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“At Arraystorm We Do Not Design Products, We Design Outcomes”: Arraystorm

thesiliconreview-pradyoth-raj-varnma-ceo-arraystorm-18Arraystorm, the latest venture of Kores India, focuses on the LED lighting business. The company creates energy-efficient lighting products at its state-of-the-art plant in Bengaluru. Its aim is to deliver custom designed, high quality and high-value products to people and places worldwide. This is achieved with the help of Arraystorm Product Application Center (APAC), also located in Bengaluru. Arraystorm’s mission is to conquer the grey, and completely change the public perception of light.

Incorporated in 1936, Kores India remains one of India’s most trusted and respected brands. Following in Kores’s footsteps, Arraystorm maintains the highest level of integrity in all its work. The company’s products are insight-driven and specially designed to suit each and every customer. Arraystorm believes its strong focus on technology innovation will make the world a brighter place. To us, the future is a challenge, one that it is ready to meet head-on. It is the company belief that it will be India’s most innovative LED lighting application brand by 2017.

Arraystorm Technology: Sense the Future

“Our products and solutions are the result of its futuristic thinking to create energy efficient sustainable products.”

Sustainable Design

It believes in protecting Arraystorm’s environment and is well aware of the benefits of LED lights versus conventional lights. LED lights last longer reducing the need for replacement, thus reducing waste. They are also mercury-free, which makes them environmentally friendly. Besides this, it ensures that all its fixtures are designed using recyclable materials.

Architectural Quality Lighting

The Arraystorm design Center believes in creating lights that not only save energy but also bring their surroundings to life. The perception of space depends entirely on the manner in which it is integrated with light. Its lighting products affect distinct physical measurable conditions in a space, as well as instigate and provoke different visual experiences.

Intelligent Controls

Switching from traditional to LED-based lighting can result in significant savings. Arraystorm helps reduce power consumption via intelligent lighting systems that incorporate monitoring, control and communication networks. Such systems offer a range of features including dimming, motion sensing, ambient light sensing and daylight harvesting, as well as wireless and powerline communication.

What makes Arraystorm Different?

“We do not consider the development of new lighting technologies to be our final destination. Instead, we believe in focusing on the daily road traveled. This helps us constantly deliver innovative, exciting and practical solutions that address our customers’ needs.”

Light Automation: Arraystorm offers a unique dimming application technology known as ADAPPT. This model has the ability to convert any LED non-dimmable driver into a dimmable one.

Led Driver: Arraystorm “MAXdrive” technology results in LED drivers that are capable of withstanding high load and frequent fluctuations. The end result is maximum life and efficiency.

Lighting Design: The efficient and effective lighting design service reduces power while maintaining the desired lighting environment.

Product Customization: Arraystorm understands that one solution does not fit all. The company pride itself on offering favorable customizations, designed to suit individual requirements.

Technology and Resources


LED Not all LEDs are created equal. Different brands have different performance levels in everything from safety to efficiency to light output. Here’s why you should choose Arraystorm LED products.

BRIGHTEST LEDs are designed to give more lumen per watt than CFLs or halogens. Its products contain the latest LED technology, giving them an output of over 100 lumens per watt. At Arraystorm do not base lumen measurements on the test results of LED source suppliers. Instead, it uses independent, third-party testing labs to measure and validate the output of its lighting fixtures, according to test conditions spelled out in the LM-79 standard as per IES.


An LED driver is an electrical device that regulates the power to an LED or string(s) of LEDs. Unlike conventional power supplies, an LED driver responds to the ever-changing needs of the LED, or circuit of LEDs, by supplying a constant amount of power to the LED, as its electrical properties change with temperature. The most important thing for a good constant current driver is, obviously, keeping the current constant. Under heavy electric load, the current may not stay constant.

The most important thing for a good constant current driver is, obviously, the ability to keep to current constant. Under heavy electric load, the current may not stay constant.

Lighting Design

Teaming high-quality lights with strong lighting design will maximize energy efficiency and savings.

  • Start by considering the main activity the area will be used for, or which objects you want to highlight.
  • Tailor your lux level, color temperature, and lighting type according to the main activity.
  • Don’t paint the entire room with light. Instead look at adding depth and layering by highlighting some areas or objects over others.
  • Consider what beam angle and shape will best suit the space. Higher ceilings need a narrower beam angle in order to give you

Lighting Terminology

LUMEN A lumen is a unit of measurement that is used to express how bright a light source is. An easy way to illustrate this measurement is to imagine a birthday cake with candles. A lamp that puts out one lumen of light is as bright as one birthday candle. A lamp that puts out 100 lumens of light is as bright as 100 candles. Thus the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light.

Pradyoth Raj Varma, Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Pradyoth’s career path traces back to TV manufacture at Videocon, before moving to Wipro Lighting, where he stewarded the Quality function. From the setup of appropriate Quality processes, and the screening of vendors, to the implementation of ISO 9001 certification, and the leadership of numerous Six Sigma projects, Pradyoth has helmed Wipro Lighting’s enviable record of high-quality products. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt since 2000, his knowledge and efficiency in areas such as logistics, sales, warehousing, vendor selection, productivity, and cycle time is legendary.

Pradyoth has completed his B Tech from NIT Surathkal and “Management Development Program” at IIM Ahmedabad.

“We work in an energetic and open environment, where people will know, relate to, and enjoy each other. We will share in each other’s successes, and celebrate every individual accomplishment as a group.”