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“The more data you can gather the better quality solution you can produce”: CBIG Consulting


“We focus exclusively on developing forward-thinking Business Intelligence (BI) services, and channels the growing power of Big Data with our CBIG Framework.”

Business intelligence is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of software applications used to analyze an organization’s raw data. BI as a discipline is made up of several related activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting. In our current world, using data analytics technologies and techniques to derive fact-based conclusions is the rule rather than the exception. Widely used in both commercial industries as well as in scientific research, data analytics enables organizations to make more informed business decisions, verify or disprove scientific models, and test theories and hypotheses.

Words from the President

“CBIG’s founders wanted to build a dynamic technology and data analytics practice that would offer our clients measurable opportunities to change, grow, and succeed in an increasingly competitive global world.  Its founding partners, all problem-solvers by nature, share a willingness to work together on common goals to adapt and grow as our solutions evolve with changing technology. It continues to this day.”

Let us introduce you to the company

CBIG Consulting’s partners launched the firm in 2002 to help businesses more effectively store, access, and manage their data assets. Although the team was successfully applying what was the prevailing technology at the time, they realized early on the firm had to break out of this confining space if the company wanted to grow. With an eye to the future, CBIG’s talented professionals worked to give new life to data assets, developing data analytics processes that would offer client enterprises a more accurate perspective of their business. CBIG consulting currently offers a wide range of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics consulting solutions to meet its clients evolving requirements.

CBIG is headquartered in the Chicago area, with additional offices in San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Austin, Raleigh, Irvine and Seattle in the U.S.; Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore serving the Asia-Pacific region; and London serving the EMEA region.

Since its inception, CBIG has enjoyed working with businesses from many industry sectors. The company’s principals all attest that CBIG’s success rests on consistent customer satisfaction and enduring trust. Clients recognize the CBIG differentiator from other consulting groups is in its full life-cycle service model, a comprehensive framework stressing strategic consideration of a given challenge that leads to more thoughtful development and implementation of a forward  thinking, scalable solution.

“Our BI focus originates from the realization, during CBIG’s infancy, that the chaotic world of accessible, real-time data could be reorganized, analyzed, and leveraged in a revolutionary way to help your organization make more educated as well as more proactive decisions. We’ve consciously evolved our practice over several years by investing in education and technology, and by recruiting several leading consultants and thought leaders within the elite field of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics,” says President Todd Nash.

Rewards attained in the past years

2016 Recent Honors & Awards:

Forbes: CBIG one of “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms: Data Analytics & Big Data”

ALM Intelligence: CBIG among the “Top Analytics Enablement Companies”

ALM Intelligence: CBIG one of the “Top Data Management Companies”

APAC CIO Outlook: CBIG among the “25 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers”

The Silicon Review: CBIG one of the “Top 10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies”

2015 Honors & Awards:

Clutch Research: CBIG a “Top IT Services Firm in Chicago”

CIO Story: CBIG “One of 50 Most Powerful Big Data Vendors”

CIO Review: CBIG one of the “100 Most Promising Big Data Companies”

Insights Success: CBIG one of “20 Most Valuable IT Services Companies”

Great Agencies: CBIG Consulting the “#1 Big Data Analytics and BI Company”

Outsourcing Gazette: CBIG a “Top 25 Most Promising Big Data Outsourcing Vendor”

2014 Honors & Awards:

CIO Story: CBIG one of the “20 Most Powerful Big Data Solution Providers”

CIO Review: CBIG one of the “20 Most Promising Healthcare Tech Consulting Providers”

Recovendor Research: CBIG a “Top Big Data Analytics Company – USA”

CIO Review: CBIG one of the “100 Most Promising Big Data Companies”

Present-day market landscape

Evolving client demand helps the organization employ enhanced strategies to more effectively impact business revenue goals. CBIG’s current, targeted solutions include Data Monetization, Marketing and Sales Analytics, and Managed Ongoing Services, which serve as low-risk/high-reward propositions, can be quickly deployed, and offer rapid, incremental gains in ROI. The organization’s fastest growing solution, CBIG Monetization opens the door to packaging valuable data assets for additional revenue generation.

