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An Interview with Darryl Keys, Zypha Corporation President and CEO: ‘We are on Hand to Keep your Business Running, all for a Fixed Low Monthly Price per Employee’


“We provide a complete utility IT service where small and medium sized businesses (‘SMBs’)can just rely on us and plug in for all of their needs, while they can focus on growth.”

Managed IT Services have existed for years. However, many businesses and organizations have relied solely on in-house IT teams to manage their technology. According to research from CompTIA, that trend has is changing as more businesses recognize the value of outsourced IT firms. Over two-thirds of the companies surveyed have subcontracted IT support during the last 12 months.

Zypha Corporation( offers full desktop to datacentre services, so that you no longer need servers or networks and instead log in anywhere in the world on any internet connected device to access your personal or business computer desktop, complete with all your folders, files and applications.

Zypha was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Darryl Keys, Zypha Corporation President/CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Why was the company set up? And what do you propose to bring into the market?

We initially came to the US for green technology, but after extensive research, we saw that we could help SMBs move away from a traditional on-site server solution to a position where they would never have to invest in servers ever again. We recognized that they could outsource their whole back office IT function while being more secure, more productive and while saving money.

We use a great analogy to describe our service. Back in the late 1800’s, factories had to invest in their own expensive power generation equipment, expensive specialist labor and spare parts to ensure that the factory had power. Then, because of new technology, power stations emerged and the factory could now rely on that new, utility power service. Its own equipment now became obsolete and redundant and they could just plug in and expect power to be there without having to even think about how it got to the factory – they could rely on experts at the utility company to take care of it.

Zypha is doing the same in the modern SMB computing arena. We provide a utility IT service where the SMB can just rely on us and plug in for all of their needs, while they can focus on growth. We take away their local server and host all of their data and applications in our international standard and highly redundant data centers, and they can access their full computer desktop, simply by logging in. We have significantly more redundancy in our system than a typical SMB – for example 5 power supplies, encryption that is often four times that employed by banks, mirrored servers, leading-edge enterprise level security and we take care of all updates, back up several times during the working day and include full, unlimited support. In other words, we take care of all of our client’s computing needs.

We also fit perfectly in multi-office environments as we eliminate the need for expensive data lines and we increase a client’s productivity as they can now work on any internet or 4G connected device from anywhere. During Hurricane Irma, when many SMBs had to close down their servers for a week or more, we never had a single second of downtime and all of our clients had full access to their desktops from hotel rooms, family or friends homes and other places they had evacuated to.

Moreover, we conduct a comprehensive review of a SMBs current costs and typically we save our clients between 20 to 45 percent by way of comparison. Also, in a traditional IT solution, you never know when you are going to be faced with a big unexpected bill when something goes wrong. In contrast, our clients pay a fixed monthly fee per employee, which is very easy to budget; hence they never face unexpected costs.

Briefly explain your products and services.

In addition, we include Microsoft Office and Exchange email in our fixed monthly fee per employee. Clients pay one bill and this is easier on their administration instead of having to spend many hours each month on contracting and administering separate bills for server related costs, server licenses, Office software products, virus protection, back-up solutions, storage solutions, warranties, support contracts, maintenance, local area networks and Exchange email hosting. We make this all so much simpler for our clients as we take care of all of these as part of our service.

What is the current market scenario? And what is your company’s position in the market?

The advancement in technology means that the whole market is moving away from SMBs having to locate servers on site and having to replace them every few years. We are at the forefront as far as providing this solution to this size of company. There are over 2.6million SMB’s in the USA that could benefit from the Zypha service, so scalability has huge potential for us and there is plenty of room, should competitors emerge.

What are the factors/elements that make your company stand out from the competition?

Our competition is the old fashioned traditional onsite server set up, and SMBs adopting the ‘better the devil you know’ principle. However, there is nothing to fear and everything to gain by using Zypha’s expertise and taking advantage of the latest technology which will help businesses be more productive. In the past two years, we have enjoyed a 53 percent growth in the number of businesses we serve, a 141 percent increase in the number of client employees who rely exclusively on our service and a 123 percent growth in revenues.

What do you feel are the reasons behind:

Your product popularity – I.T. is a well known headache for SMBs and we make things easier, taking care of all their IT needs; virtually eliminate the incidence of viruses or ransomware, improve data security and protection, uptime, and productivity. Unlimited relationship-based support is included in the fixed price per month per employee, as well as the ability to work on any device from anywhere and lower costs compared to what they have been used to.

Your consistent growth as an organization – We walk the talk and deliver a more secure and more reliable IT service than they have been used to in a traditional local server-based environment. We become their IT person taking care of all of their needs to ensure they have more uptime and don’t have to get involved in solving any issues themselves. This allows them to focus on just growing their business. Our growth is down to delivering a much better IT solution than many SMBs have been used to, making things simpler, taking care of any issues and always being there to help – all for less cost.

Do you have any new products ready to be rolled out into the market?

Our entire focus is on our total desktop solution. However, we do see opportunities to expand into the personal market where clients may be attracted to the combination of enterprise level security with the ability to access their computer desktops from anywhere on any device.

Where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

Our growth will accelerate rapidly and I believe we will be a much bigger and more established market leader in the provision of a comprehensive IT service as a utility for SMBs.

Darryl Keys: A Brief Background

Former Head of Corporate Banking in London for a Dutch merchant bank and former Director of a British independent merchant bank, Darryl co-founded a sports media business and led its IPO at the turn of the millennium. At that time, Darryl completed a three-year assignment as a non-executive Director of the Rugby Football League, and previously was Chairman of the former England cricket captain’s Testimonial Committee while also serving in the role of National President of the Executives Association of Great Britain.

Subsequently, Darryl gained even more experience by serving as a non-executive Director or consultant in several turn rounds and start-ups in sectors such as publishing, exhibiting, contracting, and green technology. As one of the original founders of the Zypha group, he relocated to the United States, to establish and lead Zypha Corporation, which focuses on providing full, cloud-based desktops for a total and highly secure outsourced computing experience for SMBs across the United States.

“Our growth will accelerate and I believe we will be a much bigger and more established market leader in the provision of a comprehensive IT service as a utility.”