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10 Fastest Growing Robotics Companies 2018

Take Your Supply Chain to the Next Level: GreyOrange

thesiliconreview-samay-kohli-global-ceo-greyorange-18Supply chains in today’s world are continually under pressure for higher performance and lower costs. Companies around the world are turning towards technology to improve operational efficiencies in their warehouses, fulfillment and distribution centers. Robotics automation is transforming the way logistics and supply chain processes across the world are being optimized.

GreyOrange is a multinational firm that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation at warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers. With deep domain expertise, world-class hardware and software engineering and the passion to solve complex business problems, the company is disrupting the way logistics and supply chain processes across the world are being optimized. Founded in 2011, GreyOrange is headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and UAE, and a state-of-the-art Research and Development center in Gurgaon, India.

GreyOrange: Reliable, Scalable, and High-Performance

GreyOrange combine expertise in robotics, hardware, and software engineering to solve operational inefficiencies in warehouse operations at both third-party logistics vendors as well as companies with in-house logistics functions. The company’s key clients include major e-commerce players such as Flipkart, PepperFry, Jabong, Myntra logistics companies such as Kerry Logistics, Aramex, DTDC, Delivery, Gojavas, Loggi, Nitori and Ninja Van.

A Quick Glance At The Products Of Greyorange


Reducing order fulfillment and inventory replenishment time in warehouses is imperative for businesses today to gain a competitive advantage. The GreyOrange Butler is an advanced robotic goods-to-person technology for automated inventory storage (putaway) and replenishment, picking and combining orders in fulfillment and distribution centers. The system seamlessly adapts to changing inventory profiles, demand patterns and peaks. Modular system architecture ensures bi-directional scalability to increase storage volume or fulfillment throughput independently, by adding more storage racks or robots, as needed.


  • Artificial intelligence: Adapts intelligently in real-time to changing inventory profiles and order fulfillment patterns; ensures highly optimized throughput and storage utilization.
  • Intelligent charging: Maximizes robot availability through automatic opportunity charging. While a full charge ensures 8 hours of operation, a quick charge of 5 minutes ensures up to 5 hours of continuous operations.
  • Flexible process workflows: Adapts to operations process flows across a variety of industries.
  • Low energy consumption: Energy neutral system with low carbon emission, as it can operate without air conditioning and lighting.


The GreyOrange Linear Sorter is built on the backbone of tried and tested pneumatic arms technology with next-generation of IoT sensors and advanced software, offering unmatched throughputs, package-handling capability, and reliability. It routes packages based on industry, defined sortation logics such as destination, volume, weight or any other custom logic based on your business dynamics. The system is completely modular and scalable and comes in three standard sorting configurations of 1500, 3000 or 6000 packets per hour with up to 500 end-destinations.


  • Fulfillment policies: Sortation processes can be defined based on the vendor cut-off time and distribution center policies.
  • Multiple profiles: Creation of profiles to support inbound and outbound processes; switch between different profiles in less than few minutes.
  • Image capturing: an Automated image capturing and archiving for auditing and enabling pilferage control.
  • Remote monitoring: Monitor sorter operations, system health and productivity locally or remotely through dashboards and visualization; get alert notifications in real-time for prompt action.


Pick-Put-to-Light (PPTL) system is GreyOrange’s proprietary technology that improves operators productivity and boosts accuracy. The directed picking, putaway, and sorting processes help operator minimize errors, speed up the cycle and improve order processing accuracy while improving overall productivity. The modular architecture enables the addition of more locations, SKU types or number of units dynamically, as the business grows.


  • Order picking: On the basis of the order pick list, the PPTL indicator glows directing the operator to pick the item from the exact location. The operator confirms the pick operation by acknowledging the PPTL. The process can be customized for unit picking, batch picking and even picking using pick carts/trolleys.
  • Order consolidation: PPTL help the warehouse operator to consolidate multiple orders simultaneously in a smaller area with higher accuracy.
  • Inventory replenishment: PPTL directs the operator to put the scanned SKU to required storage area/locations in the warehouse, helping operators perform inventory replenishment in an optimized flow.


GreyOrange Profiler is a high-speed dynamic packet profiling system designed to capture volumetric and dead weight, along with dimensions of the packet in real-time. The technology can be leveraged across logistics, e-commerce, retailers, consumer packaged goods and automotive industries to automate dimensioning and weighing process while achieving throughput of up to 3000 packets/hour.


  • Real-time capturing: Real-time capturing of volume data (length, breadth, height) and weight data (volumetric and gross weight), which can be pushed to the WMS/ERP system in real-time.
  • Sorting separately: Capable of sorting canceled and un-booked shipments separately.
  • Scalable architecture: Scalable architecture that enables an increase in throughput from 1500 items/hour to 3000 items/hour quickly, as your business grows.
  • Extendable to linear sorter: Extendable to GreyOrange Linear Sorter solution as your business requirements change.

Meet the Architect

Samay Kohli, Global CEO: The extraordinary growth pace of GreyOrange speaks volumes of Samay’s contribution as a leader. His aim is to acquire one of the largest market shares in the automation industry globally. Samay’s passion for Robotics started about a decade ago. He was part of the team that created one of India’s first indigenous humanoid robots – AcYut. Samay, along with Akash Gupta, has participated in robotics competitions across 13 countries; winning the Gold medal at the ROBOlympics in 2009. An alumnus of BITS (Pilani), India, Samay has been a keynote speaker at several prominent technology conferences around the world, and has been featured in many publications including Forbes Asia, Economic Times, The Fortune and has made his way to MIT Technology Review’s global list of “35 Innovators under 35”.

“With in-house Mechanical, Electrical, Embedded, UI/UX, Software department and quality assurance teams, we ensure the unquestioned quality of all our products.”