]

Adgistics: Supporting companies to enrich their branding activities

“A successful brand has value beyond the revenues it generates.” Adgistics was founded in 1999 to provide internet-based capabilities for the marketing and communications supply ch [....]

Delivering ERP functionality that puts you ahead of the competition: Plex Systems

Continuous innovation still serves as the foundation of Plex solutions today.” – Jerry Foster, Co-founder, Plex Plex was born on the shop floor of a factory making axles, pinion ge [....]

American Well: Meet the Leaders in Telehealth Services

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”– Vince Lombardi Established with a mission to improve access to quality care and make it more affo [....]

Building the Next Generation of Smart Governments and Smart Cities: Imex Systems Inc.

“ We focus on Smart Government and Smart City technologies and are well positioned as a leading provider of e-Government technology platform.” The e-Government market is exploding worldwi [....]

The Creator of the Virtual Wallet and eventually the Cl: Allied Wallet

Having begun his career in the retail space, Andy Khawaja noticed that a gateway to cyber security was missing when the number of internet users was steadily rising. And wanting to find a solution [....]

Delivering Award-Winning Business Recovery Solutions for any IT Environment: Unitrends

“Headquartered in Burlington, MA, USA, Unitrends provides physical, virtual and cloud-based protection and recovery for every organization’s most valuable assets: its data and applicatio [....]

Reflektion: A Specialist in providing Personalized Solutions to E-commerce companies

“A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere.” – Jeremy Abe The digital retail market has boomed to insurmountable l [....]

Do more with less: 2toLead Limited

‘Ensuring your organization is being pro-active in getting the maximum value out of your technology investments.’ Founded in 2014, 2toLead is a consulting company with the most tru [....]

Transforming the way IT services are delivered to your business: Integrated Computer Services Inc.

Providing cost savings on hardware and maintenance, enhancing system capabilities, tightening security and reducing down-time.’ Integrated Computer Services, Inc. (ICS) in Glen Rock, New Jers [....]

Proudly designing software: Systweak

‘Delivering the best computing and mobile experience from the beginning of a product to its completion’ Systweak Software is an international IT development company which creates system [....]

Providing the most appealing B2C Lead Exchange Platform: Astoria Company

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”  – Peter Drucker Digital transformation is in full swing, and [....]

Providing a unique blend of marketing insight and proprietary technology to turn an existing customer base into a powerful new sales channel: RewardStream Solutions Inc.

The key factors that help determine an organization’s marketing capabilities in today’s global platform are the ability to innovate, strategize, prioritize and most importantly, demonstr [....]

One of the Best and Reliable Java Software Development Professionals: GROUP9

“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.” – Linus Torvalds Being dissatisfied with [....]

Making Each One of Your Sale Transactions Effortless and Successful: Standav Corp

Operating since 2009, Standav is a Salesforce consulting and system integration firm recognized by CIO review as one of the 20 most promising Salesforce solution providers.” Standav Corp is a [....]

Creating Actionable Plans for Key Results: Aeritae Consulting Group

As your partner, our success is fully dependent on your success.” CEOs Words: “Aeritae balances best practices, practical experiences, industry knowledge and standard fra [....]

Get Dynamic Protection from Unknown Attacks through the Combination of Stormshield Technologies

Could is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”  Stormshield, a fully-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, offers innovative end-to-end security solutions worl [....]

Helping Organizations Improve Care Quality & Patient Outcomes: GSI Health

Founded in 2003, GSI Health strives to make a difference for the health of patients and populations across the nation, providing a health IT solution that enables collaborative population health man [....]

Revolutionizing Enterprise Resource Planning Across the Globe: Vroozi

“Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA, Vroozi gives customers 100% digital and mobile experiences from requests all the way to supplier invoicing.” Organizations nowadays face a lot of [....]

Simplify Talent Management with BirdDogHR

Serving companies headquartered in North America, BirdDogHR’s mission is to help organizations most effectively organize and manage their greatest asset – people.”  Talent ma [....]

