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An Innovator in Enabling Customers to Build New Business Models and Realize the Possibilities of the Internet of Things: Lantronix


Lantronix, Inc. is a global provider of secure data access and management solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) assets. Its mission is to be the leading supplier of IoT solutions that enable companies to dramatically simplify the creation, deployment, and management of IoT projects while providing secure access to data for applications and people.

With more than two decades of experience in creating robust machine to machine (M2M) technologies, Lantronix is an innovator in enabling its customers to build new business models and realize the possibilities of the Internet of Things. Its connectivity solutions are deployed inside millions of machines serving a wide range of industries, including data center, medical, security, industrial, transportation, retail, financial, environmental and government.

Device and (big) data management, mobility, enterprise-level security, and networking are key pillars in the reality of IoT. And addressing these fundamental pillars is exactly what Lantronix does. Its products, solutions, and services enable connectivity (wired, Wi-Fi and cellular) and the management of “things” – machines, devices, sensors, computers, and more. Customers embed, attach and deploy Lantronix solutions to a wide range of devices — from medical devices in a hospital to municipal water monitoring systems to industrial equipment in factories to high powered switches and routers that serve as the backbone for data centers.

In short, Lantronix has been helping companies connect to the Internet — reliably, intelligently, securely and quickly — for more than 25 years.

Enabling the Internet of Things: Specialized Networking for IoT & M2M

Together, the network and the Internet are the lifeblood of business. Today’s competitive market, coupled with the rapid emergence and evolution of the “Internet of Things” requires a lightning-fast response — and its specialized networking solutions provider that vital measure of speed, security, mobility, and intelligence to your business and products.

Product Categories

  • IoT Building Blocks: Wired & Wireless Connectivity
  • IoT Gateways: Secure Connectivity Solution for Legacy Equipment and New Devices 
  • IT Infrastructure Management: Out-of-Band Remote Management of IT Infrastructure 
  • Mobile Printing: Print From All Your Mobile Devices Anywhere 

Lantronix Core Values


Lantronix applies a creative, practical and solutions-oriented mindset to everything it does – whether it is creating a product or interacting with a customer, colleague, partner or vendor.  Lantronix overcomes perceived limits by innovative thinking. “I’ve always done it this way” is not a justifiable statement.

Customer Focus

Lantronix all must be customer oriented and aspire to offer the best solution to its customer’s problems.  It listens to the customer’s needs and provides innovative solutions.


Market Leadership – Lantronix pursue markets where it believes it can win and become the leader.  Lantronix is willing to invest in the resources and take the appropriate risks to do so.  If it can’t visualize a way to win, it won’t participate.

Personal Leadership – its success and growth depend on individuals who seek and accept responsibility.  Lantronix empowers its people to make decisions and use their creativity to produce results.  It believes honest and ethical conduct is critical to its business success and customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers deserve to be treated with mutual trust, honesty, and respect.


Lantronix believes well-informed people are more effective and make better decisions.  Open and frequent communication is encouraged and practiced throughout the organization.  Individuals are expected to voice their opinions, listen to and consider the opinions of others without regard for organizational boundaries or level, and bring their highest quality information to the discussion.  While constructive dissent is encouraged, teamwork is essential.  Once a decision is made, the team is expected to execute on it.


Lantronix exceeds the highest standards of quality in each of its chosen markets.  It each take individual responsibility for the results of its efforts.

Words from the Chief:

“The Internet of Things is no longer just a promise. It’s a reality. From smart homes to individually connected consumer gadgets to mobile access to big data across the enterprise, we’re ushering in a new era in technology and personalization for businesses and consumers alike.

As a pioneer in secure networking technologies, Lantronix is helping businesses across virtually every vertical market to make better decisions based on real-time information.

Today, our innovative products and solutions are helping companies generate new revenue streams, improve productivity, and increase profitability to gain a competitive advantage – without having to change the way they work. We’re helping customers connect smart, so they can do more.”

The Man Behind The Picture

Jeff Benck, President and Chief Executive Officer: Jeff Benck has served as Lantronix’s President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director since December 2015.

Mr. Benck holds a Master of Science degree in management of technology from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is also a distinguished inventor in the computer systems field and holds 6 US patents.