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Creating an Omnichannel Experience That Surpasses Customer Expectations : Avaya

thesiliconreview-jim-chirico-ceo-avaya-17“Today’s digital world centers on communications enablement, and no other company is better positioned to do this than Avaya.”

As the global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, Avaya provides a complete portfolio of software and services for multi-touch contact center and unified communications offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

Avaya is a recognized innovator leading business communications for the digital age. Avaya delivers smart global solutions and technologies for the customer and team engagement, unified communications and collaboration, contact center and customer experience management, and networking. The company provides related services to large enterprises, midmarket companies, small businesses, and government organizations around the world.

Designed to be highly scalable, reliable, secure and flexible, Avaya solutions help reduce costs and simplify management while providing a platform for next-generation engagement and collaboration. They are available in a variety of deployment models including public, hybrid and private cloud as well as on a customer’s premises. All are supported by Avaya’s portfolio of professional and support services.

Glance Through the Outstanding Avaya Solutions

Team Engagement Solutions

Avaya is a global leader in team engagement solutions based on unified communications and collaboration technologies.

Avaya’s Team Engagement Solutions quickly and seamlessly bring together the right people at the right time with the right information to deliver business results. Avaya Team Engagement Solutions enable people to focus on the purpose of their interactions instead of the mechanics that enable them to occur.

Avaya Team Engagement Solutions empower people to communicate and collaborate using any modality, independent of location, network, or device. The solutions run on an enterprise-class platform that is highly open, reliable, scalable, and secure. Avaya also provides the platform and tools, within the Avaya Engagement Environment, that enable enterprise business analysts, developers and ISVs to rapidly create and deploy communication applications that are embedded into their business processes and applications.

Customer Engagement Solutions

The company is leading in the contact center market, offering highly reliable, intelligent and scalable solutions that help businesses deliver an exceptional customer experience, build customer loyalty, reduce total cost of ownership and compete more effectively.

Avaya helps organizations transform customer service to rich, sustainable customer relationships from “one-off” transactions. Avaya’s Customer Engagement Solutions support multi-channel interactions, intelligent routing, self-service and proactive communication to improve customer engagement. In addition, extensive workforce optimization, analytics, and reporting capabilities provide companies with actionable insights that can improve profitability and customer retention. 


Avaya’s Fabric Networking portfolio delivers a broad range of feature-rich products and differentiated technologies that combine to form simple, effective, scalable, and business-orientated solutions. Wired and Wireless, Access and Core, Campus and Data Center, Desktop and Branch; all aspects of business communications are integrated by Avaya’s unique, pioneering solutions that emphasize management simplicity, network resiliency and optimal performance of communications and business applications.

The Avaya Fabric Networking architecture provides the framework for businesses to implement integrated next-generation solutions from a variety of complementary components. Avaya Fabric Networking is leading the industry with solutions for mobility and BYOD, Edge-only and zero-touch configuration, and application optimization; uniquely, Avaya’s solutions scale from the mid-market to large enterprise, all with an operational consistency that reduces the plan, build and run burden.

Avaya Services

Avaya’s award-winning services organization is a comprehensive and robust suite of offers in which Avaya consults, enables, supports, manages, optimizes and even outsources its clients’ team engagement, customer engagement, and networking solutions. Avaya’s services enable customers and partners to mitigate risk, reduce total cost of ownership and optimize solution performance based on customers’ unique business needs.

The Avaya Support Website uses advanced technology and best practices in user design to deliver a comprehensive service experience while using Avaya technology to support Avaya products and solutions. The Avaya Support Website provides Avaya’s customers with fast, powerful and flexible support for the faster resolution.

Building Customer Relationships and Trust

At Avaya, we revel in working closely with our customers, rolling up our sleeves and becoming immersed and invested in their businesses, challenges, goals. For them, we create fresh, innovative engagement solutions on the hottest technologies, in the cloud or on premises.

By combining our contact center and unified communications products and services, we deliver effortless mobility, easy application development, social channel mastery, and more. The result: our customers are able to communicate faster, make more-informed decisions, move the productivity needle, and make business goals a reality. This is how we develop deep partnerships and foster the trust that comes with helping companies achieve and exceed expectations and objectives.

Avaya: Revolutionizing Communication through Remarkable Products

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Explore communications, conferencing, and infrastructure solutions that support real-time engagement by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more. As Avaya puts you ahead in a world of mobility, apps, social, and cloud, your workforce becomes more seamlessly connected and productivity increases. Customer satisfaction rises and innovation thrives. And as you grow, you can count on unrivaled scalability and flexibility to support every location, from small branches to corporate headquarters.

