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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2016

Taking Pride in Being America’s Best Priced Luxury Mattress Firm: Saatva


The e-commerce sector is the most happening thing in the industry right now. With the phenomenal success of firms like Amazon and Best Buy, more and more companies are entering the e-commerce space to sell their products
online. Headquartered in Westport, CT, USA, America’s Luxury Mattress firm, Saatva has successfully leveraged this sector to sell their innovative mattresses to its customers.

Over the last several years, Saatva has grown from a mid-sized regional luxury mattress company to one of the largest online-only mattress companies in America, shipping coast to coast. Today, Saatva comprises 18 factories throughout America fabricating patented products, as well as over 100 fulfillment centers that deliver its mattresses. Working with a team of professional online representatives, the company is able to bring its environmentally friendly brand to consumers across all 50 states.

In spite of its exceptional growth and the expansion of the marketing efforts, the Saatva team will never forget that the company and the success were built on individual consumer satisfaction and recommendations. It prefers to look to the consumers for guidance rather than allow growth or size to dictate its business practices. This attitude has helped Saatva become the best reviewed mattress brand on Google in 2013/2014, and it will continue to please the customers each day going forward.

A Distinctive High Quality Innovative Design
Saatva mattresses are built with a distinctive high quality feature known as ‘coil on coil’ construction. Its lower coil unit offers a connected hourglass shaped steel support base. The top coil unit features a luxurious individually wrapped coil system that contours and responds perfectly to the body, eliminating most motion transfer. Each individually wrapped coil is separate to ensure that the rest of the bed will not be disturbed by the movement of surrounding coils. This construction coupled with the advanced euro pillow top, can only be found in ultra premium mattresses that cost over $2,000. (queen mattress) The beds are made to last 10 to 15 years and will continue to perform consistently well over time. Note: All Saatva coil units are tempered three times and oven baked.

Being Eco Friendly

CEO’s Words: Lately, there’s been a lot of media attention on allergic reactions to certain types of bedding. Saatva understands this serious issue and has been addressing it through their mattresses for several years. Our foam is never processed with formaldehyde or other irritating solutions. Additionally, our foams are tested and certified to meet environmental, health and safety standards. The cover fabric is made with an organic cotton blended with hypo allergenic fibers that meet flame retardant laws using a natural thistle barrier, while remaining gentle to the skin. Saatva mattresses are hand crafted and immediately packaged in a special plastic with micro-openings which allows the bedding to breathe while preventing foreign particles from entering. Based on how it manufactures, inventory and ship the product, it guarantees that the mattress will be delivered bed bug free.

Saatva has never been informed of anyone having an allergic reaction. Though not 100% organic, it uses recycled tempered steel, bio-based foams, and organic cotton coverings. Along with the strong green initiative, it has found the perfect balance of health, quality, environment and affordability in our mattress. It has always manufactured the products with the utmost integrity and prides itselves on being forerunners in bedding research and advancement.

Are you ready to enjoy the comfort of a good sleep?

Plush Soft: Sleepers who prefer to feel their mattress hug them in a supportive embrace can now enjoy the benefits of the Plush Soft mattress that hugs to their bodies while they sleep.

Luxury Firm: Rated the “#1 comfort choice” amongst customers, Luxury Firm offers the perfect balance of cushion firm and contouring support for those who are looking for maximum comfort while sleeping, coupled with proper spinal alignment assistance, especially in case of back pain.
Firm: For sleepers who prefer their mattress firm but not hard, the Firm mattress is the perfect choice. The core of the mattress with the right firmness balance ensures that the sleeper’s don’t sink into the mattress or feel like they are sleeping on a rough surface.

Customers say “Have a Saatva Night”
“I feel comfortable recommending this mattress to anyone who is looking at replacing theirs. Based on the quality of this mattress I am sure that it will last as long as Saatva claims, and even if there are problems, I am sure that Saatva’s awesome customer service will take great care of me. If you are reading this wondering if you should take the chance on Saatva, do it, I did and have absolutely no regrets.”

“We received our luxury firm mattress in early December and it has been wonderful. I actually look forward to falling into bed every night. The mattress itself was beautifully made of high quality materials, The delivery process was totally smooth and professional. Two months later we couldn’t be happier with the quality and comfort, and the price is a bargain in my opinion.”

Meet the Mattress King

Ron Rudzin, CEO: Prior to becoming CEO of The Saatva Company, Ron spent his life investing and managing businesses in the home furnishings industry. About 8 years ago, he identified a unique e-commerce opportunity with a luxury product that could be sold at an accessible price by utilizing modern efficiencies. Ron launched the first product, the Saatva Luxury Innerspring Mattress, in 2010 and Saatva quickly became a mid-sized regional firm.

“We have uniquely combined the top 5 features found in ultra premium bedding and handcrafted them into one perfect and affordable luxury mattress.”