‘Linking Business and People’: Croatia-based Sciomagis Plans to Integrate BPM Platform with IoT to Enable Full Automation and Management of Processes with a Wide Context of Possible Implementations

“Our solutions are projected to be delivered fast and engineered to be customizable later.” To compete in today’s digital age, enterprises are under increased pressure to optimize c [....]

Identity Management Company of the Future with Innovative Solutions for Today Avatier Corporation

The world is witnessing a true digital transformation right now in the Identity Management space. And being the most efficient and secure place to run applications, container technology is just begi [....]

50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

Company Management Description Dentacoin Foundationwww.dentacoin.com Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder Dentacoin is the first Blockchain concept designed for the Global Dental In [....]

Helping Physicians Objectively and Optimally Manage Memory Loss, Cognitive Impairment, and Other Conditions: Evoke Neuroscience, Inc

Hired to teach mental health and applied medical neuroscience methods within the U.S. Navy, Family Medicine Residency program at Camp Lejeune, Dr. David Hagedorn was always concerned about more obje [....]

Enabling organizations to keep up with the pace, volume and complexity of change: Signavio

Signavio was born out of an obvious need for a more collaborative and accessible approach to process management. Four students at the Hasso-Plattner Institute near Berlin, Germany, saw that process ma [....]

Improving the human condition by creating and distributing blockchain applications: Peer Ledger Inc

The emergence of technology has changed the way of living for everyone in this entire world. It has totally transformed how we work, play and do business, and provide new solutions to our problems. Th [....]

Engaging audience with its creative and scientific VR technology mixed with augmented reality: Furious M

Virtual Reality is an emerging electronic technology with its hands on almost every field including: education, entertainment, training, athletics, industrial design, architecture and landscape archit [....]

Committed to introduce trusted technology into everyday patient care Evoke Neuroscience

Evoke Neuroscience was formed in 2009 by research scientists, clinicians, medical doctors, and business professionals dedicated to developing and delivering the most important advances in brain scienc [....]

50 Most Valuable Brands of The Year 2017

Company Management Description Aricentwww.aricent.com Frank Kern, CEO Aricent is a global design and engineering company innovating for the digital era. With more than 12,000 ta [....]

“We are committed to solving our customers’ physical security needs with the latest technology”: Brivo

“Our mission is to provide commercial physical security solutions that are simpler and better than any other technology on the market.” Brivo was founded in 1999 with the vision to use [....]

Pushing the frontiers of innovation by disrupting the big data consulting industry: Experfy

Experfy was founded on 2014 by Sarabjot Kaur, Co-Founder & CEO, headquartered at Western Ave, Boston, MA United States. Experfy is an intellectual powerhouse where elite data and tech professional [....]

Securing Business beyond Boundaries: Intralinks

‘Securely share and collaborate on high-value content across teams, partners, customers, counterparties and regulators.’ Intralinks Holdings, Inc. founded in 1996, is a global technolog [....]

Making robots designed to fit digital life at the point of human contact: White Box Robotics

‘For teachers, researchers, engineers or legacy systems developers who need to front real-world applications and robotics projects with a digital face.’ White Box Robotics was founded i [....]

10 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2017

  Company Management Description  OnBasewww.onbase.com Bill Priemer, President and CEO Hyland is one of the largest independent enterprise content management (ECM [....]

We are committed to solving the current gap in comprehensive brain assessments and training solutions

Evoke Neuroscience “Objectively measure and manage brain function for optimal health.” Evoke Neuroscience’s goal is to improve people’s health, performance, and quality of [....]

Motivation through Innovation; Drive Loyalty with Merchandise Rewards Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc. has created and executed award winning loyalty and incentive programs for over 20 years. As a full-service loyalty marketing institution, Rymax provides turnkey soluti [....]

Vaultize gives you the freedom to share, edit and version your documents safely

“At Vaultize, we believe you shouldn’t have to trade security for freedom.” Vaultize provides a comprehensive enterprise file security platform that enables continuous data protecti [....]

Evoke Technologies: Helping Global Corporations to Innovate & Transform their Businesses utilizing IT

“Founded in 2003, Evoke’s vision is to be a customer centric organization that simplifies solutions for everyday business challenges.” Evoke Technologies is an innovative IT service [....]

10 Fastest Growing Oracle Solution Providers Companies 2016

Company Management Description Remote DBA Expertswww.rdx.com     Buddy Flerl,Chairman & CEO RDX (Remote DBA Experts) is the pioneer of remote data infrastructure s [....]

Using Immersive Insights to drive out-of-the-box solutions and creative marketing communications: Swim Digital Group

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne Swim Digital Group is a Tampa digital marketing agency. From research and strategy to development and imple [....]

Cloudastructure: Delivering Cloud-based Infrastructure for world-class Integrated Building Automation Solutions

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory”– George S. Patton Cloudastructure delivers cloud-based infrastructure to provide Integrated Building Automat [....]