Cultivating a faster and reliable internet: Cloudflare

While cybersecurity is a genuine concern in today’s internet age, what most users find annoying is the incessant stream of spam emails that flood people’s inboxes. While antiviruses protec [....]

“Our long-term commitment is to make you safe and keep you safe,that’s our goal. That’s our vision”: IndigoVision

Others make cameras. We make people safe. The Purpose of a security system is to make you safe and feel safe. Period. That includes your person, your business, your property, your budget. It’ [....]

Facilitating customers to invest in various loans using advanced investment platform: FAST INVEST

In 2015, Simona Vaitkune (CEO) an ambitious and driven individual working in the lending sector imagined a different future for herself. Her personal need to create an additional income stream led to [....]

Bridging the Gap between Patients and Clinicians through Chronic Care Management Products and Services Mehmet Kazgan, Founder & CEO of cliexa

Unleashing the Power of Patient-Reported Data cliexa® is a leading provider of chronic care management products and services that enable patients to track their chronic disease activity with [....]

An Interview with David Mavashev, Nastel Technologies Founder and CEO: ‘We Help Some of the Largest Global Companies Analyze, Track, and Visualize Data from Mobile to Mainframe’

“We provide IT organizations and business executives with the tools and insights they need to understand and manage their digital environments.” As IT environments have grown steadily i [....]

The motto of IndigoVision is to keep everyone safe

The purpose of a security system is to make everyone feel safe. IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions including security cameras, video recorders,&nb [....]

With Emphasis on Content-Driven Marketing Chris Tung, the CMO of Alibaba is leading the Company to Glory

Our values are fundamental to the way we operate and how we recruit, evaluate and compensate our people. Alibaba Group was established in 1999 by 18 people led by Jack Ma, a former English teacher fr [....]

Innovating to Make Homes Smart: iMonitor Solutions

In an increasingly digital and connected world, wireless capabilities continue to be in high demand. The advent of smartphones gave people the convenience of interactive applications for a wide rang [....]

The Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality: Vatel

Hotel & Tourism Business School International Hotel and Tourism Management focuses mainly on contents that consist of business basics that covers tourism across cultural and social competence. Al [....]

30 Best Companies to Watch 2018

Company Management Description Astra International Prijono Sugiarto, President & Director Astra was established in 1957 as a trading company. Over the cours [....]

An Interview with E. Jay Saunders, Domus Semo Sancus, Chairman and CEO: ‘Our Motto is to Make Lives Better’

“Our sustained focus on marketing has put us on the radars of many companies that previously would not have given us a second thought. This has led to a surge in sales.” As the presence o [....]

The Leaders in Cloud-Based Supply Chain Risk Management: Avetta

Founded in 2003, Avetta works to provide a cloud-based software solution that enables clients to properly vet their contractors and suppliers in real time, so as to avoid costly workplace incidents th [....]

Providing a Secured Environment for Companies in Various Regions and Industry: Barracuda

Barracuda was launched to give businesses an email-security solution that didn’t cost a small fortune. With more than 1 million cloud-enabled products delivered it continue to disrupt the IT-s [....]

Helping CloudOps Bridge the Gap between Finance & App Owners: Densify

In the present time, we come across many companies that use the cloud for their own advantage. Some use a single cloud, some use multi-cloud and some hybrid clouds. Densify is a predictive analytics [....]

A Fully Integrated Specialty Pharmaceutical Company: Orexo

Orexo is famous for developing four products-from idea to patients. Orexo's portfolio contains commercial products approved in multiple markets worldwide and projects in different phases of developm [....]

“We Solve Your Most Important Data Protection Problems”: Veritas Technology

The only true source of differentiation is your information. Today, companies are digitally transforming at an ever-more-rapid pace. Keeping up requires absolute confidence in information and a sol [....]

The Leading Cloud Service Brokerage and Cloud Management Solutions Provider: CloudFX Group

Rise above the Clouds with CloudSelect 2010 was the year where expansion of cloud took place with better solutions and new innovations. Many companies and tech giants certainly made its mark but it w [....]

On a Mission to Deliver Powerful Digital Media and Web 2.0 Products: Outblaze

Idea – Creativity – Innovation The Digital media industry is an ever growing industry in which the growth room is high and yet the competition remains the same. Outblaze is one such compa [....]