Driven by a Desire to Change the Way Retail Executives Use Technology: ECRS

Develop and deliver common sense, innovative retail automation solutions that work as advertised. Take care of your customers and employees, and profits will follow.” – Pete Catoe Histo [....]

Telecom Expense Management Experts at Your Service: The SpyGlass Group

“We work behind the scenes to reduce your telecom bills.” Telecommunications and business functions must be balanced and supervised side by side. We cannot deny the fact that even the s [....]

Building the next generation of solar and other energy products for residential homes: Smart Energy Today Inc.

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action ste [....]

The Global Leader in Providing Consistent High-Quality Ink & Toner Printer Cartridges: Cartridge World

“Cartridge World printer cartridges give both businesses and consumers, consistent optimum print quality, with a print defect free performance every time, whilst providing a significant cost s [....]

Advancing breakthroughs with the world’s leading genomic analysis products: Illumina

“Our goal is to help you propel scientific progress.” As a startup, Illumina aspired to transform human health. Its initial products enabled researchers to explore DNA at an entirely ne [....]

A World Leading Provider of Audit, Tax and Consulting Services to Entrepreneurial Growth-Focused Organizations Globally: RSM International

We put ourselves at the heart of your business where we can be most effective”  RSM is a powerful network of audit, tax and consulting experts with offices all over the world. As [....]

Pyramid Analytics: Your company’s smarter when everyone’s smarter

“Without analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out into the web like a deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore For years, organizations from small to large have been acc [....]

OpDecision: A Leading Provider of Corporate Wireless Expense Management Services

“Founded in 2007, OpDecision’s solutions strategy brings a positive impact to all of its clients’ bottom lines and enhances their overall end-user productivity and processes.&rdq [....]

Delivering Reliable Long Range Connectivity for Low Power Wide Area solutions: Senet

“Headquartered in New Hampshire, USA, Senet is currently focused on the North American market and has over 125,000 square miles of network coverage.” Low Power Wide Area Networks are the [....]

Offering innovation and flexibility, quick and high result oriented Professional Services: Q1 Technologies

Q1 Technologies is a result-oriented information technology company that focuses on helping customers increase efficiency and reduce cost through quality solutions that are flexible and secure. Q1 s [....]

Enabling the Internet of Things: Eurotech

“The IoT is big news because it ups the ante: ‘Reach out and touch somebody’ is becoming ‘reach out and touch everything.” – Parker Trewin Nowadays, customers can [....]

802 Secure: Company of the Year 2016

We have disruptive technology that provides a spectrum agnostic software defined radio solution that protects all wireless devices regardless of frequency. With technology reseller agreements in pla [....]

A Next-Generation Platform for Sales, SalezShark is Transforming the CRM Space Widely

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill Founded in the year 2014, by a team of passionate experts dedicated to transform [....]

ABC Info Soft: A New Generation Information Technology Company, offering info software solutions

A New Generation Information Technology Company, ABC Info Soft Pvt. Ltd incorporated with a vision to provide world class IT solutions to diversified industries across the Globe. Founded in the yea [....]

Tyto Software: A Technology Firm Focused on Delivering World-Class Test Automation Solutions

“Headquartered in Bangalore, Tyto Software’s flagship product ‘Sahi Pro’ is a leading Web Test Automation Tool” Businesses today are moving towards increased automation [....]

A One Stop Solution to Meet All Data and Information Security Requirements of an Organization: Kyrion

“Set up in 2009, Kyrion pioneered the computer security education market in India, creating a completely new industry segment, subsequently consolidating and maturing it.” Digital Securit [....]

“Young enough to run, and Old enough to fly”: Candid Marketing

Established in 1995, Candid Marketing is all about strategic brand Activation ideas & campaigns. Being in 20th year of their existence in corporate world they have created a mark for themselves. [....]

Tangentia: A Global Boutique IT Consulting, Technology & Outsourcing Firm

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama Founded in 2003, Tangentia is a leading boutique consulting, technology and outsourci [....]

Changing the world through Mobile App Experiences: AppStudioz

Your mobile device has quickly become the easiest portal into your digital self.” – Phil Nickinson Affle is a Singapore headquartered, Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS) platform for m [....]

