We can game with HD clarity, thanks to ViewSonic XG2401

We can game with HD clarity, thanks to ViewSonic XG2401
The Siliconreview
09 January, 2017

ViewSonic has introduced 24-inch multimedia gaming monitor XG2401 for good entertainment and gaming experience. This equipment decreases signal discontinuation and delivers speed display too.

ViewSonic’s exclusive ClearMotiv II imaging technology delivers ultra-fast 1 millisecond liquid crystal response time, in order to create smooth images without streaking, blurring or ghosting. This also produces smooth video without any disturbance.

ViewSonic XG2401 comes in a wide spread size of 24 which is faster than 60 Hz display, this on other hand looks natural and sexy.

Pradeep Thamman, Country Manager, ViewSonic said “An edge that a gamer expects from the technology’s end for the level of accuracy to win a game is what can be delivered by this monitor. With ultra-fast 1ms response time and low input lag, user can hardly feel any jerkiness, streaking, blurring and ghosting. The pre-caliberated and user customized game mode feature allows the gamer to feel the play for an experience filled with goosebumps. We are also health conscious as any human is and for the same reason XG2401 monitor comes with Flicker-free Technology and a blue light filter which helps to eliminate eye strain from extended game- winning spree.”

This monitor comes for Rs 25,000 and the product is available from past a week which carries a warranty of 3 years.