  • Communication and Messaging: Communication and Messaging solutions bring ease and speed to your UC strategy. From a single interface, you can access and manage your email, voicemail, and faxes. In the office or on the go, you can bring the whole integrated collaboration environment of voice, video, data, and web communications to your fingertips. You can also enable all UC capabilities in a virtual desktop mode.
  • Platform and Infrastructure: Avaya centralizes and simplifies your technology infrastructure so it delivers the high performance, flexibility, and agility you need to enable growth. You can take advantage of cloud-based delivery and new licensing models, move costs to an efficient OPEX expense model, reduce your total cost of ownership, and build for the future.
  • Video and Conferencing: Achieve excellent video performance in real-world network conditions, with crisp, smooth quality, stellar bandwidth efficiency, and error resiliency. Boost productivity and enhance relationships with video conferencing solutions for conference room systems and desktop applications. Our solutions enable participants to interact as if they’re all in the same room, face to face—with the ability to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets. And other content.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management is the discipline of treating customer relationships as assets, to transform your satisfied customers into loyal customers, and loyal customers into advocates. To this end, omnichannel experience provides the right media at the right time, enabling persistent conversation and consistent experience via context. Enterprise-wide engagement puts customers at the heart of your business, and through actionable insights you understand customer preferences.

  • Omnichannel Assisted Experience: Customer care has evolved from voice-only call centers to include email, web chat, instant messaging, SMS/text, social media, and video. For high-value customer service, it is critical to offer seamless experiences across channels and consistent experiences via context. With a unified platform for inbound and outbound interactions across channels, you can meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, build your brand, out-perform the competition, and increase productivity.
  • Omnichannel Automated Experience: Self-service has a role to play at every stage of the customer journey. Customers want to serve themselves regularly, on the channels they prefer, when they can do so quickly and effectively. Automated self-service—with seamless access to agent interaction when needed—builds customer retention and loyalty, while providing operational efficiencies and savings.
  • Actionable Insights: Actionable Insights provide contact center data on calls and operations, as well as valuable voice-of-customer information. You can identify and remedy agent issues and process problems to improve customer experiences and help ensure regulatory compliance. And with historical data, you can forecast volume and workflow for future staffing decisions.


Avaya offers subscription services hosted in the cloud for high-performance video conferencing, voice over IP, unified communications, and remote collaboration. With each of these easy-to-use services, you eliminate capital investment and gain the ability to scale the services to meet your changing needs.

  • Partner and Service Provider Cloud Solutions: Deliver cloud services for every size enterprise, including unified communications, contact center applications, and video. Integrate with other applications by using open standards, APIs, and other capabilities. You can customize applications for BYOD and deliver standards-based endpoint support. Multi-tenant capabilities enable you to optimize your infrastructure for your entire customer base.

Magnificent Customer Manifestoes

“Our SLA is that we answer at least 96% of all customer calls within 30 seconds, every month, we’re hitting 100%.”

- Viv Livingstone, Customer Care Manager, dwell

“In each new industry we expand into, there’s a way to use Zang to do business better and put everything into one solution.”

- Joe Fox, CMO, and Co-Founder, Travalet

“I feel confident that Avaya gives us the tools to not only do that but also improve our processes and introduce new features.”

- Jeff Caracci, CIO, Medical Oncology and Hematology Associates of Iowa

“When you’re in panic mode, you don’t have time to think. That’s why it was really important for the office staff to be able to flip a switch and have everything go into action.”

- Judi Whittington, Technology Coordinator, Placerville Union School District

Greet the Headperson

thesiliconreview-telecom-cover-17Jim Chirico, President, and CEO: Chirico is President and Chief Executive Officer of Avaya, Inc., which enables the mission-critical, real-time communication applications of the world’s most important operations. He assumed his new role on October 1, 2017, after previously serving as Chief Operating Officer and Global Sales Leader.

Chirico brings a depth of experience and consistent results as a business and operational leader in the technology industry, successfully leading teams in sales, worldwide operations, manufacturing, and development. Since joining Avaya in 2008, he has been instrumental in the development of the company’s industry-leading business model, including record EBITDA performance, gross margin expansion, and best-in-class Net Promoter Score.

In his previous role as COO, Chirico was responsible for Global Sales, Global Operations, Human Resources, and Quality. Chirico optimized Avaya’s global business processes, stabilized sales and has led the company’s effort for Chapter 11 Emergence. In addition, he drove cross-functional alignment of key initiatives, including integration of all acquisitions and enterprise restructuring efforts.

Chirico joined Avaya in January 2008 from Seagate Technology, where he was Executive Vice President, Global Operations, Development, and Manufacturing. At Seagate, he led a team of more than 50,000 employees located in 14 facilities worldwide, successfully driving step-function change in the operational effectiveness of the organization.

Chirico began his career at IBM in 1980, progressing through line leadership and corporate assignment positions to become a Site General Manager and WW Manufacturing Leader. He received a B.S. in Marketing from Providence College in Rhode Island.

“Avaya Solutions bring people together with the right information at the right time in the right context, helping to enable a higher level of engagement among customers, teams, employees, and partners to improve efficiency and quickly address critical business challenges.”