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CSS CORP: “Creating great customer experience (CX) is in our DNA and we live and breathe it”- ‘Tiger’ Ramesh, CEO, CSS CORP


CSS Corp is a global leader in tech support and partners with leading enterprises and consumer products companies, managing IT infrastructures and deploying networks for over 100+ clients, including Fortune 1000 enterprises. With over 5,500 technology professionals across 15 locations globally, CSS Corp has a rich heritage of managing large and complex support ecosystems – from IoT, enterprise and consumer products to data centers, applications and desktops. They have built their reputation in delivering stellar CX by charting the right CX strategy, deploying the right processes and technology to enable it and executing them impeccably every day and through every interaction.

Enterprises that partner with CSS Corp, benefit from having a support ecosystem that is not only efficient but delivers superlative CX. Moreover, their customers are able to leverage CSS Corp’s expertise and insights from supporting more than a billion transactions that help them become future-ready.

CSS Corp’s proprietary IP, Active Delivery Framework (ADF) serves as the foundation for their delivery model. ADF can transform their customer support operations from a reactive to a pre-emptive support model, while delivering benefits of greater stickiness, higher CX and optimized support.

CSS Corp’s transformative support solutions enable customers win in a disruptive marketplace by harnessing the power of cloud, mobility, analytics, automation and social media. In this era of connected and converged technologies, their play in omni-channel support, analytics and automation focuses on enhancing CX. The omni-channel support integrates the various touch points to deliver seamless support experience. The automation platform analyses and proactively resolves support issues quickly in real time. CSS Corp’s analytics engine enables use of structured and unstructured data to bring about actionable insights that help businesses take intelligent decisions to create a unified customer experience. All this while improving CSAT and NPS and resolving issues faster.

CSS Corp Innovation Labs, the R&D division of the company, accelerates this journey through proprietary IPs, platforms and solutions that enable faster go-to-market.

Carving a niche through simplification

CSS Corp believes that CX will be the biggest differentiator for brands today. And people and technology will be key to driving this. One may ask what is the connection between support and CX. Well, support has a huge role to play in enhancing CX. The world is moving to a hyper connected world, which is getting more complex. Connected homes, connected devices and connected cars are no more a myth but a reality. So, what does this mean? It means we have more devices and gadgets that allow us to undertake an activity, achieve multiple tasks and glean from useful, actionable information. They allow us to research, watch, control and monitor.

A connected world is also made up of different components. Each of them, be it utility, health devices, security, tablet or TV & entertainment all have their own support channel working in siloes. This does not help when you encounter a problem with any one device in your connected home or connected enterprise. So, the question that arise is what role can support play in making this inter connected world work seamlessly and in tandem to ensure that we leverage the true potential of technology.

The ecosystem needs a common support pipe or channel that can ensure consistent experiences in every interaction. For example a 1800 number that customers can contact across different channels– be it email, voice, social or online, but is able to deliver a consistent experience. This is of paramount importance.

CSS Corp can be that support partner that can create a continuous service experience that exceeds consumer expectations. Their experience of supporting over 1000 products can bring about integrationby breaking down product and technology silos. Moreover, the company continues to invest in service lines, technologies and IPs, that will simplify the IT landscape. All of these contributes to higher customer value and brand loyalty.

CSS Corp’s Digital Business Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that maps across all aspects of consulting, design, implementation and ongoing management. This enables the company to serve as a true end-to-end capability partner entirely focused on business outcomes – high QoS, faster turn around and lower costs. The result is a digital solution that is efficient, agile and secure, while striking a balance between flexibility and cost, facilitating innovation and future business planning.

CSS Corp service portfolio

Tech Support

At CSS Corp, CX is at the core of their business. It’s what the company has been doing for more than a decade. Leveraging its experience from over a billion transactions, this global tech support provider is adept at resolving a complex product issue for a consumer product company as much as supporting a dynamic IT environment across platforms for an enterprise. Their services include:

  • World-class global technology processes which covers L1 to L4 tech support, warranty management, remote tech support and troubleshooting
  • Automated support to trouble-shoot routine tasks
  • Analytics for pre-emptive support
  • Installation and configuration support
  • Premium Tech Support for out- of-warranty & to upsell or cross sell

CSS Corp offers all these services on a per subscriber or outcome based model. Product companies work with CSS Corp by engaging on a support price by user or product shipped. CSS Corp with its enablers of automation and analytics is able to optimize the support channel while ensuring high customer experience through pro-active and personalized support.

Digital IT Support to stay ahead of the curve

CSS Corp helps organizations think, act and be digital to serve customers in unprecedented ways beyond expectations. CSS Corp adopts an enterprise-wide approach to unlock the potential of their customer organization. The digital IT services serves to improve experiences for all their customer’s end-users dramatically. This does not mean, enterprises need to make their existing infrastructure redundant while embracing latest trends, but instead evolve into a more powerful, progressive and dynamic version of a great company they already are. CSS Corp’s cloud, mobility, SaaS services, automated infrastructure support, persona based IT help desk, cyber security services, IoT product development and testing, ensure that businesses get a bang for their buck and stay ahead of competition.