Providers of Highly Optimized Solutions and Services across Wide Range of Industry Domains: CIS

In this digital era, technology advances rapidly. Organizational priorities and long-term goals tend to remain relatively static. Technology has become much more fluid and changes more rapidly. Ever [....]

An Interview with Joerg Walden, iPoint-systems gmbh Founder and CEO: ‘In Our Role as Pioneers and Thought Leaders, We Make an Important Contribution to the Sustainable Development of Society’

“Create value with our market-leading software solutions and services for efficient business processes and sustainable products.” Sustainability is proving to be much harder than compan [....]

A Health Care Company That’s Building a Healthier World: Aetna

Founded in 1853 in Hartford, CT, Aetna is committed to providing individuals, employers, health care professionals, producers, and others with innovative benefits, products, and services. Discover m [....]

An Interview with Red Stag Fulfillment Leadership: A World-Class Fulfillment Company’

“We’re a fulfillment company that approaches things a little differently. Simply put, our company exists to be the successful extension of your business.” – Brad West On Dec [....]

The Leaders and Innovators in Industrial IoT Edge Computing: FogHorn

FogHorn is a leading developer of “edge intelligence” software for industrial and commercial IoT applications. FogHorn’s software platform brings the power of machine learning and ad [....]

Maximizing Business Operations effectiveness in a multi-Cloud Environment: CloudFX

Cloud-based services that enable corporations to manage their operational efficiency and effectiveness via open source platforms is what has been describes as a gift of the fourth industrial revolutio [....]

Snack Healthy Stay Healthy: Naka Foods

We are all aware of our cravings for fast food. Whether it is chocolates or fried snacks, we all snack on it and enjoy it, albeit with a tinge of guilt. In spite of their long-term ill effects, fast [....]

Implementing artificial intelligence in crime fighting: Tookitaki Holding Pte Ltd

When it comes to the financial services sector, banks and other financial institutions often have a difficult time trying to monitor and prevent any fraudulent activities. The larger an institution be [....]

Providing the Right Skill sets to Match the Needs of the Healthcare Industry: Blue Eagle Consulting

We empower your staff with the software skills and expertise vital to managing critical patient information in today’s complex operating environments. Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) provides healt [....]

Empowering Population Health Management: Transcend Insights

“By providing solutions and insights that connect care teams with the people they serve, we are enabling successful population health management for better care and healthier lives.” Tr [....]

Securing your journey to success with innovation and security : SonicWall

The world has witnessed a major shift in the growth and development as a result of technological innovations. And undeniably, such innovations have enhanced and improved many aspects of business pro [....]

Arconic: Where More Than a Century of Innovation Takes on Engineering’s Toughest Challenges

Arconic develops and manufactures high performance, engineered products, and solutions for the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, commercial transportation and oil and gas markets. EP&S offers uni [....]

Hear Them Roar: Indiana-based Gaylor Electric, Inc’s Success Keeps Soaring

There is no room for resting on past success when today brings challenges that need to be met. Delivering on our promises is not a ‘one-time’ thing; it is an ‘every-time’ thing [....]

Securing, Managing, Analyzing the Mobile Environment: WidePoint

“We are a leading provider of managed mobility services, telecommunications lifecycle management, and cybersecurity solutions.” WidePoint Corporation is an innovative provider of Trusted [....]

Delivering a Stress-Free, Streamlined User Experience for Travelers and Arrangers Before, During, and After Every Trip: CI Azumano Travel

“We listen to, understand and meet your evolving travel needs—with progressive solutions you can customize and control in real time.” Philosopher Augustine of Hippo said, “The world is a book [....]

Reinventing Walking and Preventing Work-related Injuries through Intelligent Exoskeletons: suitX

We are passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through intelligent robotic exoskeletons: Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni Berkeley alumnus Austin Whitney will never forget his graduation [....]

Improving the quality of healthcare through better education: Medvarsity Online Ltd.

The study of healthcare encompasses a variety of areas including health-related, behavioral, and social sciences, and it is of paramount importance to widen the scope of healthcare education in order [....]

