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MargCompusoft: Leaders in developing trend setting ERP solutions by means of smart approach, capability and determination


ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Marg CompuSoft is a recipient of Business Leader of the Year 2013 Award and Best software Award (2008-2009 & 2009-2010)

A specialist in providing customized solutions, Marg Compusoft is a brain child of three technocrats who have flourished the global technology today. Fuelled by the passion towards software development and technology invention Marg compusoft has been developing trend setting solutions and broadening the scope of the technology via smart approach, capability and determination. Established in 2000, the company is headquartered in New Delhi with 250+ offices spread across India. Since their inception, the company is attaining new heights of ‘success’ along with grabbing new territories. With each passing moment, Marg Compusoft is exploring new horizons & successfully able to grasp the whole opportunity that drove in its way. They carry the ability to translate their dreams into reality.

In their endeavor deliver the best, the company has bagged awards such as “Business Leader of the Year (2013)” and “Best Software Award” for consecutively over multiple years. Recent studies to identify the best accounting software have placed MARG among the top 4 software in India. It is the only software among the top 4 which has the maximum customization features blending it seamlessly with the business. Recently they brought laurels to their hat as The Economic Times awarded ‘MARG’ as “Fastest Growing Inventory & Accounting Software Award- 2015” under the BEST TECH BRAND 2015.

Along with the technology solution, the company has a major branch of the family tree called as HASI (Human Association for Smiling India) an NGO, formed in Delhi, India, in 2014. “As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work. We also care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to safeguard it.” Said Sudhir Singh, Co-founder & Managing Director

“We are a company which is has always remained firm to its roots and offered value to the customer. It’s very fortunate that our products and solutions have been able to deliver results for every level of business from retailers to corporate. So basically we are positioned as the most trustworthy and very advanced specialized solution provider.” Said Anup Singh, CMD.

Journey till date
When they started the venture the scenario was worse and the market sentiment towards IT start-ups were not favorable. It was difficult to get financing for projects and even more difficult to convince clients that a new comer can offer better solution than some established players. However team Marg never let these challenges get over their vision.

Offering always flexible affordable and customized solution, company targeted a new client and by showcasing their superiority and ultimately the industry accepted them and made them one of the most prominent players.

As an organization Marg Compusoft has always put industry acumen and innovation to create excellence in the field. The word ‘MARG’ is originated from Sanskrit which stands for “path or way” and they are committed to pave new ways for a better future.

Addressing challenges of industries with unique products
MARG is the pioneer in the segment of advanced accounting software which can address the challenges of the Industry. Marg is the most flexible accounting software in the segment designed to cater to every accounting need of all Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers from Billing to Balance Sheet.

From the very beginning MARG had been the most sought after software in all verticals of Pharmaceuticals, Jewellery, Mandi (Grain, Vegetable and Fruit market), Trading, Apparels & Footwear, FMCG, Automobiles, Grocery Stores and Restaurants for its extensive inventory management features. In a nutshell MARG has evolved beyond accounting to a Business Analytical Software.

Team at Marg Compusoft is dedicatedly providing Sales Force Automation (SFA) software solutions to the mid-market companies for a quite time now. Serving more than 30000 customers, the company have installed innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services technology to deliver end-to-end, industry-specific solutions for retail, manufacturing, hospitality, distribution and services. Recently they have been successful in launching the latest and most flexible ERP solution E3i which is conceived specially for the dynamic Indian market. The ERP solution from the stable of Marg is with a broader vision to make the ERP platform accessible and affordable to the growing SME segment along with the Industry leaders.

Offering the most distinguished approach to its clientele
Offering customized solutions being their forte, the most striking feature Marg offers to its clientele is products user friendliness. It’s so compatible that even a person from non accounting or non technical background can easily operate our software solutions without facing many issues. This is a feat that they feel is unique and unparalleled.

Proffering their best to clients
In their long journey since inception, the company has always maintained up a long term technology partnership with their clients. While some industry leaders like Hindustan Lever Limited, Nike, IDPL, Nature Essence, Alchemist, Ahuja Residency, Organic India, Sanyog Pharmacy etc have partnered with them, they equally takes pride in also getting associated with innumerable business houses, traders and retailers.

What Next
Marg compusoft, being vision driven organization has always put improvement and innovation to create new benchmarks. With this driving philosophy MARG as software is also evolving continuously and is upgrading itself to face the future challenges. The current developments of the Andriod and Mac version, is the testimony to the commitment to offer MARG on every platforms and made the software accessible to all. The organization is also evolving in line with the solutions they provide. The organization today is at transitional phase where they wish to position themselves as a state of the art consulting & technology organization which can transform any business and provide the means to achieve its maximum potential and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology.

Knowing the Master Minds

Anup Singh, CMD – Anup is a pioneer who redefined the expensive IT solutions into a cost effective level where micro, small and medium business houses / traders can take the advantage of the technology to maintain their inventories and accounting. Focusing on helping customers identify and extract value from their business by software implementation, Anup is a leading thinker in developing transformational strategies for companies using industry frameworks and reducing the time of the market to implement new ideas.

Sudhir Singh, Co-founder & Managing Director (Sales & Marketing) – An entrepreneur at heart with a love for technology with Sales & Marketing, Sudhir brings 18+ years of diverse business experience spanning multiple industries and functions. He uniquely blends Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, Strategy, Targeted Objectives and ROI with IT solutions. A true marketer, Sudhir since his early days has diligently pursued his dream of simplifying the lives of Indian businessmen. He has pushed against all odds to create a definitive place for software product in this service oriented age and laid the foundation of a software channel in the country. As a performance-driven professional, he has an excellent experience in driving revenue growth while providing visionary leadership with a solid track record in securing relationship with channel partners, sales & marketing force and target customer segment.

Mahender Singh, Co-founder & Managing Director (Technical)- A Professional software programmer carries 20+ years of experience as the lead for Pharmaceuticals Business Management and Marg team. Technically strong & service savvy professional with extensive cross functional experience of over a decade, he is responsible for the development and implementation of Marg software for Fortune 500 Business Houses. Mahender has worked with many large organizations to help them transform their business by evaluating business strategy, innovation effectiveness and the implementation of shared service business models, identifying new technology based business opportunities that provide significant ROI and business value.

“When your team members and your customers start loving your product more than you, then only you become successful brand”- Co-founder & CMD, Thakur Anup Singh

Case Studies!!!

Recently people at Marg working with a renowned distribution agency where they managed the problem of streamlining the diversified business with their solution. Now the organization is in business for over 25 years and has a very good clientele. The traditional business of the company was managing multiple warehouses and distribution of FMCG products across country for its clients. With time they have also diversified their business into general transport and manufacturing of packaging material. Also they were now working with one leading e- commerce company. All together they were now managing multiple business verticals, inventory of many customers, delivery etc along with their own manufacturing and warehousing. The problem became more complicated with the need to integrate their IT framework with their client’s ERP solutions which were different for every client. So when they analysed the environment they understood the multidimensionality of their business and the urgent requirement to streamline the process. Their customized ERP solution helped them centralize the operation, manage multiple businesses with single platform and adapt to multiple client ERP platforms seamlessly. The result was increased productivity, reduced wastage, managed inventory, superior accounting and reporting.

Another case was of an e-commerce start up. The organization was the dream project for some bright and fresh talent fresh out of college. Their USP was the products that were sourced from the craftsmen across the country. The primary problem was the low IT penetration in remote areas and the lack of IT knowledge of their patrons. Also they took logistics support from a leading network with own warehousing. The organization was new and they could not afford a high IT infrastructure cost that time. So they provided them their unique ERP that addressed their concerns.