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The result of success: RiVA IT Solutions


Continued growth in health care expenditures and significant changes in health care coverage are creating demand for consulting projects. This includes a focus on digital health records and a dramatic need for greater efficiency and cost control. Soon Consultants and advisors for corporate expansion into emerging markets, information technology and mergers and acquisitions will be in high demand.

Meet Akoni, the founder and CEO of a budding start-up in the era of innovation, who is a consultant by trade and developer by heart while working in infrastructure development giving him a strong grasp of process management using industry standard software life-cycle methodologies. Being a senior software developer with over 14 years of IT consulting in the private and public sectors; he has been known to not be a trend follower but a mold breaker of normal operations in the consulting community.

Providing quick, scalable and unique solutions for customers to provide low cost, high impact results, Akoni handles the day to day operations of the company, guiding the direction and acquisition of contracts and keeping close relationships with like-minded decision makers.  Using latest technologies and cost cutting solutions, he spearheads the innovative solutions department at RiVA and focuses on high results with low impact tools that help with big data, data visualizations to promote success in data monetization. He has been called upon to develop and consult on various software development engagements; with a major accomplishment helping to deliver the TSA Secure Flight rule for vetting passengers on major and minor airlines.

Akoni founded RiVA (Rhinehart, Vaughans and Anderson) IT Consulting, Inc.  in 2013 and has guided the start-up to be a strong competitor for other companies in the Consulting Industry.

Under his planning, the company committed to provide small and medium-sized business enterprises and government entities with innovative data-driven products and technology solutions that drive business and revenue growth.

Simply put, RiVA is passionate about creating/transforming digital data, computation, and automation processes and methodologies that form infrastructures of new markets, new products, and new areas of growth and revenues. RiVA primarily performs in four (4) service areas: 1). Application Development, 2). Data and Analytics, 3). Infrastructure Management, and 4). Consulting Services and also strives to be a productive social-responsible partner in communities where company offices are physically located focusing on education and economic development initiatives.

RiVA is developing and maintaining proprietary position in the IT consulting marketplace by partnering with prime contractors required to meet small business set-aside requirements to receive a single or a class of acquisitions for government contracts. Although RiVA is not yet a household name, the company is gaining ground with prime contractors as the “one to turn to” seeking to partner with a small business concern in the IT Consulting industry.

Tackling the pain points of the industry

With a combined knowledge of over 50 years of software development and innovation consulting, RiVA is positioned and experienced in product development to help impact operation and fiscal budget concerns. “With an extreme focus and expertise in software development, implementation and data analysis, we can help companies identify, correct and solve most problems hidden from “a la carte” consulting firms”, says Akoni.

From Process Improvement to Data Monetization and Enterprise Data Search, the innovative consulting firm specializing in web development, enterprise data search and data analytics’ A.I.M (Analyze, Implement, Maintain) is to help improve processes, find value in client’s data, and provide impact points with low cost, optimized implementation and increased data awareness.

A wide range of Products and Services

  • Consulting- By specializing in data analysis, big data and enterprise search RiVA can easily collaborate and find resources to enact real-time solutions to right now problems.
  • Software Development- With a strong community of partnerships and reach back RiVA is also able to provide “forward-thinking” innovation that projects its solution to be scalable, and more reliable for future use without question. These solutions can be scaled for lightweight performance and a low network footprint using tested technologies or a very robust enterprise solution to be accessible at the discretion of the customer.
  • Training- RiVA offers various tools and resources to help clients compose a comprehensive needs assessment at the organizational, occupational and individual levels, with a focus on the gap between performance required and current performance to properly assess the difference; if any exist; explore solutions to close the gap and identify any risks if the gap is ignored.

RiVA through the years

“Since garnering our first subcontract with ATLAS Group Ltd on a DOD support contract with the Office of Small Business programs for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, we have been on an uphill climb of success. The relationships and exposure working on that contract gave us much support and insight into the small business contracting world especially with the government”, says Akoni.