New Freedom of Movement: Snom

We want to position ourselves, together with our partners, as the first choice for the switch from analog to all-IP in as many projects as possible: Gernot Sagl, CEO Snom Technology GmbH Despite the [....]

A complete security architecture defending enterprises from cyber attacks: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Established in 1993, by a brilliant mind, Gil Shwed, Check Point first pioneered the I.T. security industry with FireWall-1 and its patented Stateful inspection technology, which is still the foundati [....]

Successfully Meet Today's Business Challenges in an Evolving IT Landscape: NetIQ

Today's hybrid IT infrastructures are creating new challenges for business and IT leaders. IT services are now being delivered across an increasingly fragmented combination of physical, virtual and cl [....]

Driving the nation to Digital India: Datamatics

In the recent days, information technology, data management and business process management consulting have taken the market by storm. With robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning alg [....]

Innovative Unified Communications Applications: AVST

The beginning of the new millennium brought in a surge of software companies in the market. Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) was one of the first companies to jump on this bandwago [....]

The Mammoth of Real Estate Industry: Lodha Group

Our clean title land, world-class design, excellent execution, differentiated branding and marketing together with energetic on-ground sales have worked well to create the best value for customers.&nb [....]

Technology Solutions for the Digital Workplace: CompuCom

“Our vision is to empower people to achieve the highest levels of performance by making technology work for them — anywhere, anytime, on any device.” From mobility to cloud computin [....]

Helping customers fight fraud and prevent online abuse: Sift Science

In 2011, Sift Science was created to bring the power of machine learning technology to businesses of any size. Jason Tan, who was part of the Y Combinator incubator program, talked to several e-commer [....]

Powered By Technology, Driven By Experience Sky I.T. Group

‘The right tools, with the right talent, deliver the right solutions.’ There are few sectors in which the demand for accurate data collection and user-friendly business intelligence tools [....]

“Working in close partnership with our customers, we solve complex engineering challenges to transform the way we fly, drive, build and power.” Arconic

“From advanced materials that are helping make the concept cars of today the reality of tomorrow, to engine components that operate in temperatures above their melting point. We break barriers. [....]

Enhancing the baseball and softball experience for players at all levels and help them reach their goals: D-BAT Sports

bat-and-ball sport, baseball, is the national pastime of the United States. It is one of the youth sports which are commonly known as nonschool-related sports activities. These sports are usually orga [....]

Jaystone Marketing: Designing and delivering integrated marketing solutions for automotive dealerships

The Internet has become the predominant information source among vehicle shoppers and is the preferred source with both new and used buyers. Automotive dealerships now have to rely on consumer centric [....]

Lex Machina provides lawyers with facts on which to base opinions – the core element of good lawyering

Lex Machina mines litigation data, revealing insights never before available about judges, lawyers, parties, and the subjects of the cases themselves, culled from millions of pages of litigation infor [....]

Leading independent global provider of specialized oilfield services : Calfrac

“Do it safely, do it on time, do it better” Calfrac is one of the largest hydraulic fracturing companies in the world with a combined fleet of 1.3 million horsepower. As an API Q2 certifi [....]

“Our management team comprises savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a growing company”: Zephyr (D Software Inc)

“We provide world-class customer support through several different options.” Test management process has many beneficials including shipping high quality products that meet customer needs [....]

“We leverage Document Lifecycle Intelligence® to help you navigate through every aspect of creating, comparing, collaborating and sharing documents and their content in a secure way”: Litera Corp.

“We resolutely believe that there should be no barriers or limitations to content creation and collaboration, but security should never be sacrificed in pursuit of this ideal.” Lité [....]

Scientific Games: Transforming the global gaming and lottery industry with its engaging and broad range of innovative products, technologies and services

The gaming and lottery market is extremely competitive due to the presence of strong global suppliers, recent industry consolidations, a highly regulated industry, and the intense need to create innov [....]

Fourth Dimension Solutions: A Specialist Delivering Outstanding Information Technology Infrastructure & Technical Support Services to Clients Globally

“We aspire to 'Exceed Expectations' through our innovative solutions, superior customer service and desire to be the best service provider to our customers and their industry.”  Four [....]

