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Readers Speak

”The team at Silicon Review was a pleasure to work with and very professional. Anytime our business and our team can be acknowledged for their accomplishments is humbling and greatly appreciated!“

~Spencer Askew
Founder & CEO, Teknowlogi

”The team at Silicon Review made what seemed to be a daunting and time-consuming interview process, very easy and streamlined. The questions were thoughtful and made us think thought answers that gave us insight internally.“

~Joel Black
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Black Bear Design

”Working with Silicon Review was quick and seamless. SR did an impressive job working with the information we supplied them with and executing a great article that accurately reflected TA.“

~Dave Thomas
CEO & Founder, ThomasARTS

”Working with the Silicon review team has been a seamless experience. They took a thorough approach to asking the right questions to really understand our business and how it’s different than other web development and online agencies.“

~Matthew Palis
President & CEO, Infront Webworks

”Working with the team at Silicon Review has been nothing but satisfactory. They are quick to respond and easy to communicate with, and we definitely appreciate having our story featured in their articles.“

~Emily Tanner
Director of Marketing, Recruitics

”The certificate looks beautiful.The company service & whole procedure was perfect and thank you for the timely follow-up. “

~Asokan Ashok
CEO, UnfoldLabs Inc

”The Silicon Review team was great to work with and were professional at every turn. Enjoyed working with them!“

~Chris Lundell
CMO, Fortem Technologies

”We are thrilled to be part of this list. It shows our hard work is being recognized and appreciated.“

~Chad Jones
CEO, Push Interactions

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