Virgosys Software: Offering services in custom software development and information technology consulting domain

“We at Virgosys Software understand your needs and strive to provide web based solutions that not only with time return the investment but also help to consolidate on the profits.” Starte [....]

The providers of leading System Integration products and Solutions: Ceeco Technologies

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama Carrying more than 2 decades of experience in providing solutions for education, training [....]

Providing the most Customizable, Compatible and Performance Boosting Project Management Platform: CELOXIS

“The “P” in “PM” is as much as about People Management as it is about Project Management” – Cornelius Fichtner Celoxis is a leading global player in the we [....]

Securitas India: Leader in gratifying the Security needs of clients

"Securitas in India is a leader and trusted partner in Protective Services and NSR empanelled Background Verifier.” Understanding the safety need of business, Securitas in India is extending [....]

One of the most subtle Omni-directional mobility solutions providing company: Ivymobility

“Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” – Ray Kurzweil The company, which is most passionate about its technology, Ivymobility in its & [....]

Meet the Data Recovery Experts: Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar was incorporated in the year 1993 by 3 techies – Sunil Chandna, Manoj Dhingra, and Kuljeet Singh who graduated with degrees in Computer Science from University of Pune, Maharashtra, In [....]

Walking Tree: A Specialist in Delivering World-Class Technology Solutions

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein Founded in 2008, Walking Tree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology. The com [....]

Developing and delivering world-class healthcare solutions in the most cost-effective way: CURA

“We equip the healthcare world with significant innovations and clinical solutions.” Built on a strong foundation of innovation, expertise and resourcefulness, CURA is now known to the wo [....]

PIONEER Property: Delivering Real Estate Advisory Services to Enhance Stakeholder Value Since 1986

“In the last 28+ years, the company has successfully made more than 30000 families happy by providing them their dream home besides other realty properties of their choice.” PIONEER Prope [....]

We know how to make technology work for you to keep you ahead: Sify

“Put customers’ needs first, be accountable, and be action oriented.” Innovative, daring, ahead-of-times, visionary, these are some of the epithets used about Sify when it was est [....]

Women Centric Digital Media Agency, Ittisa, is taking the digital world by storm

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer Digital is everywhere today. We, [....]

Dot Com Infoway: Leveraging Businesses with Technological Intelligence

“We deliver business-critical solutions on-time, within budgets and within desired levels of performance.” A premier IT Company located, Dot Com Infoway (DCI) provides offshore IT outso [....]

Divum Corporate Services: An Industry Expert Serving Multiple Verticals Since 2008

“Established in 2008, Divum Corporate Services Pvt Ltd. is a global product house, trying best to cater to customers all across the world.” A passionate product development centre, Di [....]

Alpinesoft IT Solutions: Delivering Top-Notch IT Product & Services Combining Experiences of Expert Workforce

"We have proven track record of putting customers in control of their business online.” One of the leading IT service providers, established in 2010, Alpinesoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd helps its [....]

CtrlS Datacenters: Committed to Offer Excellence to its Valuable Customers

“CtrlS datacenter is Tier 4 certified and provides 99.995% uptime guarantee, less than 22 minutes of downtime in a year and N+N redundancy.” Established in October 2007, at CtrlS nothin [....]

Sify Technologies: An ideal partner for all organizations, across sector and scale

Innovative, daring, ahead-of-times, visionary… these are some of the epithets used about Sify when they established in 1995 at Chennai. After becoming the 1st network in India to be IPv6-enab [....]

TO THE NEW: Enticing the Business World by Driving Digital Transformation

“We follow agile practices combined with design-led engineering, cloud and analytics driven marketing that helps us build great products and transform businesses.” A well positioned compa [....]

50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

Company Management Description Mindtreewww.mindtree.com Krishnakumar Natarajan, Executive Chairman Mindtree delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to [....]

Values Driven by Fundamentals of Quality and Innovation: MOREPEN Laboratories

"Water, air and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy”. – Napoleon Bonaparte Some things will always remain unfettered. Like sunshine and air, like suffering and joy, like sha [....]