SR 50 Best Indian Founded Companies 2017

Company Management Description Magma Fincorp Ltd Sanjay Chamria, Vice Chairman & Managing Director Magma Fincorp Limited is one of the leading retail asset fin [....]

A Leader in Cyber Security, Imperva Protects Cloud Applications, Websites, Web Applications, Critical Databases, Files and Big Data Repositories Wherever You Deploy Them

“We Protect What Matters Most” Cybercriminals constantly change their tactics. But what they are after, and how they ultimately make money, doesn’t change. They are after data. They [....]

Pluribus Networks: Innovating software-defined data center networking solutions to support the modern business and its applications

The introduction of advanced and pervasive technology has brought a drastic change in how organizations innovate their products and services, and achieve competitive advantage. The technological evolu [....]

Our mission is to inspire and empower you by connecting your head and heart, for your own peace of mind today, and for your family and loved ones tomorrow: LifeSite

It’s crucial to keep your personal information safe and organized. LifeSite provides a secure web-based storage solution that puts users and families first. All the applications have an integr [....]

“We help your community run smoothly and efficiently through community-focused services built on integrity, experience and professionalism”: Ontario Property Management Group Inc.

“We will do what it takes to help you realize your full potential through mentoring, skills training and financial support.” Property Management (PM) is a complicated field; in part bec [....]

“Our capabilities encompass the comprehensive and transformative nature of machine-to-machine, the IoT, and smart systems” Pacific Controls Inc.

“Our focus is to provide integrated automation systems in buildings and infrastructure projects, Pacific Controls pioneered the concept of converged solutions.” Pacific Controls, establis [....]

“We have grown into an award-winning organization, with offices in seven countries”: Excel4apps

“Our goal was to lead a company of passionate individuals who were committed to making a difference while working hard and having fun, and that’s just what they did.” Shaun Pendri [....]

Leesa: A Better Place to Sleep

What is the one thing that every human has done since the inception of mankind? Sleeping! Humans just love to sleep, and it’s a good thing. We bury our stress and tension and go to bed. A good [....]

“We helped its customers extract business value from a broad array of physical assets by making them intelligent; connecting them, and using the data they generate to optimize business processes”: Bsquare

“Our experience has shown that moving along the path to full IoT can be broken down into five stages.”  Don’t adopt IoT for IoT’s sake. Instead, focus on specific busin [....]

AINS: Gaining Accolades Across Government and Commercial Markets by Offering Exceptional Case Management Solutions

“AINS, Inc. has positioned itself as one of the top case management providers in the world.”  Established as one of the leading global providers of adaptive case management solutio [....]

Eating Recovery Center: Leading the Way to Recovery

You’d probably be surprised to learn that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness with nearly one person dying from an eating disorder every hour. In fact, more th [....]

10 Best Retail Solution Providers 2017

Company Management Description Religare Enterprises Ltd. Nalin Nayyar, Group Chief Executive Officer Religare Enterprises Limited (REL) is the holding compa [....]

Nysaa Retail Private Limited: A Retail Chain Committed to Provide Latest Range of Products

“Being a customer driven market we are committed to provide the latest range of apparel and lifestyle products for customers.” Nysaa Retail Private Limited established in November 2012 [....]

Cirba Inc is the new trend-setter of creating reliable data centers among all other industries

To start with a humble introduction of the company would be: Cirba is a privately-owned, venture-capital company funded corporation headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, 1999. The tagline [....]

Network Monitoring made simple: SolarWinds

‘IT management software that works for you while delivering on its promise of unexpected simplicity.’ SolarWinds Inc. provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customer [....]

Tenon Group of Companies: A well celebrated empire led by a vision to offer innovation and excellence

“Our vision is to become a global Integrated Facility and Security Management solution provider.” An Integrated Facilities Management Corporation, The Tenon Group of Companies started i [....]

Your future depends on your dreams, so go to bed: Leesa Sleep, LLC

Like so many people, the entrepreneurs behind Leesa had trouble sleeping. We bought beds offering all sorts of benefits, from coils to memory foam – nothing worked. What’s more, the expe [....]

By delivering comprehensive solutions, BROWZ ensures supply chains are safe, qualified and socially responsible

Technology alone won’t make your supplier qualification program a success.” BROWZ has provided supplier qualification and management solutions since its inception in 2001. Working with [....]