Since then RiVA has been working with SRA International and APEX Systems on a grant oversight software initiative with the state of Texas cancer research grant management system. The start-up is now awaiting a start date as a subcontractor on another staff augmentation support contract with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WAMTA) slated to start in mid-July.

RiVA Corporate Foundation also plans to incorporate a private foundation supporting social, educational, and other charitable activities primarily through grant making. The Foundation and its programs shall be managed by the Board of Directors and Trustees and funds shall primarily originate from RiVA’s corporations.

“We look to revenue close to 250K this year and double that next year with no investment or loans from outside entities. Our growth has been eventful and organic which we plan to maintain over the foreseeable future. Across the next five (5) years, we are looking to establish the “holding” entity – SAKIMA Enterprises.

SAKIMA Enterprises shall initially hold four (4) operating companies:

RiVA IT Consulting, Inc. (Consulting Division).

RiVA Technologies (Product Development).

RiVA Capacitation Group [Human Capital Development (Training and Job Placement)].

RiVA Corporate Foundation (Non-profit Division)

The RiVA Capacitation Group shall operate as a for-profit business supporting job creation initiatives by providing vocational and on-the-job training, job placement, and internships.

Capacitation is defined, by the ILO (International Labour Organization) as “availability of opportunities for people to build up their capacities to move from the status of object and passive victims of social processes to the status of subjects guided by self-consciousness and active agents of change”, he adds.

The Founder Speaks

What was the motivation to start the company?

Looking back I would have never thought I would be here writing this to anyone or sharing my thoughts on paper for that matter with like-minded individuals. I tend to be a more subtle shy person by nature but circumstances and events have pushed me to be a different person over the past year or so.

I decided to start a company for myself July of last year with the hopes of making a better life for my family and experiencing better development in my career. Luckily, that didn’t work out like I planned.

I was fortunate enough to receive a phone call from someone that I worked with before about an opportunity to contract with the Office of Small Business programs at the pentagon and partner with a great startup firm called ATLAS Group Ltd. Out of this current relationship and experience I was able to create a great foundation, learn the intricate operations of starting a small business and gaining valuable knowledge I would have never imagined over the past 7 months in a critical space for growth and expansion beyond my wildest dreams and I wanted to share that with others that want to experience that potential as well.

So I formed what is to be known as RiVA (Rhinehart, Vaughans and Anderson) IT Consulting. The name was based off my grandfather who died in 2013, my last name and my wife’s maiden name. I decided make the foundation of the company a legacy of truth, passion and the true pursuit of happiness with strong work ethics.

I wanted to form a company that would not just benefit me but whoever wanted to work for what we stand for. I wanted to build and create innovative products that the world can enjoy and share with others at a fraction of the cost to the consumers. I wanted to make a company based off of true family values that benefit generations not just the status quo. So I quit my cushy job at Booz, Allen and Hamilton and started RiVA.

The logo was hard for me but I wanted something that represented courage and integrity. Colors of strength and power and a shape them meant heritage and legacy. So I went with the lion, red and black for my colors and a crest for the main shape. That is what has become the main premise of our logo and what it stands for. Not just something to put on a business card but something that speaks without word and resonates with those who represent it.

The company is still growing and we are still adding benefits, perks, events and actively looking for new work over the course of the next couple of months.

We are actively looking at work space that we can call home or at least a ground floor operation that is innovative, fun and collaborative.

I feel we have a great opportunity to build a foundation of honest company ethics, strong software development and great relationships with others. I feel we can make a difference and I want everyone to be a part of something big.

Who are some of your biggest clients? In which vertical do you see the most traction in?

TSA, OSBP (DOD), Kennedy Krieger, Booz Allen and Hamilton, NSA, NGIC/ONI, CACI, ADG Creative, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, HUD.

We see ourselves in the financial, health and government verticals over the next 5 years with strong presence in software development.