Ineda Systems: Enabling IoT Revolution

Ineda Systems is a startup developing low power SoCs for use in both consumer and enterprise applications. The company provides innovative and differentiated platforms for IoT and Wearable application [....]

Retailers!!.. Sit back and relax, we are here to manage your operations: Your Retail Coach

“In the end, all successful business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits.” – Lee lacocca Since many years, enterprises have downplayed the importan [....]

“Shop the look” with “Styletag”: A luxury multi-designer fashion and lifestyle destination

“Headquartered in Bangalore, Styletag offers carefully curated fashion at great prices!” The online shopping space in India has seen immense growth in just the last two years. The ease [....]

“Unified Enterprise Data Management platform giving a 360 degree view of your customers establishing relationships across lines of businesses” : Posidex Technologies P Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Posidex Technologies helps their client in transforming their businesses through unified data management platform and improve their overall business intelligence and operations. Esta [....]

A One-Stop Trade Source, Connect2India is making the ‘Trade’ in, with and from India Easy and Safe

“Connect2India, an exclusively India focused B2B Trade portal, offers a Technology-driven integrated platform for Indian and Overseas SMEs to promote and grow their business, without any geograp [....]

Marg Compusoft: With its one stop solution, Marg ERP 9+ is the backbone of every Retail business

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Lakein. To keep pace with a fast-changing work scenario and provide real-time i [....]

Synoverge Technologies: Creating a value for clients by offering outstanding degree of domain expertise

 “Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” – Walt Disney Synoverge Technologies is a next generation Technology Consu [....]

Cubet Techno Labs: Meet the leading web and mobile application Development Company, offering end-to-end solutions…..

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Founded in 2007, Cubet Techno Labs offers end to end solutions which help organizations to competently [....]

Building Connections and an Empire to Last: Thiru Ganesan

…..and this is how Kyyba was founded.Thiru Ganesan along with his brother Tel Ganesan set up their dream project in Detroit, Michigan in the year 1997. Kyyba started as [....]

Korecent Solutions Pvt. Ltd: A forward looking firm providing superior consulting services for IT

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”. – Jack Welch Established in 2009, Korecent Soluti [....]

Sumtwo: Delivering quality services at affordable cost to clientele globally

Carrying strong industry knowledge, 2012 established Sumtwo is an Information Technology services company which strives to help businesses plan, solve, and grow by leveraging cutting-edge technologica [....]

‘Meet the experts in various functional domains along with the clear-cut concepts of ERP’: ITFlux Technologies Pvt. Ltd

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning andfocused effort.” – Paul J. Meyer. Founded with a preordained aim t [....]

Focus Softnet: Innovating, developing and delivering high quality products by addressing the complex needs of a growing business

With global marketplace constantly evolving, the companies today need to innovate, develop and deliver high quality products as well as address the complex needs of a growing business to succeed in to [....]

Marg Compusoft: Instigating revolution with all new Marg ERP9+ software for MSME segment.

“Success only driven by People, Process and Planning.” “The key focus market for MARG ERP 9+  has always been the most versatile segment of MSME, Retailers, Distributors and Ma [....]

Dot Com Infoway: Blooming businesses with their customised solutions and strategies to perquisite territory of clientele.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”- Napoleon Hill Looking for a company providing custom solutions to accomplish your business needs? Then look no bey [....]

Favor TechConsulting: Delivering leading edge information management and information technologies by keeping a strategic focus on excellence

Favor TechConsulting, LLC (FTC) delivers leading edge information management and information technology (IM/IT) services to a wide variety of corporate and government clients. FTC’s success is b [....]

Analyze, recommend, plan and execute: PointManagement

PointManagement is the leading choice of large enterprises for mobile and desktop hardware managed services. Its clients rely on us to procure, secure, configure, deploy, support, and repair their ass [....]

Solving the client’s variable IT needs: 3STEP IT

“Our strategy is to invest in high quality partnerships within our current markets and new markets. We are continuously developing our services to meet our customer needs and delivering incremen [....]

