Have you heard it already? RydenGo is initiating ‘No commission’ fees for its drivers

Have you heard it already? RydenGo is initiating ‘No commission’ fees for its drivers
The Siliconreview
04 April, 2017

The decision has been out already, the forerunner of haulage has been crowned to Uber and Lyft. Passengers rely on them for their special customer-friendly interface and functionality.

Last year, a Costa Mesa resident came with an innovative idea of creating an app that shall compete with the likes of paramount- Uber and Lyft, but the power shall be bestowed to the drivers. Did the table turned or is it phasing?

Michael Pappas, the co-founder of RydenGo has opted for a total different outlook for his company. The drivers shall be the one to determine the value and set the prices letting the passengers choose which ride they want via the app.

“It’s basically giving drivers the empowerment,” Pappas said. “It’s ride-share version 2.0.”

RydenGo is not going to exempt commission from their drivers, but will charge as low as $20 per month as subscription fee. So, if you are a driver, keep the fare and change.

The model is more entitled with the fare etiquette. RydenGo has stepped into allowing the similar functions like that of other company where a user request a ride via the app, drivers nearby the location shall respond with a rate that they have set themselves, and finally it’s on the user to choose which ride they want to hop in.

In terms of security, RydenGo has installed a four-digit verification immune system to lessen the chances of a passenger getting into a wrong vehicle. Like any other company, the protocol states that the company shall conduct a background research on the record of the drivers, and verification shall take place via phone with a RydenGo representative in person. In its latest press release it has mentioned- “if necessary as determined by its internal security monitoring system,” explaining that a random investigation on the drivers might take place anytime.

The service is at its free tenure for drivers to sign up for the beta program and is already out for avail in nearly two dozen U.S. cities. Pappas hopes to commence the services in Newport Beach from the fall itself. RydenGo is going to facilitate both ridesharing and car pooling once it is out in the market.

Basically, the co-founder Michael Pappas is implementing his ideology- “Why can’t changing the world be fun?” from reel to the real world.