Setting the Pace for Digital Business: BP Logix

Creating highly customized, flexible workflow solutions that address business challenges. BP Logix unites IT and business users enabling them to deploy sophisticated, form-based, workflow-driven en [....]

Action-ready planning in time with opportunity: Steelwedge

‘A configurable, action-ready planning solution which lets individual roles across your organization collaborate to predict, shape and respond in time with opportunity.’ Steelwedge Soft [....]

Helping businesses enable their employees to work and collaborate from anywhere, anytime: Globo Plc

'A technology innovator empowering the mobile enterprise through Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Application Development solutions.’ There are two global trends at play right now th [....]

Combat Storage Bottlenecks with AccelStor’s Flash-Based Storage Solutions

“AccelStor was selected as the Top 10 coolest storage startups in 2015 and 20 most promising HPC solution providers in 2016.” Established in November 2014, AccelStor is young compared to [....]

Leave It to OnPoint to Secure Your Systems and Relieve You of Your Apprehensions

“Providing management excellence that leverages technology to improve the way government works was the goal with which OnPoint began its journey in 1994.”   As the frequency and soph [....]

A One-stop Web and mobile enabled platform for all telemedicine and telehealth needs: Krixi Care

“Thought leadership in cloud and mobility applications since 2005.” Founded in 2005 as a Delaware, USA company, Krixi Corporation (“Krixi”) is a multi-shore, debt-free, profit [....]

Transforming Digital Advertising through Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: Rocket Fuel

Founded in 2008, Rocket Fuel is headquartered in Redwood City, California and has more than 20 offices worldwide. Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL) was established with a vision of transforming digit [....]

A Worldwide Leader in Securing the Future: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

“Since 1993, Check Point has been dedicated to providing customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reducing security complexity and lowering total cost of ownership [....]

Empowering enterprises to bridge the gap between machine intelligence and human thinking: Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing

“We call ourselves Homo sapiens—man the wise—because our intelligence is so important to us. For thousands of years, we have tried to understand how we think: that is, how a mere han [....]

Touching many aspects of people’s daily lives with adhesives: H.B. Fuller

DESIGNED TO DO MORE. BUILDING BETTER COMMUNITIES. ENABLING SUSTAINABILITY. WE ARE CONNECTING WHAT MATTERS™. Everything in today’s world is changing and along with it, manufactured good [....]

The Next Generation of Mobile Cloud Communications: Movius Corp.

“Helping companies increase workforce productivity, simplify BYOD management, lower telephony costs, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.” Movius Interactive Corporation provid [....]

Re-Imagine your Business with Sage

“Any difficult task seems easier if you break it down into manageable steps.” – Claire B. May Re-imagining business is not about playing catch up, it’s about leapfrogging th [....]

As a pioneer, Eracent’s capabilities exceed typical IT asset management systems

The foundations of Eracent can be traced back to 1996, at the newly formed Lucent Technologies in Holmdel, NJ. The founders of Eracent developed an innovative discovery process that was used to perfor [....]

A National Integrator of Technology-Based Business Solutions: Sirius Computer Solutions

“Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, USA, Sirius Computer Solutions is a nationally recognized solution provider with a certified team of sales and technical professionals who have the skills, pro [....]

WatServ: The World’s largest provider of hosted Microsoft Dynamics

‘Delivering expert managed services in secure, reliable environments to their customers’ WatServ is one of the leading providers of hosted ERP solutions globally, a registered Microsoft [....]

30 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers 2016

Company Management Description Systweak Software Shrishail Rana CEO Systweak has a wealth of experience developing innovative and user-friendly software for demandi [....]

Delivering Industry-Leading Telecommunications Infrastructure Services: Eagle Network Solutions

An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon an information society is built.” – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Eagle Network Solutions (ENS) was founded in 2002 by four [....]

Tx3 Services: Delivering Efficient IT Solutions to Life Science Companies

“Headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Tx3 began its journey with a combination of Life Science industry expertise and a deep understanding of technology.”  Tx3 Services d [....]

