Readers Speak

”Working with Silicon Review team was a great experience. The team did a fantastic job with follow up and was thorough and professional. The quality of their work was outstanding with great results.“

~Kristy Day
VP Strategic Development, Mindstart

”Working with your team was a great experience, professional, quick to respond to any questions, as well as very helpful answers. Thank you.“

~Barry Clarke
President & CEO, Samco Software

”We are honored to be selected as one of the “50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2019” in the Silicon Review which confirms that we are at the right track. Working with Brendon and his Staff was a great pleasure. They are very professional, respectful and efficient, making the work happen in an orderly and smooth manner.“

~Antonio Carlos Arpini Tatagiba
International Services and Products, Director, Inflor

”Working with the Silicon Review was extremely easy, and we certainly appreciated their initiative in seeking Dalsin Industries out for a 50 Companies to Watch Award, and for excellent management of the process.“

~Mark Coronna
CMO (Fractional Exec & Chief Outsiders Area Managing Partner), Dalsin Industries

”This is our second experience working with The Silicon Review. The staff has been responsive and easy to work with. We find ourselves in good company with the articles published and recognize the value as part of our overall marketing communications strategy.“

~Kamela Barrier
Director of Marketing & Communications, TEMPOE

”Working with The Silicon Review helps promote our brand tremendously. It puts us front and center with a very savvy audience in an engaging format which is allowing us to reach key decision makers at forward thinking companies.“

~Jake Heinz
CMO, Kastle Systems

”I am pleased to be selected the 50 innovative companies to watch for in 2019. I tremendously applaud the whole team being a family and some of our early investors. It is without a doubt a great achievement to receive the recognition and publish Sharetheload International to a global market.“

~Tarek Mohamed
CEO, Sharetheload Pty Ltd

”The interview and the whole process around it went smoothly, quickly and pleasantly. You do have a very professional team and we look forward to working with you again.“

~Petar Reshovski
General Manager, Williams & Marshall Strategy