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SR 10 Fastest Growing IoT companies 2015

As more and more organizations, governments and businesses are striving to innovate, increase efficiency and become more sustainable and with the growing expectations on how it will benefit companies and society at large, we at The Silicon Review have recognized the efforts being put in by various entrepreneurs who continue to innovate and make lives easier, on the IoT lines…

Gartner predicts that IoT will generate $300 billion in revenue by 2020, with estimates of how many connected devices ranging from 25 billion to more than 200 billion. Those devices need sensors, networks, back-end infrastructure and analytics software to make them useful though. And we at The Silicon Review, have identified 10 fastest growing companies in the IoT measured by the parameters of market impact, leadership skills, product values, client satisfaction and future growth aspects.

We wish all the awardees the very best for their entrepreneurial success and for those who are in que for embracing IoT or are still striving to achieve recognizable success, we wish them luck and hope that they gear up to take advantage of the IoT Technologies and Capabilities… because the Next Big Thing is “NOW”.

Company Management Description
MobileProgramming Craig Ford,Managing Director Mobile Programming LLC, is a certified mobile apps development company providing quality consulting services and custom software development serving clients for more than a decade.
Falt Communication Mikael Långström, CEO Faltcom is the earliest entrants in the IoT/M2M market, implementing their first cloud-based solution in Sweden as far back as 2002.
Avalan Wireless, Inc Matt Nelson
President & CEO
AvaLAN Wireless is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radios and cryptographic technology.
Pacific Control Dilip Rahulan, Founder
& Executive Chairman
Pacific Control is a global provider of end-to-end managed application services and solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things applications.
ForeScout Technologies, Inc. Mike DeCesare, CEO The Company offers Global 2000 enterprises and government organizations the unique ability to see networked devices, including non-traditional devices, control them and orchestrate information sharing and operation among disparate security tools.
goTransverse James Messer
Founder and CEO
goTransverse powers leading-edge companies who push conventional boundaries with disruptive product and services offerings.
Lantronix, Inc Jeremy Whitaker, CFO A specialized networking company providing M2M (machine to machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.
C-Labs Chris Muench
Founder and CEO
C-Labs Provides Industrial-Grade Solutions For The Internet Of Things (IoT).
M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC Barclay Knapp
Co- Founder
M2M SN is the first dedicated, national, full-service, wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communications company bringing together its own network, device connectors and applications to solve business problems and improve lives.
robomq.io Bramh Gupta, CEO robomq.io provides cloud hosted Message Queue as a Service platform bundled with management interface, dashboards, analytics and SDK to get you going from the day one.