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Kaybus Inc: A forward looking company, transforming companies through automated content recommendations

silicon-review-seenu-banda“A uniquely position company, Kaybus helps both growing and established companies leverage 100% of their content true intellectual capital, making the information available to employees on a push-based model.”

Established in 2012, with an aim to address the overwhelming problem of content management that enterprise companies face, Kaybus solves this challenge with what we call Knowledge Automation. With so much information being created by enterprises, the processes and tools companies have today to make the information useful and usable for different job functions requires a lot of manual work, time and effort. Instead, Kaybus uses technology to solve problem that includes gathering, analyzing and presenting content that is being created across various repositories and hundreds of applications and automatically recognize that certain content should be promoted to specific employees based on their role in the organization. For the first time, content finds employees, not employees searching for content.

The team at Kaybus, spent its initial few years in stealth mode creating its user interface to utilize a
user-centric design methodology as well as developing personalization algorithms to ensure that each piece of content is highly relevant for each user. Their first client came on board in late 2014 and gradually they gained a client list with high-growth companies to F100 companies’ worldwide.

It all started with a realization of an extremely common problem within the organizations; that employees cannot read, departmentalize or mentally categorize the amount of content generated daily effectively stymieing an employee’s ability to do their job in an efficient and timely manner. Their every day struggle to find content that may already exist takes hours or the lack of visibility drives employees to re-create the wheel by creating new content. What Kaybus provides is a paradigm shift by leveraging machine learning, predictive analytics and creating match between existing content and employees ensuring employees do not waste their time searching.

Endowing finest SaaS and Professional Services to support clients
Kaybus provides a SaaS based offering and worldwide Professional Services support to their clients both initially and with ongoing account management. Their software can be accessed 24/7/365 via Web interface, Tablet or Mobile (iOS & Andorid). The product can also be leveraged as a platform allowing the Kaybus content recommendation modules can be embedded into 3rd Party Native applications.

An example of the Kaybus software’s 3rd embedding is with their integration into Salesforce software. Kaybus embeds opportunity specific sales and content recommendations right where sales reps need it most, on the Opportunity tab. The Salesforce integration is highly relevant for each sales opportunity by leveraging the clients Salesforce configuration and automatically adjusting the content that is automatically promoted for each opportunity being viewed. This ensures that each piece of sales collateral is specific to both the sales rep, the product being sold.

Kaybus’s astonishing three module approach differentiating it from its competitors
Kaybus can easily be described in three primary modules. Popularly known as Morph, Match and Measure. Putting these three things together enables enterprises to use Kaybus to fundamentally transform their sales, service and marketing functions.

Morph is a set of functions and capabilities that connect to various content repositories such as Box, SharePoint, Confluence or DropBox. Kaybus connects to enterprise repositories and transforms unstructured content into usable and useful knowledge. The process makes content easily discoverable, you don’t need to search for content, because Kaybus automatically recommends personal content to each employee.

Match, once the information is gathered from existing enterprise repositories, Kaybus automatically matches the right knowledge to the right user. Whether the user is searching for content or they are involved in a certain task, the right content that is highly relevant to each user will be automatically pushed to the employees. In a similar way, it is very similar to how YouTube may naturally present users with recommended videos.

The third module is broad and perhaps the most strategic for Kaybus, called as Measure. They measure the result of how the content is presented to the users and the impact on their business results. The system helps business leaders by offering a complete overview with the ability to show their primary staff the impact on bottom line, inefficiencies, what knowledge is being utilized and what actions should be taken to better impact their business results.

Solving the pain points of industries
Enterprise companies create, distribute and use content at a rate that cannot be consumed by employees manually. There is more information being generated than any single employee can read, understand and compartmentalize, it is simply not possible for the human brain to process new and update information fast enough. Kaybus solves that problem by looking at all the content from within the enterprise and creating a content profile for each asset. The technology then leverages the power of machine learning and indexing with the personalization of content to provide highly relevant content to employees.

Serving a vigorous client base
Kaybus today, takes pride in having clients across multiple verticals namely the Call Centers, Telecom, Network Storage, Professional Services, Media, Cable and Consulting. To name a few, PlusOne Communications, Nissho USA, Tegile, Teldat, Salmat and Prysm are some of their trusted clients. The company also finds the most relevant values for Sale & Service and Professional Organizations.

What their client says
“Kaybus allows our sales team to find the right training, collateral or proposals, spanning organizational silos and freeing up information sharing in our business” – Mark Mulder, Chief Sales Officer, Salmat.

Strategic plans for the days ahead
For years ahead, Kaybus will continue to push the product to expand their presence in the US, India and Australia. They are looking forward to offer ongoing improvements to content recommendation algorithm and expand the recommendation display. At the same time, they are increasing their products Business Intelligence as their analytic engine is storing and capturing the events of every user and every piece of used content from within an organization so leveraging that content by corporations at the CxO level to understand behavior analytics, content ROI and stay competitive is a major focus for them.

Case study
One of Kaybus’s most successful case-studies was conducted with PlusOne Communications in an article written by CRM.com Magazine. Their client provided their ROI to CRM.com Magazine and the results are very much in line with what they see in other clients. Other clients have eliminated the need to use email between their Marketing and Sales Organizations, while others have seen their sales reps drive the sales cycle timeline down over 30% allowing the field reps to respond to more opportunities.

This efficient and streamlined knowledge sharing allowed PlusOne to reduce average call times by 25 percent and increase first-call resolutions by 12 percent for the estimated 80,000 to 100,000 calls it fields for clients every day. PlusOne, based in Akron, Ohio, has saved an estimated $2 million in business expenses since implementing Kaybus about three years ago.

“We’re able to do a lot more now with fewer people,” says Bob Madden, CEO of PlusOne.

“Kaybus has increased our efficiency and lowered the time it takes to resolve customer issues,” Madden says. “We’re getting people off the phone with the right answers quicker.”

  • Agent Productivity increased by 25%
  • Average Call Handling time reduced by 25%
  • First-call Resolution increased by 12% and,
  • $2 Million saved in business expenses.

“With our product design and methodology, Kaybus can help companies or divisions regardless of size.”

Knowing the Leader

Seenu Banda, Founder
A fine businessman at heart, Seenu was an entrepreneur in residence at Artisan Ventures prior to founding Kaybus Inc. Previously, he was a VP of Enterprise solutions at Alcatel-Lucent. He was the CEO and founder of NetDevices which was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2007.

Prior to NetDevices, he was Senior Director of Marketing at Cisco Systems where he managed multiple billion-dollar product lines including the 7200 and 7500. Earlier, Seenu worked for six years at Intel Corporation in strategic and product marketing roles.

An MBA from Santa Clara University, Seenu holds Masters in Computer Science from Michigan State University and BS degree in Computer Engineering from Andhra University.


  • Founding Year: 2012
  • Office Locations: San Francisco CA, USA, Bangalore India, Sydney Australia
  • Investors: Artiman Ventures
  • Competitors: Witty Parrot, High Spot, Knowledge Tree
  • Revenue Model: SaaS, Annual Subscription

“We created Kaybus, to put 100% of an organization’s content to work for every employee.”