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The Company, an Archi-tech Marvel Itself: Mulk Holdings

thesiliconreview-mulk-founder-nawab“Taking no risks is the biggest risk” We will surge ahead if we have total conviction of our decisions.” – The Founder

Motivation behind Foundation

Infrastructure is a story of evolution. It allows societies, economies, companies and individuals to live to their full potential. The way we approach infrastructure itself is also evolving. Some of the shifts are sudden and disruptive. Others evolve slowly, ebbing and flowing in and out of political consciousness based on changing circumstances. This is about a company which is not only self growing, but aiding other companies to grow. This is about when Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk had his sights set on a Masters in Business Administration when he came to the UAE at the age of 21. He got admitted to Wharton’s in the US and was even issued a visa, but lured by Dubai’s economic potential and expatriate-friendly atmosphere, he opted to stay back. That was in 1982. The following decades saw Shaji’s rise in the construction industry – from managing sales of solar control films at his brother-in-law’s company; to launching his own small scale business for contracting and manufacturing suspended ceilings in 1988; securing the agency for Reynobond aluminum composite panels, and in 2000, establishing the flagship Eurocon Building Industries FZE in Ajman Free Zone.

Mulk Holdings is a globally diversified conglomerate with significant business interests in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare infrastructure, renewable energy projects, building contracting and real estate. The consolidated global turnover of the Mulk Holdings group in 2013 was at around US$1.8 billion. The core business areas of the company, including building and construction, healthcare, renewable energy, have grown at a staggering rate of 28 percent at the same period of time.

The company has grown organically by acquiring prestigious projects in above mentioned area. Mulk Holdings has also made a strategically significant contribution in the promising field of solid building surfaces — research and manufacturing — in USA and UAE.

The flagship brand of the group is Alubond U.S.A, an aluminum composite cladding product developed in partnership with ABTI, Illinois in USA. Mulk Holdings is the Sole owner and manufacturer of the brand Alubond U.S.A. Alubond U.S.A is the largest Aluminum Composite Panel Brand in the world, with an installed manufacturing capacity of 25 Million Square metres in UAE, Europe, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Srilanka and China; and installations in more than 90 countries around the world. This is a proud accomplishment for a UAE based brand and organization.

Since its invention, Alubond U.S.A® has been installed in the iconic properties of the region like Burj Khalifa, Address Hotel, Dubai International Airport, JW Marriott Marcquis, City of Lights, ITCC in Saudi Arabia, Cairo International Airport, Dubai Metro, QIPCO tower, to name a few. Alubond U.S.A® is the largest Aluminum Composite Panel Brand in the world, with an installed manufacturing capacity of 25 Million Square metres in UAE, Europe, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Srilanka and China; and installations in more than 90 countries around the world.

thesiliconreview-50bestcompanies-julyThe Market Scenario
Over the years, UAE has become has become a hub of regional manufacturing for quality building materials and infrastructure projects. The UAE has always been at the forefront of ensuring proactive safety regulations in the Middle East. When it comes to exterior cladding, aluminum composite wall systems are a symbol of the bustling landscape of the UAE. The Civil Defence regulations for fire safety, over the years, have incrementally grown to be more comprehensive. It has moved from being just a panel certification process to a three level testing and certification, of the aluminum composite panel, panel core and the entire panel system with accessories and sub-frame. A check at all these three levels ensures there are no let-offs. Alubond U.S.A® is the first aluminium composite panel in the UAE market to have tested successfully for the complete panel wall systems, as against just a panel.

Currently being the unrivalled market leader in the field of construction in UAE. It is the world’s largest producer of Aluminum Composite Panels. The group has also been an opinion leader, when it comes to building safety. Through its flagship brand Alubond U.S.A.®, the group has been a pioneer in introducing fire resistant cladding products in the UAE. It has worked closely with municipality and civil defence authorities, towards up to date regulations in the cladding sector.

The One in a Million Company

Alubond U.S.A®, the flagship brand of Mulk Holdings, is the first aluminum composite panel in the UAE market to have tested successfully for the complete aluminum composite wall systems, according to the American test standards for NFPA285, recognised by the UAE civil defence. It is worth noting that it has been passing this test consistently over the past two years – much before the requirement was mandated in the UAE fire and life safety code of practice. Additionally, Alubond U.S.A® has successfully completed testing for the core used in its panels, and its panels are built solely using fire-rated core that have passed through multiple tests and certified by the UAE civil defence. This has put the company in a unique position among its competitors.

Mulk Holdings is a pioneer in the production of solar parabolic reflectors using aluminum composite material, thus reducing the structure weight and the project cost for renewable energy production. In addition, it has made successful forays in Renewable energy with the winning of multiple grid connected contracts in Africa, Healthcare with the introduction of telemedicine technology in Middle East, Plastics Recycling with the setting up of the largest recycling facility in UAE.


The Hurdle Run
Mulk Holdings has been in the limelight this year, for its pioneering work on the new cladding regulations for United Arab Emirates, under the UAE fire and Life Safety Code of practice. Alubond U.S.A ®, the sole brand property of Mulk Holdings has taken the lead in the resolve for building fire safety, and introduced the first A2 fire resistant aluminum composite panels in the United Arab Emirates. It is also the first company to introduce zero tolerance for the production of all Non fire resistant façade panels in UAE. Alubond A2 panels were launched by the charismatic founder and Chairman of Mulk Holdings, in a glittering ceremony, well attended by officials from UAE civil defence and municipalities of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi. This makes Alubond U.S.A. ® the only aluminum composite panel, fully compliant with the UAE life and fire safety code for exterior cladding applications. As a market leader in aluminum composite wall systems, Alubond U.S.A ® has once again led the initiative, ahead of the new code enforcement, as the only aluminum composite panel brand in UAE to introduce A2 fire rated cladding and comply with all the requirements of the new UAE fire and life safety code of practice. With the focus on fire safety, Alubond U.S.A ® has etched itself as a reference to commitment towards life and fire safety in the UAE.