Delivering value with Integrity, Work ethics and Professionalism: Tekk Fusion

With the idea that people matter most. Tekk Fusion believes that relationships make or break each company it works with. It looks for the right fit, not just the right resume. Headquartered in Florid [....]

Driving integration across internal and external, business processes: Precision Software

“Trust Precision Software to deliver the technology solutions you need to do it better.” Founded in 1984, Precision Software provides supply chain and international trade logistics soluti [....]

Envisage Information Systems: A Specialist in providing Cutting-Edge Software for the Retirement Industry

“With over 25 years of experience, Envisage uses component technology to create lasting, scalable, retirement solutions.” Envisage Information Systems, headquartered in Ithaca, New York, [....]

A niche business specializing in Workday Financial Management applications: Decisif Consulting

Decisif Consulting is an international consulting firm specializing in the deployment, integration, and continued support of Workday Financial Management applications. They offer a wide range of on- a [....]

Operating since August, 2008, Skalable Technologies holds in-depth experience in ERP and CRM Solutions both from a Business standpoint and also from the IT standpoint.: SKALABLE

A leader in CRM Solution and ERP providers, California based Skalable Technologies acts as a Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP Valued Added Reseller. The company which is also a Netsuite Service P [....]

SR 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2015

Company Management Description Caserta Concepts Joe Caserta,Founder & President New York based Caserta Concepts is an award-winning company well known for its visionary lea [....]

Khanna Consulting: A one stop shop for its clients, offering all aspects of Retail Energy Solutions

“Stetted its foundation in the year 2007, Khanna Consulting is niche player in the retail energy industry. Since its inception they have been credited for bringing resources with deep knowledge [....]

UniMind Software Solutions, Inc: Delivering expertise on PeopleSoft / e- Business and Data Warehousing Solutions

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack Welch Founded in 2001, the Oracle Gol [....]

Knowing the upcoming Cloud leader: POS On Cloud

POS On Cloud was founded by Sunny Dronawat and Randy Sagar along with William Berry, Mike Valerio and Kevin Medina in 2012. With offices located on Louisville and Chicago, POS is led by a team of prof [....]

Providing Simple Solutions for Complex Problems: TenXLabs(A division of TalentSprintPvt Ltd)

TenXLabs, a new-age testing lab, offers services that address functional and non-functional QA aspects in the SDLC. The next-gen IT services company with a strong focus on complex problem solving in t [....]

State-of-the-art travel- commerce and loyalty platform:Switchfly

Switchfly delivers a unique value proposition for travel brands, financial services providers and local commerce sites by combining highly scalable and secure SaaS architecture with deep product inven [....]

Empowering the Digital Marketing Sector with 6D Global Technologies: Founder, Chairman and CEO, Tejune Kang

In today’s digital world, the secret to scaling up and gaining traction for an organization is its ability to effectively market itself. It has to be adept in optimizing digital business channel [....]

M2M Spectrum Networks: A Leader in providing Complete Solutions for Machine-Machine Communications

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!” – Brendan O’Brien Ever since the Internet of Things (IoT) ga [....]

ForeScout Technologies: A Rising Star in Network Security

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”–Jack Welch To fight cyberattacks, now more than e [....]

Sutherland Healthcare Solutions: Delivering Innovative Services and Technology Solutions to a Global Healthcare Clientele

“We focus on helping health organizations on their journey from fee-for-service to a value based model  through the delivery of measurable financial and clinical outcomes, as well as improv [....]

Looking for a complete solution to protect your data while traveling or sharing content with multiple networks? Then look no further than SyncDog!

“The popularity and adoption of smart phones has greatly stimulated the spread of mobile malware, especially on the popular platforms such as Android.”– Yajin Zhou and Xuxian Jiang [....]

Next Generation Intrusion Prevention: from the Inside-Out, Beyond and Behind the Firewall™: SnoopWall

SnoopWall secures mission critical and highly valuable confidential information behind firewalls and on mobile devices with next generation technology that detects and blocks all remote control, eave [....]

