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Readers Speak

”We were grateful to be included in the Silicon Review 2018 50 Best Companies to Watch list. The interview process was easy and structured in a way that help us illuminate our own purpose here at Rights Ledger. Great working with the team at Silicon Review.“

~Ray Young
Founder & CEO, Rights Ledger

”The Silicon Review Team were very patient and professional. Writing AlgEternal’s narrative forced significant reflection on the Company’s past, present and future, which added significant value to our strategic planning process.“

~David D.Ramjohn
CEO, AlgEternal Technologies

”The Silicon Review team is professional and easy to work with. We are honored to be included in their 50 Smartest Companies of 2018 and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.“

~Gene Everette
Marketing Manager, Nfina Technologies

”It was a pleasure working with The Silicon Review on the interview process. They were very responsive and took sufficient time to learn our business in advance of our discussions.“

~Bassam Damaj
President & CEO, Innovus Pharmaceuticals

”It’s such an honor to be recognized by a national reviewer, and the team from The Silicon Review was a joy to work with. They listened to our story and worked with us to craft it. It was an exercise that helped us to be clear about who we are and what we’ve accomplished!“

~John Baldino
President, Humaresofor

”We're grateful to have worked with such an awesome team that takes the time and effort to satisfy their clients. It was a pleasure working with Silicon Review! Thank you again!“

~Tyreka Shepard
Assistant Marketing Director,KWHCoin

”HeartSciences is an exciting company with a very disruptive technology for electrocardiography. We are honored to be showcased by The Silicon Review.“

~Mark Hilz

”It has been a matter of prestige for our company to be featured by The Silicon Review. Their interview process was comprehensive and thorough, and we are honored to be showcased by them.“

~Rema Deo
Managing Director,24By7 Security

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