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Securing the world’s identity: LoginRadius


Internet-based services have made life easier and more convenient for billions of people across the globe. Whether it’s paying utility bills, shopping online for groceries, booking movie tickets, or making dinner reservations, most of us cannot imagine a time when none of these were available. However, using such services requires the personal identities of users to be registered with the service provider and that could include sensitive information like banking details and physical address. LoginRadius is a leader in providing innovative solutions for corporations looking to secure their customers’ private information.

The company was established with the vision of securing the identity of every person on the internet. Over a few short years, it has grown exponentially from a simple social login provider to a multi-faceted, industry-leading customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform.

The LoginRadius Identity Platform helps companies securely manage customer identities and data to deliver a unified customer experience. The company offers suites of modules to serve businesses from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises with hundreds of millions of users.   

The two fundamentals of CIAM that drive growth and value for businesses:

Customer Experience

Not too long ago, websites were a novelty. Smartphones were a luxury. Voice assistants were science fiction. Now, dozens of digital channels have gone mainstream, and a purely brick-and-mortar business is a rarity. To succeed, companies need to pay close attention to customer experience, the sum total of digital and in-person interactions that a customer has with a brand. At baseline, good customer experience needs to work, to deliver products and services with minimal fuss. And if a company wants to pull out and stay ahead, that experience needs to be remarkable. Integrated.Personal.Delightful.

Customers know what a delightful experience feels like because they are already interacting with the world’s best—Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft. If a company’s user experience doesn’t make the grade, it’s easy for people to switch brands. But if you can pull off a digital transformation that makes it easy and enjoyable for people to be your customers, you will pull in more revenue and stay competitive.

Customer Trust

In the past few years, consumers have gotten a big wake-up call about the value of their personal data and the risks they run if it’s leaked, stolen, or misused. High-profile hacks and breaches have generated widespread awareness of just how negligent companies can be. And customers are much more cautious about which brands they do business with. Stringent consumer privacy legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is spreading to new jurisdictions, and even the largest companies aren’t exempt from significant fines. If customers don’t trust your business to protect their data and accounts, they’ll find another one. The digital world makes it easy for them to switch providers.

So start with identity. Start with the advanced technology and expert knowledge that comes with the LoginRadius Identity Platform. Every step in the login process, from registration to authentication to password recovery, can tell your customer how vigilant you are about data privacy and security.

Multi-Tenant Cloud

A multi-tenant deployment uses one instance of the LoginRadius Identity Platform on a cloud server to accommodate multiple clients. The application is shared and each client has its own separate databases to store customer profiles.

A Fully Managed Platform

Building an identity solution in-house or even running a third-party service on your own servers has limitations. There’s time-consuming upkeep on hardware, software, security, and privacy. And your engineers will always be playing catch-up on advancements in CIAM technology and best practices.

The company’s cloud-hosted Identity Platform eliminates those limitations. LoginRadius identity experts take care of application maintenance, configuration, and security. You’ll get quality service without the demand on your resources. And your solution is future-proofed because LoginRadius invests heavily in R&D by continually adding more advanced capabilities and keeping up with security and privacy demands.

Scalability and Performance

Limited capacity, application downtime, and lagging system performance can significantly hinder a consumer brand. If systems can’t accommodate all the people who want to register and log in at a given time, there’s no guarantee that they’ll come back.

With its cloud infrastructure, LoginRadius can instantly add capacity for more customers as your business grows. The company has an automated active-failover setup that ensures your identity service is always available. Get unmatched uptime and system performance from a worldwide network of cloud servers.

Meet the enterprising founder of LoginRadius, Rakesh Soni

With a passion for business and creativity, Rakesh has been instrumental in growing LoginRadius from a startup to a leading provider of customer identity management solutions serving over 700 million users. Rakesh has an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MSc from the University of Alberta.

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