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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

Empowering enterprise operations with world-class IoT solutions: Numerex

Numerex is one of dynamic evolution in the machine-to-machine (M2M) business-to-business market, from a product to service-centric approach over the nearly two decades, they have been dedicated to the development and deployment of M2M solutions. Through organic growth that fueled the expansion and acquisition that added strength and core competencies, they have assembled the parts of the Numerex DNA (Device, Network and Application), the critical links in the M2M value chain.

Numerex was founded in 1992 and first traded publicly in March 1994. At the time, the company was focused on “derived channel,” a wireline-based telemetry data communications offering and served select vertical markets including alarm security and line monitoring. In November 1999, they sold the wireline business to British Telecommunications PLC (“BT”) in order to focus on their nascent wireless data communications business.

The future looks bright for Numerex. The increasing awareness that M2M solutions can create substantial new revenue streams and can provide valuable, real-time insights into operations has significantly broadened the market for M2M solutions, extending them into new areas, with new value propositions emerging. With decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions for industries across the globe, Numerex remains in the forefront of technology innovation and development, leading the M2M industry to exciting new heights and enabling the Internet of Things.

Numerex’s IoT Platform
Many platforms today focus on one or two elements of a solution. nxFAST was built to encompass connection and subscription management, application enablement, full vertical solutions, IoT billing and rating services, and device management. All on a highly scalable, geographically redundant platform. The platform incorporates a complete suite of IoT components including Solution Services, Enablement Services, and Core Services.

Managed IoT Solutions

Asset Monetizing and Optimization

Distribution Optimization and Tank Monitoring: IoT tank monitoring solutions allow distributors of bulk lube and fuels to remotely monitor and manage fill levels of tanks in the field. These distributors store and transfer products to retail and commercial businesses on a preset schedule. However, this manual method of checking is inefficient and exposes distributors to unnecessary truck-roll visits and could create outages between visits for retailers.

Manufacturing Optimization for Material Flow: For manufacturers of goods, the movement of physical assets like parts, containers and warehouse space presents a challenge due to the lack of visibility. As assets ship, arrive and are assembled, blind spots develop. Identifying those gaps is more important than ever to uncover the blind spots in the supply chain, ensure fidelity, and enable smart logistics.

Safety & Security: Electronic Offender Monitoring: Provides corrections officials charged with monitoring the location and activities of pretrial release participants, convicts on home release, parolees and other individuals under court-ordered oversight the ability to electronically monitor offenders at a fraction of the cost of incarceration or regular check-ins.

The Numerex branded solution for electronic monitoring is Omnilink. Omnilink’s award-winning LBS platform connects hardware, networks, software, and support services to bring end-to-end solutions to life. Since 2004, global brands, U.S. government agencies, businesses, and consumers have used Omnilink to monitor the location, safety, and condition of offenders.

Asset Tracking
Shipping: Companies shipping hazardous materials through remote regions need to have visibility of this all important and volatile cargo. Also, tracking pallets of valuable merchandise as they move from one location to the next can prevent theft, loss and improve real-time forecasting.

Disaster Management: in an emergency, high-value assets need to be deployed quickly, and to the right place. Having the ability to track and locate these assets when needed is paramount to providing prompt relief in the face of natural disasters and other acts of nature.

Fleet Tracking: Tracking moving assets such as a fleet of vehicles, heavy machinery, or equipment can be complex and time consuming, while monitoring driver behavior and vehicle performance affects safety. Their fleet tracking solutions can help prevent loss, improve safety, and provide a level of security that can prevent monetary loss and improve ROI.

Meet the Key Executive

Marc Zionts, CEO: Zionts, a telecom executive and entrepreneur for over three decades, focuses on developing emerging technologies and services companies in high growth markets. Zionts has previously led 6 companies since 1987, resulting in 5 trade sales and 1 IPO. Most recently, Zionts was the President & CEO of Aicent sold to Syniverse. Prior to starting his first company in 1987, Zionts worked for GTE (now Verizon). Zionts earned his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and remains active at Georgia Tech as an Alumni Mentor. Zionts is also an Independent Board Director for Pivot 3, based in Austin, TX, TEOCO, a TA Associates portfolio company, based in Fairfax, VA and, Friends of the Earth, a Washington D.C. based environmental group.