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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

Secure Software for the Internet of Things: Allegro Software Development Corporation

“Since 1996, Allegro has been on the forefront of leading the evolution of secure device management solutions with its RomPager embedded web server and security toolkits.”

The Internet is the dominant tool people use to connect with businesses and each other. Not only do humans heavily utilize the Internet, many products and machines are network-enabled and make effective use of connectivity and interoperability to broaden their appeal and product life. The networking software embedded in these new devices is a key for their success. Allegro Software Development Corporation is a leading provider of embedded software development toolkits used worldwide to enable Internet connectivity, embedded device security and machine to machine interoperability.

Over 200,000,000 machines have been shipped using the Allegro family of Internet Software Toolkits for Embedded Devices. Allegro created the first embedded web server toolkits in 1996, giving device manufacturers cost effective building blocks to implement web interfaces within their products. Today, Allegro’s RomPager is the most widely used embedded Web server toolkit in the marketplace. Allegro is also a leading provider of UPnP and DLNA technologies for networked consumer devices. Allegro’s RomPlug UPnP and DLNA Toolkits enable many HDTVs, amplifiers and media servers with interoperable connectivity. Its software is used in data communications products, enterprise products, consumer electronics, home gateways, medical equipment, industrial automation, automotive technology and more.

Engineered for Embedded Systems
Allegro software toolkits are precision engineered to meet the demands of embedded device developers working on cost sensitive systems. It is simply not realistic to re-purpose PC applications or open source applications that were designed for systems with abundant resources and expect them to work well in an embedded device environment. The Allegro toolkits are highly portable, highly reliable and designed specifically for embedded devices. They are flexible enough to support the wide range of low profile networking stacks, run-time environments and low cost microprocessors that manufacturers are choosing for implementing these devices.

Fully Integrated Solutions
The Allegro toolkits offer rapid integration and provide a range of simple through sophisticated application value to the embedded world. For instance, the RomXML toolkit provides a small memory footprint XML parser and framer that enable embedded devices to translate internal data structures to and from XML streams. At the leading edge of embedded technology, Allegro’s RomPlug toolkits for UPnP and DLNA consumer electronic devices
comply with current specifications and include tools to aid development and compliance checking during integration.
IoT Device Security – Embedded devices are increasingly connected to the Internet and called upon to communicate in meaningful ways with corporate IT servers. Allegro offers a number of products to aid an engineering team in building powerful connected embedded devices using industry standard communications protocols.

IoT and Connected Consumer Electronics – Consumers expect their network-enabled devices to easily discover, join and fully interoperate with the networks available in the environments around them. The UPnP Forum and DLNA provide open frameworks to allow control devices, applications and many types of servers to discover, configure and control devices on a local network. Allegro’s RomPlug suite of development toolkits enable engineering teams with flexible and robust tools to create state of the art UPnP and DLNA connected consumer electronics and mobile devices. Engineers save significant time, effort and money by using Allegro’s proven and stable implementations of UPnP and DLNA industry standard protocols.

IoT Device Management – Managing a remote embedded device can be difficult at best when dealing with various networking topologies, protocols and physical or virtual interfaces. Allegro offers a suite of product solutions to help your engineering team build powerful and dynamic management interfaces for your device.
Allegro AE™ Product Suite – The Allegro AE Product Suite delivers powerful Internet and device security technology specifically engineered for the rigors of embedded computing to OEM design engineering teams. The Allegro AE suite offers IPv4 and IPv6 operation enabling OEM manufactures to build secure embedded device management architectures that perform seamlessly in IPv4 and IPV6 networking environments alike.

Meet the Mastermind

Bob Van Andel is the founder and CEO of Allegro Software Development Corporation, a provider of software toolkits that brings Internet and Web technologies to embedded devices. Bob and his teams have been designing and building embedded systems and communications protocols for more than 30 years. Past systems experience has included diverse applications from racetrack results monitoring to UFO location tracking.

“We are a premier provider of embedded Internet software components with an emphasis on industry-leading device management, embedded device security, UPnP-DLNA networking and the Internet of Things.”

“We offer device management, consumer devices/home networking and machine to machine solutions.”