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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

Concirrus: Offering a one-stop-shop for entire end-to-end solution deliveries

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

You must have come across consumer-focused stories of controlling heating from your iPhone. Well, Concirrus works exclusively with organizations, helping them to harness the power of this technology into their wider business processes to generate greater competitive advantage. Today, Concirrus is proud to be one of the leading players in the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution.

By observing what made solutions succeed and learning from seeing many failures, Concirrus has captured the key technologies required in a solution and made this available through its range of products and services. From the creation of hardware, their Connect Cloud Platform, robust firmware, connectivity, data hosting, applications and interfaces, Concirrus offers a one-stop-shop for the entire end-to-end solution delivery.

Concirrus’ own competitive advantage is a cloud-based platform that removes the complexity of this technology and delivers it as a simple service for organizations. They also build the hardware that integrates with the physical aspects of client operations, and program the applications that allow capturing data and controlling devices remotely.

Services and Solutions Offered
Concirrus has been part of the driving force behind the ‘Internet of Things’ evolution from the outset and they are extremely proud of their track record in helping organizations to capitalize on this emerging technology. Their extensive knowledge of this field has enabled to develop some exceptional services and solutions.

Platform- Concirrus secure, scalable and robust cloud platform enables you to connect any data source or device, draw any data type, and issue commands as required.

Custom Solutions- Need an end-to-end service? Concirrus can devise the optimal Internet of Things solution for your organization, integrating with existing hardware and software as required

Applications- Benefit from their growing portfolio of pre-built applications that can be tailored to your requirements and controlled through Concirrus’s user-friendly interface

Incident Monitoring- Fully integrated with their cloud platform is Concirrus’s 24-hour secure incident monitoring centre that can be used to respond to a wide range of alarms.

Concirrus Core Values
Customer-focus- Their mission is to add value to client’s organization. Everything they do is targeted at improving the efficiency of their client’s organization, increasing revenues and delivering an enhanced bottom line.

Service excellence- They enjoy exceptional relationships with their customers because of the high standard of service they offer.

Proactive- They not only solve the challenges of client’s organization today, but also look to their future by proactively monitoring sector and customers, and consider innovative applications of all emerging technology.
Professional conduct- They proficiently hold themselves accountable to the highest level of professional conduct and ethics and continue to be honest, fair and open in their dealings with customers, partners, employees and suppliers.

Empowered- They recruit the brightest talent across all areas of the business, and empower team members to act in the best interests of customers. They also maintain a strong culture of professional development.

Sharing reward- A close-knit team that continues to share its success as a team, they make sure to reward commitment to their customers, and motivate team members to uphold values at all times.

Knowing the Leaders

Andrew Yeoman, Chief Executive Officer- Andrew has established himself as a thought leader in the Internet of Things, following a long and successful track record in telematics and extensive experience of fast-growth business strategies, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Concirrus he worked with Trimble Navigation where, as Managing Director, he expanded the business across Europe, America and Asia through both organic and acquisitive growth.

Craig Hollingworth Business Development Officer- Craig is a mobile and Internet of Things specialist, having held senior positions in O2, Telefonica, France Telecom and Masternaut. More recently, he has been a lead advisor to a number of large corporations, private equity firms, venture capitalists and emerging technology companies, which have benefitted from his technology know-how and strategic acumen.

Kelsey Lynn Skinner, Board Member- Kelsey Lynn Skinner is Director Tech Ventures at Imperial Innovations, a £600m market cap venture capital and technology commercialization business associated with the top UK research institutions. Her primary expertise is on materials, energy and connected products / internet of things. She is currently a director with Econic (CO2 polymer catalysts), Aqdot (encapsulation) and Inflowmatix (pipeline monitoring) in addition to Concirrus. She previously was a Partner at Firelake Capital in Palo Alto, California and also worked at Google and Stanford University. She holds a BS/ MS in Mechanical Engineering & MBA from Stanford University, where she played fullback for the national champion rugby team.

Concirrus Sector Evolutions
Security- Concirrus has applied its technology extensively in the security sector, such as their theft tracking solutions for Road Angel.

Insurance- Innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce fraud across a range of information sources such as black box recorder for Collision Management Systems.

Mining- The ability to track and control equipment in real time has delivered extensive cost savings for contractors like CAT Finning.

Consumer electronics – Disrupting traditional markets such as car alarms by bringing ‘Internet of Things’ innovation to consumer such as a 3EV.

Energy- A wide range of projects, including equipment monitoring and improving the efficiency of meter readings for Elster Metering.

Haulage- Reducing costs and improving road safety, including enhancing a tyre pressure monitoring system for Pressure Pro.

Facilities Management- Connecting a range of industrial products to the cloud, such as the security and monitoring sensors for Thermocable.

Healthcare- Working with healthcare providers in the field of patient monitoring and safety.

 “We recruit the brightest talent across all areas of the business, and empower team members to act in the best interests of customers. We also maintain a strong culture of professional development.”