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Aiding organizations to better protect themselves by using proactive cybersecurity technology: Nucleon


Nucleon monitors and predicts cyber attacks and provides a way to handle them proactively.

Nucleon is cyber security research company founded by an experienced team of security professionals. Nucleon was established in 2016 by veterans in cybersecurity with more than 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of the cyber security market and its weaknesses. The founders of Nucleon have already founded and managed a cybersecurity startup until it was acquired in 2009. Since then, the founders have been looking to develop a product that can finally help organizations to really deal with cyberattacks using new, innovative technology.

Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence

Nucleon’s technology gives organizations the ability to block cyberattacks based on understanding the current cyber threats landscape and accurately block the threats by blocking its indicators (such as source) before they try to attack and might become a breach. This is done by using methodology and tools developed specially for this purpose. Using Nucleon’s technologies, organizations of all sizes can now complement their security tools with a new layer of cybersecurity that is proactive.

Nucleon is using its own wide network of patented technology known as polymorphic sensors. The polymorphic sensors are collecting information about cyberattacks around the world, 24x7. Data of all the attacks is being transferred to a secure cloud application that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and other methods to identify details about the attacks. Details such as, who was targeted, from where and how, and getting to conclusions that are actionable for the end clients.

In simple words, Nucleon is able to autonomously learn about cyber attackers and block them before they are targeting the clients; this is done using highly sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that almost completely replace the need for human intervention.

The services offered

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds - A constant feed of threats relevant to specific clients
  • ai - a simple, open source version of simplified cybersecurity feeds
  • com - ICCIN is a network aimed at governments so they can participate for free and receive alerts about cyber counterintelligence threats
  • Threat Predictor - A physical/virtual gateway appliance that is able to filter out traffic in real time and make sure the network is safe

Working 24x7 to find and predict the most dangerous threats in the cyber world

Nucleon services and products are being used by governments and enterprise organizations who have dedicated teams for dealing with cyberattacks but It is also used in hospitals, banks, and small offices
that might not have cyber security staff at all.

Last year when a government in Eastern Europe was under cyberattack, its servers were under a massive Distributed Denial of Services attack (DDoS), this was done by computers infected with malware which were performing millions of requests to the government’s network, trying to flood its bandwidth and prevent the servers from functioning.

The government technical team who already had been working with Nucleon, used the information they had about the attack to query Nucleon Cyber Intelligence services to receive focused intelligence. In less than 1 hour, the technical team was able to identify the attacker’s location and identity after receiving specific details about the attackers which were enough to stop the attack almost immediately by contacting specific hosting provider who hosted the attacking botnet command and control.

Another example is a big telecom company providing internet access, they use Nucleon to make sure their users are not being infected with malware. And more than 20 Million monthly users of this provider are enjoying the security of Nucleon without any compromise in the speed or the quality of the service provider.

Nucleon: Securing the world’s most critical networks

Nucleon was founded to offer a different approach to stop the endless cycle of being reactive in cyber security.

The patents that were developed by Nucleon offered new ways to deal with cyber intelligence gathering and analysis.

Because Nucleon systems are highly autonomous, they able to reach conclusions and send alerts much more quickly than human analysts can and the ability to autonomously detect and alert new vulnerabilities and attacks with almost no human interaction make the company unique.

As recognition for its products and services, Nucleon won 4 different awards at the cybersecurity excellence for 2019, Cybercure podcast which provides free bi-weekly short summary of cyber intelligence news for non technical people gained thousands of listeners in less than 6 months since it was launched was also nominated and won award.

Nucleon innovations and constant contact with all types of cyberattackers on a daily basis drive the company constantly to develop new technologies and new ways to better protect networks proactively.

The roadmap ahead

Nucleon is rapidly expanding and reaching new clients with the aim of becoming the leader of threat intelligence by providing accurate and useful products that keep networks secure. The company is expanding to North America and attracting more enterprises and organizations to use its services and products.

Furthermore, within a couple of years, Nucleon aims to lead the market, as the tools and methodologies already developed by it are being adopted and used by thousands of cyber security professionals around the world as well as millions of end users who are protected by its technology.

The Founding trio

Moran Zavdi, Co-founder and CEO of Nucleon, is a renowned security expert responsible for the development of several technologies that today are the standard. He leads the vision of Nucleon With experience spanning over 20 years in penetration testings, vulnerability research, and assessment, he leads the vision of Nucleon.


Yossi Accav, Co-founder and CFO of Nucleon, is a certified CPA with more than 20 years’ experience managing the financial side of startup companies from seed to later financial rounds. He is also the chairman of a publicly traded company on TASE.


Roy Heller, Co-founder, and Director of Sales with sales experience around the world, is responsible for all the sales operations spanning Asia, Europe, and the USA, including pre-sales and post sales, making sure to attract new clients and keep the existing ones happy.

“Nucleon has a unique and innovative approach to detecting and predicting cyberattacks. Our threat intelligence allows organizations to block threats before they become breaches.”