Silicon100 2017

“Secure your desktops, servers , virtual systems and other devices in any cloud or on premise with our Two factor authentication solution.”


“CionSystems provides essential solutions for Identity, access and authentication solutions for any public or private cloud and enterprises of all sizes” 

CionSystems was started by veteran Microsoft software architects and other industry experts in 2007, with years of building, releasing to market, implementing and deploying proven IT products and solutions.

The IT world is advancing at breakneck speed with new developments coming out from Microsoft and other major vendors. This progress is proliferating new technologies like cloud, mobility, social media, big data, new tools and devices are increasing security exposure and risks. The typical IT environment has become too complicated, and administrators are struggling to keep up with changing landscape, complexity and security exposures.

CionSystems has created an array of turnkey identity, access and authentication solutions for the IT environment that supports Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory (AD) and other non-Microsoft LDAP/Directory, OpenLDAP, Linux, Google, Salesforce, IaaS clouds, and SaaS application. The solutions delivers easy to use systems management application suite with a focus on automated provisioning and de-provisioning, access control, multifactor authentication for application and server logins, attestation, workflows, delegation, simplified management, disaster recovery, group policy management, web application identity API’s, password management, security, monitoring, reporting, management, analysis, diagnostics and auditing.

CionSystems’ solutions allow businesses to effectively, efficiently and economically manage security – for their enterprise and public or private cloud systems, applications, and data. We provide alternative to Microsoft and other Vendors limited set of use cases and pricing for their cloud models by delivering the flexibility customers want with an ability to leverage multiple clouds offering at an affordable price. Furthermore, our solutions simplify complex tasks and do not require customers to abandon their existing architecture and investment.

In dialogue with the CEO/ Founder: Zubair Ansari

Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

Technology is evolving at break neck speed and all the major companies like Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Amazon and others are unveiling raft of new enterprise products and services that will continuously bring a big change to enterprise computing. We believed that trends of cloud, big data, BYOD, mobility and other development will quickly take off in the year 2007 and enterprises will be left with new big challenges to solve. Security will be a critical component of these challenges, and the existing solutions are lacking to address the needs of cloud, mobility, BYOD, and now IoT. We started CionSystems with a vision to make identity, access and authentication easy and secure for any type of cloud and enterprise. Furthermore founders of the company have extensive experience in the security space. They have architected, design, developed and released many successful products for the past 25 years. The good thing about identity, access and authentication (Active Directory on Microsoft platform and directory like OpenLDAP on non-Microsoft platform) that it is vertical agnostic. Hence, our focus was to build solutions that scale for many verticals.

CionSystems is a unique name for a company. Could you tell us the story behind the brand name?

Word “Cion” symbolizes young plant. This word reflects who we are. The company name is a perfect fit as we are a young and growing company with a vision to make identity, access and authentication easy and secure for emerging technologies like cloud, mobility, BYOD, Big data, and IoT. Additionally, it has very attractive tone to it.

Though we are young, we have been able to solve enterprises new security challenges with turnkey solutions, Identity Manager, Disaster recovery, Active Directory Reporter, Web application identity API, Proxy authenticator, Group Policy Manager to System Information and Comparison, These solutions support Microsoft’s Azure, Office 365, Active Directory, Power Shell, Exchange, Data Migration to cloud, Reporting, auditing and other essentials of Identity and access management. Our solutions also work with Google, SaaS services, OpenLDAP and a variety of other non-Microsoft Identity stores. Our solution utilizes the Microsoft Stack: the platform, services and Servers, including cloud offerings.

Tell us about your first product that was launched?

Our first product was Active Directory Manager Pro which is truly a single solution for managing Microsoft identity, access and authentication Infrastructure – Active Directory, Windows Servers, Exchange, Lync and more. Active Directory Manager delivers workflow, reporting, delegation, governance, automation, and automated provisioning and de-provisioning that significant improve security, improve efficiency and reduce downtime. We also field Cloud Identity Management Solutions which provide full lifecycle management and monitoring of Active Directory / OpenLDAP/Office365/Azure/Salesforce/Google apps that address the real issues companies face in production.

Do you have any new products ready to be/getting ready to be rolled out into the market?

We have recently released Multifactor Factor Authentication for Windows and other OS servers, desktops/laptops and virtual machines to the market. The solution is a Two-factor authentication for servers, virtual system and other devices login that assures data and accounts on the system and infrastructure are protected and significantly reduce the chance of being hacked. Two-factor authentication is a feature that asks for more than just your password at the time of login. It requires both “something you know” (like a password) and “something you have” (like your phone or something that you only know). For example, using your phone or pager – any phone that can receive texts – you sign in with your password and a secret code sent via a text message. Only you have the code, and you only use this code once. Our solutions support many different authentication form factors and doesn’t require any specialize hardware, card key or infrastructure.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your products popularity?

CionSystems products are easy to use, reliable, and scalable and provide more functionality than any other vendors complicated heavy duty enterprise product in this space. Our product solves the enterprise problem, truly reduce their cost and do not add management overhead cost as they don’t require any specialized training. Our key differentiating factors are our solution’s ease-of-user features and the ability to field a true, web-based solution that can be securely utilized from any system, anywhere in the world. They are built on secure platforms. Many solutions in this space require extensive consulting and customization before any value is derived in production. Our solutions have been installed in under hour and have shown ROI on the first day of use.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

CionSystems is a leader in identity, access and authentication space. We will continue to grow and also truly address the new IOT security challenges. We are working on solutions on integrating and having a single point of managing and securing all the “connected” devices within and outside enterprise.

Meet the Legend Zubair Ansari: CEO/ Founder

Zubair Ansari founded CionSystems in the year 2007 and is responsible for setting the technical direction of the company. Prior to founding the company, Zubair spent over 17 years in software development and management and has released many very successful operating systems and solutions. He has expertise in Identity, Access control, Authentication, Federation, Claims based access and authentication, networking, networking protocols, internet services, security, security protocols, high availability, highly scalable solutions, file and printer sharing, operating systems, variety of clouds and storage technologies. Zubair played a substantial part in helping Microsoft grow their High-Availability solutions, and was instrumental in enhancing and adding resolutions to key scenarios. His last assignment at Microsoft was building software for beginner users in emerging markets. Zubair earned a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Idaho.

“CionSystems Inc. makes security, management and troubleshooting of Identity, Access and Authentication for Microsoft Windows servers, IaaS Clouds and Linux simple and trouble-free”