Creating innovative solutions that allow organizations to focus on solving business needs: Avatier

Founded in 1995, CA based Avatier’s customers recognize the value of Avatier’s software cost in order to avoid the perpetual professional service cost needed to maintain other solutions. [....]

From Internet Pioneer to Cloud Innovator: Doolli

Positioned as one of the fastest growing markets for the cloud-based infrastructure and platforms, Doolli led by CEO & Founder, Scott Baxter, is riding the cloud wave and is itself, a disruptive f [....]

Fortinet: Delivering the Fastest and High Performance Network Security Solutions…

Founded in 2000, Fortinet is a worldwide provider of Network Security Appliances and a market leader in Unified Threat Management. Last quarter the company shipped more than 200 million units becoming [....]

GlobeNet: A Leader in Deployment of New Technology in Subsea Industry

Starting its operations in the year 2003, GlobeNet, a wholesale telecommunications company has carved a niche in providing secure and reliable, low latency data services over a dual ring-protected fib [....]

Security and Performance: Mobile Care Everywhere by CommuniTake

The new connected world creates an ever-increasing set of mobility challenges for both enterprises and device users. The challenges include: I.High mobile endpoint vulnerability to malicious attac [....]

The result of success: RiVA IT Solutions

Continued growth in health care expenditures and significant changes in health care coverage are creating demand for consulting projects. This includes a focus on digital health records and a dramat [....]

Providing an eight-zone security system to safeguard your business and valuable data

In today’s world  where Technology is a great boon to mankind and is evolving at a fast pace, all the leading IT houses and corporate offices are succumbing to Cloud computing because of [....]

Social Offer Squad leads Social eCommerce with IDInteract’s Demand Marketing Platform

Today, implicit or implied data from search engines drives ad placement. In contrast, IDInteract builds a bridge between brands and consumers based on otp-in and consumer preferences. IDIntera [....]

Fraud Detection and Analytics for the Mobile Communications Sector: Argyle Data

“Big data is at the foundation of all of the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to the cloud to gaming.” - Chris Lynch Mobile communications is permeating every pa [....]

Ensuring informed decision-making through big data solutions : e-navik Global Services

e-navik group is a global services firm focused on conceiving, developing and distributing customer-focused solutions for companies in, amongst others, the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications [....]

Delivers ‘Leading Edge’ Solutions in the Big Data Space : Caserta Concepts

Caserta Concepts is a New York-based, award winning, innovation technology consulting and implementation firm, specializing in big data analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and cloud-com [....]

Pabrai India Pvt Ltd: A Leader in Delivering Cyber Security & Compliance Solutions

Headquartered in Puducherry, Pabrai India specializes in delivering complete end-to-end cyber security and compliance solutions anywhere in India. Pabrai India delivers “everything security &a [....]

Building trust is critical to secure Big Data growth:Data Deposit Box

Founded in 2002, Canada and Ukraine based Data Deposit Box is an early pioneer of cloud backup technology. It’s technologies and solutions are currently used daily by over 200,00 customers, 1,00 [....]

ARCON TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd: A Global Leader Specializing in Risk Control Solutions

Technology is fast evolving; innovations are now being constantly challenged. Internet, millions of interconnected devices and internet of things are going to change the world order in no time. In t [....]

Peregrine Guarding Private Limited: Delivering Managed Security Solutions to Businesses Worldwide

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” -Vince Lombardi “Our mission is to provide unparalleled security and facilities ma [....]

Claridyne: Bringing Unprecedented Value through Comprehensive & Balanced Approach

Claridyne Inc., founded in 2001 as a privately held California based corporation, currently located in Silicon Valley, CA. Offers clients IT Products and Services to meet the myriad of IT challenges f [....]

Data Resolve Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Mitigating Insider Threats with Cyber Security Intelligence

“Data Resolve Technologies, an IIT Kharagpur incubation, is focused on addressing data theft, data loss with security analytics” The constant barrage of cyberattacks and threats has creat [....]

The leading pioneer Healthcare service provider: Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd

The Indian Healthcare industry is becoming more and more technologically advanced day by day. And for service provider companies in the domain like Birlamedisoft, the growth rate has been progressing [....]

