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Working Together Made Easier Zillable

thesiliconreview-andy-pham-ceo-zillable-18 “Zillable was founded with the belief that we all can be something greater - “able to be big” is the meaning of the name, ‘Zillable.’”

In today’s tech era, organizations and teams are constantly sending information back and forth, internally and externally, throughout the workday and beyond it. An easy and expedient exchange of data and information is necessary for work to be done effortlessly and efficiently. That’s why so many teams and departments around the world are trying out tools for collaboration and communication. Collaboration software is designed to enhance productivity on an individual level and on a larger scale by sharing information, files, and documents, thereby helping users communicate faster in an enterprise environment. But not all solutions are created equal.

Zillable is the world’s largest and first collaboration and innovation platform, scalable to meet the needs of any team, of any size. Zillable brings all your important information and apps onto one platform. With an entire work suite of productivity tools - featuring chat, notes, tasks, project management boards, online document collaboration, video conferencing, and more - you’ll never again have to switch between apps and tabs looking for the content you need. As the first platform to integrate all the latest productivity and creativity tools into one people-focused collaborative network, Zillable harnesses the power of working together to achieve big dreams.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, the company uses the platform to work remotely with people from all over the world, so the Zillable team is based not in any oneplace but rather in Chicago, New York, Ohio, The Philippines, Vietnam, and California.

The Genesis of Zillable

Zillable started in 2011 as a weekend warrior project- Project Patentzilla. Patentzilla was meant to be a sort of social network and innovation/patent process accelerator for patent attorneys. An accomplished Intellectual Property lawyer, Andy Pham, the founder and CEO of Zillable, built the tool and, as it progressed, added features he saw a need for in the innovation process -features including chat, project management boards, document sharing. He also took time to ensure that the platform itself would be secure and able to comply with the policies and requirements of big companies in terms of how information is tracked and shared. Ultimately, the whole patent process was recreated on a platform. But, as it turned out, this was just one use-case.

Patentzilla evolved into Zillable when it dawned on the talented folks of Project Patentzilla that the tool they’d built was not limited to patent lawyers and the innovation process. Rather, it was applicable to all sorts of different workflows. You could switch out the content within the tools for just about anything, so it was usable for just about anything, from organizing a film shoot to revising a curriculum and beyond. In fact, while the team had been working on the project, the now-popular tools that offered just one piece of what they’d made had become very popular - and they already had them all running together.

However, Zillable in its current form was launched only earlier this year. The company was in stealth mode and in development for about 7 years, over that time changing the tool dramatically as it piloted with a Fortune 500 company.

Great Things Happen When People Work Together

Zillable aids you in saving time and increasing revenue with its three pillars of teamwork:

  • Communicate in agile workspaces
  • Manage effectively and simply
  • Work together dynamically

Furthermore, the company has features that are unique to their suite of tools, such as patent-pending bots for process automation. These bots recreate simple to complex workflows by linking your project management boards together. For example, content can be automatically sent from one department’s to do list to another’s once they’re done with it, with all relevant conversations, documents, checklists, and so on, already attached. This helps workers across teams and departments easily and seamlessly work together. Beyond the bots, Zillable has also built simple, visual analytics and network mapping tools – as well as more in-depth analytics tools for agile teams – that managers and network owners can use to get a bird’s eye view of their network - how work is distributed, flowing, and executed and how skills and content are connected, providing a springboard for collaboration and innovation.

How Zillable Makes Work and Innovation Happen

The collaboration space is crowded – but in some ways, that’s the strength of Zillable. The world keeps demanding that, for information exchange, you add more and more apps for every little thing. It’s become an unsustainable trend. App fatigue is inevitable - switching between a million different tabs and apps trying to find the information and content you need is a gruesome task. Zillable helps you cut your tools down to one. Plus, eliminating apps means eliminating security risks from data spread across devices and tools you don’t even know your teammates or employees are using.

Most tools doing something similar might create a dashboard – if you’re lucky – that links different tools together that were built and deployed separately. Maybe they can integrate, but they weren’t created to talk to each other. All the features on Zillable’s platform – which include instant messaging, team chat, video calling, project management tools, online word processing,online document collaboration, cloud storage, note-taking and more – were built natively and deployed together as part of the bigger picture of its collaboration platform.

Zillable: Building a Good Customer Experience

Zillable’s biggest clients have been in the intellectual property space because that’s the area the company started in. Since the tool was built for big enterprises, the firm gets most traction from these enterprises; however, the reality is that the tool can be used by just about anybody. Zillable has had charity runs use the free version to organize and they are working with other smaller creative clients.

A classic example of Zillable’s awesome platform at work is in their pilot with a fortune 500 company, which worked on and off with Zillable over the last few years. The company found that they went from pushing through less than 50 patents per year to over 1000, simply by using Zillable. It helped them to streamline their process, work together faster, and to see the bigger picture of where they were hitting roadblocks. Using Zillable, they worked to reorganize to minimize those delays.

Harbinger of Things to Come

Zillable is actively developing technologies to promote the power of collaboration and is working hard to get its name out in the market. Moving toward this goal, Zillable was at South by Southwest(SXSW), an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences held in Austin, Texas. The company also had a booth at NY Tech Day on May 10th of this year.

In speaking with them, the people of Zillable are really pleased with the platform they have built but continue to endeavor to smooth out the platform, pursuing UX/UI excellence. Zillable is driven to excel because the platform works. It’s proven to be an excellent way for people to work better together. That’s why Zillable aims to continue doing what it’s doing - and much more.

Founder’s Desk

Andy Pham, Founder, and CEO: Andy received his BSc. in Electrical Engineering, as well as his M.B.A and J.D., from Marquette University in Milwaukee - home of the Golden Eagle! He has worked his way up from Electrical Engineer to Patent Attorney to Director of Intellectual Property to, today and for the past 13 years, Associate General Counsel of Global Intellectual Property at Verint Systems Inc.

“Collaboration transforms worker experience and drives innovation. That’s what you get with Zillable.”