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A New Social and Economic Relationship: LivesOne Is Facilitating the Development of the New Economy Form

thesiliconreview-jeff-chen-ceo-livesone-18From the very beginning, the internet has played a significant role in every industry, but the value of Internet users has been long ignored. It took years to identify the importance of the users and their web searches.

User behavior can also be considered as a user's energy putting on the Internet. Each user's energy is limited; hence "user behavior" is scarce resources. They are the key to any product; they test early builds of a product, they test buggy features, help the product spread, but if they do not get any material reward from it, they might stop using the product while other competitors come up.

Established in 2017, LivesOne is the new economic system where consumers and business formed an ecological circle of symbiosis system based on both sides’ mutual interests. LivesOne can quantify online behavior's value through blockchain technology and hatch Symbiosism Economy in order to facilitate the development of the new economy form.

Founded by Jeff Chen, LivesOne has built a whole new self-growing system and the users and any attendance in the system develops together as one interest community. Today, the company’s daily active unique users are more than 200,000 with a daily increase of 10,000 users.

In-Conversation with CEO, Jeff Chen

Q. What challenges did you face in initial years of LivesOne? What can your peers learn from it?

When we started, it was hard for people to accept the technology and the concept of blockchain; people were not optimistic about the combination of blockchain and Internet. The acceptance of innovative ideas requires active guidance on users and constant education. A larger challenge is the docking and integration of technology. So, during this period, the biggest enlightenment for peers is more communication and interaction with users and continuous guidance on users.

Q. What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to take the company ahead?

Over the years, the response from users has been amazing. We have received a lot of praise from our users since the beginning, but the most impressive part was that the users do start to promote and develop apps for LivesOne platform. We made mistakes as well and faced criticism, but we resolved every issue; took actions to fix them.

In the very beginning of our community, users around the world were quite active in contributing to the development. They gave us great help. They are LivesOne royal fans.

Q. “Earning trust and respect of consumers all around the world is through consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of our actions,” how do you interpret this statement?

At present, high quality and good service are the most significant factors in business because both are what consumers pay attention to. The high-quality product would earn you more and more consumers and their respect, and good service would help you keep your customers stay and make you trustworthy. Therefore, I agree with this statement, and LivesOne is implementing it.

Q. About adaptability, how do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

At LivesOne, we have fostered a culture of feedback and that helps us in knowing well what our users need. We always attach great importance to the feedback and improve our products and services listening to our users and taking their interests and needs into consideration.

Instead of secluding our products from the outside market, we have launched regular market researches to analyze the current consumer interests and needs. Also, we have always kept close contact with our users in the symbiosis community and by e-mails to collect their interests and needs, keeping them stay.

Q. What makes LivesOne one of the “Smartest” companies in the industry?

The world is changing rapidly, and the only constant is “change.” Therefore, we constantly innovate and never stop the steps. We make innovation referring to market demand rather than “following” market demand. Innovation is the lifeblood of our community; we integrate the advanced technology that is widely used in the financial field - Blockchain.

Also, we at LivesOne create community-based projects that focus on optimizing our products from the user's point of view that helps us naturally retain loyal users and attract more new users. This is a win-win for us.

At LivesOne, we have always aimed to give global users a better tool to enjoy a better Internet. And with LivesOne browser, the Internet is no longer what it was; the flat structure has been replaced by the oligopoly. All the content you saw online today is no longer what you want to see, but rather what Facebook and Google want you to see. So we issued LivesOne (name TBD) browser, we will build a blockchain enabled browser to give choice back to people.

The Road Ahead

As a future move, LivesOne is going to launch a mining browser and three main interfaces. The browser will be the world’s first cryptocurrency browser called LivesOne (name TBD) browser. Using the latest browser technology, the browser will have no centralized server and no privacy leaks. Users can get cryptocurrency rewards by normal usage which will integrate multiple decentralized applications and LivesOne three main interfaces: payment, mining, and transaction.

LivesOne believes that soon it will be a community and the world's first cryptocurrency decentralized application (DAPP) platform. At first, the community will be built with some partners and later, expand to connect and link with blockchain technology. The company will also discover and use a wide range of DAPPs in the future. LivesOne uses a new way to distribute its cryptocurrency, LivesToken and its called POV, proof of value. It estimates the value the user creates for a DAPP in LivesOne system and turns it into a certain amount of tokens, to reward the user.

Greet the Chief

Jeff Chen, Maxthon Browser's founder and CEO, and Chairman of the Symbiosism Economy Foundation:

Jeff Chen was born in Zhengzhou, Henan province of China in 1975. He entered Beijing Institute of Technology in 1994 and started to work on his own browser product in 2000 when he was working in Singapore. In 2003, he researched and developed the MyIE2 browser independently, which was the prototype of Maxthon Browser. In 2006, Maxthon has been named "Asia's Most Potential Business Top 100" by the world's leading IT commentary magazine "Red Herring". In 2017, the Maxthon Browser that was cultivated and developed by Jeff Chen exceeded 1 billion downloads merely from its official website.

In addition to the development of browser product, Jeff is also an investor and has invested in a number of internet start-up projects in North America and Europe. As early as 2010, Jeff has put his investment in blockchain technology with a keen eye and has accumulated rich experience in this industry. Symbiosism Economy Foundation was established in 2017 with its main project LivesOne.

“Innovation should start with a sense of innovation, not just market demand, market demand is only part of it.”