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An Interview with John Lynch, Serenova CEO: ‘We Provide the Most Reliable Cloud Contact Center Solution in the Market’


“CxEngage is a true omnichannel contact center application built on a multi-tenant architecture.”

Organizations must be able to connect each customer interaction across channels and touchpoints for a consistent, personalized journey; have access to the necessary context to that journey to eliminate the need for the customer to repeat information in addition to being able to match that customer to the right agent to address their issue or need; break down their silos to deliver consistent experiences at every touchpoint and across all channels by integrating with multiple systems and applications critical to the customer journey; and most importantly, have the scalability coupled with reliability to be able to reach their customers anywhere, at any time, across the globe.

For that reason, it has become more than apparent that the cloud has changed the way organizations need to think about their contact center and how they utilize the knowledge of their customers. By turning to the cloud, organizations have systems that are instantly scalable – offering ongoing state-of-the-art capabilities with minimal up-front capital investment.

In light of the above-mentioned scenario, we are thrilled to present Serenova.

The company develops and offers a cloud solution that allows brands to achieve better results by delivering insight-rich customer experiences on the world’s most reliable, easy-to-use, and intelligent cloud contact center solution, CxEngage.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas. Serenova has additional office locations in California, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

John Lynch, Serenova CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

(Serenova’s former parent company, LiveOps Inc.,) originally built its CCaaS solution in 2000 to support the home-based agent services/contact center BPO (business process outsourcing) business, which now supports up to 20,000 agents across the US. Serenova spun into a SaaS division in 2009 to sell the CCaaS externally. It then completed a divestiture to Marlin Equity Partners in Q4 FY15 to become a stand-alone, SaaS company. 

In 2016, Serenova then launched an all-new, built from the ground-up, CCaaS solution designed to relovutionize the contact center market. Serenova’s solution, CxEngage, is an API-first solution leveraging the AWS microservices-based architecture for rapid innovation around the complex, multinational deployments.

CxEngage: ‘Our Flagship Product’

CxEngage is a true omnichannel contact center application built on a multi-tenant architecture. CxEngage provides customers with the full universal queue and omnichannel routing across voice, email, web chat, SMS, Work Items, and Facebook channels. It allows agents to respond to interactions on the same channel and pivot to other channels with contact and contextual information. CxEngage has an open API model to simplify the handling of multiple interactions and multiple tools.

Serenova has continued to innovate the product and has seen significant adoption by some of the world’s largest brands including Uber, Salesforce, Pearson, PHH Mortgage, Pearson, and Square. The product continues to help us secure industry recognition – most recently as a ‘strong performer’ in a Forrester Research’s industry report – The Forrester Wave: Cloud Contact Centers.

‘Factors: That Help us to Compete on a Global Platform’    

Serenova is a market-driven company. It regularly conduct market research via interactions with prospects, customers, and partners to gather information that is used in our product planning processes for new products or new releases of existing products. In addition, as part of it’s market-focused strategy, the team stays heavily involved in ongoing sales and deployment activities to create a continuous feedback loop with the market. The team also purposefully interacts regularly with analysts, field sales, and partners to gauge the effectiveness of its strategy, messaging and positioning.

‘We are Committed: To Maintain Our Customers’ Trust’

Customer service is central to how Serenova conducts business every day from how it develops products, to how we work with customers on financials, to day-to-day support and services. Serenova’s customer success program is 100 percent focused on the customer’s outcome and making sure that they get the expected outcome of their investment. Serenova has a dedicated team of customer success managers – each assigned to a customer. That’s that one point of contact that any customer can go to for any questions or problems or to even ask what the next product release is going to look like and whether it will help them with specific challenges.

CxEngage: After a Successful Upgrade

Within only a few months of the acquisition (of TelStrat in Q4 of 2017), Serenova fully integrated the Quality Management technology into CxEngage (CxQM). Fully embedded in CxEngage, CxQM captures the agent and customer experience across the contact center to allow supervisors to monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of customer experience – all backed by the flexibility of the cloud.

‘Our Roadmap to the Future’

As CxEngage continues to prove itself in the contact center market, Serenova anticipate even stronger international growth in our customer base, across EMEA and APAC.

John Lynch: A Brief Background

As CEO, John Lynch’s well-rounded history in leadership and business management make him well-positioned to lead Serenova through its current phase of growth. He is a proven leader with more than 20 years of experience building enterprise software teams, resulting in over $1 billion in revenues. Mr. Lynch has been with Serenova for more than two years, previously leading the global sales program as the company has driven an evolution in the CCaaS market with its introduction of CxEngage.

Prior to joining Serenova, Mr. Lynch was the senior VP of global sales at Vendavo, a private, equity-owned leader in the price optimization space. He served as VP of sales at Mattersight Corporation, company building behavioral routing software for call centers; rebuilding and leading the predictive analytics team to over $100 million in SaaS growth in three years. He served as director of North American sales for more than six years at Nuance Communications. During this time, Mr. Lynch’s teams contributed significantly to Nuance’s massive growth from $60 million to $1.5 billion in revenue and 27 acquisitions. Previously, he held key executive positions at leading technology firms, including Parametric Technology Corporation, NexPrise, Division, and Altos Computers.

“Serenova provides the indispensable elements (reliability, security, and insightful analytics) that contact centers rely on to deliver insight-rich customer experiences.”