Barriers encountered by the institution

Since most companies are careful about their resources, CBIG’s current technology is designed to be more manageable, enabling business unit autonomy and self-reliance to quickly achieve business goals.

CBIG being distinctive

thesiliconreview-data-analytics-cover-17The firm’s staff enthusiastically engage in commitments and advance new concepts to break down barriers and create profitable innovations. In many cases, CBIG’s persistent problem-solving acumen requires recycling, re-purposing, or even triangulating an existing data product with other technologies. The leaders of CBIG are those who deliver this kind of thinking today.

A bird’s eye view on the products and solutions

Most BI consultant groups have generalist experience, with proficiency in only one or two areas. CBIG offers expertise in the full life-cycle of Big Data/Data Analytics service offerings, beginning with Assessments/Roadmaps, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Analytics programs, moving to Big Data Architecture development, Master Data Management, and Data Warehousing/Cloud Services and continue on to Outsourcing and Ongoing Managed Services. 

Leading clients in varied industry sectors

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Utilities
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Retail
  • Reinsurance
  • Non-Profit
  • Logistics

The Future Sight

The institution is currently finalizing plans to add offices that can best serve growing client demand in all regions of the globe. It is also introducing the more strategic programs in Data Monetization and Marketing Intelligence in the Asia-Pac region. CBIG’s mantra is to continually innovate, and push the envelope in finding creative solutions that resolve the provocative challenges our clients like to throw at us. This translates to adding industry-specific solutions to our portfolio, and hiring the best and brightest talent in the industry.

CBIG triumphs

CBIG Consulting Named a “Top 20 Big Data Solution Provider” by The Technology Headlines Magazine


Already recognized as a leading Big Data, BI, and Data Analytics solution provider by numerous industry analysts and professional peers for several years running, global firm CBIG Consulting and its President Todd Nash recently enjoyed some star treatment from The Technology Headlines publication in its February 2017 issue. The magazine’s cover story, “The Quest for Trusted Data,” discusses how CBIG, with Nash at the helm, has successfully developed and continues to sustain its creative environment for accomplishing far-reaching innovations in data-driven enterprise solutions.

The CBIG feature story provides an overview of the firm’s deliberate expansion into smaller, more strategic programs to help clients break out of the confines of unwieldy, traditional business intelligence models. Expanding on the article Nash added, “These efforts, propelled by evolving client demand, are designed to achieve meaningful insights and ROI gains more quickly while allowing for greater autonomy among individual business units.”

Trending services highlighted in the article include CBIG’s proprietary Lean technology that streamlines complex ETL, Data Integration and Reporting functions, Marketing and Competitive Intelligence solutions to improve branding, competitiveness and market share, Proof-of-Value business cases, and Data Monetization initiatives that leverage CBIG Cloud resources.

CBIG Consulting Surges past Previous Records for Revenue, New Clients in 2016


Global Business Intelligence and Data Analytics firm CBIG Consulting released its annual report for fiscal year 2016 in recent days, confirming that last year has been very good for them indeed. Co-founder Don Arendarczyk stated, “For the foreseeable future, data will be the biggest engine driving business innovation and growth. CBIG’s record revenues and number of new clients signed in 2016 are a testament to Big Data’s growing value in today’s global economy.”

Arendarczyk noted that the primary catalyst in CBIG’s steady growth in 2016 was its Strategic Analytics practice. He said that providing Analytics as a Service better amalgamates big picture goals with scalable, sequential initiatives clients can build on to achieve continuous ROIs throughout the process and beyond. Toward that end, Arendarczyk added that much of CBIG’s recent work in this domain involves customer migrations to more secure Cloud environments to enable multi-platform access to real-time, actionable information.

Based on positive forecasts from most industry analysts and CBIG’s own trending data, Arendarczyk said, “The evolving role of data-driven solutions to build and improve customer relations, and expand into new markets, will be fun to watch in 2017.”

An overview of the President

In his role as President, Key Executive Todd Nash leverages prior extensive experience as Director of Information Management for a large consultant group.  Nash says it was the ideal training ground for building and maintaining an efficient business operation at CBIG.  Under his direction and oversight, CBIG has expanded its global presence, aligned strategy with corporate goals, and increased revenues year after year.

"We can offer the most tangible results within a short timeframe, making CBIG the firm you want by your side."