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Readers Speak

”Your company service is good and flexible, we are looking forward long time relationship with you.“

~S. Karaiadiselvan
MD, CADD Centre

”In terms of service and the whole procedure, I think it is really great, especially the content of the article, it can really catch the points and the procedure it is pretty simple and clear. I wish there is chance we can work together again.“

~ Dicky Ying
CEO, Mezzofy

” I'm satisfied with your company service. “

~ Suresh Kumar G
CEO, MacAppStudio

”We have been participating in this for last 3 years. Experience has been very positive so far.“

~Rupesh Sanghavi
CEO, Ergode IT Services

”Silicon Review made us shine with their eloquent words about our company, our past, present and future. We are grateful for the talented writing in your magazine.“

~Jim A. Luff
Marketing Manager, Chosen Payments

”It was great to work with at The Silicon Review. The whole team was very helpful and did a great job on our article. Also, many thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with your company. I look forward to working with you again soon.“

~Sandra James
CEO, Private Eyes Inc

”eCustoms is proud to be named as one of the “50 Best Companies to Watch.” Right from the start, the team at The Silicon Review made it seamless to tell our story of leveraging technology to help our customers meet their international trade compliance requirements—it’s truly an honor to be recognized for the work we’ve done over the past three decades.“

~Marc Roy
President, eCustoms

”Our technology solutions benefit clients in industrial operations looking to minimize environmental risk. This means they are a very specific group of people. The Silicon Review has done a great job highlighting our predictive environmental management solutions to our target audience.“

~Ian Edgehill
Marketing & Communications Manager, Envirosuite

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