Greater the network; Stronger the Company

Alubond Europe: Mulk Holdings has constructed a 10 Acres Design, Production and Operations Facility in Bannista Karlovac Serbia which opened on Nov 8th 2012 in a grand opening ceremony attended by Vojvodinian Prime Minister Dr. Bojan Pajtić. This facility will be the European Head Quarters and Global Design Centre as well as a manufacturing base for composite panels, Aluminum Coil Coating line and solar technologies. Another 10 Acre Facility has been acquired with a potential of being an Aeronautics Research and Development centre. Alubond Europe recently acquired Zitoprerada, making it one of the largest suppliers of processed edible oil manufacturers in Europe.

Expansion in India: A new 10 Acre facility (Ex Brittania Biscuits) in Khopoli Mumbai has been acquired for The India Production Plant of Alubond India and the New Facility started Production on Nov 12th 2012. This facility has a full fledged Alubond U.S.A®brand manufacturing facility and will focus mainly on the Indian Market. Marketing and Distribution offices in all major cities have already been established.

Expansion in Saudi Arabia: MH entered into J.V Agreement with Alupco, The Middle East’s largest profile company to manufacture and Distribute Aluminum coil coatings and Aluminum Composite Panels. Alupco is owned by the powerful Olayan group headed by Lubna Olayan. Sales and Marketing operations commenced in June 2012 and manufacturing facility opened in August 2013.

Expansion in Turkey: Mulk Holdings in a joint venture with Aldom Group’s Muzaffer Boynudelik has set up ALUBOND ALÜMİNYUM SAN. TİC.A.Ş., The facility has installed the ‘first in Middle East’ and ASEAN‘s A2 Grade Fire Rated Composite Panel Plant in addition to 1800mm width B1 production lines for ACP . Next phase expansions include a coil coating line specialised in for wood and marble textures and manufacturing of auxiliary products like adhesive film and Fire rated granules manufacturing.

Expansion in U.A.E: Mulk Holding’s First Healthcare investment venture is technologically driven diagnostic centres with telemedicine capability. This unique concept offers the possibility of connecting multiple Centers to a central hub of specialist Doctors and allows patients in any part of the world to get quality healthcare from more than 90 specialist Doctors based in any location in The World. GHID opened its first centre in Dubai in January 2012 and planning to open 10 such centers in GCC and India in the next three years.

Expansion in Africa: Mulk Holdings continues to embark on its expansion program with yet another J.V signed with the Powerful SGT group based in Kenya. SGT Group has interests in Construction, Hotels, Mining, Duty Free Operations and Oil & Gas. The J.V will be a 55% shareholding to Mulk Holdings and 45% to Suzan Group and will focus on building up the African Market initially for Mulk Holdings range of Products and Services and eventually foray into manufacturing.


Time to care about the Society!

The company believes in giving back to Society and has an established CSR program. The chairman is socially active leading UAE Business houses delegations to interact with various Heads of States. Mulk Foundation and its dedicated CSR team sponsor many local and international charity programs. Mulk Foundation has set up free Medical Clinics (25), State of the art Libraries (15) and conducted orphan marriages (1000 couples married under the programme) all over India. The group marriages sponsored by MH for the orphans in Kurnool draws over 10,000 crowds and is now a yearly social event The Chairman also funds Ajman Cricket Council development and has developed Flood Light Cricket Grounds as part of his CSR Activity. He also heads the Ajman Cricket Council as Secretary General and represents Ajman in The Emirates Cricket Board. He has recently been nominated by Emirates Cricket Board as The Custodian of ECB – Domestic Cricket Program. He is the only INDIAN member in the ECB. The company is also extensively involved in Local/ International Sports promotions and recently Title sponsored The 2012 Alubond Belgrade Open Tennis Tournament an ATP Event.

The Mulk Vision

The race to success continues as Mulk Holdings work tirelessly to achieve the feat of being the best in the world. They have developed ‘Vision 2020’ to ensure their success and have a very ambitious, multi-faceted growth plan. In addition to investing in their existing businesses, the company is also looking to diversify into sustainable industries. They will continue their global expansion strategy by setting up production and marketing bases inside the potential markets rather than supplying from a central base.

Meet the Noble Head

The Founder, Owner and Chairman of Mulk Holdings is Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk. Shaji’s professional journey started in 1982 since his arrival in Dubai. Shaji Ul Mulk has an extensive experience of 32 years in the building materials and construction landscape of UAE, as an entrepreneur. Shaji’s son, Adnan Ul Mulk, the Vice Chairman of Mulk Holdings has also been instrumental in the company’s success. He has recently been included as a Top Indian Business leader in the Middle East 2017 by Forbes ME at number 11, making it to the list three times in a row. Shahji is the key Architect in introducing and crafting the Life and Fire Safety Code for UAE, in coordination with Executive level management of UAE Civil Defence; A global opinion leader on safety in building materials. He established Ajman Sports City project – billion-dollar project to develop Cricket centric sports, hospitality & real estate development in northern emirates, the largest in the country for cricket. Shahji is the Only Indian Member on the Emirates Cricket Board, headed by HH Sheikh Nahyan as chairman. Apart from this, he is also the Founder and Chairman of ICONS, an Elite club of Top 30 Indian Business Professionals, Chairman – Ajman Business Professionals Club and head of Ajman Cricket Council.

“There are 2 ways of spreading light – To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. The choice we made of being the candle has made Mulk Holdings what it is now.”