XIPHIAS: Leading the Modernized Technological World

Since its inception in 2005, XIPHIAS Software Technologies is one of the leading technology providers in India. They offer a vast portfolio of innovative products and services in the hardware and soft [....]

HEALTH FOR ALL (www.hfa.co.in): Offering a cloud based healthcare information delivery platform

“Only a life lived in service to others is worth living” – Albert Einstein Health is an important asset for human beings. Living a healthy disease free lifedepends on one’s [....]

Keva Ayurveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd: Leading the Ayurveda World by Offering World Class Curative Therapies

“If you want happiness for a lifetime, do something for others” Keva Ayurveda, an ISO certified company began its operations in 2011 and from then has never looked back. They offer best [....]

Quintessence Business Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd: Delivering Measurable Results through Smart Technologies

Founded in 2011, QBSS represents the epitome & embodiment of the very best processes, technology & people. Acreator of smart, simple yet cost effective technology, Quintessence Business Sol [....]

Technology Driven Entrepreneurs, Creating Difference through their Works: Anup Singh, Sudhir Singh & Mahender Singh

ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Marg CompuSoft is a recipient of Business Leader of the Year 2013 Award and Best software Award (2008-2009 & 2009-2010) Albert Einstein had once said “You have to l [....]

Epitome of Innovation and Automation: Street Light Software Private Limited

“You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.”-Dale Carnegie Worried about spending energy on buying, building and maintaining IT infrastructure? Wish to pay for what y [....]

Enlightening IT for business: Nano Web Tech Limited

Equipped with State of the Art infrastructure, the 2008 founded company is a trusted provider of affordable and quality driven IT solutions. The responsive web design company & outsourcing org [....]

Software Services companies: Accolite Software India Pvt Ltd

Founded in 2009, Accolite Software India Pvt Ltd, is focused on serving Fortune 500 Customers in Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications and Automotive Verticals. The company [....]

10 Fastest Software Companies 2015

Welcoming break through Solutions in the Software world… Companies around the world are enjoying growth at steady rates, irrespective of their size (small, medium or giant companies) and loc [....]

e2e Projects Pvt Ltd. A Covenant ‘Leader’ IN THE Mobility Environ

e2e Projects Pvt. Ltd. is the most sought after Premium partners to Microsoft, for providing end to end industry best Process and Project Management solutions through EPM and SharePoint implementati [....]

Making business on the go a reality : POS ON CLOUD

POS IN CLOUD is the first true cross-platform Point Of Sale Software for all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Linux. Gone are the days when Enterprises dealing in various business p [....]

Driving home excellence through the Cloud: CtrlS

Cloud computing is the way companies meet all their requirements of hardware and software with IT infrastructure hosted in huge data centers. Today, with Data centers becoming a necessity for all en [....]

Delivering IT Solutions across Banking & Government & eCommerce: Virmati Software & Telecommunications Limited

In today’s ever growing & ever transforming world of IT Consumerism, Virmati Software & Telecommunications Limited, a prominent IT Solutions & Delivery Organization with marquee of [....]

Top 20 Software Companies 2014

Indan is an emerging leader in the IT Software industry. The emergence of new companies and growth of older ones have depicted the faith that Indians have in skill and innovation. That Indian rema [....]

Providing Mobile Services Globally: ILMP Technologies Private Limited

“We want to make a difference by believing that IT can also be emotional. We work with humungous passion and love our families with equal fervor.” It is almost regular nowadays to see peo [....]

Facilitating technologies to emerge in the data centre space: CtrlS

With this growth seen in the Indian market, CtrlS has established itself as India’s fastest growing Tier 4 Datacenter Company, a milestone it has achieved within Six years of incorporation. Wit [....]

Providing Services and Technology together:Saanvi Technologies

“I don’t know where we should take this company, but I do know that if I start with the right people, ask them the right questions, and engage them in vigorous debate, we will find a way t [....]

Infowatch – The watchdog of your confidential data and information

“One can have data without information, but one cannot have information without data” – Daniel Keys Moran Data is critical to any organization dealing in any kind of business. Becau [....]

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