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Empowering the Digital Marketing Sector with 6D Global Technologies: Founder, Chairman and CEO, Tejune Kang

In today’s digital world, the secret to scaling up and gaining traction for an organization is its ability to effectively market itself. It has to be adept in optimizing digital business channels and create better experiences for their customers that should in turn result in increased revenue growth and market share. The digital landscape is vast and complex. Digital marketing and marketing technology are aspects that dominate this landscape. They are extremely competitive, dynamic and always pose new challenges. Taming them to suit a firm’s requirements requires a lot of skill and experience. Realizing the potential offered by the digital marketing domain, Tejune Kang setup 6D Global Technologies, Inc. in 2004, a premier digital business solutions company which serves the digital marketing and technology needs of enterprise-class organizations worldwide.

Tejune Kang is a Korean American entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience leading global enterprise technology application implementations. Currently, Kang is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of his premier digital experience firm 6D Global Technologies.

An innovative technology entrepreneur born in Silicon Valley, California, Kang is instrumental to the continued growth of Six Dimensions (now 6D Global). Before launching Six Dimensions, Kang was a principal of Kang Management Group, a commercial real estate developer in Nevada. Prior to Kang Management Group, he was an engineer for 5 years with PeopleSoft (now Oracle Corporation), a multinational and multibillion dollar technology company. While at PeopleSoft, he managed some of the most complex Human Resources, Financial, Supply Chain, and Enterprise Performance Management software implementations for Fortune 500 companies including Boeing, Apple, AT&T, HP and many others.

Kang’s multi-faceted entrepreneurial background and opinion leadership has led to frequent interviews regarding the future of technology, business growth and hiring insight with many publications. He is an active member of Harvard Business School’s Owner President/Management Program (OPM 50), Inc. Business Owners Council (IBOC), Vistage, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Alliance of CEOs, National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Key Executive Program and Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EO).

Think like an Entrepreneur
Q. Brief us about 6D Global’s journey so far
I founded 6D in 2004. Doing business as Six Dimensions, the firm started as an IT consulting business focused on helping companies with their ERP and Business Intelligence software implementations and integrations. In 2011, the firm moved into digital marketing solutions focused on helping companies create and manage unified, multi-channel digital customer experiences across multiple touch points. Opening the center of excellence, 6D Labs, the firm became known for its complex implementations using the leading content management solution, Adobe Experience Manager. In 2013 and 2014 the company was listed as one of Americas Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. Magazine; Inc. Hire Power Awards, recognizing businesses that have generated the most jobs, ranked the company #8 in the top company size category and in December of 2014 the firm began trading on Nasdaq. In the first quarter of 2015, the Company acquired two businesses, Storycode and SwellPath, both focused in critical areas of digital marketing, mobile and analytics. Also in early 2015, the company expanded its global reach, opening an office in Dublin Ireland, servicing clients across Europe. We have offices in California, Portland, New York, Ohio, Minnesota and Dublin, Ireland.

Q. Tell us something about yourself 
Prior to founding 6D, I have worked for a company called PeopleSoft, before they were acquired by Oracle, however I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I started an import/export company and even dabbled at real estate before the downturn. As far as my Educational background is concern, I am a graduate from University of California at Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics. I am currently enrolled at MIT under the Entrepreneurial Masters Program and also attending Harvard Business School under the Owner President Management Program. Apart from my professional endeavors, I love snowboarding and saltwater aquariums.

Q. What are your product offerings, why have you chosen such products?
6D Global Technologies offers a full suite of services and solutions to help large organizations optimize digital business channels and create better experiences for their customers, resulting in increased revenue growth and market share. Services include web content management, web and marketing analytics, digital creative, marketing automation, mobile applications, digital publishing and marketing management solutions. Our service offerings are unique in that we offer digital solutions to customers in a way that makes sense for them – we offer very flexible engagement models from full project delivery to staff augmentation. We chose such offerings because that’s where we excel and there is a big demand from our clients in these areas.

Q. How do you amalgamate latest technology with business objectives? Also shed light on your market positioning?
Technology is a tool to solve business problems. We table problems and leverage technology to get a solution. We position ourselves in the domain as extremely effective, experienced thought leaders and having integrity. We “do what we say and say what we do.”

Q. What makes you stand apart from your competitors?
We are different from others in the domain because we have tenacity, we are transparent with our clients, we have deep domain knowledge, hands-on experience, and the ability to be nimble and work together with our customers.

Q. What is the target area of your clientele?
Our market today includes predominantly mid-sized to Fortune 500 commercial, nonprofit and public sector enterprises across virtually all industries, including, but not limited to, healthcare, consumer, education, retail, government, manufacturing and high tech. Because organizations in virtually every sector of the economy perform or need the functions we support, we pursue opportunities across nearly all sectors.

Q. The market you are serving is highly competitive. So, whom do you consider as your competitor?
We compete principally with large systems consulting and implementation firms, traditional and digital advertising and marketing agencies, offshore consulting and outsourcing companies and clients’ internal information systems departments.

Q. Till now, how challenging has your journey been?
As our business is labor intensive and our success depends upon our ability to attract, retain, train and motivate highly skilled employees. The improvement in demand for marketing and business and technology consulting services has further increased the need for employees with specialized skills or significant experience in marketing, business and technology consulting, particularly at senior levels.

Q. Shed light on your most treasured experience with 6D?
The two most memorable experiences include being honored at the Inc. 500/5000 conference as one of the fastest growing companies in America and also being listed on the prestigious NASDAQ exchange.

Q. What are your present and future focus areas?What is your learning from the previous fiscal year that you are keeping in mind while crafting your future road map?
We are currently focusing on expanding our offerings into new markets and pursuing new strategic business partnerships. I believe 6D Global is in a strong position to significantly expand our customer base by leveraging our track record of successful engagements to acquire new customers and win repeat projects. We also intend to expand our offerings through further acquisitions, with new digital services and software products. We anticipate continued growth in our business and delivering value for our shareholders.

I learned that it takes the right people to continue to grow and face greater challenges. I also learned that part of success is perseverance and really having a discipline for execution.

Clients Speak
“6D Global delivered a game-changing mobile brand experience for our company.”

“I consider 6D Global an extension of the marketing team, and the keepers of our brand. They’ve successfully taken our brand across print, web, and mobile.”
– Maggie Davis, Marketing Director

“We have worked with several partners on AEM and none have been at the caliber of 6D Global.”
– Martin Desin, Autodesk

“We help our customers stay relevant in the digital world.”

“We do what we say and say what we do.”