Carrier Support

CSS Corp provides many of the world’s leading carrier providers with end to end professional services and solutions that creates superior CX. Their carrier support services is standards based, providing end-to-end network performance management and visibility ensuring quality by meeting stringent SLAs and, of course, reliable service to customers.

Why CSS Corp is a 100% Referenceable partner?

Creating great CX by simplifying support and IT operations is the core of CSS Corp. They remain to be the most preferred partner for more reasons than one:

  • Proactive Support using Analytics: CSS Corp’s investment in analytics helps them track trends in real time. This means identifying issues and resolving them proactively have resulted in higher CX and customer loyalty for brands. Add to this, fewer calls to the support channel have reduced costs substantially, increased CSAT scores by atleast 10% and reduced customer churn by 10%.
  • Predictive Support using Automation: CSS Corp was one of the early adopters of technology and has made strategic investments in the area of automation and cognitive computing. By automating support, the company has been able to ensure high Quality of Service (QoS) and greater reliability. Automation of support ensures that customer interaction across all forms of support are captured and fed into the universal customer view, reduced costs by 30% and dramatically improved CSAT scores.
  • Innovative engagement models for better stickiness: CSS Corp’s innovative support models such as their Premium Tech Support not only help clients enhance and create stickiness with their customer base, but also creates additional revenue streams for their clients. Add to that, their concerted focus on Security puts them in a very unique position to create extremely profitable engagement models.
  • Innovative pricing models for better outcomes: CSS Corp is among the early adopters of the outcome based model for support services. They offer both the traditional – FTE or fixed pricing models, but has also pioneered the concept of offering pricing flexibility with outcome based pricing models. These models ensure that their customer move away from CAPEX and pay either on outcomes, subscriptions, transactions or delivering higher CX quotient. By moving to this model, CSS Corp’s customers enjoy the flexibility of ramping their support needs and costs based on business requirements and market demands.

A preferred choice amongst clientele
Providing clients with superlative ‘CX is what the company strives for. Since inception they have gained the respect of clients and continues to offer them services that exceeds expectations.

Here is what a few of them had to say:
I see CSS Corp as being a strong partner of ours. They have helped us with their customer support operations, and are helping us go-to-market with some of the really important strategic moves that we’re making in the Cloud, Social Media and Knowledge Management.
SVP, Global Services for a leading telecommunications equipment company

CSS Corp has been pivotal in implementing our customer’s support strategy. They have built our multi-channel, multi-lingual team in an efficient and scalable manner. Their expertise in the customer experience & technology support industry has helped us exceed its goals and expectations from the partnership. CSS Corp has routinely offered proactive suggestions to reduce operational costs and improve customer experience.
Director, Customer Experience for a leading online publishing platform

The smooth road ahead
Envisioning the unfolding challenges and opportunities in the IT landscape for the years to come, the company has strategically aligned their investments and focus on five key sectors – Automation, Analytics, Cloud, Security and IoT to help their clients capitalize and stay ahead of the curve. Their services in these areas have won mentions by leading analysts and industry groups:

  • As an automated company focused on experience management and delivery excellence
  • As a new Age Technologies-Next-Gen automation company
  • As a leader in IoT services and Analytics
  • As a reliable security solution provider for the connected IoT segment
  • An expert providing industry focused support, IoT and Infrastructure services and solutions
  • Productizing IPs and SaaS based support delivery through Active Suite of products

Knowing the Master Mind / The Man Behind It All
‘Tiger’ Ramesh, CEO, CSS CORP
A well-known industry professional, Tiger has pioneered technological solutions that have brought tremendous business benefits to global organizations in the recent years. The man behind India’s first Remote IT Infrastructure Management service with a Global Delivery Model that helped organizations reduce their IT operational costs and increase availability, joined CSS Corp in 2011 as the CEO and has helped increase the Company’s profitability, market reach and enter newer business areas. At CSS Corp, Tiger is responsible for envisioning and executing the company’s strategy of being a premier support company globally. Prior to joining

CSS Corp, Tiger was a serial entrepreneur having set up few successful ventures in the Information Technology industry. Prior to his entrepreneurial stint, he was the Country Manager for Nortel Networks for India and the SAARC region. Tiger has helped many organizations and CXO’s succeed by partnering with them and helping them structure IT and Business Process Outsourcing deals that have outcome based pricing models. He has extensive experience in Enterprise, High Tech, Telecom, Retail and BFSI verticals. He holds a degree in Engineering (Electronics & Communications) and is very passionate about wildlife photography and conservation.