Providing the Best-in-Class IP Analysis Software for Patent Owners & Innovators: Innography

“Our features and technologies are focused on insights that lead to better business results.”  Founded in 2007, Innography was conceived as a way to extend manual processes in pa [....]

Bringing Out the Optimum Power of Connectivity: Transatel

“We continuously invest in innovation to achieve best-in-class results.” Transatel is a great example of a company inspired, driven and supported by the new economy, now an established Eu [....]

Empowering enterprise operations with world-class IoT solutions: Numerex

Numerex is one of dynamic evolution in the machine-to-machine (M2M) business-to-business market, from a product to service-centric approach over the nearly two decades, they have been dedicated to the [....]

One of the Most Dependable Online Travel Companies of India: MakeMyTrip

“It’s not only about winning, it’s about dominating!” Nurtured from the seed of a single great idea – to empower the traveller – MakeMyTrip went on to pioneer the [....]

GlobalLogic: Delivering Digital Product Engineering Services with a Design-led Twist

GlobalLogic uses design-led engineering to help customers imagine and build their next generation products and digital experiences.” Facts File GlobalLogic Inc. Office L [....]

A true partner for your success, RNF Technologies offers one-stop destination for all your technology needs

“Founded in 2009, RNF Technologies is an IT services company that works with it’s clients to address the challenges in software development and it’s impact on productivity.” E [....]

CircuitSutra Technologies: Enabling Effective and Reliable ESL Methodologies to Design Complex SoC

“CircuitSutra Technologies Pvt Ltd was incorporated with an objective to build a company that will be a leader in its technology space, and will have transformational impact on the semiconductor [....]

SR 10 Fastest Growing Retail Companies 2016

Company Management Description Marg Compusoft Private Limited Thakur Anup Singh, CMD Marg CompuSoft is the leading provider of integrated business application software for Micro, [....]

November Research Group: “We help you help your patients!”

Carrying a firm mission to deliver products and services that enable the global Health Science industry to improve public and patient safety, November Research Group is a professional services company [....]

MetaScale: Mastered Methodologies for Enterprise Big Data

“Our proven enterprise solutions, experience, results, methodology and heritage make us your best strategic partner to speed up your big data efforts.” Founded on core expertise of enterp [....]

SR 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2015

Company Management Description Caserta Concepts Joe Caserta,Founder & President New York based Caserta Concepts is an award-winning company well known for its visionary lea [....]

Emtec: A specialist in helping world-class organizations leverage technology to achieve business objectives

A right size provider of technology-empowered business solutions for world-class organizations, Emtec delivers IT value to clients across public, private and commercial sectors. From manufacturing and [....]

The international leader and technology innovator delivering Enterprise Mobility solutions: Globo Plc

“The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity [....]

With a sharp focus on disruptive technologies, deep domain expertise, people centricity, and non-linear growth: Happiest Minds Technologies driving Digital Transformation for its customers

“Happiest Minds Technologies is the only company in India and amongst a few in the world which has made happiness its stated mission and has given a new meaning and purpose to both corporate and [....]

The spirit of passionate Customer Relationship Management: In Demand Infotech

In Demand Infotech is a Chennai headquartered Customer Relationship Management focussed company founded in 2011 by P.B.Narasimhan (PBN) and SomasundaramSendhil (Sendhil) funded by Angel Investors. The [....]

A visionary, carrying diverse approach to revolutionize quality healthcare: Dr. R.Kishore Kumar, Chairman

Jesse Owens had once said “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Success is [....]

Quintessence Business Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd: Delivering Measurable Results through Smart Technologies

Founded in 2011, QBSS represents the epitome & embodiment of the very best processes, technology & people. Acreator of smart, simple yet cost effective technology, Quintessence Business Sol [....]

An Extrusive Competent Protagonist Converged with Eminence

Stephen King once stated, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Vijay Mishra, the Managing Director a [....]

Making business on the go a reality : POS ON CLOUD

POS IN CLOUD is the first true cross-platform Point Of Sale Software for all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Linux. Gone are the days when Enterprises dealing in various business p [....]

Leading the Indian software product industry: Tally Solutions

  Founded in the year 1987 by late Mr. S S Goenka, Tally Solutions is India’s most successful and prominent software product Company. With more than 8.5 Lakh businesses benefiting from i [....]