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Animoca Brands: Revolutionizing the branded mobile gaming industry

thesiliconreview-robby-yung-ceo-animoca-brands-2018With the evolution and development of mobile phones and mobile computing devices, mobile gaming across the globe has reached new heights. The multifunctional modern mobile phone, the development of an inexhaustible range of entertainment apps, and the integration of haptic hardware and software support for gaming such as motion sensors, are significantly benefiting the trend of mobile gaming. Moreover, the declining costs and advancements in high bandwidth 4G networks have increased the anywhere and anytime accessibility to online games. This explains the reason behind the modern addiction to mobile games and the power mobile devices possess in transforming the consumer mobile gaming experience.

According to a market research report on mobile gaming, Asia-Pacific is by far the largest region where mobile games have performed better than expected. The market in this region is fast growing, and Animoca Brands is making a significant contribution to this mobile gaming industry with the convergence of computing, communications and entertainment. Animoca Brands is a leading global developer and publisher of mobile games and e-books based on globally popular brands. It also publishes all-original games in a variety of categories including action, time management, RPG (role-playing games), simulation and more.

Genesis of the company

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited was formed in 2014 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in January 2015 through the spinoff of a part of the app portfolio of Animoca (Appionics Holdings Ltd.) and the consolidation of a number of partnerships and acquisitions. Animoca Brands is the resulting new entity with a mission to create and/or publish globally a broad portfolio of mobile games for smartphones and tablets. Animoca Brands is based in Hong Kong.

Multiple Animoca Brands titles leverage internationally recognized intellectual properties such as Thomas & Friends™, Beast Quest, Garfield, Ben 10, Doraemon, and Astro Boy, all licensed by their respective IP owners. Additionally, Animoca Brands develops and publishes a broad range of original games, and also serves as global or regional publisher for select games developed by third parties. Most Animoca Brands sells in-game advertising across its network of hundreds of games.

Animoca Brands: The market leader in mobile gaming

Animoca Brands continues to be a leading global developer of mobile games and e-books with one of the largest licensed brand app portfolios. In addition to mobile app market, the company is expanding its business into fitness & health, AI & machine learning, and blockchain areas. It recently set up OliveX to develop and publish mobile products, including AI-powered products designed to improve users’ health and fitness.

Invested in, Animoca Brands receives an equity interest in’s start-up investments in proportion to the Company’s investment in It also gains direct access to leading AI and machine learning experts as is now co-located with Animoca Brands.

By partnering with the award-winning venture studio Axiom Zen, Animoca Brands is publishing CrytoKitties, the world’s leading crypto-collectible and the largest game on the Ethereum blockchain, in Greater China.

Commitment to excellence

Mobile gaming industry is getting more and more competitive; there are many new games being published each day. It’s becoming harder and harder to grab attention of players and to retain them. Animoca Brands continues to develop and publish games that are unique and attractive. For example, Animoca Brands’ recent tower defense and collectible card fantasy mobile game Crazy Defense Heroes was a success, generating about $1 million in its first month. In addition, Animoca Brands continues partnering with different IP holders to launch innovative games.

Animoca Brands is now working with these brands:

Mattel (Thomas & Friends, Masters of the Universe, Hot Wheels, Monster High, and Ever After High), Beast Quest, MasterChef, Garfield, Doraemon, Ben 10, Astro Boy, Star Stable, DreamWorks Animation (Trolls), Chibi Maruko-chan, Norm of the North, and Chocolate Rain.

Knowing the thought leaders behind Animoca Brands

Robby Yung, CEO

Mr. Yung is the Chief Executive Officer of Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd. and director of Appionics. He was previously the co-founder and CFO of Redgate Media, a venture-backed Chinese television and outdoor media holding company sold to Inno-Tech Holdings Limited in 2012. Mr. Yung was also the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of One Media Group Limited, a Hong Kong-based magazine group whose IPO he oversaw in 2005. Prior to that, he was the founder and CEO of One Studio Limited, a venture-backed web development company in Hong Kong, and OSMedia Limited, a Chinese television advertising sales company.

Mr. Yung began his career in Asia as the General Manager of Metromedia Asia Limited, a subsidiary of Metromedia International Group, building wireless broadband networks and mobile telecoms services in China and Indonesia. He holds a Master of Arts from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

thesiliconreview-yat-siu-cofounder-animoca-brands-2018Yat Siu, Co-Founder

One of the best known and most experienced technology entrepreneurs and investors based in Hong Kong, Yat Siu is the founder and CEO of Outblaze, a conglomerate specializing in cloud, gaming, and smartphone software.

Yat began his career at Atari Germany in 1990. In 1995 he moved to Hong Kong to establish Hong Kong Cybercity/Freenation, the first Asian free web page and email provider. In 1998 he set up Outblaze, an award-winning pioneer of multilingual white label web services. In 2009, he sold Outblaze’s services business to IBM, and pivoted Outblaze to digital entertainment services and products.

A classically trained musician, Yat is a member of the advisory board of BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and a director of the Asian Youth Orchestra.

“Our employees are highly creative people from all over the world, who understand the need to keep one eye on the future in order to catch the opportunities being unlocked by innovation and technology.”