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GSI Health

50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

  Company Management Description Qlik www.qlik.com Lars Björk, CEO Qlik is a leader in visual analytics. Its portfolio of products meets customers'​ growing needs [....]

GSI Health A Vision of a Future in Which the Problems of Today’s Healthcare Are Solved

Founded in 2003 by LeRoy E. Jones, GSI Health helps to solve a problem—the uninformed, uncoordinated care being practiced in today’s healthcare system. Its cloud-based software solutions [....]

50 Most Valuable Brands of The Year 2017

Company Management Description Aricentwww.aricent.com Frank Kern, CEO Aricent is a global design and engineering company innovating for the digital era. With more than 12,000 ta [....]

Driving innovation in population health management: GSI Health

“Working towards a world in which the care everyone receives for health issues is optimized.” GSI Health, a leading health information technology company, unites patients, doctors, and pa [....]

Helping Organizations Improve Care Quality & Patient Outcomes: GSI Health

Founded in 2003, GSI Health strives to make a difference for the health of patients and populations across the nation, providing a health IT solution that enables collaborative population health man [....]

50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016

  Company Management Description Werner Enterprises www.werner.com Derek J. Leathers, President & CEO Werner is a premier transportation and logistics company, and is amon [....]

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