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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015


As enterprises strive to catch up with the Big Data wave, the time is perfect to recognize the efforts put in by the best among equals. To help Tech decision makers across the world, The Silicon Review presents to you “Top 20 Big Data Companies” that address the needs of current enterprises and have the potential to be ready or already are the market leaders.

In this issue of SrBigData20, we have gone beyond the traditional Big Data horizon, as amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information and brought forth emerging trends in the form of security solutions, analytics, consulting solutions, cloud, etc.

It is hoped that the global market platform will strive to grow further in order to accommodate the emerging trends and industries providing for new, innovative solutions and services, some of which are enlisted in the SrBigData20 listing of companies founded and managed by experienced leaders here under as follows:-

A leading technology solution provider with over two decades of enabling our customers to execute with greatness.


Company Management Description
SMS Marketing Services, Inc Dave Thornbury
A provider of world class services across all the verticals in the marketing industry.
Kognitio Roger Gaskell
A pioneer in high performance, scalable Big Data analytics for Data Science $ Business Intelligence.
Blackstone + Cullen Lee Blackstone
A leader in data warehousing and business intelligence solutions.
International Integrated Solutions John Iacone
CEO and Co-founder
A leading technology solution provider with over two decades of enabling our customers to execute with greatness.
Adaptive Jeff Goins
A market leader offers access to a world class professional services team that provides training, consulting and mentoring around metadata managemnet, data governance, data quality and enterprise architecture.
Zeta Interactive David A Steinberg
A Big Data-driven Marketing company that uses actionable data, insightful analytics and proprietary technology to acquire, engage and retain customers for Fortune 500 and Middle Market brands.
Caserta concepts Joe Caserta
President & CEO
A new York-based innovation consulting and technology services firm which help clients leverage emerging technologies to advance business leadership.
Trianz Sri Manchala
President & CEO
Trianz partners with senior clients to implement strategic initiatives through an executive model to achieve results measured from a top-management perspective.
E-navik GmbH Nikhil Madan
A global services firm focused on conceiving, developing and distributing customer-focused solutions for companies in, amongst others, the automative, aerospace and telecommunication industries.
Cirro Glen Schrank
Cirro’s technology unifies the enterprise data ecosystem by providing access, intelligent integration, and management of all enterprise data regardless of type, engine or location making contextual real-time analytics attainable across disparate data sources leveraging existing tools, infrastructure and skills.
Argyle Data Tom Ryan President & CEO A leader in real-time analytics at network speed and Hadoop scale.
WebAction Ali Kutey
Chairman & CEO
WebAction provides enterprises with tailored, up-to-the-millisecond visibility into their customer and business health, in-time and in-context to ensure the best response.
Rapid progress Marketing and Modeling Scott terry
A full-service, business oriented company dedicated to helping companies improve their bottom line performance through the development of Data science, Predictive Analytics, and Data Mining solutions.
SynGlyphX Mark E. Sloan
SynGlyphX helps organizations make sense of complex data so that they can take action on what is most important.
Boomerang Commerce Guru Hariharan,
A dynamic price optimization SaaS company, powers pricing and assortment decisions for online retailers. Our customers include major online and multi-channels retailers
Winbold data system Madhu Edara,
A data, mobile and cloud consulting firm providing expert consulting solutions and ongoing support with an uncompromising focus on client success.
Caspida Muddu Sudhakar
A real-time cyber-security and threat detection company thet automatically detects & prevents hidden threats across corporate, SaaS/cloud and mobile environments
Infinote Yogen Kapadiya
Infinote connects to any and all content repositories including Sharepoint, Documentum, Livelink, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. and intelligently links and monitors cintent.
NuAgeBI Inc Rohit kumar
President & Founder
NuAgeBI a unique cloud based advanced predictive analytics solution for analyzing financial risk
Germin8 Ranjit Nair
A Social Media Intelligence company focused on building products for analysing social media data and textual data available within organizationa to help them make better decisiona based on insights drawn from that data.